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  1. some excellent suggestions there!

    Here's my own ideas (some original; some taken from other games). Some are good; some may be dumb, some may be pretty radical.

    alterations to existing elements:
    Up to 8 colors (red, green, yellow, blue, orange, purple, black, white, gray) of keys/doors/toggle walls/toggle bombs
    Rover: needs some major overhauls but I don't have good ideas on improvements; other than it might be very interesting to be able to pre-program a specific path the rover takes, almost like having another player automatically doing things in the level.
    Have more enemies that can pick up and use items!


    black hole:
    everything except ghosts are killed in black holes. All blocks disappear forever in them. Chip can only walk over black holes with the hover boots

    cracked floor:    
    has up to four types: this floor can be walked on once, 2, 3 or  4 times until it breaks depending on how cracked it is.
    black hole is underneath the floor> it turns to this after being stepped on. Enemies follow all the cracked floor rules except ghosts
    Maybe you can put other things (like fire) under cracked floor?

    cracked ice:
    works similar to cracked floor but has same properties as ice and water is underneath

    kills ants, centipedes, walkers, balls and blobs. Can be turned on and off with a button. Chip can also walk over them safley with the hover boots

    similar properties to fire but all blocks except stone blocks will be destroyed in it. Enemies except fireballs die in it. A Volcano spews lava from it and the lava will spread around the level somewhat similar to the way slime can be spread.

    a moving monster which is NOT an enemy; works like a moving turtle but never sinks. Chip can ride a tortoise across water and (maybe) other obstacles.

    objects allowing chip to cross water/tracks & safe from enemies but doesn't have free movement; must follow a set path. Boat is "docked" at land (so it's not an item like flippers, same for train).

    Coin Door:
    door to be opened only with a coin (item to be picked up). Door can be passed only once per coin.

    ricochet block:
    pushing on it will push blocks and enemies  adjacent to it away. These can be linked to interesting effect (from the game Enigma)

    swap block:
    swaps places with adjacent tile when pushed on (literally any tile other than floor)

    puzzle piece block:
    blocks with different symbols that fit together and form bigger blocks. These larger "tetris"-piece-like blocks can be moved as one unit.

    a current in water pushes chip and enemies and some blocks (beside stone blocks) in a set path.

    mail system:
    items dropped into the mail tile get sent (with button press) to other mail station. Items must be picked up before placing more.

    Multiple levels
    Ability to walk 'ontop' of walls or canopies by using a staircase or something similar or multiple layers/levels?


    New types of blocks:
    With different interactions, most notable:
    wood is destroyed in water and everything
    plastic can float in water (pushed around like on floor)
    dirt blocks turn into gravel in lava
    metal blocks become stuck to force floors
    stone blocks block just about everything like currents and cannot be destroyed by bowling balls or lasers.

    pushes or pulls on metal blocks with switch.

    russian nesting blocks:
    3 or 4 blocks which all must first be pushed together into one to have effects like hold down a button or other things.

    hazmat suit    
    lets chip walk on slime (does not erase it)

    chip erases slime by walking on it.

    hover boots    
    lets chip walk over spikes and black holes

    magic satchel     
    increases inventory (to 8 slots) (this item does not sit in inventory as
    normal, but is separate)

    allows chip to destroy blocks (cannot move them while carrying hammer)

    (someone, I think Chipster, had this idea on discord): item that lets you place or change wires during game somehow.

    shoot ink in laser like fashion (something like the Chuck's challenge enemy)

    walker 2.0    
    movements: like blob, speed: like walker or normal enemy

    For a long time I had the idea of enemies that follow movement patterns of chess pieces like the knight but if you think about it this seems pretty tricky to impose and maybe not that interesting.

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  2. thanks for the reviews!


    I probably should have stated in more places but I did in my initial post, this puzzle is taken from another game called "Enigma" so I can't take credit for the basic concept. I didn't put the author's name in the credits because I don't know it.


    Regardless, the idea is that it seems like you need to push all the blocks in the water but if you're not planning ahead you won't see there isn't enough to do that. So there's a little 'trick' to solving it. It's supposed to be for beginners, it'll be early in my final set.

  3. a few by ajmiam I think are particularly great:



    Just Glide through this level

    choose your own adventure

    Periodic Lasers


    I have others by other people I'll mention them later if I can remember. I remember quite a few in my playing of the voting packs I thought were "must haves" but there's so many levels now I can't remember them.

    I would also agree Loose Pocket was a good simple one. It stumped me for a short time.


    "Spumoni" by Chip56

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