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    This was interesting. I have to agree with some of the things James said, but not totally. And I have to answer yes to quite a few of the questions in Andrew Gee's post.

    I used to have friends that were not interesting but I finally said enough is enough and we're not friends anymore.

    While I think I definitely had Aspergers syndrome when I was little (if I don't still have it, I've change a lot) or something similar to it, and I get easily tired of social situations, I do like them occasionally. If they feel really tedious I don't think it's worth it. I think some people be together because they feel they have to for some reason—when they don't. I hate talking to someone who is clearly uncomfortable-- it makes me uncomfortable as well.


    I think some of the best things in life are witnessing amazing art/performances, something beautiful in nature, and “horsing around” with your friends. :lol:

    [horsing around being; sitting in some random restaurant late at night, telling jokes or ridiculous stories or thinking of crazy scenarios, or engaging in other “tomfoolery” which is not necessarily constructive (though often is)]


    I've never been competitive in the least, and frankly it may sound strange but I really have a difficult time understanding competition at all sometimes.


    I haven't taken the quiz because I'm too lazy and my internet connection is slow. :P


    and is it a coincidence that so many chips challenge enthusiasts are/were autistic?


    any of you read that book: "The Reason I Jump" ?  Written by a young autistic Japanese boy, it was talked about on the Daily Show last week.

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  2. I assume you mean optimizing as in getting better time. Because boosting and all those other glitches help in that don't they?

    Glitches are always can often be good for the players but bad for the designers.

    Lynx doesn't have a lot of these glitches thus the player has to follow the intended rules more or less. This is better for the designer because busts are harder to find.

    Although, I could see somebody finding that lynx's movements could be more exact. Though I think each version is equally challenging to get used to if you are used to the other one.

  3. thank you thank you!


    I am used to Windows. I just can't seem to get used to this or figure it out. I'm assuming that "File System" under the folder window is the equivilent to "C:/" in Windows, is that wrong?


    and thanks very much for Chip's Workshot, I used to use that but thought it was gone forever


    should I be usin the "command terminal"? Like you can't even enter that location in a bar somewhere like in Windows. I feel stupid but this feels very confusing.


    I discovered the "find location" option but entering /.tworld or /.tileworld doesn't work.


    Nevermind, I got it! finally!  :D  But I still don't understand how it works... :blink:


    nooooooo.... it's not working. I put some recent CCLP1 voting packs in this folder and they don't show up on the tileworld menu :(

  4. I found Tile world through the Ubunutu software center and it works great on this Computer. Except one major problem:

    How do you play custom levelsets? Despite trying for a long time I can't figure out for the life of me how the Ubunutu file system works and I don't know "where" to put levelsets. Or how to get an editor working for that matter... I'm guessing that's impossible however.


    can anybody help me out?


    Hash1: “He's off washing his tights!!!”




    outside your apartment on the curb. No... on the steps, because she doesn't want to get her feet in the gutter.



    I see him in your avatar, a little spec in the corner there.



    “I've heard people say that too much of anything is not good for you, baby...
    But I don't know about that... there's many times that we've loved
    we've shared love and made love... it doesn't seem to me like it's enough...”


    ...don't ask me, it's talking to you.



    apparently too much



    JA. German. HA! POINT...MOBIUS

  6. Correct. (according to this page, anyway)


    I get "fire shield for fire, but "water shield"?? Is it some kind of force field that enables chip to fly over the water?


    let's continue to over-analyze: I don't quite see how magnets would help you on force floors either. If it's a magnet that pulls you to the floor it would be the same as the suction boots. If it's a magnet that repels you from the floor that wouldn't work either.

    This led me to an interesting question: If you have a large magnet in the shape of a moving escalator (and it actually moves like one) what happens to the magnetic field? Does it move too? :blink:


    also the fire boots wouldn't make me feel safe enough to walk through fire [depending on how high the fire is I guess]

  7. I'm the only one who voted for suction boots? I mean, who wouldn't love to try on "suction boots" in real life? :P Walk on the ceiling.


    I must agree with something JB said in one of his videos: the whole suction shoe on a force floor concept doesn't really make any sense... If you're standing on a escalator-like device, how are suction boots going to enable you to negate the effect of that?

    In Atari Lynx they were magnets or something different weren't they?

  8. Hash1:
    not really... after all who owns a topic? What is a thread? Who are we, talking, babbling are meaningless drivel in this place we call a forum, a circus, how we like performing for ourselves...

    Do you remember when we used to dance? ...And incidents arose from circumstance?

    Hannibal Lokumbe (born Marvin Peterson on November 11, 1948 in Smithville, Texas) or just "Hannibal". He was an American jazz trumpet player and composer

    electricity doesn't come from electrons.
    If you want a more detailed explanation: All matter can be thought of as concentrated energy. And all energy can be thought of as "containing" electricity.

    That wasn't rum.

    you were waiting for a friend to pick you up and had nothing better to do but not enough time to post on something chips challenge related.

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  9. Does anybody else have this game? It looked really awesome so I got it... and it won't run. I got it through Steam and when I press play nothing happens. I tried numerous things they recommended on the steam website, (but not all of them yet) few other people seemed to have this exact problem.

    any ideas?


    EDIT: I got the game to work now. Has anybody else here tried it? It's really awesome and well designed game. I recomend it. If you like 3D action/puzzle games, or CC you should like it. :)

  10. awww. I thought you were going to say "It's Howdy Doody Time!!"

    well, I can answer your questions:

    random 8:
    no, I think it's fair, albeit very hard, especially for a beginner.

    J.B. Lewis:
    The driver couldn't see because he is in effect 'out running' the light, so it would be dark. But it wouldn't matter because actually both the car and driver would be destroyed because he'd burn up and the gravitational mass needed to go that fast (or close to it) would make his body either stretch out or pulverize it or something, I don't remember exactly. This is all assuming he reached this speed without the help of tachyon particles...


    If X is a complex number it can both equal and not equal 1 at the same time. Depending on if x's real part is negative.

    Actually, we think of the universe as having a "circumference" only because we are limited in our thinking because we have 3 dimensional minds.
    This universe doesn't have a circumference as we understand it but has 2.6X10^890 infinity vectors which limit our travel (to other universes). But humans won't discover this for another two hundred and thirty nine years.

    IceyLava108 again:
    hmmm, this is hard question for sure... I'm gonna say a game where you try catch as many potato chips in your mouth while someone throws them in the air at you?


    now a question for you: Why did I waste my time thinking up BS answers to all these things?

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  11. the latest message is from May 24 and before that is one from Chuck in 2012 ???


    I wonder if this has anything to do with when we signed up. But the message thing just seems like some kind of glitch.


    Plus, what's with the picture of soccer and tennis balls? Put some CC related pics up there. :P

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