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  1. dfsa2.png


    I'll let you guys figure this one out. :) (numbers indicate button connections)


    excuse my ignorance, but I don't get it. What should connect to 25, 26 and 27? is that for something outside of this device?

    It's pretty cool none-the-less.

  2. if you have to ask for awards, why did I get this award "feed the teeth" without asking for it?


    btw, shouldn't I have gotten the hammer/toolbox award because I joined the last April create competition? Or does that not count because it didn't get finished yet?


    I want more competitions! I want more competitions! :P

  3. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/297-nebuchadnezzar-beta/


    Here is my second level pack of ten levels. Feedback is much appreciated as I'm very bad judging my own levels. This one doesn't contain any tricks or jokes. It's a little more influenced from newer levels I've played and watched LP's of recently. It's intended for playing under either rule-set, except for one level; Perpetual which works but doesn't look as cool in MS. Please let me know of any other inequities or busts. It's "beta" because I always anticipate problems I forgot and intend to fix things when people report them.


    I may be adding one or two more levels to it. Or I might just put them in my third set.

    Since I’ve been playing all kinds of new levels in this voting and watching videos of various well designed level sets, I’ve gotten a much better idea of what makes a fun chips challenge level. It may take longer, however, to actually begin designing better levels of my own.


    Taking a look over it now that it's done, there seems to be a lot of bombs and dodging type levels. However, it's nothing like blob net or really difficult dodging. Most of my levels are on the easy side.


    Also thanks to those that played my first one and gave input.

    and happy 100th post to me! :lol:

  4. I would venture a yes.


    -I love discovering glitches in games

    -I find math fascinating

    -Whenever I listen to rap music I must go to the internet and find out where all the samples came from and their original songs.

    -I like pretty much anything Star Trek related

    -I like chips challenge :P


    I didn't watch anything of Geek week. What was it all about anyway? I usually don't bother with anything advertized to me.

  5. Nice thread guys (Y) I like that bug and fire idea too (Y) (Y) (Y)



    Just now I have a new level concept that requires Chip to stand on a trap button for a long time (which activates a timer). After that, a tank will quickly clone and blow a bomb in it's path. However, Chip is standing in it's path as well. The main problem is that I can't figure out a timer mechanism that suits this concept--a timer which works ONLY when the trap button is being held down. Can anyone help me?


    here's an idea similarly that I made for a level which I ultimately scrapped from my first set. In this level, you hold down the brown button to stop the fireballs to allow save passage through the gravel area. For your level it sounds like you may want to reverse this idea so holding down the button makes monsters clone. [You could achieve this by swapping the paths the (left) fireballs take.



  6. I said teeth but now, after playing in Lynx most of the time I really like the walker animation in Lynx. B)


    I like teeth a lot but I dislike their pic and animation in Lynx/tileworld. I like MS's frog like teeth much better. I kind of like the original Atari teeth too, though it's kind of odd. That was just a mouth opening and closing.

  7. Hello, my name is Stan and I’m an alcoholic.

    My favorite video games are Chips Challenge, Lemmings, Legend of Zelda and Mario


    Some of my favorite artists are: Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, King Crimson, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick


    I believe I am suffering from a slight addiction to forum activity. That is; doing internet community related things just for the purpose of doing internet community related things, instead of having a real passion for the topic at hand. But I do actually like chips challenge and hope to start making levels again soon.

    I have weird patterns of going for a while being intensely interested in a topic then forgetting about it completely, then becoming interested again.

    Weird things inspire level ideas for me; like taking a walk in park, instead of playing other levels.


    I’ve recently been trying to make my own Zelda game but it’s not getting off to a real great start.


    Wow, the number of openly Christian and Asperger's Syndrome people here is sort of surprising imo. I too, have (or had) Asperger's Syndrome!

    My belief is that our entire universe is one of many that make up the atoms in another universe on a larger scale and this pattern repeats infinitely.

    The Princess Bride reference was worth coming here.

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  8. nice video. I gotta say I love the music.


    Are you/anyone planning on working on the graphics anytime soon? It still looks really simple in that area. But I do love the 3D effect. I like that it's not "too" 3D... not too angled at the edges (I don't know how else to word that)


    Any chance of implementing a replay feature? What I mean is that if you die, you can have the game automatically play the game, controlling chip and replaying your movements up until you die and you can take over at any time. Thus negating all the hassle of playing a lengthy level over and over again.

  9. gallery_127_3_86324.png


    After getting the key, instead of going around to the door, I just went right on through the Force floor.

    I was kind of tired (thus probably shouldn't be playing at all) and took the picture after committing suicide on a bomb where the circle is.

  10. I'd love to see someone do a let's play of this and other difficult sets. [or maybe a let's fail]


    actually when I think back I think I did beat a descent number of levels from it (well these are the ones I beat or liked: 1, 2 (So totally not fair (which I enjoyed)), subliminal messages part 1, organized chaos (which made me proud. That level is ingeniously designed), matching game, jump chip jump, shortest distance was nice but too long imo. Possible, the easy way and the hard way, 2 buttons 8 traps.


    I found subliminal messages part 1 lots of fun and similar to a puzzle from Jewels of the Oracle (Turning of the Divisah) Also though I haven't beaten I liked most insane level ever because it's insane and End of all time for inspiring ways of making interesting clocks and devices. Some like subliminal messages part 1, I'm surprised didn't make it in a community pack.

  11. okay, the first two are really beautiful puzzles, as they are small and simple but quite hard.

    Ablockalypse seems a lot of fun, even though it's long and lot of block pushing. It's done in a fun way I think, with the four sections, which are also quite challenging. That's basically all the farther I've got but I did look at Subterfuge and I like the symmetrical layout.

    These are good ideas in any case (Y)


    I should've asked before but: do any of your levels use glitches?


    I haven't solved any yet but I also have had very little time. But I'm definitely determined to solve at least the first two.

  12. After playing more levels and basically getting a little more involved in CC I got lots of inspiration and I am hard at work on a second pack. It will have fewer levels, 10-20 I think. I have about 8 good levels so far.


    I also attmpted to fix some major flaws in my first pack and updated a whole lot. It still needs polishing but I figured some more people might want to play it now since there seems to be a little more activity lately and I’ve removed a lot of levels making it now 18 in total. Thank you to M11ka, tensorpudding, random8, Lessinath and those that gave comments. Thanks to Syzygy for suggesting a good fix to The shaft revisited. A lot of the titles are changed. I will be uploading to the yahoo groups as well, since it seems like more gets known about there (as much as I dislike the whole newsgroup thing)




    Thanks for playing and please tell me about any problems you find! Here are a few notes for those who haven't played yet:


    I made this whole pack compatible in Lynx except for two levels: 3 and 18.


    3, Symbosis only works in MS due to bear trap mechanics. I don’t know how to fix this.


    12, Path to Mahimah has a controller glitch in MS but is still solvable. (the bug clones erratically).


    18, “Level 24” involves data resetting. (the only level that requires a glitch)


    I’ll also be releasing a “rejects” pack if anybody is actually interested in that. :P

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