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  1. Someone needs to do a Lynx version walk-through of the game. I haven't seen one yet anyway. There's now a few good ones of the MS version, but I wouldn't mind seeing a whole play through of the game, as it was originally intended.


    On that note, I've recently been playing through the entire game in Lynx myself, for the first time. It's quite enjoyable.

    A perhaps unrelated question but; I just played Time Laps a few times and once a soon as the level began the toggle walls closed immediately and never opened. :blink: This only happened once and seems really odd. Anybody know why?

  2. I thought of a possible way to have monsters slowly fill the room but I'm not sure that's exactly what you want.

    Could you have a room with a monster going around in zig-zag pattern (see End of all Time pi.dat) This presses all the buttons that release the monsters slowly, but they only work once a button in each room is pressed when chip enters it.

    e.g. the zig-zag room monster presses clone buttons which go to every room. But each room has a trap stopping the monsters until chip enters each room in which he must push an irretrievable block on the button to open the trap. The monsters then begin to fill the room slowly.


    This would mean at least two buttons for each room.

  3. I don't remember for sure but I can guess that my first level was "Square" which is now in mobius1 (I think... :rolleyes: correction: it's not. ). A small 15x15 grid, 9 room level. It's not an amazing level, but it's not too bad either. I'm proud of it for my first ever level. If that wasn't it then I don't remember.


    I made a lot of alterations of levels from the original game. I also made quite a bit of remakes from other games like Lemmings Paintball for some reason... I was playing them at the time I guess. But they didn't end being very good levels.

    I just remember being overjoyed at having an editor! My first editor of any game ever.


    I must admit I'm surprised to see others here who appear to be almost as late to the level design phase as me. I mean I started making levels only officially until after CCLP3 already existed I think... (but I stopped for a while until recently) Now I'm not really sure if what I'm saying makes sense because the years went by so fast and everything is just a blur.

  4. I really liked your level "black heart replacement" (I don't remember if I have the name wrong or not) It's a cool idea and not too long to be tedious and annoying.

    Also the early one where you use chips and blocks to block force floors.


    I learned about this set from Hornlitz videos. Honestly I've only played sets I've seen on youtube that appear to be good. And I usually don't play all levels of a 149 pack like this one. I just play the levels that look fun to me.

    anyway thanks for the inspiration! (every good pack I play gives me inspiration... if only I knew how to channel that inspiration into my own levels...)

  5. oh, I had been a member there. I think I made just one levelpack that would look pretty embarrassing now.


    This website is pretty cool. The only thing I'd ask for is the option to have different color backgrounds. Something easier on the eyes maybe like the old CCZone, I personally liked it.

  6. my favorites were Swapgates, Pneumatic Diversity Vents,  Freeway (reminds me of Frogger! :D ), Corresponding, The Green Virus and One Push Sokobons. I haven’t found any glitches or anything so far, but I haven’t played every single level thoroughly.


    Palace of the Pentablock Trials:

    cool level and it’s tougher than it looks at first


    Pneumatic Diversity Vents was a lot of fun to go through, and I beat it on the first try. I found it wasn’t easy to get stuck.


    I like One Push Sokobons because it’s just another cool spin on sokobons (which I like). I don’t quite understand the part with the machines and ice/tank/fireball area. The tank always seems to not hit the brown button. [and I don't see how to get the block to help]


    I also love the secret hints.

  7. here are some reviews:



    I love this level, cool concept! I can’t find anything wrong with it.


    Pluto: Good assortment level. The Gliders on the outside are interesting decoration.


    Babysitter is also a cool concept. It does take many tries to get through it though. but I don’t see

    a way around that.


    Entomed: Again, nice concept and fun to play. Only thing I can say is maybe it’s a bit too lengthy.


    Dances with tanks is nice, and good title too. It’s maybe too lengthy but then I’m just not personally good at these types of levels. I still like it though.


    Squeak by: nice level, it’s not too difficult but requires some thought.


    Force your way through: I like this one a lot. Cool maze idea.


    Utter Clutter: good design it is a lot of fun to play. Good title too. I didn’t solve it yet however, I’m sort of stuck at the part when you get to the hallway of fireballs and the single bear trap.



    This is as far as I’ve gotten. You make a lot of really original levels. Keep it up! I'll definitely be playing more

  8. I mostly use the Kayu one with Tileworld on MS. (I can only use Tileworld since I have 64 bit)


    what is this patchbmp you speak of?


    I'd also like the get the original MSCC tileset. But how does one do that? I can't find anything in the original chips challenge folder to use. Can you download that somewhere?

  9. I'm  going to submit my level in case you decide to go ahead. If not, that's okay. I'll be sure to participate in the next one. :)


    btw, I thought this was a good criteria for a contest, it was difficult, but not too much so, especially for me, since it was my first. I like these; they tend to inspire unusual and unique level designs.

  10. oh goodie, thank you. :D  otherwise I would've had to change around a bunch of things. i thought of them as green but noticed the redness when I looked at it.

    Personally I think it's kind of half and half, but I'll take it as green because it works for me. :)

    okay, I changed my mind and I'm not using teeth, not just because I don't  think the color thing is right, though I do have to say I personally think teeth have too much red in them to be considered just green. I'm going with something different anyway, the concept idea I had wasn't working out.


    And my level's almost done. :)

  11. you guys don’t have a review thread??? It’s simple; each post talks about one level only, the next level that comes after the one of the previous one from the same set. So it’s a take-turns type thing. General rule is you try to find good and bad things about the level, but only good things are okay in my book. [Even if a level is totally bad, I always try to find good things about it].

    Another general rule is: don’t post two times in a row; to give everybody a fair chance to review a level.


    I figured I’d start out with the original game. Then go to CCLP2 or 3. If anyone else wants to start one on for any of these or customs sets go ahead. Or if you think most would prefer just skipping CCLP1 altogether and going to another; I’m open to suggestions. I'll change the title of this thread in that case.

    In any case, this is a lot of fun on the Lemmings forum and a good way, I’ve found, to get opinions and ideas out there.


    We could upload pictures if we want. I’m not sure it would work or be useful, since in CC sometimes, seeing the whole level spoils it. Are they’re screenshots of just the start screens out there?




    level 1 –Lesson One


    chips required: 11

    time: 100 seconds


    good: who doesn’t remember the first level? A good introduction to keys and chips, great beginning to the game. And always brings back memories.


    bad: I’ve found there’s this habit (on other forums at least) of always mentioning on easy levels like this one “this level is too easy and dumb!” but come on, it’s the first level, so I’m gonna skip that sort of thing for all the intro levels.

  12. Try temporarily removing or renaming the .dac file that you last tried to open before starting the program.

    If that doesn't work, try copying in any valid .dat file, and give it the exact same name as the .dac file (extension and all).


    - Madhav.

    that worked! thank you. All I needed to do was move the file temporarily. I honestly don't know why I didn't think of that. Well it doesn't matter anyway because I decided to use the new CCEdit now. But at least I know what was wrong and it works now. B)

  13. mobius, did you try downloading all the other stuff that is needed and linked to at the download page? (like the .net framework and that odd driver)


    I use CCEdit 2.0 largely because it is the most recently updated one. I would probably use CC Design if there were a few more features implemented. If Icy001 is contacted and willing to take a look at some suggestions, that would be great!

    I did download the .net I'm reluctant to download any drivers, my computer is easily messed up with that sort of thing. It worked before anyway, and I'm 100% I didn't just download any new drivers or delete old ones or anything like that, it's really weird.

    What I can say is this happened right when I stupidly tried to open a dac file instead of the proper dat file and it crashed. What I'm thinking is; CCDesign always automatically opens the last levelset you had open. Since in this case, the dac file was the last file I tried to open it tries to open it and crashes. But there ought to be a way to circumvent this sort of thing.]\



    Anyway, I'm really enjoying using CCEdit2. It has a good amount of new features. And I can instantly play test my levels finally, that's a big help. CCDesign can only playtest in MS. (I have Windows 7)

    I also didn't really like the many tabs feature. But I did like the lines linking teleports feature which is absent in CCEdit2 apparently.

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