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  1. That and he probably doesn't know of the fact that level editors and fan made level sets exist.

    actually he does-- because I told him before he even began :)


    But I'm pretty sure he's got a lot of things lined up for a while so that's probably reason he doesn't say much. He might be interested in taking on customs sets, but he's stated specifically other stuff he's doing first so... keep trying :)

  2. Why does it always make everyone laugh, you meant?


    Also had an incredible one to occur in today's CC1 blobs edition recording session, you'll see when it comes out.

    actually I meant, "Why am I such a podunk??"


    although, in this instance I actually laughed at myself right away and didn't get very angry. So now I feel proud and maybe I am in control of my rage after all.... (yeah right) :rolleyes:

  3. hehe, I have to chuckle because people said the same thing when he did the custom Lemmings Let's Play. The idea, I guess, was a newcomer couldn't possibly handle the ridiculous challenges awaiting him there. However, I must admit he surprised me and did amazingly well (finishing the game, getting stuck only 2 times I think, on admittedly very annoying parts), figuring out some very difficult puzzles and putting up with a lot of tedious work.


    I'll be positive and say he'll finish the game :teeth:

  4. Perhaps I should make some sort of list for the colors? Teeth are more on the green side, than red.  :) 

    oh goodie, thank you. :D  otherwise I would've had to change around a bunch of things. i thought of them as green but noticed the redness when I looked at it.

    Personally I think it's kind of half and half, but I'll take it as green because it works for me. :)

  5. Can anyone participate? Since I’m new to this, I have a lot of questions, sorry. just making sure I understand.


    a question about the colors:

    do things like tanks and walkers both go in the same category; “blue”?


    what do you mean by “combine to colors to make a single color”? sorry, but I don’t understand that at all. [having blue tanks and yellow keys would count as green??]


    when does everybody get to see and play the levels? Do we have to wait till the contest ends?

  6. Roundthewheel, a (famous/somewhat famous?) youtuber has just started a partially blind let's play of CC1, the microsoft version.

    Since a lot of you are youtubers yourselves I thought you might be interested:



    His videos are usually a lot of fun, and this one seems to be good so far.

  7. thank you for such detailed feedback!


    I agree my first level is way too hard. Coming up with a way of making it easier was tough, but I did sort of rush it, so I’ll likely be making big changes to it.


    Tezcatlipolca, Dead End chip were sort of remakes of puzzles from two other games and I don’t think they translated too well.


    I didn’t know that ekakin was an actual word. Kutu of Ekakin is a title from another game “Jewels of the Oracle”. A few of my other titles are as well. Path to Mahima and Utsavah, and Memory of Bandahm


    on 6; yes, you can put the blocks back to re-trap the fireballs.

    on 35 that is just a pretty stupid mistake on my part.

    It makes me really mad that I made a mistake on the directions for 38, I took a lot of time to make sure I got everything right. But I did have to make minor changes to it later and I think that’s when I messed it up.


    not sure when I’ll get around to doing more with this.  If they are community events or contests, I’m okay with either fixing up some of these or making new levels. I still have ideas.

  8. http://cczone.invisi...e/194-mobius-1/


    my first set is finally finished. I won't be adding any more levels. I will fix any issues that people find of course.


    I made a few mistakes in my description on the downloads page;

    Three levels don't work in Lynx; Symbiosis, Xtal and chip trap. Maybe more I'm forgetting... I'll add the lynx version to it later. The difference being those levels are omitted and any other possible small things that make it better in lynx.


    my set is rather easy, so perhaps suited for a beginner, but I don't really know that. I can't judge my own levels, so any comments are welcome.



    now I guess I'll get to playing other people's levels. Only trouble is where to start!

  9. I think an ideal feature would be "replay" which basically allows you to watch the level happening but then take over at any time. This is great if you're solving a big long level and mess up near the end. It totally negates having to do tedium all over again.

    Other games have such features however, considering some of the random elements in chips challenge it might not be so easy to do.


    One way I've seen in other games is the program copies all your mouse/key presses or something like that. But I don't know exactly how it works or how to make something like that.

  10. Limited-Use Button: A generalization of the One-Use Button, usually implemented as tanks cloned into a path of limited size or monsters cloned onto a button followed by a stretch of force floors (warning: slide delay). Can also involve teleports.


    I found a fun way of making a limited use button that doesn't take up a lot of room (no idea if this has been done before):

    -Have a number of monsters in a tunnel (# of monsters = # of times you want button able to be pressed)

    -a trap blocks off the tunnel; after the trap is the "goal" button and water.

    -Pressing the main button releases the trap releasing one monster to press the goal button and die. After all the monsters are gone the button won't get pressed again.

    It's easy to accidentally let more then one monster go this way, I found, so you can solve this by added a second trap, that gets released by the monster to give some time in between presses.


    ...I just a brilliant idea then lost it...



    Controlled Cloning (could also be called Double Cloning or Bossy Cloning, or maybe a different name would be better) -- Everyone knows how to use a monster on a trap when they need a boss to clone a bug, paramecium, or :teeth: and they don't want the CB Glitch to screw it up. Well that works fine at first, because Ball-On-Trap will direct T/B/P (Teeth, Bug, or Paramecium) #1 out of its clone machine, but if you try to make T/B/P #2 while #1 is still out there, then T/B/P #2 might be led astray by #1 and smash into a wall (thus never existing at all). The solution is Controlled Cloning.

    Instead of hooking up the Chip-controlled red button straight to the T/B/P cloner, hook it up to a ball or fireball cloner facing the direction the T/B/P should clone. That cloned ball/fireball will immediately press another red button cloning the T/B/P (in the desired direction because the ball/fireball is the newest monster and is facing that direction). And no previous T/B/P clone will interfere with this direction! After the ball/fireball does its job, it can drown. However, this fix doesn't work if multiple monsters might be cloned in the same tick, and it has the small side-effect of the player hearing 2 clicks for every 1 time they press the red button.

    Examples of this element can be seen in Froggy! and Bridges for Bugs to clone teeth and bugs, respectively. I haven't seen this element used very often, at least not that I know of. (I haven't patented it or anything, people! You can use it! :))


    Warning Click -- Use when a level element is periodic and potentially dangerous, and the player might have a hard time predicting when the element will "activate". Have a monster press a non-functional button to make a clicking sound a second or two before triggering the level element. Examples can be seen in Assembly Line and Laser Sweep. This works pretty well, except if the player keeps the sound turned off or there are other buttons being pressed throughout the level.


    controlled cloning is a great idea! I only ever made one level with a paramecia cloner and it happens to work almost perfect by accident. I messed around a little but didn't feel like sorting out the problems. I usually just tend to avoid bug/paramecia cloning or trapping altogether.


    I also like warning click and used it at least one level where visibility is minimal.

  11. here's a list of titles anyone can have because I won't be using them:


    Fire and Forget

    Plan B



    Escape the Heat!/Teeth!/Blobs! ...

    Saved by the ____

    Cooking the Books

    Battle of Baden Hill

    Battle 'o' Lemmuckburn

    Rode Hard, Put Away Wet

    Frontier Justice

    Sleepy Hollow

    Hot Potato

    Timed Release

    Disorganized Chaos

    Enemy at the Gate

    Exploding Peanuts

    Batten down the Hatches!

    Exploding Head Syndrom

    The Key to my heart/keys to Chip's Heart...


    One of these Levels Again...

    Sing for your Supper

  12. using a teeth to press buttons to your benefit, when you can see the teeth;


    fair manipulation. When you can’t see the teeth; unfair manipulation. [even though, I don't really think it's necessarily actually "unfair" ] I've made at least two levels with this.


    (I like the word manipulation…)

  13. how do you feel about a level that has puzzles which involve you to write something down or utilize more than just the level itself? (e.g. the title is a clue)


    I personally like level sets that have a on-going theme through-out. [i don't know if I played any like that yet however...] I really liked pieguy's "table of contents" idea. (so I made my own :) )


    and... trick levels? I figure pretty much everybody hates these. However, if done sparingly and not super long or tedious I don't mind playing a level like that. (I'm talking about levels that can actually be solved like the Busted version of "Trust Me")

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