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  1. I thought we need a place to discuss/confirm/investigate bugs here on the forum. Since I don't like just adding things to the public buglist unless I'm sure what's going on. And the other topic I made was to ask a question but it sort of turned into discussion, these topics could be merged if that's better. This title should be used though for a glitch discussion rather than "bug in editor?"


    Also, I was thinking of making some kind of help file/manual for the game to explain some of the lesser known stuff for beginners and everyone. Since there are so many facets to learn.


    Anyways; I've been doing a lot of tinkering lately and discovering odd things, here's one but I think this might be intended [although odd] behavior considering it's utilized in a level from CC2 rejects; "centipede"


    when a rover is on train track and collecting bowling balls:


    -facing left or right, it will drop the bowling balls as still items.

    -facing up, it will drop them rolling like chip would and kill itself

    -facing down: it will drop them rolling, but going UP away from the rover, in the opposite direction.

  2. Pop Rocks 2 is solvable, you can always check the editor if you're stuck

    yeah I was just being dumb.


    Anyway, some more comments/favorites:


    Railroad sabotage

    trail mix

    it takes two

    gender confusion

    tank crossing

    Breakout,--- really nice concept.

    Hidden Bomb -- fun and simple concept, good level, maybe a little too easy, but that's said after playing through the whole CC2 game.


    And this goes for the main game as well-- I really like the concept of making a lot of challenging levels in a 10x10 screen. I've followed suit and designed a couple myself.


    There were a few big levels by Josh which had some interesting mini concepts in them which I liked quite a bit, like "Dumbell" which had some tough puzzles.


    I've now solved about 90% of the main game. On this pack I've only solved about half although I've skipped quite a few levels. Some of them are decent challenges [i think] which I'm completely stumped on like "The Tank Guards"


    I'm curious about the level "A Little Bird" if the title is random or if it implies that, if all the buttons are pressed in the correct order, will the light of the  wires form the shape of a bird?


  3. for those unaware; Joshua Bone posted the CC2 Rejects set in the downloads a while ago; all the levels made for CC2 that didn't make it in the game [a whopping 200 more levels!]. And I thought I'd discuss them a little here, because while most of the levels were nothing special, there were some interesting concepts there, that gave me some inspiration. I've only got about half way through the pack so far.



    In Particular here are some levels I might've liked to seen included in the game:


    Resistance is Futile. This was a really cool concept. Maybe to make it a little less tedious/boring, add a few more walkers? Of course, that would make getting the bonuses harder. And it was annoying when sometimes the walkers come back out after going in a hole. Even so, I didn't have much trouble with this one and I actually liked it quite a bit.


    track maze (1) -- very nice concept and I liked that it fits on a 10x10 level. It's tougher than it looks at first. The nice long time limit is nice.


    Ant Help -- a fun short level. But shouldn't it be called "centipeded help"?

    Be Prepared: while there that's d### move; this was actually a fun level. In such a brief level I don't mind gotcha moments like that. Now if it was a 30x30 level with lots of work that's a whole other story.


    Centipede: Cool concept, the only flaw, I think is the fact that basically there's no real strategy or plan involved, just spam bowling balls and you'll win. I haven't figured out how to get the bonus though.

    Limits: I realize there's not exactly the same idea, but as far as "rover themed" levels go I liked level much more than "Sea Que".


    I haven't found any levels unsolvable by logic updates yet, but I have found levels which I can't see any solution, probably just because I'm missing something but they seem totally unsolvable. Like the second Pop Rocks level, Am I missing something or is the path to the exit/waterway totally blocked??

  4. This seems like something that a lot of people have trouble with, so I decided to go ahead and make a basic set of lessons showing how each wiring element in CC2 works.


    It doesn't go into how to wire up multiple gates together to make complex circuits, but it covers all the elements individually.


    this is a very good set of tutorials. If you're planning on making a big set, I'd put those in there. I like that they work without much or any hints.


    I have a level coming together with demos of simple but useful circuit designs but it's unfinished. But I might just upload it as is for now, it might be a while before I can think of more stuff to add to it.


    here it is so far: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/573-logic-gate-demo1/


    like I said, it's a bit simple now, but I hope to add more to it. -H- also has a sample level like this in the level discussion thread.

  5. thanks for so much help!


    I’m actually not really sure what I am looking for because I’m really just experimenting, but I think this will help me a lot.


    Actually, the examples so far aren't exactly what I was looking for, but they give me ideas anyway :P

    No, sorry Felix, your sample is exactly what I was looking for! :rolleyes:


    One of my goals is to try and reduce the size of a logic set up so levels like my “Drawing of the Seven” don’t have to take up an 80x80 grid. Not that there’s anything wrong with it taking up a huge space,  but for the sake of learning.


    unrelated note: I like those graphics a lot! where can I get those? on here, or on Steam?

  6. is it possible to set up "IF statements" with wires?


    Let's say I want the following:

    You clone a monster to randomly press one of three buttons, each connects to a latch or otherwise connects to another button which you press, to open the door to the exit. [six buttons total]

    Now if you clone another monster, and it presses a different button, it turns off the first latch and turns on the other one it went to. So now, chip can only pressed the latest button triggered to open the door.

    Is this possible?

  7. This is an excellent topic. I too, would appreciate help on the subject. Unfortunately, I think it’s kind of one of those things that really takes a while to learn cause it’s sort of like a type of math. Just explaining it won’t be as simple as having a single post or even a video. And it’s pretty important imo, considering you can build a mini-computer in a level :D [see the UART level in the downloads]


    What I’m doing for myself, is I’m experimenting on my own and learning as I go. That’s a really slow way of doing it, but I plan to upload levels, possibly a pack of demos and explanations on the subject as I learn. And in my regular levelpack I have currently two tutorial levels demonstrating logic gates in *slightly* more detail than CC2’s game.



    A quick tip I can say off the top of my head: if you put a inverter in a wire loop [just make a wire rectangle and pun an inverter in it somewhere]. The wire will cycle on and off rapidly. With this you can make things happen like a cloner clone rapidly with no buttons being pressed at all; or have a timer go up or down without button presses as well. This is sort of where I started and will probably have demos of first. I started getting fascinated by this when I saw it first in "Crazy 1 and 2".

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  8. If I understand correctly, in simple terms what's happen is:


    -the clock is making the wire circuit pulse in a particular pattern.

    -when a "transmission switch" is pressed it changes the pattern.

    -the receiver [left side] activates the door that corresponds to that switch based on the pattern? or the time in which is was pressed using the pattern? Because the switches are not directly connected to their respective doors in any way.



    anyways, thanks for the info and links.


    I have a question for anyone knowledgeable or inclined; might it be possible to use two of these [or a similar set up] to compare two sets of data inputs [in the form of switch presses in a particular order]?

    What I want to do is have two sets of switches being pressed in a certain order and be able to confirm whether or not the two match.

  9. since for some reason you can't comment on CC2 levelsets in the downloads section (you can comment on CC1 sets...) I'll ask this here cause I don't know where else to put it.
    [feel free to move the topic to a better place]

    Chuck Sommerville uploaded this level, demonstrating a "serial transmitter".


    Can anyone explain this in detail? I don't really understand what this is, what it means, what it's implications are, or what exactly it's demonstrating. Or what uses this could have in a level perhaps.

  10. I downloaded and played both levels-- first one I solved, the second one only played about halfway.


    1. Nice design and fun level overall. I know the game battle ship, though it's been a really long time since I've played. I don't quite get how that works in to figure out {I'm guessing to figure out which block is correct?]. It's simple enough to guess the right one in this case. This is actually, imo, an example of where guesswork can be not annoying.

    At the moment I'm completely stumped on how to get the bonus.


    2. The concept in the first area is really cool. IT took me a moment to figure out what was going on. The second room at first glance seems a little tedious for me. But I think I get the concept which is again a cool one.


    Both great starts to a levelset. I hope you make more! :D(Y)

  11. This entry is in the public bug list:


    "Force Floor “forced ride”: Jeffrey Bardon/June 16th

    If Chip or Melinda starts the level on a force floor, no overrides are possible until they stop sliding.

    random 8/June 17th

    Same thing happens if you drop suction boots on a force floor."


    But I recently noticed that this can happen for no apparent reason while sliding. I just made a 10x10 level filled with random force floors and for reasons I haven't figured out yet, at random times while playing [it usually doesn't take very long] I lose the ability to override and become stuck in the 2x2 circling pattern.

    I don't start on a force floor and I don't have boots.


    Originally I had teleporters and other things in the level but I eliminated all that and it seems to happen regardless.

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  12. I’m planning on attempting to make recreations of all the original tunes made for the Lynx version of CC1. I’d like to know as much info on those songs as I can, but especially who wrote them so I can give credit.

    But all I've been able to find is what's in these videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYFIosFOAJU&list=PL335F9BCC9BEE7E0C


    I can't find any of this on the wiki. Can anyone at least confirm that this is accurate? And are these all of the songs found in the original game?

  13. Any way someone could easily post pictures of the sokobans? I'd be interested in trying them, or at least seeing them, but can't open CC2 files currently. Thanks!


    i can replicate both of them in CC1 if you'd like.


    I've since discovered neither is all that difficult; I'm just not the best sokoban solver. :P

  14. okay thanks. for some reason I thought I played another level which violated that rule but I was probably mistaken.


    You can use the split view to avoid the problem of getting stuck controlling the player on the clone machine without being able to switch.


    You seem to be correct for the second paragraph, one more player needs to exit than there were at the start of the level (including the one on the clone machine).


    This is a dumb question but how to do enable the split screen? I don't plan on using that for my level in question, and I'm no longer bothering with the clone glitch at all for this level, but I'd still like to know.

  15. I changed my mind on my last post and I'll only be making one pack now. It seemed a good idea at first but more work I think. So my new pack will now be complete with about 28 tutorial levels [many near the beginning but not all]. They'll be plenty of easy levels and hard ones too. As of now the pack's nearing 100 levels total. I still have more ideas so it may break 100.


    Since I have been spending most of my time making this, I haven't been playing other people's levels so not much new feedback from me lately. But I have been replaying the CC2 game, and improving my score and solving levels I haven't solved before. :D

  16. I'm trying to set this up in a level of mine but I can't figure a few things out

    [to be specific I'm trying to do the things which I've seen on at least two levels which; cloning a player lets you win the level without stepping on an exit square.] In all the levels I've seen they have this whole set up under canopies or hidden somehow so it's difficult to tell how it's done on my own [even in the editor]


    -first of all, when I simply place a player on a clone machine; I can select him as a player [then you cannot go back to another player], which I don't want (obviously)


    -in order to win via this way, it seems you must clone at least two times to win, or 1 more as many times as actual players there are, or exactly as many players (including the one on the clone machine) there are initially. I tried a few different things but none seem to work.

    Also I'm trying to do this for a level which there are 3 (playable) players.

  17. very cool! I like this a lot! I like the graphics so far even if they're unfinished. I'm excited for a game that's similar to CC but different.

    I have a ton of ideas for new tiles if you want to hear them. :P


    How does that green monster work? At first it looked like a teeth but then it wasn't just following you because it went to collect that thing (cherries?). What does the cherry do?

  18. That’s a good point; having breather levels is a good idea now and then in a set. Which levels are you talking about that you played 17 years ago?


    and I completely forgot or never noticed that about Rail Bowling...


    Railroad crossing: Excellent level! I love that concept (Y)


    Bar and around the world are fun and puzzling levels, though I haven’t solved them yet. I liked the simple yet puzzling directional block thing in Bar.


    Blue sky and Fire-- another greatconcept. I felt this one could’ve been longer though or more complex. Although, it is a concept which can get annoying fast; until you figure it out what’s controlling the movements. So idk, maybe it’s okay as is. But it did feel extra short.

  19. I decided to make two packs: 1 will be a major update of this pack, right now I have over 50 levels and more ideas I really want to make.

    I think I found some really good solutions to making some of my levels better; like Backwards logic for example; will be two levels now, one easy and one harder and the way it will be set up now, no hints will be necessary.



    The other pack will be a pack of about 30 lesson style levels called "Chip Trainer" or something like that [if I can come up with a better name] It is solely a tutorial pack, designed to teach newcomers how to play the game, and explain some things I think the game itself didn't do a great job of. [how you can block-slap for example] This pack is almost complete, I'll probably upload it soon. I'm still working on my main pack.

  20. I hadn’t solved Clementia yet. I didn’t really have an opinion on it yet one way or another but if I ever do solve it I’ll give my opinion. Calling it the worst level seems a bit harsh but then I haven’t solved it yet so I can’t really give a good opinion on it.


    I don’t know if you wanted to have your levels in order by difficulty. If so, I felt Bouncy Balls was much easier than the levels around it. But still a fun level.


    deep blue - a very nice simple puzzle!.


    Tanks and even more tanks -- very cool concept and puzzle. Fun to work out. Even more tanks is possibly my favorite level in the set. (so far)


    14 Tiles; another cool concept. My only criticism is that it was quite so strict or tight on the timing. In most cases you can’t make a single mistake or it’s over. I’m not a fan of levels that are that strict.


    I may have mentioned this before but looking through your levels in the editor has helped me understand how the game works.

    I look forward to playing the new levels!


    EDIT: I solved Water Lillies; a nice small puzzle, but I must say, is this some sort of glitch in the solution? At least, it doesn't seem like intended behavior to me, although then again, there are several things about this game which I don't care for and consider glitchy.


    Elementary block pushing was an excellent level! some very simple puzzle at the beginning and I love the decoration.

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