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  1. Version MS & Lynx v2


    Chips Inauguration has 2 -1/2 levels. The first level is a revised version of a level that was in "Bridges" levelset. The second level is the second half of level #1 as it would be once Chips arrived at the end of the southern half of the level. If you have not seen or played the level from "Bridges" I would suggest that you play the first level first before the new third level which has new ideas but similar to level one. It's just more difficult and it would be helpful to have had some experience with the overall layout by playing levels 1 & 2. The reason for this is that there is a time limit of 999 on all levels and one needs time to figure out the last part of the level before running out of time and having to start all over again from the beginning. Ian Wilson- (membership ID is "thinker". I will check into my slot to see if anyone is asking for help, or offering suggestions, and comments, etc.)
  2. First levelset dedicated to Miika: After being away from the game for over two years, I got interested in playing and designing Chips games once again. At first I just wanted to chose one of my favorite levels - "Road to Chip's Heaven" and totally rebuild it - which I have now done- called BRIDGES.. I started looking around the site to catch up on what has been going on. I realized that I had forgotten so much that I needed to email a few of my Chipster friends to relearn a few things, etc. Josh Lee was the only one that I was able to contact for help, which he has gracious been doing. When I was looking around the site, I read Miika's blog and noticed that Miika had also recently returned after being away for while. While reading Miika's blog, I saw a man that plays the game with integrity, not looking at an editor to see what to do. (I can't say that I do that) He likes to have the time to figure things out on his own. That is why I made the BRIDGES levelset. The two levels are just about the same except for the North West corners. The first level has no time limit to give the opportunity to figure out the level without running out of time. For those that like to approach the game like Miika, I had the idea that once the player knows the scheme of the layout, the player can then move on to play the second level to see how well it can be plaid - time wise. Also, the second level has a stealthy shortcut, which could be fun to discover. Due to Miika's approach to the game, and him coming back at about the same time as myself, I want to dedicate my first levelset to Miika. I have called it "BRIDGES" and have upload it. Note: Since I first made this blog (the first time), I discovered a mistake that I had made in my first upload, as I had added some block in the South East corner to make it look more symmetrical (that was a mistake) because I should have checked the level out before uploading the set. Well, since I had to fix that, I have made other improvements as well. plus redesigning the North West corner area. I left the North West corner in the second level the same as it was in the first upload. So, there are two version of that area. The first level's is probably a little more difficult. I apologize to those player that have already downloaded the mini level-set. I promise to do much better about checking things out. I am confident that BRIDGES is right now. It's good to be back! Ian Wilson-( thinker I.D.)
  3. thinker


    Version MS & Lynx


    Trilogy has three playable levels in MS and Lynx: Trilogy is a name that I like much better than "Trifecta", and since I have made significant changes / improvements to all three levels... I have deleted the "Trifecta" levelset. Ian Wilson - thinker
  4. Version Lynx & MS


    "Valentines" levelset has 15 playable levels with 10 of the levels imported from "Gifts" levelset...as I have changed almost all of those levels to be more understandable or easier to figure out ...particularly levels 1 & 2. Many of the levels have at least one of every TYPE OF TILE- as a point of intest and also fun for me to accomplish. Much thanks to MikeL, who has made an avi of levels 11 & 12 available at the NG. Also there is a MS Excel spread sheet of these two levels at the NG and Yahoo group: look for "LEVELS". Plus there is a copy of CC1's level 136 - "Double Maze" on another tab that you can print out on one sheet of paper- so that you can draw lines for the different routes ( in different colors, I would suggest.) I believe that MikeL has made an AVI of level 5, but maybe (hopefully) he will do a new one, since I changed the gravel tile. Ian Wilson - thinker Level 5 has been a very tough level to make and get the timing right with the two different modes. Plus, I had other problems to address, but now, after replacing the gravel tile in the start area - in this update- I am happy with it and hope that you give it a try. Happy Valentines Day! -eveyone. Ian Wilson - thinker
  5. I just hope that it is before I die, but on the other hand.... I am hoping to live at least another 20 years (?) and I do need to conquer this problem I have with updating, ;~) .....which I don't think is too far off now, because, I've learned my lesson and what I should be doing instead of being so confident that I have it right before uploading,...Since I have a new levelset, we'll just see it that is true or not -as you will see in my next levelset, which is coming out soon. Ian Wilson -thinker......Hey - I'm stil thinking, at least. lol i suppose that I should state a date: CCLP4 to be released Jan 1, 2017
  6. Wow, you guys are great~! It's nice to be understood, but I am making a great new level now and will test it at least a dozen time...maybe that will help. Thanks a lot for your encouragement...it is appreciated Ian Wilson
  7. As you probably know, I have a Gifts levelset with 10 levesl that I have updated way too many time, I admit....but: I have just completed converting MS CC1's -level 136 -"Double Maze" into a "Triple Maze" with my usual bag of trick, etc. I would like to add it to the Gifts levelset along with another Re-made level....but, I'm already sensing consternation about all my updates, etc (and rightfully so) So, should I start another levelset or add them to "Gifts" as an update? Oh, I'm going to fully check the levels before doing it -either way- so it should be a one time thing - so to speak. And while I'm at it, it seems that folks have started to download Gifts again...so then, it would be nice to get some feedback about any of the levels. This new Triple Maze- is going to really be a good one, so far it has been fun to play. Ian Wilson
  8. Thanks again, Miika, I'll take your advice to heart...and yes, I admit that I'm prone to making levels too complex and intense. I'll try to do better. Right now I'm got a fancy for working with mazes and I'm working on converting the origianl MS CC level 136 -"Double Maze" into a Triple maze. It will probably be my last level for awhile as I find that I'm slipping a bit with too many mistakes...mainly and probably due to me waking up in the middle of the night (like 2-4 AM) and not being able to go back to sleep...so I come down to my computer and work on levels. Still there is no excuse for the way that I have been making mistakes lately....but it's embarrassing to say the least. Anyway, I've decided that the only thing to do is try and be positvie and keep on trying. I don't know why I have this idea to make levels difficult or complex...maybe it is because my beta tester keep finding bust in my levels, and I keep trying to make them harder so that he will finally be stumpped. But I haven't been able to do that yet...he is one of the elite players in my opinion. Thanks again, Ian
  9. Version Lynx & MS


    Previous "Gifts" levelset has been deleted and a new version is now Uploaded. I had wanted to design a quadruple level (which I did as level 9) as I had not seen one anywhere. It has every type of tile in it, (monsters, too!) but it is not as difficult as it may look. The first 7 levels are re-made levels with new routes and tricks Levels 8,9, and 10 are brand new levels. Ian Wildon -thinker
  10. Thanks M11k4 (I think that you probably are Miika -?) Anyway, thanks for your response. Appreciated! What you called graphics are only special signs that can be found inside the spread sheet itself under the "insert" tab and then go down to 'symbol' and scroll though a whole array of symbols which can then just be copied onto your spread sheet. Just in case someone doesn't know: when you want to print out any part of the spread sheet, you need to hightlight that area and then choose that as the printout area. The first spread sheet that I made had the rows and colomns larger, and then I made another one, since I realized it would be better to make them smaller so that a person can print the whole level layout onto one sheet of paper, rather than on two sheets (since there would then be a printout of two seperat area of the level....which would then require you to tape them together with scotch tape... I'm thinking of making a copy of MC Chips Challenge (level 136) called "Double Maze" for folks to have a copy of it to draw out the routes, etc. Edit: I have now made a copy of the "Double Maze" from the original CC -level -136 and you can obtain a copy of it at Yahoo Group...look under "Plan.xls" Back to the levelset, yes, it may look intimidating, but it actually isn't once you get going in a level. Give it a try. I'm suprised that you gave up without even trying...or maybe it was the time factor. It's true that they are the type that takes some thinking and so on...but, hey, these types of levels are not ment to be over and done with in just a few minutes and on your first try...kind of thing. But, thanks for taking the time to write, This is the next day now, after reading your response, I decided to make another level this morning. It's a Triple Maze (level # 10) and it isn't very hard. Give that one a try, and maybe you'll see that the levels are not as hard as they may look. Ian Wilson
  11. Hi Chipsters, I recently, I uploaded 9 levels in "Gifts" levelset with level # 9 being a Quadruple Maze, with monsters!. For Level 9: I have made an Excel spread sheet that has now been sized down enough so that it will print out on one sheet of paper. Plus, on "tab" # 2 there is a blank sheet of a level that can be uses to design your own levels (on paper) - if so desired. I have tried to post the spread sheet at the NewsGroup, but apparantly, the method didn't work. I would be glad to send it to anyone via email. My email address: ianwilson1942@gmail.com MikeL posted a larger version (taking two sheets of paper) of the spreadsheet at the NewsGroup, but there was an error at 27,14 - where there should be a N-thin wall instead of S-thin wall. Also, if I ever do another update, there should be a hidden wall instead of a real wall at 24,31 -thus completing the claim that every type of tile is in the level. I've noticed a good number of downloads here at CC Zone, and would really appreciate getting some feedback on any of the levels in the Gifts levelset. Level # 8 is also an interesting level and might fit the catagory of being a quadruple maze, but I'm not so sure about that. I wanted the levelset to be ready for Christmas, but still called it "Gifts" even though it was a week late to the sites. Ian Wilson -thinker
  12. Hi JB, I wanted to let you know that I did enjoy reading about your early years with designing. Looks like you have made a lot of levels over your time. Of course, you've been around a long time, too. As for me, I've only known about designing for about 2 1/2 years, and I'm pleased with what I have been able to accomplish in that short of time...especially, with the "SexyFogs" levelset that I dedicated to you for all of your hard work and time you spent with the CCLP1 project. I hope that you got around to playing at least levels 1 and 2. Since you are such an expert, it would be nice to know what you thought of them...that is, if you have played them, etc. Ian Wilosn
  13. Well, thanks for taking the time to look at level #1 and for offering your reply, Pieguy! Your comment is most appropriate when one thinks that most of the men in the USA have sex on their mind, lol. The idea for the name came from the fact that a lot of the Frogs (around the exit tile) in the level are cloned by other Frogs. Anyway, I do now wish (after the fact) that I had not named level #1 or the levelset "SexyFrogs" But, rather used the name that I have for level # 2 instead: "Needless Frustraion" --which would have been better and more in line with the level's strategy. Ian (all my levelsets are now current)
  14. Hi Miika, First, I want to thank you for taking the time to write such a comprehensive review!...and, I definetly wouldn't hate you for it, since you only expressed your frustrastion with your attempt. Second, I do agree with you that if you haven't finished playing all the levels in the CCLP1 packs, that, that is where you should put your time. I did mention (origainlly) that I was making the levelset available for those players that had already completed their voting and were waiting for some other CC stuff to do, etc -- and that, the level was mostly for elite player as well as being dedicted to JB for all of his hard work with the CCLP1 project. I do agree with you that in this case, it would have been better to NOT have opened an editor, but rather scurry around and find out what you can....the level is a derivative of another level called: "Audacious Scavenger Hunt" - which should (by that name) indicate that a player would have to "hunt around" to find items, and find out what is involved with solving the level, etc. In regards to all the blue walls: I like the color of blue walls better than gray...and, if you think about it, it would NOT make sense to have FAKE WALLS in ANY of those locations where there are blue walls. (I think that there are only 2 fake walls in the whole level- and it should be reasonable to see why those two are fake walls -IN THOSE PARTICULAR LOCATIONS To be honest with you Miika, at certain times, it appeared to me that you were mocking the level (1) and me. For instance: you mentioned flicking a block into the water at (6,20)! Why would you even suggest that? -- since that can't be done. Then too, you mentioned (probably from you looking at the editor) that there are about 14 trap buttons --which would seem confusing. Well, yes it could, IF you tried to figure out the level by looking at the editor first. I admit that the level is quite a complicated level, ( in terms of what it takes to get the monsters to do all that they do automatically) But, the player doesn't need to see all of the "mechanical aspects" of the level, to play it!! Now, if you were playing the level, without first looking at the editor, you wouldn't be so overwhelmed..because there is only one trap button at (6,15) that Chips can get to (initially). Plus, the hint tile (at the start) specifically says that to activate the monsters, Chips must push a block onto a trap button (which you should be able to see at 14,13 -by going to 11,14 -which by the way, if you had looked around the level, while playing it (FIRST), you would realize that there is ONLY ONE trap button where a block COULD BE PUSHED onto a trap button - in the early stages of the level. One of the main OBSTACALES of the level is that the player has to BE WILLING TO TAKE THE TIME to look around, as far as it is possible -to see as much of the layout, as is possible, and then, take it from there. It is also true that much of the level is blocked off unitl the first couple of keys are found - which then, opens up most of the remaining areas of the level. So, if you are in a hurry, that may also explain why you feel the way you do about it. 00:22 and 00:232 yes, it should make sense that -- doing that would not be the right thing to do, so why even do it? It seems to me that most players would know not to take an item when they alreay have one. OK, since you are frustrated with the level and feel that you don't know if it is worth putting all your time into figureing it out, you can take a look at MikeL's avi of level #1 ---by going to the NewsGroup at the date 9/6/13. There is a link there that you can use to see how the level works. It isn't as bad (I don't think) as you are making it out to be...but, I am probably biased, of course. I've taken your added thoughts (at the end) to heart, and want you to know that I very much appreciate reading about your points of view, (and, I am defintely not made at you) Thanks again!! Ian
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