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  1. I hadn't had the time to do what I wanted to change in my final set, but I have 40 levels from my various sets that I'm submitting for CCLP4 as tensorpudding-cclp4.dat http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/552-tensorpudding-cclp4zip/
  2. Version 1.0


    A set of 40 levels solvable in MS or Lynx rulesets The levels vary in difficulty from very short and easy to long and rather difficult. This set is formally submitted for inclusion in the Chip's Challenge Level Pack 4.
  3. Graphics: I like them mostly. Dated? Well, sure, but that's okay. Music: I did say that it was okay that the graphics were dated, but the ragtime-style soundtrack to this game is annoying, so I turned it off. Sound effects are loud and unfamiliar but I guess I'll get used to them. Game Design: There is too much new stuff to process, but I played around in the editor in trying to port CC1 levels to compare...from what I can tell there is both more and less flexibility with the rules in CC2. Levels that were pedantic-compliant on TW seem to generally be able to work in CC2, but otherwise I'm not sure. Once we get used to working in CC2's rules I think the richness of the palette will be a boon to developers and we'll have no trouble finding people who want to make a CCLP for CC2. I can't wait to see what kinds of tricks that our community could come up with. I predict the green pop-up walls will be added to the list of "hated misused features" alongside invisible walls. Level Design: I haven't played beyond level 20 yet. The early levels are kind of tricky! I really dislike the number of turtle/pop-up variant levels so far. They seem to be introducing new components very slowly, so i figure the "Lesson" levels will continue well into the game with more advanced and difficult components. None of the levels so far have impressed me a lot, but that's fine. I'm sure there are some more of "my" kind of puzzles ahead. Editor: Frankly it stinks. It crashed the game multiple times (causing me to lose a lot of data...be sure you save before you test a level) and is a pain to use. Someone is going to create a workalike alternative if the problems aren't fixed (it sounds like the devs are going to improve it though, by adding magnification and hopefully patching the crashing bugs). Multiplayer: This is a thing I didn't expect to see. I don't think I'll ever use it, but that raises some possibilities. Other: The lack of a Linux version makes me sad, but I can live with it for now. The dev team hasn't mooted the idea of ports, but it is probably not going to be forthcoming.
  4. Disregard this, I got it working by re-enabling Aero which I disabled for performance reasons.
  5. I installed it, it's running, the music is playing, and....the viewing area is just one big graphical glitch. Running Windows 7 64-bit, maybe that has something to do with it? Do I need to reinstall a Windows XP VM...
  6. A very nice preview. My favorite was #3. #5 is going to be too tricky for me, I get too worked up when monsters move in and out like that.
  7. 2 downloads

    Good for 5,901,770.
  8. With #8, there is just no way I can find to reliably keep the tanks from bunching up. In the end I decided that having that bear trap mechanism to fix bunch-ups would have to be enough. I don't know for sure that it can't be exploited, but I couldn't figure out how to get the timing to make them bunch up too much, and it would have been more effort than just playing it normally.
  9. After a long break I came back after CCLP1 released, and decided to design a few levels that I was inspired to complete. The first release of eight of those levels is available as tensorpudding-4, which I just uploaded. If you find any busts, please report them. I welcome any feedback you have.
  10. Version 0.1


    A set of eight levels. The first seven are solvable in MS or Lynx rulesets. The final level is Lynx-only.
  11. I think Unwanted Guest from tensorpudding-1 was the first level I finished, although I started working on The Great Big Chip Heist first. I wanted to make a level which emulated CCLP3's 9x9 levels. They both appeared in my first set release when I released 30 levels. I don't remember exactly, but I think both of them are in the CCLP1 voting pile (The Great Big Chip Heist might be blacklisted, but I remember one person nominated it).
  12. I don't know if there's a freely-available tool which can convert MSCC .DAT file format into the levelset format used by the DOS CC, or even if the DOS CC format has been reverse-engineered. The graphics are a lot less nice than the Lynx for some reason as well. Hurts my eyes.
  13. *three hours of puzzling later* #3 was dirty tricks, I like it except for how much time I wasted on it.
  14. #1: Didn't this level appear already? #2: Cool concept, relatively easy. #3: Oh god, another Tyler block-and-trap puzzle. I suck at these things, they prevented me from finishing Spring and T,YTETWM in TS0. Are you supposed to sequester a block in the ice maze? I hate doing things like that.
  15. The "final" update that adds four new levels and completes the set has been posted.
  16. I remember poking around with the DOS port for fun. Did anyone create a tool which converts the Windows DAT format to the format that DOS used?
  17. I don't fully understand bitcoin, but I've read a good bit about it so I'll explain a bit... Bitcoin is a alternative digital currency backed not by a central bank, or an intermediary like PayPal. A bitcoin is merely a digital abstraction that is verified by distributed computer processing power. In essence, computers with Bitcoin programs running are simulating a currency market where currency is being traded by different people. When someone "gives" someone a bitcoin, it's verified by this computer network that runs on all the Bitcoin users' computers. The fact that this transaction is verified by the network allows transactions between two parties to be an actual exchange of currency, where the party that is paying no longer has the bitcoin, and the party that is receiving is recognized as owning the bitcoin (otherwise it'd be trivially easy for one person to give a bitcoin but then try to use it again) It's verified using cryptography techniques which are infeasible to break for regular people; the only way to defraud the system is to provide more CPU power than the combined total of people who are running Bitcoin. Since it is independent of countries and such, it's sometimes used as an alternative currency that has no paper trail (a few people use it for illegal things for this reason, but the major use of it so far has just been for things like this donation thing, where someone wants to accept money without having to worry about exchange rates or PayPal). It has no set "value" in terms of other currencies (just like a real currency), its exchange rate varies depending on how much people want to pay for a bitcoin...you can buy bitcoins from a site like Mt. Gox, and then spend them at places that accept bitcoins. I don't think it's worthwhile for Tom to accept bitcoins as donation unless he actually uses bitcoins for something though.
  18. To give the set a review...my favorite part was #5, a pretty-well-put-together monster dodging level, all things considered. It's a genre I don't particularly love, but the design of this level kept me interested through many, many failed attempts. I'm afraid I didn't really care for the other levels, though. Three was intriguing but short, too short. Two was too simple. Four was unquestionably obnoxious (random force floor dodging is evil) and used invalid tile combinations for no good purpose. And the actual level itself was...well, it's not badly designed, but a level that long is just not fun to play. It was worth playing for #5 but I didn't put more than a few minutes into the actual Ludicrous Stage, and I don't think most people would care to play or finish it. I look forward to your next set. Experience will help guide your to make better levels.
  19. I'd vote for #5 if it were a slight bit easier. Also, I'm not sure it is winnable in Lynx. #2 is too short. The rest use invalid tile combinations and don't work in Lynx. You could trivially change #4 and #6 to work, though. Probably not the last one, without changing the level a bit.
  20. I'm intrigued by what people feel about FOUR PLEX. I didn't remember it during my first playthrough of CC when I was a kid (incomplete, I gave up around WRITERS BLOCK a few levels after), and when I replayed it just recently trying to revisit CC1 and complete the set, it took little effort. I still think it's rather cleverly-made, but it's not all that difficult in retrospect (and I suck at CC since I have yet to finish any of the official sets, or come very close).
  21. I ran out of patience on #5, on the N hundreth try, when I was just about finished with the bug area. Set is just too ludicrous for me.
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