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  1. Sweet! Thanks! Update - favorite is The Glider Legacy. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how to get all three gliders out of the bottom middle. Geez.
  2. Josh, I'm having a rough go of Lakes of Destiny. I have stared and stared at stared at (23, 17) (using CCDesign, yes I totally cheat, your levels are amazing and complex and I need a map!!! I hope these are the coordinates that you are needing - I am not sure if they are the same across all level editor software?). It seems to me that once I get the boots at (30, 13) and open the green door to enter the area with the popup walls, blue key, and nest of thieves, I have no way after triggering the tank to actually get back out because of the solid wall at (24, 17). If you just tell me I'm wrong, that another solution is possible, then I will work studiously on rewiring my brain because obviously I will have used the blocks incorrectly up to this point and need to rethink what I think I "know." (In other words, don't give me the solution - just tell me I'm wrong. ) Alternatively, tell me I'm right. Thanks, babe! Great levels. Favorite so far is Beautiful Struggle. Except for Directional Difference; that one is always my ultra-favorite. -morgan
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