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  1. Just continuing with my feedback for UC6 since I was stuck on some levels. Thanks to bobdabaron and Jeffrey the set is 100% complete. (48-60) 48. Pretty fun and complex level. I don't know how to do the partial post in Lynx though. 49. Confusing cave is confusing (thanks bobdabaron for your help) 50. Really fun level, I liked this one. 51. Also another fun level. 52. I've never seen this concept before but this is a cool puzzle. One of my favorites in the set. 53. Somewhat complex level but nevertheless contains fantastic puzzles. I was stumped on the tank button section where the tooth is located. Again a characteristic of a well crafted puzzle. 54. Blue maze level with brilliant puzzle twists. Time limit is okay, can be a little hard though but not too much. 55. My favorite level in the set, especially that beginning puzzle and the aesthetic border on the right. 56. Monotone level is monotonous. My record is 968. 57. Pretty difficult level with a brain teaser ice section. I gotta say that ice section was the one I was stumped on for a long time. Eventually something came out to work when I tested it in CCEdit. You should be proud of that section Jeffrey cause that was a true brain teaser. Also, that pink ball before that ice section is what screwed me up the most. 58. Awesome time crunch level. 59. Brilliant "cloners maze" type of level. I had to think outside the box for some of them. 60. I am not too good with identifying references but this was a really fun closing level. Thankfully you only have do travel that Joyride section once. UC6 Complete! This was a fantastic level to play, it had a mix of fun, easy, and brain teasing levels. You should be proud for making Obligatory Shuffling Level and Mystery Caves cause those were the ones that were true brain teasers in my opinion. Also, Blue Narciss and Confusing Cave, those were pretty complex levels. Now, there were plenty of good levels in the set but my most favorites were near the end of the set like Lebanon, Flight of the Prince, and The Party We Have Never Seen. If in case CCLP5 were to be another set, there are some levels that would be great candidates for that set. So anyway, fun set with a moderate difficulty. Not too many frustrating levels but still a blast to play.
  2. Unsolvable Level Reports

    Some levels in SokobanCCLP.dat Network Dynamics (130) Rigid internal logic (132) Moon Bridge Surplus (137) Fugue State Generator (138)
  3. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    UPDATE: Now on Moon Bridge Surplus (137) and still stumped on 130 and 132. For 130 and I took a peek at 138 I found "solutions" for the sokobans but the levels in this set are in a completely different configuration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywpK6iXav80&t=7889s 130 (1:43:15 in the video) has some blocks already on some traps and in the set they are in completely different order For 138 (2:45:12 in the video) it is a different alignment of blocks and traps. I tried both of them since I got stumped on both levels. Also skipped 137 since I don't see how to complete it. Therefore, I don't know if both levels have a design error or what. Anyway 134 levels completed and 15 more to go and special thanks to Miika for assistance on some levels.
  4. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    Since my last post I have made it to Network Dynamics (130). Almost done with the set. For level 130, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to cover the trap buttons on (13,14), (15,14), and (17,14) near the end. The closest solve is around the 11 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIZFM73J-JM 130 solved! In conclusion 129 levels done so far, 20 more to go! Just need the redesign on 117 and assistance on 130. Now that I am close to the end of the set I am bracing myself for anything. Also want to give a shoutout to Miika for helping me with some of the levels too.
  5. Here's part 2 of my feedback (21-40). 21. Medium item collecting type level. There were some tough sections like the room with the 2 walkers. 22. Interesting aesthetic and fun maze. 23. Okay level, I find this to be a lot better than Lean Thinking which is one of the levels I wasn't a big fan of in CCLP4. Also, the walker at the end is a bit evil. 24. Cool blue level 25. Very cool maze and block puzzle. 26. Somewhat complex messy type level. 27. Fun level 28. Normally I am not a big fan of "antepiece" concept levels but this was okay. 29. Somewhat hard level with the gliders but I like the role of the fire tiles. 30. Interesting level to play 31. Yet another cool blue level. 32. Somewhat difficult level that took me a couple of tries. I am not too good with "Map the Path" concepts especially this one with a checkerboard layout which increases the chances of screwing up. 33. Also a considerably difficult level since its easy to screw up on. The extra exits are appreciated though. 34. Very fun level to play. Had a really good twist at the end. 35. According the title, I thought this was going to be a hard level at first. Turned out to be a entertaining level. 36. Ice level is a nice level. 37. To be honest this level is a weird one with a concept I've never before. I have never EVER seen teeth going through closed toggle walls. I am assuming that the toggle door timing has to be absolutely perfect; nevertheless makes the dodging far more interesting. 38. Usually, I am not too good with key puzzles but this one fell into place. 39. Interesting level. Not sure how to pull off the pushing blocks through FF in lynx though. 40. Like the original level this one is short and simple.
  6. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    Meant ripple mountain, . Ragged mountain is an amazing level though.
  7. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    Made a LOT of progress since my last post. Managed to beat every level until Ripple Mountain (112). For now I had to skip that level and play up to Trouble in Terrorist Town (117). For 112, the trap buttons on (12,14), (12,15), (12,17), and (12,18) are killing me. Rest of the trap buttons just fall into place. Here are my attempts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvcgYIyJ2Gs 112 solved! For 117, I am pretty sure the sokoban is solvable and I pretty much know how to pull it off. However the time limit may be a bit too short to complete it. 500 seconds doesn't seem like enough time to solve it. I am starting to believe that time limits are becoming a concern now. Here is how far I got in the allocated time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIEeO4frbhU
  8. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    Made a LOT of progress from my last post, now on Block Enthusiast (106) had to skip Poor Impulse Control (102). My closest solution was only one trap button remaining specifically the trap button on (17,16) that when I fill it just blocks me from reaching the exit. Here's my closest solution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccO_3XLmlAM
  9. Just completed all 149 levels of Walls of CCLP4 (difficult order version) and it was a really fun level set. Gotta say there were a bunch of awesome puzzles which make you think outside the box plus a couple of memorable ones. As far as difficulty this set was a bit medium, not too easy and not too hard. I might replay the levels again in the CCLP4 level order version though, this set also has good replay value just like the original CCLP4. I remembered some of the walls but not too many, had to read the hints. Part 1 (1-20) 1. Pretty simple item swapper type level for level 1. 2. Awesome aesthetic and easy chip collecting level. 3. Even though this level follows "Flow State" it also felt a little bit like Josh's "Enterprise" level. Nevertheless fun level. 4. Pretty easy level and gotta agree with Josh as said in his current LP that turning "In the Pool" into a fire theme. 5. Great variety of chip collecting sections. 6. Cool level with an amazing maze. 7. Interesting level. 8. Really brilliant block pushing puzzle. 9. Medium level, just have to keep track of the recessed walls but not too hard. 10. Great level which reminds me a little bit of Josh's "Compactor Reactor". Also a good candidate for optimization even though I am not an optimizer. 11. Awesome "step-by-step" type level. 12. Great push blocks to water puzzle. 13. Fun level. This level when played in the MSCC tileset would look better since the thief tiles in that tileset mix in with the blue environment. 14. Easy straightforward chip collecting level. 15. Based on the title, at first I thought that this would be a racing type level hence Torotise vs Hare. Brilliant puzzle level. 16. Really liked the tooth mechanism at the start and good level with a partial post twist. 17. To me, I found this level to be a bit easier than "The Key Issue". Still fun level though. 18. This level has many fun chip collecting challenges in one level. 19. Medium level. That paramecium section is a bit iffy to me. 20. This level too me a few tries to navigate the mazes correctly withing the "Pearl Diving" toggle door mechanism.
  10. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    Modest Tallens (92) is solvable now. Thanks. Now need help on Torturing Yourself Past Midnight (95)
  11. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    Both Modest Tallens and Ziggurat Vertigo solved!
  12. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    Guess you're right. At first when I played this set it was kind of fun. Now it's just really difficult and I am only on level 92.
  13. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    I am going to say that Modest Tallens (92) is impossible. Unless a recess wall was supposed to be placed somewhere I am calling this one impossible.
  14. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    Does anybody know how to beat this sokoban? I'm stumped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyU9WKWOq44
  15. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    For level 82 I found a video that closely resembles this level. The only difference is that there is no extra single trap button to the left of the 2 rows of trap buttons below the tank which is also a difference. Original level 82 solution. This leaves me with just that button to deal with which seems impossible. There isn't enough room to make that happen. In the video it didn't have that tank mechanism nor the extra trap. If neither of them were here then this would be possible. Right now it seems impossible and I need help unless I am just overlooking something or I am just not getting it.
  16. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    I'm gonna need some assistance on The Spoon Doesn't Even Exist (82). Mainly the 2 rows of buttons below the tank. The rest of the blocks I can just push in. I have tried everything I just keep having buttons left over and I just can't seem to find a way to fill both rows of trap buttons.
  17. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    Right now I am on Bewilderness (62) as of now I had to skip Backwards Muffin (59). I have tried many different positions and the farthest I have gone to is one trap button. In other words I cannot see this level after many tries. I also copy and pasted this level in a sokoban solver and the solver can't seem to solve it either. Am I missing something or is this sokoban unsolvable? This is the only level I had skipped so far and I am hopelessly stuck on it.
  18. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    This is, I am not going to lie a quite difficult set. Difficult in a great way though, the progressively difficult sokobans are great brain teasers and really makes the player think. So far I am on Tangled Strips (42).
  19. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    I am really enjoying the set so far. So these are just sokoban sections from various levels right? Sokobans are my most favorite CC puzzles of all time.
  20. NeverStopGaming Discussion

    Review for the 2nd half. (26-50) I know my review for the first half was quite a long time ago but I recently have finally completed "Forgive Us Our Trespassing" (49) which was really difficult for me. 26. This level reminds me of "Monster Sorter" from Pit of 100 Tiles. Amazing concept. 27. This level reminds me of "Tanks, Toggles, and Traps" from Pit Of 100 Tiles. Also and amazing puzzle. 28. Pretty neat puzzle. Felt like Josh's "Before The Rainstorm" 29. I find this level kind of annoying. The glider trap section and the narrow pink ball dodging sections are where I screwed up the most. To be honest that glider trap section is pretty confusing. 30. Amazing level. Looks great in the map and the fireball lineup is even better. 31. Brilliant puzzle, both this level and the reference of "Puzzle Box" from Chip56 are both well crafted puzzles. 32. Interesting and fun level. 33. This totally reminds me of "Key Color" from CCLP2. I find this one to be more fun. 34. Excellent puzzle. At first I was stumped but turned out I had a really dumb oversight. Still well crafted puzzle. 35. Considerably easy level. 36. The concept from Josh's "Frozen Over" is pretty unique. Makes a great puzzle. 37. Considerably difficult combinations type level. I am not too good with these kind of puzzles. 38. Really great aesthetic and simple chip collecting level. 39. Pretty simple section by section type level. 40. This level was really fun and challenging. It made me think quite a bit. 41. Relatively simple block pushing to bomb level. The FF's make the level feel like "Up The Block" from CC1. 42. Fun level. I'm glad that this level made it into CCLP4. 43. Also a fun level with twists and turns to the challenge. Also glad this is in CCLP4. 44. This level is great practice for the concept of "Think before you take". 45. I really enjoy the "Automatic (Caution) Doors" mechanism. Fun level too. 46. Reminds me of Josh's "Smashing Your Teeth With Bricks". As with the reference level and this level, extra red keys are very well appreciated. The bombs in this level makes it easier too. 47. I really like how the outside border looks as well as the gameplay of the level. 48. I am a really big fan of sokoban puzzles and I really liked this level. This also felt like "Frivolous Crypts" from JoshL5. 49. I personally, found this level to be really difficult. To me this is the hardest level in the set. It took me a LOT of tries to get the execution right which explains why I am providing my feedback for the 2nd half long after the feedback for the 1st half. In conclusion, I didn't really enjoy this level too much. Maybe the difficulty is on me, I don't know. 50. Great ending level to a great mini-set. I really had fun playing this set, many great levels and a lot of references to some of the levels I enjoy from the community. For the most part it was smooth sailing with the exception of level 49. Again, I don't know if it's just me making really dumb things but that level gave me the most trouble. Speaking of references, I have noticed a lot of references of a lot of Josh, J.B and Jeffrey level. I'm not 100% sure if this set was meant to be a shout out level set but nevertheless this set is amazing.
  21. JoshL2

    Final thoughts (141-150) 141. Medium to somewhat hard chip collecting level. I really like the ball dodging section and the walkers make the chip collection more interesting as well. Great level 142. I appreciate the presence of extra blocks and this is a nice puzzle. 143. Again, I appreciate the extra chips in this level. I would be a challenge to collect every single chip but nevertheless awesome level. 144. This level is epic. It has a lot of difficult puzzles in it at the same time poses as an interesting challenge. 145. Special course is special. I felt that the joyride section could've been a little earlier plus the blob on ice can be a little annoying. Also, the key puzzle at the end was thankfully not too rigid. Personally, I am not too good with keeping track of how many keys I've used. CC2 did a great job showing how many keys you had in the inventory box. Nevertheless, moderate difficult level. 146. Pretty fun and cool level. Has great puzzles that require some thought into it. 147. This level has a fantastic sardine concept at the start. Plus lots of space to roam around one you get the flippers. To me I believe that this level is a bit too easy for the 147 slot. This level shouldv'e been a little earlier, I would consider either House of Pathex (69) or Block's, Bombs, and Bugs (80) to be in the 147 slot. It is still a good level, though level 147 generally means a super extremely difficult level (Force Field, Cloners Maze, etc.) Don't get me wrong sometimes it great to break the trend. 148. Insanity Island is not too insane meaning super frustration or some sort. This level along with all the levels in the 140's has many puzzles that require a great train of thought. Awesome puzzle level. 149. Like part 1 of this series, this level is also epic. Personally, I find this level to be a LOT harder but what is to expect to a penultimate level, right? 150. Again as I said before with breaking the trend, this level breaks the trend. Great ending level to a good set. All in all, this is a fun set to play. It has numerous amounts of puzzles that require thinking and some unique concepts I've never seen before. As far as the gameplay was concerned there were plenty of annoying levels at the start but they got a whole lot better as the set progressed. Some of the levels that kept screwing me up were: A Simple Game of Pong (7), Skillful Memory (15), Buried Alive (21), and Exterminator's Club (32). By the time I finished level 80, that is when I considered the set to be getting better. Now, with the difficulty curve it was considerably decent. There were a lot of difficult levels at the start of the set along with some levels that should've been earlier or later in the set. Level 69 and level 80 would've been better off near the end or both level 117 and 118 are better off near the start, etc. In conclusion, the experience at the beginning was a little rough but got smoother as I went to the later levels. Therefore if I were to rate this set I would give it like a 3.7 to a 4 out of 5. Plenty of great levels but some were annoyingly frustrating. Still a great set to play though and your level designing has improved ever since then.
  22. JoshL2

    Here's part 6 (121-140) The great levels still continue. 121. Even though I hate guesswork, this one is not too difficult with trial and error. 122. Not too bad of a blue level. Has that cool block cloner chase again. 123. Pretty easy and fun chip collecting level with teeth dodging. 124. Despite the title the walkers aren't too evil. It would surely be evil if there was a walker cloner though. It would've been "Jumping Swarm" again. Thankfully not too evil. 125. It has a unique concept of extracting blocks for a block pushing maze but the "guesswork" of which traps connects to which makes this a little less fun. I had to use the editor just too see the connections. 126. This level is an awesome block pushing level. It makes the player think on where to bridge next which contributes to the challenge. 127. Collecting chips are fun, but adding a nerve wracking fireball vortex at the end makes it a little less fun. 128. Great level. Feels like "Fireball Tourism". 129. Another great level, the key unlocking section at the end makes you think hard along with the other puzzles in the level. 130. I like how the chips are required to make chip collect them in a "Turn Turn Turn" like concept. Extra blocks as always are well appreciated. 131. Really fun and intuitive monster direction level. I was also able to spare the glider cloner right above the green lock. I gotta say this level has more than one way of completing it. 132. At first I thought that this was going to be a time crunch level based on the title. However, it does have puzzles which are very challenging. The ball section surrounded by the green locks gave me the most trouble. 133. Yet another awesome teeth monster direction level. Of all the "Guidance for" series, this one is my most favorite. 134. Just like Rink-Mish, this is another awesome CC1 level modification. This is a LOT better than the original Chipmine. 135. Pretty simple level. The bee section reminds me of "Metastable To Chaos". Plus the block clusters (stones) look cool. 136. Somewhat difficult level. The toggle doors toggle a little too fast plus the mandatory FF shifting to the inner layer makes this a little difficult. Nevertheless, cool joyride type of level. 137. Feels like, "Now You See It" all over again. 138. I hate lucky timing, therefore this level is pretty annoying. Sorry. 139. Somewhat to very difficult level. I kept screwing up on the room where the gliders clone crazy. 140. Somewhat easy chip collecting maze. Just have to keep on your toes on the bug.
  23. JoshL2

    Part 6 (101-120) I have to say that I had more fun with the triple digit levels than the two digit ones. 101. This level has an interesting block pushing concept with tanks at the start. 102. Despite the slide delay in MS, I don't really see a difference in difficulty. The block pushing part feels like a race to make it more interesting. 103. Interesting concept as a block pushing puzzle. Nice aesthetic idea. 104. Awesome aesthetic level with a nice simple boot maze. 105. Quick level is quick. Fun as well. 106. I had a lot of fun with the chip block racing concept. Bottom chip collecting section can be chaotic though. 107. Amazing level with pink balls. Seeing the pink balls (most of them) feel good drowning them in the end. 108. Interesting level. Creative tooth mechanism at the start too. 109. Tedious level but it has a unique layout. 110. Feels like "Pentagram". I'm 100% not sure if all the chips are obtainable in one run. 111. Okay level. Can be a bit confusing in some sections like the tank and trap button section. At first all the tanks had to push the button but that wasn't the case. 112. Pretty nervewracking level I gotta admit. Like level 80, this sort of has that "doing something perfect without screwing up consecutively". The tedium just adds to the difficulty. 113. Very easy and very cool level, I really liked this one. 114. Also a very fun level. I also really liked playing this level. 115. Block puzzles are brilliant. Yet another awesome level. 116. Enjoyed this level as well. That recessed wall section is well constructed and my favorite part of this level. 117. Simple short monster direction manipulating level. 118. Simple short level. The fake exits are not entirely stupid though. For the most part it is dumb. 119. This is an average level. I just had to keep track of which ice paths I have already slid blocks on so I don't screw myself by pushing a block where a bomb has already been blown up. Also, I feel that that thief shouldn't have been there, to me that thief is pretty unnecessary. 120. Interesting maze concept. Memory is key though since the time limit can be a little tight.
  24. new tile ideas

    Now that you've mentioned it chip having a weapon is a stupid idea. But I agree with the opportunities to destroy the monsters based on the resources given. Cloners Maze is a great example. Helmets are cool though.
  25. JoshL2

    Part 5 (81-100) mixed bag of hard and easy levels. 81. I'm sorry this is just a dumb concept, thankfully the level is small. 82. A little tedious but the thief has a nice role in the level. 83. I'm sorry, I just loathe guesswork. 84. Easy, simple, short level. 85. Fun puzzle beginning with some more block pushing. Extra blocks at the end are appreciated. 86. This level reminds me of "Frogs Vs. Blobs". Satisfying too with the frogs and gliders blowing up the bombs. I really had fun with this one. 87. Tedious block pushing level, the blobs are not too much of a pain here. 88. Really fun level. I prefer this version with the chips behind the toggle doors. Back when I was playing this level in JCCLP it had a pretty tricky walker room with a bee moving on ice. This version is a lot easier in my opinion. 89. This level is okay. Has a bit of guesswork though which I don't like. 90. This is my least favorite level of the "Guidance for..." series. There were some sections where a tooth monster wouldn't cooperate. 91. Somewhat difficult in my opinion. It's not too hard to screw up the level, that's if you don't keep track of which dirt tiles you clear. 92. Quick but somewhat difficult level. The blob section didn't make it easier; randomness and tight time limits are not a good mix. 93. Great level, seems like there is flexibility on which blocks go where. The ice section was also my favorite part of CCLP3's "Rotation". 94. This is one of the hardest levels in the set, mainly that glider nail section which is the central of the puzzles. Not too mention you have to cross it many many times. To me that just makes this level really difficult and nerve wracking. Tile World's timing system is a little inconsistent. I totally stink at moving nails and crossing it several times doesn't make anything easier. 95. Fantastic level, also the title of this level brings back childhood memories. 96. Quick level with medium difficulty. 97. Friendly bug is NOT friendly. 98. This level has a nice concept, probably be more helpful if the hint said which trap to start on. 99. Easy security maze chip collecting level. 100. I enjoyed this level quite a bit.