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  1. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Just finished all new 15 levels! Gotta say very well crafted and intriguing puzzles near the end. 76. I really loved this level probably cause I like block puzzles and/or sokobans. The practice room is also well appreciated but I didn't know exactly how strict the time limit before the exit gets blocked was. Still a very good level. 77. Extremely fun level. This is like "Chance Time" mixed with "Triple Maze". I would imagine that it would take lots of time to make sure everything works perfectly, in which it did. 78. Super creative underground puzzle. I have to say I was stumped on this level for quite a bit cause it has some stuff that looked like the obvious solution. For instance I thought that bee was supposed to blow up the bomb on (24,20) and that wasn't the case. In the end it was very satisfying to beat. 79. That beginning sokoban is legit. Awesome puzzle filled level. 80. Pretty cool monster manipulation to hit all traps level. Kind of feels like a glider version of "Bug Arranging" ("Glider Arranging"). This update had some really good levels and some pretty hard but I guess there will be some harder level now that were at level 80 now. Assuming that this will be the difficulty curve. But anyway, keep up the good work and hopefully your new job won't impede too much on the creation of the levelset. Still in life, we just got to do what we got to do. As always, hoping to see more fantastic levels from you.
  2. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    I'm really happy once again to see another update of this set so far. Pretty good levels with some that were kind of difficult and some really fun. (66-75) 66. Really fun level and nice exploration feeling on the outside. 67. Very cool my friend teeth level. Also, cool variation too apart from the normal thin wall and/or wall for the my friend concept. 68. That glider and ball toggling room is legit and the trap button releasing pink balls to bombs was too. 69. This level was sort of difficult but maybe it was just making dumb mistakes. I really liked that tank and red button puzzle though. 70. Cool level twist of the "waterflies" concept. 71. Attractive blue and green door aesthetic I gotta say. Great puzzles too. LOT LOT easier than Old Frog New Tricks. 72. I guess this was you "lol walker" level mentioned on Discord. Could've been more annoying though. Not one of your best levels. 73. Awesome level and keep up those force floor "nail puzzles" too. Cool mechanism for a block cloner too. 74. Apart from the random tank cloner dodging at the start this level isn't too bad. Personally, I am not a Club Penguin fan but the NE room kind of reminded me of the World's Hardest Game. Just popped in my mind since Club Penguin was an online game. 75. Masterpiece maze level. Nuff said.
  3. SokobanCCLP.dat TWS

    SokobanCCLP.dat TWS View File This is my TWS of SokobanCCLP.dat. 147 of 149 levels are completed and levels 144 and 149 are unsolved as of now. If you're really good at sokobans, you can try to beat those two, but right now those 2 levels are close to impossible to me. If by any chance someone beats those 2 levels please PM me and I will appreciate your help. Submitter mmoraleta Submitted 08/03/2018 Category TWS files  
  4. SokobanCCLP.dat TWS

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my TWS of SokobanCCLP.dat. 147 of 149 levels are completed and levels 144 and 149 are unsolved as of now. If you're really good at sokobans, you can try to beat those two, but right now those 2 levels are close to impossible to me. If by any chance someone beats those 2 levels please PM or Discord me and I will appreciate your help.
  5. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    I've finished the 25 new levels and really enjoyed it! 61. This is an okay level. It's a little tedious and a little hard to keep track due to the huge size. However it's not too difficult of a level not to mention the 5 extra chip leeway. 62. This level was a blast (no pun intended). Really liked the trap puzzle and the clear the way path room for the fireball. 63. Ah, the good old world glitch from Super Mario Bros on the NES. Fun level. 64. Cool black and gray aesthetic level. That recessed and trap puzzle with the fire boots is what really stood out. I was kind of stumped on that one. Great level. 65. At first I thought this was going to be a really difficult level, especially with sokobans being hard enough. It wasn't too hard, key thing is that more about the teleports. At the end, it was satisfying to complete. Well, set's complete (for now). Keep up the good work Josh and really looking forward for more fun levels! P.S: Whitepoint: One Year Later will be missed. Cosmic Gold Hill: a nice blue key level.
  6. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Made more progress and enjoying the new levels. 51. The beginning sokoban is cool along with that fireball cloner mechanism. Awesome level. 52. Absolutely brilliant puzzle, equally good as Fireball Tourism which is one of my favorites in the original CCLP3. 53. Creation level is creative. LOT easier than Same Game. 54. Really fun level with a clever use of a block cloner. Nice aesthetics too. 55. That red button room is really legit. Also the drowning of teeth is somewhat satisfying. 56. Fantastic brain exercise level. Whole LOT better than Caves, which is one of the levels I loathe in CCLP3. 57. Very fun level. Good job subverting expectations in that glider room. 58. Okay level, just got to keep track of where you're going. Concept somewhat annoying but thankfully the level is short. 59. Cool level with a partial post somewhat reminiscent of a partial post from Tyler's "Lounge Act." 60. Legit level with a bunch of legit puzzles. I didn't really like the RFF room with the tanks though. Everything else was a blast.
  7. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Very happy to see yet another update for this amazing set so far. Just played the first 10 new levels and so far so good. 41. Nice and simple level, that glider section threw me off at first but it was legit. 42. Great puzzle, whole lot better than the original Lichtenstein which is one my least favorite levels in CCLP3. 43. I remember reading a discussion on this level on Discord. At first I was scared but thank goodness for the blue walls under the blocks! Pushing blocks onto RFF's is just wrong. Still a great concept for a chip collecting level. 44. Aesthetically pleasing border and somewhat easy chip collecting level. The middle room behind the yellow door could be a little tricky. 45. Legit level with a creative way to use partial posts. 46. Fun level and that blob cloner section surrounding the 2 chips on the top right is amazing. 47. This isn't necessarily a garbage level. Somewhat difficult level in my opinion. 48. Fun level with legit puzzles. 49. Interesting invisible wall maze level. Time limit shouldn't be too much of an issue, I was able to spare 180 seconds. 50. Jumping swarm teeth edition. Kind of like an easier version of Zane's zombie levels
  8. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    UPDATE: I managed to fill up the trap buttons which were circled in black, problem is I can't get out. I am assuming that you have to complete the left portion first before completing the right side. But, the trap button on (16,17) is kicking me. And if I complete the left side first I can't get out. Unless there was supposed to be a teleporter somewhere in the level. For now I am calling this level impossible.
  9. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    I know it's been over a month since I've said anything about that set but I've recently completed 146 and 147!. Just 2 more levels to go! I am still stumped on level 144 and the video in the last post should have my attempts. For 149, I've copied and pasted the level onto YASC and currently attempting to beat it, but nowhere close. Here's the issue, For the trap buttons circled in black, I don't see a way you can cover them all at the same time without filling one section up and blocking access to the other part. In other words if I place 5 blocks onto the circled column, the set of three trap buttons can't be filled and vice versa. Now, this is how far I've gotten and I don't know if I already screwed up. But anyway 147 levels complete! Just 144 and 149.
  10. Here's feedback for levels 51-60. You Break It, You Buy It, FINALLY complete. 51. Man, that tiny sokoban was the puzzle that stood out. Small sokoban, HUGE trouble. In the end, everything else was relatively easy. Again, great job on creating a hard mini sokoban. 52. Cool level with a challening ending puzzle. 53. Really fun dodging level. Thankfully, not too chaotic. 54. Awesome design and awesome level. 55. I'd consider this a medium hard level. The recessed room and teeth room were a bit challenging. Thankfully, there is freedom of choice oh which to tackle first. I remember I was so close to the end and I accidentally boosted onto the teleport into a thief. Very dumb move on my part and took it slowly on the success attempt. Still a good level. 56. Very fun red key level. The lower left block puzzle is legit. 57. Said it before and I'll say it again, hard challenges in small spaces are great. That 4th red key was the real challenge, since I played this in MS, I am not sure if circling the bee in Lynx would be possible. 58. Somewhat easy level containing "Combinations" and "Secret Passages". 59. This level, THIS LEVEL was a major major brain teaser. That left room stumped me a LOT and took me a while to figure out. Based on the title I thought that you had to keep the monster patterns as is in order to keep the toggle presses in sync. Shout out to Jeffrey, for telling me that it was more of the toggle press intervals rather than the monster paths. I guess the title of the level really threw me off and that's what really messed with the mind. In the end, it was extremely satisfying to complete. This level along with Block Buster 3 in 2D is simply one heck of a level. Well done, J.B for turning a simple level into a tough challenge. 60. Very well crafted level with a bunch of legit sokoban puzzles. These new 20 levels were really fun to play and keep up the good work! For now, WoCCLP1 complete (so far).
  11. Here's more feedback (41-50). Boy that sokoban in level 51 was one heck of a puzzle. I finally got it. 41. Blue and green levels look great together, along with blue walls and fire. The lower left puzzle was the most challenging. 42. Felt simple at first but required Chip sneaking past the toggle doors. Still a great level 43. Tree houses are awesome and that sokoban is legit. 44. Very fun and well crafted puzzle. 45. I liked that recessed surrounding the clone button mechanism. Fun level. 46. Somewhat hard level, just have to be good with pink ball directions. At first, I thought that this was going to be pure guesswork but it wasn't. Unique way to use pink balls that I've never seen before. Brilliant. 47. Fun monorail type of level with Jeffrey's "double time" concept. 48. Pretty simple chip collecting level with teeth chasing. 49. Really clever puzzle within a simple map environment. Said this before I like tough puzzles within a small area. Also, cool title (Prism Prison) 50. Easy blue maze on ice level. Good candidate for the 51 or 61 slot for the final draft.
  12. Here's more good news. I have finally solved Block Buster 3 in 2D. What a level! Anyway, here's my feedback for levels 31-40 31. Very awesome level with great puzzles. The beginning stumped me though but in a good way. 32. Extremely brilliant clone maze type of puzzle. The chip to the left of the exit gave me the most trouble though. To me this is sort of like a mini and easy "Cloners Maze." 33. Fantastic aesthetic and sokoban level. 34. Pretty difficult but still a great level as a brain teaser. Key thing is that practice makes perfect and the lack of a specific order is a blessing. Hardest part was the walker room and that glider dirt was difficult as well. Still a very good level that should be placed very late in the set and as always a sense of accomplishment beating a hard level. 35. It's Josh's "Aurora Chocorealis" on fire. Still a very cool level. 36. Great challenge sokoban type of level. I was stuck on this one for a really long time, especially the sokoban on the very bottom and the teleport sokoban. I try my best not to use YASC for sokobans. Speaking of hard sokobans, this level would be a great candidate for the 143 slot in reference to "Same Game". Also, like level 34 there is freedom of which sokoban to tackle first which is appreciated. 37. Despite the hint reference, I didn't have too much trouble. Small fun level. 38. Very cool level, really liked it. 39. Very difficult dodging level. You really have to keep on your toes on this one, took me dozens of tries. The pink balls with the fireballs gave me the most trouble. I don't know if you want to nerf it but if not that's okay. 40. This is simply one heck of a level. Brain teasing puzzles everywhere especially that ice room with the pink ball cloners. Took me quite a while to tackle that one along with that water bridge puzzle at the end. Outstanding craft of a level too. I guess the level would've been really difficult if Chip had to go through small slide delay dodges but thankfully not an extensive use of it. Shout out to Miika for helping me with some sections. All in all, one heck of a level.
  13. Here's part 3 (21-30) 21. Superb block pushing puzzle, glad that this level got revived. Funny television with water inside it. 22. Awesome blue level and the dodging keeps you on your toes. The walkers were somewhat annoying. 23. Brilliant puzzle got stuck on this quite a bit. 24. Nice concept for a maze but it can be a bit hypnotizing. Just have to be very very careful, kind of like a cleaner mess than Divide By Zero. 25. Great level and the ending puzzle is legit. 26. Not as chaotic as I thought it would be. At first, I thought the cloners would clone crazy like Jumping Swarm. 27. Appealing aesthetic and that sokoban with force floors was legit. 28. Interesting level. Despite title it isn't too hard. 29. Funny pun on sokoban and also an awesome puzzle. 30. I had to draw on a map of this level just like Short Circuit. Still a good square looking level.
  14. Here's part 2 (11-20) 11. Very well crafted key puzzle. 12. Cool level and the tight time limit makes it more interesting. 13. Cool looking maze, reminds me of Josh's "Zabriskie Point". Second level I've played so far that has this maze concept. 14. Awesome puzzles rolled into one fantastic level. That checker sokoban is legit. 15. Brilliant sokoban and twist on the "my friend' concept. 16. Wild level is wild. Better than the original level too. 17. This level has great puzzles which are a blast (no pun intended) 18. Cool force slide section level. 19. Simple level with somewhat of a brain teasing twist. I was stumped on how to get the fireball to blow up the bomb below the exit, I figured it out. 20. Extremely fun level to play. This is kind of like "elemental park" but in a twisted way.
  15. I just downloaded the update after playing the first 18 levels in the old version. So far so good for a set that will hopefully be a full 149 set. Here's my thoughts on the first 10 levels. 1. Interesting and somewhat complex first level. 2. Aesthetically pleasing and easy chip and boot collecting level. 3. Somewhat hard level well for me since I am not too good with teleport puzzles. Also, pretty hard to keep track. 4. Fun level with monster melee puzzles. 5. Awesome puzzles into one level. 6. Great level with a unique concept. Basically, somewhat of a monster swapper with chips. 7. Nice trap button puzzle but a little weird too. Took me several tries to get the tooth monster to the correct trap. 8. Interesting level. 9. Intuitive force floor block pushing level. I had to study where each path would lead to and the order. The suction boots at the start are very well appreciated, probably be crazy without them. 10. Somewhat hard level, close spaces with pink balls on slides could be problematic. Still interesting though.
  16. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Just finished all 40 levels. This is a great start for the future of WOCCLP3. Many many enjoyable levels and great puzzles. Part 4 (31-40) 31. I find this level to be equally amazing as the original "Mini Challenges" 32. I enjoyed this level a lot and that sokoban with the FF's is legit. 33. Interesting aesthetic with the toggle walls and teleports. This level is better than the original. 34. Very nice to break the trend once in a while with the "my friend" with a tooth. 35. Very cool puzzle and blowing up the bombs are satisfying. Heck, bombs are a beautiful thing. 36. I got lucky and solved this on my first try without skipping any rooms. Despite, the challenging dodges I prefer this one over which one next. That level is pretty tedious and just downright boring. 37. Awesome level, especially with that ice slide with chips. 38. Well crafted level, especially that fire boot puzzle. 39. Confusing level at first but turned out to be very fun. I was able to have several blocks left over in the water room. 40. Said it before, I enjoy block puzzles and this one was a blast. Well, that's all the levels completed (so far), this set is at a great start and keep up the good work. As said before creating 149 levels is quite a tall order but just in case that this set isn't going 149 levels that's okay. What matters is that the players have fun and use their brain. Also, for the most part I believe that this Walls Of series improve the original level. YAYAP was a great example (that blockslide!). But anyway, very fun levels and hope to see more soon!
  17. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Here's part 3 (21-30) 21. Really entertaining level, I enjoyed this one. 22. Extremely brilliant puzzle, this is the first level so far that stumped me quite a bit. Had to think outside the box on this one. 23. Yet another yet another simple chip collecting level with an awesome aesthetic maze. 24. Awesome level and a whole lot better than the original Blue Blocks in my opinion. 25. Despite the title, this level is somewhat nerve wracking. The paramecia seem to stabilize but the walkers mess it up and this set seems to introduce monster patterns with both random and non-random elements. Okay level. 26. Despite the title, I don't see that much difference between this one and the original Whitepoint from JoshL5. Both are equally fun and simple. 27. A little like "Blurry" except this one is a little more difficult, but not too much due to the wide open space. 28. Creative glider themed level. Whole lot better than YAYAP. YAYAP was a great puzzle but that block slide at the end killed it. 29. Level that is somewhat easier than it looks with the sokobans. I did beat both the right and left side though. 30. Okay chip collecting level with teleports.
  18. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Here's part 2 (11-20) 11. Great level. Felt a little bit like "Clay Tunnel" and I wish there were more levels featuring recessed wall and block puzzles. 12. Somewhat easy level, thankfully the pink balls weren't too chaotic. Also felt a little of Jeffrey's "Deflection Field". 13. Easier and better than Wireframe. Both were good levels but I like this one more. 14. Simple chip collecting level. 15. Fun clone disruption type of level. 16. Pretty fun level. Don't know what that recessed wall on (5,9) is for since I didn't need to use it. 17. Fun puzzles rolled into one level. The tank section is a bit easier in MS due to tank rule differences in rulesets. That sokoban at the bottom is legit. 18. Really fun water maze chip collecting level with thieves. I like this more than Blue Moon, I am not too big of a fan on ice mazes. 19. The "zippers" make the corridors amazing along with the intuitive puzzles. Thought I severely busted it at first since I didn't need the three blocks along with an unused pair of flippers and suction boots. I know that on the Discord chat a thief was forgotten to be put there, so I go back and play the level the intended way. Still, a great level. 20. Gloomy level is gloomy. Not only that it's asymmetrical! (Toadman reference)
  19. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Hey Josh it's very nice to see you making levels again after youre JoshL7 set. Having played the first 10 levels, I am having lots of fun with them. 1. Interesting and not too straightforward level as the first one. At first I was stumped at the trap section with the glider but it was a dumb oversight. Still a fun level. 2. Easy and nice blue level. 3. Pretty simple bomb maze type of level. I read the hint too and that teleport was kind of mean. 4. Very interesting title and easy green lock maze. If this were to be a 149 set it should be in the 63 slot or 114 for a JoshL2 reference. 5. Fun key lock type of level and nice blue aesthetic. I think the title Medallion is more of a yellow type thing but blue is still fine. 6. Really liked this level and the puzzle at the end was awesome. The chip collecting part is sort of nerve wracking but not too bad 7. Very interesting twist to a teeth chasing while chip collecting level. With me being a huge Super Mario fan, this feels like I am jumping into bunch of invisible blocks. 8. Fun puzzle sections rolled into one level. 9. This level is a LOT LOT easier than Color Wheel. Luckily, I didn't FRET about this level though. 10. Intuitive "Wrong Exit" type of level. Would be a hard 1st level if you were to release a CCLP3 wall order though.
  20. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    Does anybody know how to beat this sokoban? This is super difficult and I am completely lost. As of now, I have completed 145 levels and I only have 4 levels to go. Almost there.
  21. Just continuing with my feedback for UC6 since I was stuck on some levels. Thanks to bobdabaron and Jeffrey the set is 100% complete. (48-60) 48. Pretty fun and complex level. I don't know how to do the partial post in Lynx though. 49. Confusing cave is confusing (thanks bobdabaron for your help) 50. Really fun level, I liked this one. 51. Also another fun level. 52. I've never seen this concept before but this is a cool puzzle. One of my favorites in the set. 53. Somewhat complex level but nevertheless contains fantastic puzzles. I was stumped on the tank button section where the tooth is located. Again a characteristic of a well crafted puzzle. 54. Blue maze level with brilliant puzzle twists. Time limit is okay, can be a little hard though but not too much. 55. My favorite level in the set, especially that beginning puzzle and the aesthetic border on the right. 56. Monotone level is monotonous. My record is 968. 57. Pretty difficult level with a brain teaser ice section. I gotta say that ice section was the one I was stumped on for a long time. Eventually something came out to work when I tested it in CCEdit. You should be proud of that section Jeffrey cause that was a true brain teaser. Also, that pink ball before that ice section is what screwed me up the most. 58. Awesome time crunch level. 59. Brilliant "cloners maze" type of level. I had to think outside the box for some of them. 60. I am not too good with identifying references but this was a really fun closing level. Thankfully you only have do travel that Joyride section once. UC6 Complete! This was a fantastic level to play, it had a mix of fun, easy, and brain teasing levels. You should be proud for making Obligatory Shuffling Level and Mystery Caves cause those were the ones that were true brain teasers in my opinion. Also, Blue Narciss and Confusing Cave, those were pretty complex levels. Now, there were plenty of good levels in the set but my most favorites were near the end of the set like Lebanon, Flight of the Prince, and The Party We Have Never Seen. If in case CCLP5 were to be another set, there are some levels that would be great candidates for that set. So anyway, fun set with a moderate difficulty. Not too many frustrating levels but still a blast to play.
  22. Unsolvable Level Reports

    Some levels in SokobanCCLP.dat Network Dynamics (130) Rigid internal logic (132) Moon Bridge Surplus (137) Fugue State Generator (138)
  23. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    UPDATE: Now on Moon Bridge Surplus (137) and still stumped on 130 and 132. For 130 and I took a peek at 138 I found "solutions" for the sokobans but the levels in this set are in a completely different configuration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywpK6iXav80&t=7889s 130 (1:43:15 in the video) has some blocks already on some traps and in the set they are in completely different order For 138 (2:45:12 in the video) it is a different alignment of blocks and traps. I tried both of them since I got stumped on both levels. Also skipped 137 since I don't see how to complete it. Therefore, I don't know if both levels have a design error or what. Anyway 134 levels completed and 15 more to go and special thanks to Miika for assistance on some levels.
  24. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    Since my last post I have made it to Network Dynamics (130). Almost done with the set. For level 130, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to cover the trap buttons on (13,14), (15,14), and (17,14) near the end. The closest solve is around the 11 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIZFM73J-JM 130 solved! In conclusion 129 levels done so far, 20 more to go! Just need the redesign on 117 and assistance on 130. Now that I am close to the end of the set I am bracing myself for anything. Also want to give a shoutout to Miika for helping me with some of the levels too.
  25. Here's part 2 of my feedback (21-40). 21. Medium item collecting type level. There were some tough sections like the room with the 2 walkers. 22. Interesting aesthetic and fun maze. 23. Okay level, I find this to be a lot better than Lean Thinking which is one of the levels I wasn't a big fan of in CCLP4. Also, the walker at the end is a bit evil. 24. Cool blue level 25. Very cool maze and block puzzle. 26. Somewhat complex messy type level. 27. Fun level 28. Normally I am not a big fan of "antepiece" concept levels but this was okay. 29. Somewhat hard level with the gliders but I like the role of the fire tiles. 30. Interesting level to play 31. Yet another cool blue level. 32. Somewhat difficult level that took me a couple of tries. I am not too good with "Map the Path" concepts especially this one with a checkerboard layout which increases the chances of screwing up. 33. Also a considerably difficult level since its easy to screw up on. The extra exits are appreciated though. 34. Very fun level to play. Had a really good twist at the end. 35. According the title, I thought this was going to be a hard level at first. Turned out to be a entertaining level. 36. Ice level is a nice level. 37. To be honest this level is a weird one with a concept I've never before. I have never EVER seen teeth going through closed toggle walls. I am assuming that the toggle door timing has to be absolutely perfect; nevertheless makes the dodging far more interesting. 38. Usually, I am not too good with key puzzles but this one fell into place. 39. Interesting level. Not sure how to pull off the pushing blocks through FF in lynx though. 40. Like the original level this one is short and simple.