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  1. I consider CC1 to be the main tradition of the community and I find CC2 to be a grand long-awaited sequel for a masterpiece from 1989.
  2. In my opinion if there is in another CC1 set or CC2 set, I hope we see a CCLP5. In other words I am leaning toward another CC1 set vs a CC2 set. Don't get me wrong CC2 is a great long-awaited sequel.
  3. Happy New Year 2018

    Happy New Year everybody (well most of everyone some still are waiting for it to come). it has been a while since I've posted anything but here I am back again. Hope everybody enjoyed 2017 cause I know I did with CCLP4 and all events that happened to me. Lets give 2018 another good experience and hopefully more Chips Challenge.
  4. Happy 21st birthday, Martin!

  5. Not CCLP1 TWS

    Not CCLP1 TWS View File I don't know why I played this set, I just felt like doing it after thinking of which set to play next. But hey first full Not CCLP1 TWS Submitter mmoraleta Submitted 10/16/2017 Category TWS files  
  6. Not CCLP1 TWS

    Version 1.0.0


    I don't know why I played this set, I just felt like doing it after thinking of which set to play next. But hey first full Not CCLP1 TWS
  7. Re: CC Zone board has been upgraded

    I also wish the awards system is back on track. Even though they seem unimportant to some, I feel good earning them. Some awards were pretty difficult to earn and I'd hate to see the hard work go to waste. Thank goodness the digital level number post feature returned.
  8. Managing pictures on CCZone

    Every time I want to share a picture with a CCZone Member, I have to upload it first. Just curious how do you post a picture like a screenshot of Tile World without uploading it first? Also, just wondering what method you guys use to capture the Tile World screen to post solutions, cooks, tutorials, etc.
  9. Managing pictures on CCZone

    It's Lust from FMA.
  10. Not exactly on topic but, I know that there is a way to changing the digit colors in the original MSCC. I've seen Josh's LP of BHLS1 and Rock Alpha and the digits were blue. Not top much of a concern I'm just wondering.
  11. Re: CC Zone board has been upgraded

    I know the awards system may be gone but I hope it comes back. I also wish that this version would include the green digital level bad on the post count. Gotta admit that green digital clock interface hooked me up with chips challenge along with its puzzles and old graphics. Anyway, I wish that levels post feature comes back and I also wish that the "top 10 cc levels l" just stayed in the profile page. Honestly, I don't think anyone really cares and it makes the posts really long. Nevertheless, the New CCZone looks great and has a bit of an easier navigation. Just hope that awards come back.
  12. Managing pictures on CCZone

    The avatar change feature seems to work now, sweet.
  13. ZK2

    I recently saw your ep. 17 of ZK-Adventure and I just wanted to point out that I originally thought that "Three Blobs in A Room" had a tight time limit but I guess you're right it doesn't really have one. I just believed that it needed a bigger time limit due to randomness and patience but it is a small level and 250 is fine. 200th post . Wish there was a CC2 exit emotion.
  14. JCCLP2

    Are you putting more level in JoshL7 cause I've seen that there is a possible JoshL7 coming up. If so, I am looking forward to playing it.
  15. ZK3: Damnation

    I meant to say that some of the levels were frustrating. But in the future I'll probably add suggestions to make the level better, the merging is entirely up to Zane though. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy playing his levels.
  16. Let's Play Software

    I am just wondering for all the chipsters who do lets plays what kind of software do you use to record your Tile World gameplay? Just in case I wanted to send a video solution or record myself playing Chips Challenge in general?
  17. Let's Play Software

    It's just an idea that I had but I guess you're right. LP's aren't entertaining w/o commentary.
  18. Let's Play Software

    I'll see if there is a way I can shrink the recorded files. Cause a 15 min video can easily turn to almost a gig which is not good. I'm considering recording my gameplays of CCLP1, CC1, and CCLP2. Possibly get the Rockdet Award.
  19. ZK3: Damnation

    31. This is a fun and somewhat tricky map the path puzzle. Just have to be conservative of clearing dirt tiles. 32. Aside from the scary FF's surrounded by the fire, this has many great puzzles rolled into one. 33. At first judging by the title I thought this was going to be a time crunch level. It's actually a really fun one, I also head that you can bust this level in 6 seconds but I prefer to complete it the intentional way unless I'm going for optimization. 34. This level is kinda hilarious. 35. I don't exactly understand what the symbolism represents but nevertheless a fun level. 36. Creative use for the tooth monster at the start, reminds me of Field from your ZK4 set and A Wild Tooth Appears from ZK2. The ending was really chaotic though. 37. Great mind bending puzzle and a very well constructed one. I was stumped for quite some time on this level but I was able to figure it out. It always feels good to crack a tough puzzle. 38. Difficult level in my opinion. I was totally stumped on the trap section and the "marsh" puzzle at the end. "The Marsh" puzzles are one of my least favorite CC concepts especially when they're at the end. 39. I find this level extremely confusing despite its extreme creative aesthetic in the map. Don't get me wrong this is a great looking level and kind of fun once you know how to do it. I believe that "messy" levels are confusing but create nice chip maze levels like Josh's "Divide by Zero". 40. This is an extremely difficult level and very unforgiving. The room that I really hated were the 3 bees circling the red key, honestly that room is just really bad. Fortunately, I had a lot of practice with the "trail master" concept with the tooth puzzle at the end. So, if it were to be nerfed, I would at least get rid of one bee in the red key room cause that room is almost impossible without extreme luck in my opinion. Extremely difficult level as the last one. All in all this set had great puzzles and a couple of hard ones that are kind of designed for CC veterans (I consider myself to be one). I'd give this set 3.8/5 stars cause I am not going to lie this set was pretty difficult. This set still has some very nice levels like Split Path (6), Corn Maze, and Vault 21 (21). The level Four Years (40) is the most difficult level in my opinion. Also, this set had a somewhat decent difficulty curve. There were some pretty difficult levels in the very beginning and the set got uber difficult near the very end, specifically 39 and 40. Nevertheless, I had fun playing the set and like I said before cracking tough puzzles are always a good feeling Difficulty:4/5 My personal rating: 3.8/5
  20. ZK3: Damnation

    21. Awesome level I have to say. 22. Also an awesome sequential puzzle. 23. This level has some neat patterns, but to me the level is slightly confusing, 24, This level has the "Garbage Chute" kind of concept. 25. I sort of like and dislike joyride kind of levels and I find this one kind of difficult. Fortunately, backwards boosting in MS makes it kinds easier and the fact there only 3 slides. Still difficult in my opinion though, 26. I kind of like this level, not the best one but still all right. 27. This level has a nice trap puzzle but the level can be kind of nerve wracking. Not to mention the repeated use of FF's that have to be used precisely. 28. Slightly confusing but sill a nice concept. 29. I have to admit that I got completely stumped for the first glider, but it was just another dumb oversight. This is a great level and i really like this kind of blow up monsters concept. 30. Really confusing level.
  21. ZK3: Damnation

    11. Tricky time rush level but fun to figure out. 12. Great level and how it looks in the map is awesome. 13. A little tedious but I don't mind it for this level. Also, looks nice in the map. 14. Well constructed sequential puzzle, only problem are the walkers on the top of the level. 15. I like the "deadline extension" concept meaning unlocking a cloner to make it longer. 16. Somewhat confusing level and yes another scary FF slide surrounded by water. 17. Really fun cell kind of level and a nice pattern of the chip always in the middle of each cell. 18. Okay level. 19. Awesome puzzle I like this one along with the aesthetics. Never been in a real life corn maze but this level is an enhanced maze. 20. I remember seeing this level in one of the CCLP4 voting packs, also a great level.
  22. ZK3: Damnation

    I'll post my review since I've completed 39 of the 40 levels. 1. Nice diagonally symmetrical puzzle with a nice puzzle. 2. Neat looking simple maze 3. Not too bad of a level just gotta be careful with which blocks you push. 4. Tricky level for the start of the set but it is good exercise for toggle door parities. 5. Pretty neat looking and nice item swapper. 6. Awesome puzzle. Was this supposed to be a series of levels since there was a split path in CCLP4. Maybe this is part 1. 7. I feel that we need more levels of the "Last Laugh" kind of concept. Also a simple level. 8. Okay level, I guess. 9. Same as level 8, the typical level that follows a sequence of puzzles, which I really like. 10. Kind of nerve wracking with the force floor slides on water. I am not going to lie, FF slides surrounded by water are pretty scary.
  23. Hilarious Passwords

    Chance Time from Pit of 100 Tiles AUHH Also, Chip Suey from CCLP1 AUUU Both passwords are AUHHsome. and hilarious.
  24. Hilarious Passwords

    IHNN Ultimate's "Limited Time Offer, Only 12 Left In Stock" USEL (You sell)
  25. Hilarious Passwords

    Sorry, I didn't see that. It's your claim,