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  1. I myself am not too much of a designer, however I tried to make a WoCCLP1 set but lost motivation and interest due to lack of ideas. Still on my PC though. I'd be happy to playtest and or go through the iterative releases if that approach is taken.
  2. If it'll be a CC1 set that'd be great if not that's okay.
  3. I have a lot of stress in my life too with college along with me losing interest in Chips Challenge. I don't think I'll leave the server for good but maybe just not visit anymore.
  4. Just completed the set and this was a fun and challenging experience. Lots of great puzzles and overall fun game play feeling. More opinions on the next 5 new levels. 20. Etiquette and Espionage - Very cool thief aesthetics with a great mix of puzzles involving them. 24. (now 53) Sand Through the Hourglass- Man, this level gave me trouble namely the 2nd half section with the red keys! Had to ghost the section through the editor since I was sick and tired screwing up that section. As of now I still don't know how to reach that hint, but overall really really well crafted puzzle. Haven't played the new version yet but hopefully not as rigid as the first version. 51. Ski Resort Town- This level is really cool, no pun intended. 68. Crystallic Fusion Dormancy- Very legit use of the "Suspended Animation" concept. Medium to hard level to me. 77. (now 78) Snowball Park. At first I thought this level was going to be an easy chip under block level but that twist made the level. I have to say that is pretty creative to make that kind of "pathmaking" puzzle. Although the hint is still the same, it would've been more helpful to tell the player how many chips to have left before the skates get stolen. However, I really appreciate that this level is now untimed. It is possible to do the level within 600 second initially but that would've been very rigid.
  5. Okay, 30 levels in and I gotta admit this set is pretty challenging in a good way. Here's some thoughts on the first 6 new levels . 4. Secret Jungle Laboratory- The force floor stairs are fun along with that ball cloning mechanism. More fun than Traveler. 7. All Creatures Great and Small- Had that "Schemozzle" feeling at the start along with a decent toggle stopping puzzle. 8. Predetermination Time! - Nice joke level. "Chance Time" without chance which forces the player to play all the sections. 12. Aeronautical Engineering- The beginning mechanism is unique but I find it to be a bit annoying. Rest of the level was okay. 13. Quantified Nerves- Somewhat of a reference to Condemned Faculty with great force floor puzzles. Little tricky though but manageable 19. Manaan- Straightforward chip collecting level but the walker on (21,16) and the walker at the end were pretty annoying.
  6. Feedback Time! This was a fantastic update JB. Most of it was relatively simple and pretty much the levels in the update were fun to play. 121. Tetromino Troves- Great key maze type of level. I really like Tetris. 122. Crumbled Cavern- Initially this level had a strange feeling. For instance the paramecium on (9,14) along with a bunch of other things too. Nevertheless, the level presented elements of the "when in doubt, go without" concept. Considerably easy level to me. 123. Scrap Heap Scraper- Very legit mini puzzle. I was puzzled quite a bit namely how on earth I was supposed to place a block onto the trap button. Once I figured it out, everything fell into place. 124. Turn of the Century- Very fun level to play with nice callbacks to CCLP2. Nice arbitrary cluster on monsters below the blue walls on the lower right. 125. Research and Destroy- The level presented a bunch of legit puzzles that required a bunch of button presses. It was good but it was pretty much just button pressing and that was pretty much it along with planning ahead. 126. Somewhere Along the Line- Pretty cool level, especially that beginning puzzle. 127. Last Bounce of Courage- Decent level based on the pink ball. The beginning "Mr. McCallahan Presents" dodging and the trap button sections were something. 128. Red, Black and Blue- Legit glider directional puzzle. Also liked that "raining tank" mechanism at the start in reference to the cloning tank section in "Iron Sky" with the bombs. 129. Bramble Scramble- Easy chip collecting level with nice blue an green aesthetics. 130. The Most Interesting Block in the World- Interesting block is interesting and fun. Pretty neat puzzles with some references of Josh's button mechanisms The block slides and pushing the block from the FF's with suction boots could be a little nerve wracking. Very interesting level nonetheless. This is a great update JB. Now onto the grand update of the set, can't wait to see what you have brewing for the final draft. Getting there! Most Favorite- The Most Interesting Block in the World (130) Least Favorite- Research and Destroy (125)
  7. Yet another quick release update, oh yes! Great batch of new levels! 111. Bumble Beginnings- Fun bee directory level. 112. Urban Ecology- Nice level that felt a little bit like "Civilization of Creatures". Also nice arbitrary blocks on top of gravel on the edges. 113. Floating Temples- Very legit twist on the "waterflies" concept. Somewhat simple chip collecting level. 114. Room of Requirement- Fantastic use and quite creative puzzle for the walls of "Teleport Trouble". The pink ball on the trap and the block on (21,14) stumped me the most. 115. Light the Fuse- Good item swapper rush type of level but to me it suffers from extensive backtracking. But, hey it adds on to the challenge. 116. Bento Box- Probably my most favorite level in this update. Really like that square design and that room on the very top left was cool. The fiery sokoban and the room with the thief under the block were the most challenging. This was mentioned on Discord that you weren't really planning on a medley level, which is still fine. But, in case you were the square design would've been ideal for a medley type level. 117. Flooded Neighbor's House- Very well put together block and water type of puzzle. Some parts kept screwing me up but for the most part it was puzzly. 118. Iron Sky- I appreciate the random tank dodging at the start. Just like how I've beaten Josh's "Club Penguin", tackle the random tank cloning section first. Also, the bomb section had a nice time crunch to it. I don't know how hard it plays in Lynx due to bomb delay and tanks not getting stuck but I guess I would be pretty much the same. 119. Reverse Valley- This was really fun to figure out. The first section is what I focused on the most, cause you have to be really careful on which trap buttons correspond to which tank. Personally, I liked the 2nd half a lot more since it was a little more forgiving. Like I said before about "Map the Path" puzzles, or in this case "In the Pink" they're easy to mess up on especially when they are in spacious settings. But all in all, very entertaining level. 120. Detonation Delineation- Extremely legit navigation puzzle, I would certainly vote for this in an official set one day. Again, very awesome update and looking forward to see what you've got for the remainder of the set. Most Favorite- Bento Box (116) and Detonation Delineation (120) Least Favorite- Light the Fuse (115)
  8. Wow, I wasn't expecting a surprise update that fast but woo hoo! As always, fun puzzly levels. 101. Square One - Pretty simple level and felt somewhat like Josh's "Keep Out of Reach of Children". I got to admit I was stumped by the ending puzzle but it was easier than it looked. 102. Igloo Intersection - Somewhat easy level, pretty easy to get lost though. 103. Diagon Alley - This was my least favorite level in the update. It has the "Map the Path" puzzle but I feel that the concept is more suitable for a smaller scale. Or, for a simple wall layout like the original. However the minor update recently kind of made the level easier by adding leniency. 104. Crosswalk Crossing - Simple chip collecting level with nice green aesthetics. 105. Color Wheel 2 : The Actual Wheel Part - Fantastic aesthetics. Equally good as Josh's "Technicolor Theatre". Both LOT better than the original Color Wheel. 106. Hazy Cosmic Jive - Kind of like a ice version of Josh's "Forced Circuit". Just gotta keep track of your bearings so you don't trap yourself. Medium level. 107. Dead Man's Switch - That beginning puzzle is so legit. Gotta say I was stumped on it for quite a while but satisfying to figure out and solve. Rest of the level wasn't too bad. 108. Same Mold Story - Not too fun but not too boring chip collecting level under blocks. It think it would be a little better if a little more gravel were added so some blobs wouldn't interfere with blobs in other rooms like the blob on (14,25) and (18,25). 109. Jet Black Incursion - Very fun collection of glider based puzzles . The bottom wasn't too annoying initially but I guess that it did take a little longer. 110. Chicanery - Super legit level especially that block and thief fireball section. I would vote this for CCLP5 someday. As said before, very nice surprise update. Most Favorite: Dead Man's Switch (107) and Color Wheel 2: The Actual Wheel Part (105) Least Favorite: Diagon Alley (103)
  9. Opinions of levels 91-100. This decade had a lot of legit puzzles and some unique concepts. 91. Cool variation of Josh's "Encrypted Malware". 92. Relatively simple key collecting level with paramecia. 93. Pretty simple chip collecting level mixed with a blue wall maze. 94. I felt that this is presents the ideal size for the "pushing blocks through a recessed wall maze". 95. This level had that "Frantic Frenzy" concept by Josh. Compared to his level I liked this one a little better. It has much more variety to it and both walkers and teeth were a little less annoying. However I kind of wish the nerve wracking parts like the walker on (21,21) and chip on (24,3) were a little earlier. Other than that it was a good level. 96. Plethora of great puzzles rolled into one. 97. Pretty unique concept that I've never seen before. This level is kind of an advanced pearl diving. Screwed up several times at first but that made me find a good strategy along the way, so trial and error is important. 98. This was a major satisfaction to solve. Personally, I am not a fan of "Map the Path" concepts but this one was a level that had me thinking quite a LOT. Characteristics of an amazing puzzle that is hard but brings satisfaction when you solve it. 99. Aesthetically nice straight line level mixed with an invisible wall maze. Somewhat of a breather level after a couple of decently difficult ones. 100. Very, very well put together puzzle. The NE section of the level was the hardest and the most legit in my opinion. This is much better than the original Green Clear. That's all the levels completed so far. Hope to see more soon!
  10. This is an amazing update to the set JB. Keep it up with the brain teasing puzzles and fun levels. Thoughts on levels 81-90 81. Mostly simple chip collecting level, time is a little small and kind of easy to miss chips. Level isn't too big so both time and chips shouldn't be too much of a concern. 82. Kind of simple item swapper. Had that "Pop up Locks" feeling. Better than the original Juxtaposition 83. Equally good as Josh's "Cosmic Gold Hill" but this one is actually one colored gold. Both good levels. 84. LOTS of legit puzzles in this level. The block and thief was the one that stumped me the most. Amazing level. 85. Nice mod of Mini Pyramid with a challenging twist. Like the ice aesthetic too. 86. Nicely designed blob level. 87. Pretty cool level. Originally, I wasn't expecting the blocks in the teeth room to be movable. I was thinking those were blocks on traps. 88. Somewhat easy level. Nice block on water puzzle. 89. Great blue wall exploration type of level. Also appreciate the leniency of which the player decides to tackle first. That aforementioned sokoban in the NW room mentioned in Discord was much easier than I thought. 90. I really really appreciate the fact that this level has extra chips. I was sort of frustrated in the beginning since I thought all chips were required. This was a somewhat difficult level to me despite a simple chip collecting objective.
  11. Happy New Year! Welcome 2019! May the Chips Challenge community be the best!
  12. Feedback on the final four new levels. Distortion World (140) - Very fun and not too crazy level as a type of force floor level. In face there was a nice variety to it with the sokoban puzzle all of which were legit. As said before it does add a neat twist to a mostly force floor themed level. Adventure's End (143) - That CCLP3 aesthetic is pretty neat, want to say that's the logo of CCLP3 when it came out a long time ago. Also, that tooth force floor ice section section is pretty creative. Something to Remind You (145) - Awesome medley level and thankfully the Nimbus Arena section is at the start since that was a little annoying. Like the arbitrary hint tiles on the borders and got pretty much all the references throughout the level. Better than "Jumble III" (the precise FF section and ending blobs just annoy me). After These Messages (146) - Oh man this level was difficult. It took dozens of tries to execute correctly to maneuver the tooth to fiddle around the bug to blow up the bomb. Thankfully the level is small just thinking about this concept on a bigger scale just hurts thinking about it. This level sort of reminded me of "Frog Baseball" from Chip56. Compared to "Rotation" I like the original a little more than this, to me I felt that that level had lots of puzzle sections in which making a "Walls of" level would be suitable for puzzles. Don't get me wrong, this is still a nice level with a tough monster manipulation puzzle. That's all the levels! Again, very awesome and very well crafted set Josh, I really enjoyed it. Also, really enjoyed playing through the iterative releases. In my opinion iterative releases are a nice way to commit to a project and get suggestions in order to create a masterpiece set. It also gives time to think of new ideas for each and every subsequent update. At that time, I was really looking forward to playing the new levels and had a fun time. I hope this won't be your last CC1 set even though you might be migrating to CC2 soon but not completely eliminating CC1 design. I am not too sure if I will play too much of Flareon1 but I will most definitely give it a shot, me being more of a CC1 chipster. But anyway, if by any chance you'll be doing another CC1 set in the future and/or you'll be doing iterative releases of the set I will gladly help playing the iterative releases like how this set was constructed. But for now, WoCCLP3 complete!
  13. More thoughts on the new levels. All the Water (110) - Initially, I thought that this was gonna be a "Build-A-Bridge Workshop" level judging by the thieves. Turned out to be a rather easy level. Overstocked Distribution Center (112) - I would imagine it would take lots of time to create a decently difficult block themed level, this one was a major satisfaction to solve. Knowing you Josh, you are pretty adept creating levels that make the player think quite a bit. Slimefield (117) - Very fun blob themed level. Especially the red and green aesthetic. Hypothermia (123) - Nice aesthetics and rather simple chip collecting level. International Tank Anthology (126) - Terrific tank reference level. Great variety and great puzzles. Favorites were "The 4th Dimension", "Next in Line", "Reverse Alley", and "A Pressing Concern" mechanisms. I might be missing a couple of other references but I knew a majority of them.
  14. Here's more thoughts on the new levels. Creative Two-Ways (86) - Quite a unique level I have to say. Nice level that seems to work differently based on which ruleset you're currently playing on. Haven't played the Lynx version of this level but I will eventually. Blown Head Gasket (90) - I initially had an easy experience with the 1st half of the level, but the precise FF at the 2nd half kind of dampened my liking for the level. If the precise FF timing were a little earlier it would've been a little easier, otherwise it's nerve wracking . Thankfully, you only had to do it a few times and the level is still manageable. Subterranean Warehouse (92) - Somewhat lenient block checkerboard level. I also liked the variety as well which makes the level more interesting. Fake Wall Biome (97) - Very well thought and well crafted "map the path" manipulation puzzle level. Said this before with "Downtown Destruction" I appreciated the extra leeway just in case you screw up somewhere. Gotta admit "map the path" concepts are a little challenging. Better than Vulcan though. Outlaw (98) - Appreciate the extra chips, not 100% sure if ALL chips are obtainable but I am assuming yes. Could be a fun little extra challenge though. I'd say somewhat easy level. Guess Chip drained Venice which is why he's an outlaw.
  15. I am very glad to be a big help during the iterative release of this set, I enjoyed it. Anyway here's more feedback of the new levels. Downtown Destruction (63) - Many, MANY awesome puzzles in this level. The extra chip thing is appreciated although it would be even more accomplishing if you did ALL the puzzles, or maybe that would be a little harder. Anyway, still a great level and the extra chip count kind of makes it easier if by any chance you screw up on one of the puzzles. To me the top right room was the most challenging. Take a Bite of My Heart (64) - Fantastic teeth level and the reference is self evident. That subversion at the end stumped me but that was a nice one. Now I don't know what the purpose of the six sockets behind the red lock near the exit. Awesome level. Strawberry Chip Sherbet (69)- Pretty lenient and attractive red key/lock chip collecting level. Tainted Tank Factory (70)- Terrific tank level. Red button section and ending sokoban was legit. I am not 100% sure about the use of the recessed wall at the end but I am assuming the cause of ruleset shenanigans eliminate the use of the recessed wall at (10,11). Misty Bog (71)- Nice blue and green look and simple chip collecting level. LOT less tedious than Investment (still a nice level though) more coming soon .. Even though CC2 is still a nice sequel, CC1 is more of my thing. A potential new CC1 set with something different, ooh. Wonder what that'll be but we'll see.
  16. Just finished all 149 levels of WoCCLP3! Man, this was a really fun set to play filled with fun puzzles and concepts. It's been a pleasure playing through the iterative releases of this set and I glad to be a little bit of a help to make this set the best it could be. All the new 24 levels of the set were fun to play as well and altogether make a great set. Now, you've said that you would be moving on to CC2 due to the potential of CC2LP1 (looking forward to that set too) but hopefully you will stick to CC1 designing at the same time. As said before who knows what will happen in the future of Chips Challenge. All in all, very fun level set and hope to see more from you in the future. Some feedback of the first 5 new levels. "Until My Moment Comes" (5) - Pretty simple level, like the blue key background too. "Capim Town" (22) - Love the arbitrary force floor boots mixed with the fun puzzles. "Condemned Faculty" (48) - Legit level with that "hurry get out before you get trapped" concept. "Knossos" (51) - Fun chip collecting puzzle type level. "Encrypted Malware" (53) - Man, what a creative chip collecting level that's pretty fun and lenient. I like this level a more than "Well Be Right Back".
  17. Here's my next set of thoughts on this update (71-80) 71. Considerably easy chip collecting level. At first I thought that this would just be an ordinary chip collecting maze but turned out to be something else which made it even more fun. More fun rather than just being a chip collecting maze, nice one. 72. Fantastic well crafted puzzle level. Several tricky puzzles in this one, like the ice skate thief section and the ball and fireball trap section. Really fun puzzle. 73. This level has some sort of "order of operations" kind of feeling. I'd say medium since there could be several ways to beat the level. I like it. 74. Easy block pushing level. 75. Very good blue themed level. That beginning with the teleports is legit as well as the block and blue key puzzle. I'd vote this for CCLP5 if that becomes a thing which hopefully will. 76. Pretty easy level with somewhat of a "chase race" feeling. In the beginning I thought that this was going to be a "time bomb" level hence "mysterious ticking noise" mixed with a time rush. It had a good rhythm and good game play as well. 77. Quite a unique concept for a glider and monster manipulation puzzle. 78. This level wasn't too difficult, thankfully the tricky sideswiping tooth part is at the start (hey that rhymed). On one of the attempts at the very end the chip at (19,7) screwed me over but it had a nice twist to the puzzle overall. Well put together level though. 79. I find this level just as good as Josh's "Greyland" but I gotta say that the recessed block dirt puzzle was more suited for this (walls of "Repair the Maze") It also felt a little more lenient too since there wasn't too much backtracking meaning that you didn't really need to keep track of which recessed walls you stepped on. Nevertheless, both levels stated are equally awesome. 80. Had really nice puzzles and that "trail master" mentioned on Discord wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The "map the path" for the fireball wasn't too hard either. It wasn't easier than it looked but it's more interesting to actually do the level rather than just breezing throughout the level like the original "Easier than it Looks". Great ending level for this update. All in all, this update had a nice mix of well crafted puzzles and aesthetics. Hope to see more WoCCLP1 in the future.
  18. I am quite elated to see an update to this awesome set. Wow, it's been a long time. Anyway, this batch of levels were really fun to play and they featured lots of well crafted puzzles. Just completed level 80 and these levels were satisfying to solve. Here's my thoughts on levels 61-70 61. Nice "mini challenges" type of level. 62. This is a fun level. I also think that the title's kind of funny. I also thought that this was gonna be a rush challenge at first since the hint kind of said "don't stay in the airlock too long." Turned out to be a nice and not too fast paced of a level. 63. I like this take to make a much more manageable "Force Field" level. Actually, this also felt a little bit of Jeffrey's "Fast Travel Temple". Entertaining level. 64. Yet another awesome "mini challenges" type of level that features trap buttons. 65. I find this level to have a medium difficulty. 66. Nice outside exit and fire aesthetic which featured decent dodging sections. 67. Really nice design and the invisible walls make the level even more interesting. That water and block puzzle on the top right was legit. 68. Considerably easy ice maze with chips and blue keys. I would increase the time limit tough since it can be a little strict. 69. Appealing aesthetic level from looking at it on the map. Featured legit puzzles too. The top glider section was somewhat difficult since its pretty easy to screw it up if you're not careful of which dirt tiles you clear. Apart from that, I really enjoyed the other puzzles and its a nice level. 70. Really nice Christmas themed level, even though its Halloween right now. I find this level much more entertaining than "Quincunx".
  19. Happy 22nd birthday Martin! 300th Post.
  20. Finally, FINALLY completed and figured out Tiles N Stuff (thank you Josh and Indy). The last 5 levels of this update were lots of fun to crack and had my brain constantly thinking. Thoughts on (121-125) 121. Super legit level with a bunch of legit puzzles. I'll admit I was kind of stumped on how to get to the exit but I was able to figure it out in a reasonable amount of time. Nice, "Team Aqua Hideout" puzzle too, better than "Freezer". 122. I find this to be a breather level to the last 2 puzzle levels. Nice design too. 123. Very well crafted puzzle and super satisfying to figure and to solve. I also appreciate the lack of guesswork at the end of the joyride, at first I thought it was. Also has a fun maze at the end. 124. Well put together puzzle with a medium to moderately difficult. Fantastic puzzles too and nice to bust it too at first. 125. This level, THIS LEVEL was a major satisfaction to solve. Wow, I don't think I'll be able to get over being such an idiot at that bee and paramecia puzzle . I swear I was stuck on that section for quite some time but the solution was staring at my face the entire time. Thanks to you Josh and Indy for helping me with that, I really appreciate it. Overall, I really liked this level and it has that "Divide By Zero"/"Hacked Save File" aesthetic. Well done Josh for creating such a brain teaser. This was such an amazing update Josh and keep the great levels coming. Looking forward to see the remaining 24 levels which will hopefully be amazing with brilliant puzzles. Hopefully they wont be too hard like "Can't Teach Old Frog New Tricks" or "Suspended Animation" but we'll see. As a suggestion, for the next update create 15 levels and then think about how to design the 140's decade. I don't know but that's just my suggestion so you'll have time to contemplate the difficulty for the final sections of WoCCLP3. WoCCLP3 complete (for now). Hope to see more amazing levels and more videos of ZK-Adventure and WoCCLP4.
  21. I mostly play CC1, CC2 I've only played once in its entirety. Said this before I find CC2 to be a magnificent sequel to a game that was released onto the Microsoft WEP. Don't get me wrong just cause I play more of CC1 doesn't mean I don't like CC2, I am just more accustomed to CC1. I've been interested into playing some CC2 sets for an addition to the puzzle experience. Despite CC2 being a long awaited sequel, I feel that CC1 still since the CC1 design still overpowers the CC2 creations. As always, if comes an idea for an official or custom pack of either CC1 or CC2, I will be looking forward to it.
  22. Just made it to level 121, really enjoying these new levels so far. Anyway here's my thoughts of levels 111-120. 111. Fun blob themed level. That clone button blob chase section is legit. Great candidate for the level 133 slot. 112. Awesome sokoban puzzles in this level. I really enjoyed this one. 113. This is an okay level. The "invisible sokoban" concept wasn't too bad on this one. Just have to plan ahead cause this concept is pretty easy to screw up on execution wise. 114. Out of all the "Tank Game" level series, this one is my most favorite. Especially that "tanks on traps" section, that really stood out from the level. All the other puzzles are amazing to play as well. 115. Extremely well crafted puzzle, had lots of fun cracking this one. 116. Really fun level to play. Based on the hint, I don't care for the "memes" of Sandstorm by Da Rude. That song is out of this world. Nonetheless entertaining level and better than "Mistakes". 117. I find this level to be much more fun than the original "Grand Prix". Felt like chip and the teeth were on some sort of co-op team to reach the finish line. 118. Like Oxide Station, another easy version of Force Field. 119. Yet another video game glitch based level. I kept screwing up stupidly by walking onto the traps. Somewhat easy chip collecting level. 120. Fantastic key puzzle, better than "Water Trap".
  23. Oh yes! Another update. Quite fun levels so far. Here's my thoughts on levels 101-110 101. Somewhat easy chip collecting level. Nice "Metastable to Chaos" section. 102. Despite title it wasn't maddening at all. No, I don't judge levels by their title at all. Anyway, better than "Divide and Conquer". Thankfully time limit not too strict. 103. It's the blue and yellow version of "Flame Boy Color". Somewhat easy level, quite lenient. 104. Thought it was a strict time limit blue wall maze but not too much. Still a fun level. 105. This level is medium to somewhat hard, just gotta keep track of how you enter the teleports without collecting too many chips. 106. Simple maze with a nice design. Gotta keep track on the time though. 107. Legit toggle button and door based level. Not gonna lie, I got the pink ball trap button section on the first press. Neat blob and fireball navigation too. 108. Easy chip collecting level. Like 106, gotta keep track on the time. 109. Neat blue themed level with a fantastic twist at the end. 110. Very well crafted level. I was stumped on some sections namely the force floor puzzle. Keep those force floor puzzles coming.
  24. Here's thoughts on (11-20) 11. Festive Christmas level. 12. Level reminds me of "Chip Away" from 100 tiles. Has a neat twist too. 13. Cool level to play, the RFF's in the glider room look like they act as if they're walls but they're not. Nice twist. 14. Great level. It had that creation of a "sardine" can puzzle. The drowning of the blob would be more fun in Lynx since you can see and hear the blob drown. 15. Cool level with a reference to a T2 song. 16. I have to say I was stumped at that "security" puzzle for a little bit. It actually turned out to be a whole lot easier. Still a great level. 17. Easy trap button puzzle and intuitive conundrum for the exit. 18. Medium level. It has that unique blockslide with FF's and teleports/ Plus the walker room could a little tricky with block in it. 19. This level has two fun puzzles, but the bottom toggle puzzle down below needs fixing. I'm not sure how you do it in Lynx but in MS I used flicks to manage the blocks. 20. Boy, that block force floor to the flippers puzzle was legit. Plus it had a unique form of a sardine can puzzle. Nice ending level for a good first draft. Indy, these levels are good so far and keep up the good work. Hope to play more in the future.
  25. Happy, to see another WoCCLP1 set in progress along with J.B's set currently in production. So far a great start to what will hopefully be a full 149 set in the future. Anyway here's my thoughts on the first 10. 1. Simple level with nice outside monster aesthetics. 2. Nice outside aesthetic and an easy level. 3. Nice Halloween level just have to keep track so you don't get stuck. 4. Quite a transformation to a level. Ordinary chip collecting level, however I would increase the time limit. Seems a little too tight. 5. Fun level. Would be more fun if all 4 tiny puzzles were accessible. 6. Great level, reminds me of "Burning Battlefield" by Josh. 7. Somewhat easy chip collecting and dodging level. 8. Interesting puzzles rolled into one dirt themed level. 9. Like how this looks in the map and nice tank mechanism. 10. Nice and simple "combinations" level.
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