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  1. Hell yeah! Even though I have my own cc-like game engine I'm working on I'm definitely down for helping out with this too.
  2. Just posting this here since updating downloads doesn't take them o the top of the list or anything I just updated my CC2 tileset to 2.0 The big new thing is everything should be easily distinguishable for all kinds of colorblindness Here's the stuff that changed Made floor mimics not look like troll faces lol Helmet is a shield now Made red custom floors and walls a bit easier to tell apart Now much more colorblind friendly, if I missed anything let me know! lots of stuff changed, keys have shapes, and buttons are all different for example Lots of minor changes Also included a bonus character mod
  3. That speed is heavily skewed since 500 was reached in 1 year and 3 months about LOOI
  4. I made a WIP set before called FLX0 but never got around to adding more than 6 levels, I've taken 4 of those (with some minor modifications) and made new levels for FLX1 I plan on adding more to this set starting with just 8 levels though. Feedback is appreciated and once I'm done with this I'll use this set as my CC2LP1 submission
  5. FelixNemis


    Version 1.0.0


    This set will contain my submissions for CC2LP1 when it's done Includes 4 levels from my old WIP set FLX0 (with some changes) and 4 new ones so far
  6. The second number in the 34th pair of twin primes
  7. (2 + 3*(2*3 + 2+3)*(2+3)) * (2+3)
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