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  1. Ah, the joys of February. Some people look forward to skiing. Some perhaps wait for Valentine's Day. But what do Chipsters do? We wait for a Walls of Competition! Your task is to pick a level from CCLP4 and use its arrangement of walls to create a new level. You can pick any level from the range #1-#149, then delete anything you want except for any walls, and finally rebuild it into a new level. If you wish, you can also pick another prominent tile in the level and replace it with some other tile exactly. You might know the drill by now, on this our fifth year visiting this theme, but this time I thought we could be a bit more lenient on the rules. If you have already made a level that fits the criteria you may submit it here. I see three reasons to allow them this time around: 1) CCLP4 just came out under a year ago. (Not sure how that helps, but it is a factor that has not been true previously.) 2) I haven't yet seen any of these levels even if they have been released. (Assuming I will judge the competition this factors in.) 3) I was asked if this could be done this time. (I love to accommodate you all.) Other than that, my main instruction is to keep your submissions fun. You may also write a short explanation on if and how a particular wall arrangement inspired your new level with those walls. (I don't think it will be extra credit directly, but it will give me more insight and perhaps appreciation for what you make, and I may take that into consideration in the rankings.) The deadline is March 4th where you live. Please send your submissions to valeosote at hotmail dot com. Ask away with any other questions! -Miika Technical notes:
  2. February 2018 Time Trial

    Most times scoring the best time on a level is about understanding the how the Exit is reached most efficiently. Other times it can be about the execution of a planned route or reacting to elements in the game that aren't always the same. This competition is about one of those latter times. Now, not everyone enjoys random elements in a speed running environment, so don't take this one too seriously. I know some of us can obsess about scoring the perfect run, but for your own sake, just play these levels only for as long as you enjoy them. The first level has some random force floors. The second level has some blobs. Thanks to Jeffrey for making these for us. You can find them as levels #107 and #108 in the updated CCZoneTT.dat: A few quick things before I let you go: Deadline for the competition is March 4th where you live. Please send your submissions (tws or avi) to me at valeosote at hotmail dot com. The competition is in MS mode, but you can send in Lynx solutions as well. Enjoy! -Miika Technicalities:
  3. Now that James is surely working intensely on the results for this competition I can reveal how (or at least my suggestion on how) the Chip Cup points for this competition will work. First place collaborators - 13 Chip Cup points each. Second place collaborators - 9 Chip Cup points each. Third place collaborators - 7 Chip Cup points each. Fourth place collaborators - 5 Chip Cup points each. Fifth place collaborators - 3 Chip Cup points each. Sixth and lower place collaborators - 1 Chip Cup point each. For some not-entirely-necessary reasoning behind this list, read These points will count for the Chip Cup 2017. And the Chip Cup 2018. Yes, this competition both ends the Chip Cup for last year and starts the one for this year. As this was a longer competition than we usually do, participants also in a sense get double the points than normal! With that secret out of the way, it's time to start a couple new competitions...
  4. Count to 1,000

  5. How did I upload the wrong avi?? Glad it evens out, but still, I didn't mean to post this one. How do I now convince you that your extra effort wasn't useless? I enjoyed seeing it!
  6. October 2017 Survival Competition

    Results! I'll let the video speak for itself:
  7. Results Time! We had three entrants this month, including my own creation. The winner was a clear one, where the level in question was made up of four separate rooms each with its own clever puzzle. Congratulations to BlazingApollo! Second place goes to Ihavenoname for going with five rooms but with contents that weren't as exciting. I claim third place by default with a level that tried to bring together some of my favorite areas of various levels that fail to come together and make something all that special. Maybe the CC Zone awards are gone (at least for a bit) so instead I'll make a special award for just this competition. I don't mean for the duration or special occasion of this competition, no, I mean that the competition itself is getting the award. What's the award? It's called 'The Award for the Laziest Names of the Levels Submitted in a Competition'! (Though I have to admit that after unimpressive first impression of the level names, they have grown on me and I admit now that at least they are somewhat memorable.) I'll close off with two apologies. First, sorry for not catching the typo in the announcement post. The levels available for use as inspirations were meant to go through 2012, not stop at 2011. Secondly, apologies for not now posting the submissions for you to try. The year is slowly coming to an end and I plan on releasing the yearly collection of submissions soon, so you'll be able to play the levels from that set instead of cluttering your level set libraries with a tiny set of just three levels. -Miika The names of the submissions were One Block Super Sokoban, History Lesson, and Creative Linking. Here's a preview of the maps:
  8. Videos of the submission! I probably spent more time editing these than everyone combined will watch them, but it was fun. My favorite part is the comparison between the Lynx solutions of the first level. What's yours? And of course you have to appreciate how James didn't miss a boost on the second level in MSCC.
  9. Miika's scores

    CCLP4 # 2 : 251 (b, Pixelated Fire) CCLP4 # 7 : 93 (b, In the Pool) CCLP4 # 15: 260 (b, Cross Back) CCLP4 # 19: 187 (b, Conservation of Keys) CCLP4 # 66: 264 (b, Anaconda) CCLP4 # 67: 317 (b, Nuclear Energy for Dummies) CCLP4 # 69: 398 (b-1, Ball in an Awkward Place) CCLP4 # 80: 292 (b, Monster Swapper) CCLP4 #106: 240 (b, Gridlock) CCLP4 #111: 174 (b, Water Bottle) CCLP4 #142: 43 (b, Stratagem) Finished CCLP4 in MS! Total score about 6,013,890.
  10. Results! 1. Bacorn_________ 13pts 276 + 446 = 722 1. James__________ 13pts 275 + 447 = 722 3. Ihavenoname248 10pts 270 + 442 = 712 4. M11k4__________ 8pts 266 + 429 = 695 LX 5. rubenspaans____ 7pts 262 + 413 = 675 LX Congrats to our joint winners! Bacorn also submitted a very nice solution of 467 on the bonus level. My own MS times were 276+434=710, but I chose ahead of time to only consider my Lynx times as I adjusted the design of the first level to fit my solution and end in a score that uses the full last second (i.e. a .0 or -.8); though my poor score on the second level would still have ranked me in the same spot. Thanks to all participants! I'm sadly pressed for time as I write this, so I'll upload the solutions in a few days. As a tease, I'll mention that we have three different solutions to the fourth room in Bargain Brinks that all take the same amount of time. I'll also try to start the next time trial soon, though ideally we would fix the problem of the downloads on the site first. -Miika
  11. Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L # 2: 249 L (b, Pixelated Fire) CCLP4 L # 7: 91 L (b, In the Pool) CCLP4 L #46: 250 L (Exclusive Or) CCLP4 L #66: 264 L (b, Anaconda) CCLP4 L #67: 310 L (bc, Nuclear Energy for Dummies) CCLP4 L #80: 287 L (b, Monster Swapper) CCLP4 L#104: 184 L (b, Dual) CCLP4 L#105: 407 L (b, Living Things) CCLP4 L#106: 233 L (b, Gridlock) CCLP4 L#111: 170 L (b, Water Bottle)
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