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  1. Silent Tile World 2

    I opened this topic expecting a download of a modified version of Tile World where sounds were permanently disabled.
  2. You guys are killing this! Remember to send me the files so I can compile them into one download for everyone
  3. Results time!!! ...almost :-) Sometimes I get requests to see the levels as quickly as possible, so that's what we're doing today. I arranged the levels in order of which levels they are based off and uploaded them in the downloads here. You can try to guess who made what until I'll type out some results, maybe next week. I played all the levels and enjoyed so many of them. (Don't look at the levels in an editor before trying them. There's twenty of them, though we only had about seven participants.) I was very happy to have submissions from new participants too! But wait, there's more! I was looking through CCLP3 and I still want to see more levels made into smaller versions. This past competition was about making a simpler version of a level, but let's start a Mini Create Competition that is similar but not quite: Your task is to make about a 9x9 (or a shape that is as small as appropriate for the level) version of a level in CCLP3. You can directly post screenshots of your creations here in the thread. (You can also send the levels directly to me on Discord, for example, so I don't have to recreate them from the pics.) As with most other mini competitions, this one is open for a week from posting this message. I'd like to see versions of at least these levels: Blue Moon Blue Blocks Jaywalker Damp Bustin' Out Lazy Hourglass MonsterMaze Dolly Mixtures Flame Thrower Patchwork Map the Path Mud and Water Fireball Tourism Which One Next? Pac Man Red, Green and Blue Wireframe Investment Who's Left? Construct-a-Maze Bug Arranging Everybody Get Dangerous Vulcan Vague Dream + Recurring Dream Open up your editors and let's make this happen! Be sure to also play the levels posted and give your opinions (for both competitions). Tell me what you think! -Miika
  4. CC Zone October 2018 Create Levels Packaged View File Here are the levels submitted to the October 2018 Create Competition - Simple as CCLP3. This first version does not contain designer information, so you can form your opinions on the levels before that and the results are revealed. Thanks to all participants! Thanks for playing too! Hope you enjoy! Submitter M11k4 Submitted 11/13/2018 Category Competitions  
  5. Version 1.1.0


    Here are the levels submitted to the October 2018 Create Competition - Simple as CCLP3. This first version does not contain designer information, so you can form your opinions on the levels before that and the results are revealed. We had about seven people make a total of about twenty levels. They are ordered in this set according to the order of their inspirations in CCLP3. Thanks to all participants! Thanks for playing too! Be sure to share your takes on the levels! Hope you enjoy!
  6. Call for CC2LP1* Level Pack Submissions

    This sounds good! Thanks Tyler for taking the lead on this
  7. Miika's scores

    CCLXP2 # 23: 256 L (+1, b, Traps I *) CCLXP2 # 24: 301 L (+22, b, Sudden Death *) CCLXP2 # 28: 268 L (+23, b, Madness I LX) CCLXP2 # 45: 132 L (+3, b, Breaking the Rules *) CCLXP2 # 72: 440 L (+240, b+9, Checkerboard I *) (this will do for now) CCLXP2 # 81: 309 L (+0, b-2, Just Enough *) (couldn't be bothered to get more just yet) CCLXP2 #105: 193 L (+66, b+4, Yet Another Puzzle LX) (thought you guys would've learned to block slap by now) CCLXP2 #124: 223 L (+51, b+1, Paramecia *) (thanks for leaving me something) CCLXP2 #133: 815 L(+90, b, Block Maze *) CCLXP2 #139: 367 L (+25, b, Frostbite LX)
  8. ChoicesLP2.ccl

    ChoicesLP2.ccl View File These levels are from CCLP2, but have been modified for Lynx. There are several versions of most of the levels, as we are looking for feedback and ideas of which of these changes work the best. You can compare the levels to the originals and share your thoughts. Once most the levels have been commented on, we may hold a vote on which versions (or ideas combined from several versions) of a level are the best. Later versions of this set will contain different levels. (We are now on volume two, and it is not known if a third volume is needed.) Thank you for your interest! Please do not redistribute this set. -the CCLP2 Lynx Team Submitter M11k4 Submitted 03/09/2013 Category Bug Demonstrations  
  9. Recently a lot of people have had their creative juices flowing and some sweet new levels have been released for both CC1 and CC2. To harness those juices, welcome to this competition! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a simpler version of a level in CCLP3. You can make a smaller version of a level you like, you can make a shorter version of a level you hate, you can make an easier version of a level that had you stumped. CCLP3 is full of cool puzzles, but put together they can be a bit much. Take a cool concept and make and share a version that is not necessarily so involved as the original. I know these create competition themes can be a bit hit or miss at times, so let me explain what I'm looking for here. I don't have all the time in the world to judge a large competition, but I do enjoy doing something together as a community. Keep your submissions simple or elegant, that will make it easier for me to rank all the great entries you undoubtedly will create, and that will get you a long way. Your connection to the theme can be a bit loose if you aren't greatly inspired by it, but it is provided to give you some sort of inspiration, and to give me some sort of help in compiling the ranking. Most of all I like it when we can join together to create something fun to play. Unfortunately, I am limiting the competition to CC1 levels (just to make my task a bit easier), but if you do make a CC2 level that fits the theme, please send it in, as I would love to see it even though I currently can't promise I'll rank it with the other submissions. The deadline for this is November 11th where you live. Send your submissions to valeosote at hotmail dot com. -Miika Technical notes:
  10. Miika's scores

    CCLP2 #72: 453
  11. Isaac's Walls of CCLP1 Discussion

    Some fun levels here. They were pretty, not too hard and yet clever. A few comments... #1 (Delicate Industry) - This is the type of hint I find unnecessary. I don't need to know there are suction boots under those blocks, as I'll find out when looking under them is the only possible thing to try. (Also, that is the sort of feedback I hate giving because it focuses on something minor in a level, giving the impression that it's really important. I enjoyed both the actual puzzles in the level.) #3 (Trick and Treat) - maybe just a bit too simple. What if you had some blocks and bombs in the corner rooms to move around, a bit like one of the earlier versions you posted a screenshot of, so it's a combination of the two ideas, pop-ups + blocks? #4 (Citrus Forest) - I'd increase the time limit more from 400, maybe even have it untimed. This is not the type of level you want to have someone play over again if they get lost and die to the time. If they have trouble navigating this in the first place, they'll hate to do it again. And it is possible to get lost here because the tiles that had chips might be mistaken for a wall. #5 (Parallel Universe) - Wait what? Looking in the editor was a surprise. #6 (Blistered Remains) - Very nice. #7 (Diamond in the Rough) - I was going to say, is it even possible to be killed by a fireball, since I just always followed a Glider, but I tried it and I guess it is. The task here is very simple but am not sure what you could add to make it more engaging. #8 (Discombobulation Station) - Hidden hints are nice, but this feels off. The only real mechanism in the level is for a hint, when this could have been a puzzle required to solve the level. Even just having chips under these two blocks, and maybe surrounding them with thieves to force the player to push a block into the trap and then open it. Or leave it as it is, just throwing ideas at you. #9 (Laughing All the Way to the Tank) - This one felt like a winner. #10 (Triple Trouble) - Nice, but again a bit simple for my liking. For example, there was never a moment when I should have picked up more than the minimum amount of boots required to pick up a chip. Not sure if the puzzle would be enjoyable though if you'd have to think ahead more than one chip. #11 (Festive Lights) - When playing this, I wasn't sure if I'd have to be super careful with the number of keys I had, particularly since the hint told me exactly how many would be available. I'm glad not all nearly all the keys were needed. #12 (Ball Street) - I might like this more than the original. Due to block slapping, this is solvable with just a single block in Lynx, so if you want to require that you could add a mechanism that only gives you one block in Lynx (though you might lose the ability to reach the hidden hint). The simplest way to do this would be add a hint tile next to the block cloning button. #14 (New Blob in Town) - I enjoyed this, but it did turn into a block pushing task instead of a blob fighting task. The sardine can puzzle was not worth it for me, I'd rather have some bombs to blow up where the chips are, cutting down on almost half the required block pushing. #15 (Bad to the Bone) - Did you try in this Lynx? The timing against the balls in the lower area was much more difficult than in MS. You decide if you want to keep it, or experiment with something a bit different. #17 & #18 - Already mentioned small problems with these levels on Discord. They both were fun to play though and I look forward to actually solving them. #19 (Dystopia) - I really liked this. The puzzles didn't, however, seem to be of equal difficulty. I'd make the bottom one a bit tougher by maybe not have it be symmertic, or add in a few more closed toggle walls. Don't feel like you failed though, as this sort of puzzles require a lot of testing to find the best possible execution. #20 (Exiled Warehouse) - I would have enjoyed this level more had it not required me to work through everything so linearly. And a minor gripe, you could add one more water tile to require the use of the last NE block. And is the pop-up under that one block really required when there are none elsewhere in the level? But overall a fun level, thanks! I was lucky to have a bit of time to check this release. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming
  12. CCLP4: Blobs Edition

    I'd play it if i knew everything was solvable. A few levels requiring lots of patience would also be fine, but not too many.
  13. CC2 Community Pack Survey

    Thanks for bringing up this topic. It's good to plan and talk about this. I would love it if we came up with a better name than CC2LP1. I like The Architect's suggestions; I'd vote for C3P0. I wouldn't mind even if we came up with something that isn't an acronym, but just a name for the pack, a bit like the voting packs we've had. I don't want to work through 200 levels in a new community pack. If we cut it down to 50 levels, we could produce such packs much quicker. Everything about the pack would be easier, particularly for new players which I think we should focus on. I think that would be a more modern approach to game design. Even having 100 levels is a lot of levels to play through. There's no reason today to not make smaller sets, when everyone is connected to the net and can much more easily acquire new packs to play than we could thirty years ago when the model of having 140+ levels was set. I would much rather play several smaller packs than one large one, even if some where produced concurrently. I'm not sure many of you will agree with me on this, but thought I'd put the idea out there. I don't feel we need to see CC1 boot rules. We could save some ideas and concepts for future packs. The easiest way to do this is to restrict the level design somewhat and then open that up later. It can help give each pack a different identity. The same idea applies to the consistent viewport size; maybe restrict it now to make keep the set internally consistent (though I don't think it makes such a big difference). CC2 has so many elements, we could even save a tile/theme/monster to be a focus on a later set, and not use any of them in the first one. I don't see the need for a map size limit, though I'm not opposed to it either. However, I do think whoever is compiling the set should take into account the whole experience of playing the set. Maybe it would be fun to have level with unfamiliar dimensions. Maybe it would be really bad to have ten large levels in the set even if they all did well in voting. Some concepts just require more space, so as long as the game play is enjoyable to everyone, but does this correlate with the level size? I think there are techniques in CC2 that would not be healthy in a community pack. We should want to keep it as beginner friendly as possible. Even requiring block slapping to solve a level should come with a clear tutorial just because there will be people who aren't familiar with it no matter how well the rest of us know it. I'd be sad if our target audience would only be us. New tiles that were not in the main game are fine if they are logical and their function is easy to guess. (Or we could restrict these and save them for later.) Any bugs that may be fixed in an update should be avoided. Wouldn't it be great to have this pack be added to the game itself? Is that something we could possibly do?
  14. SokobanCCLP Discussion

    hmm, not sure where to respond (PM, Discord...) but figured this thread might help someone else too. Martin, you asked about levels #130, #132, #137, #138. I was gone for a week but finally today had some time to look at these. I solved the first three but not the last one. They are quite involved and it is not easy to give simple hints for them. They all share one aspect though, and that is you really need to plan on how you are going to get the last blocks into place and how you can setup for such a situation to occur. In Network Dynamics, you need a path from the top room's door through the center trap room to the right door open for as long as possible. Looking at the attempt video you posted on YT, perhaps the first idea you were missing was storing a block at (14,15) for a while and then bringing it later into the right side of the center area. You'll need a block at (15,9) before you put one at (15,12). This was a pretty puzzle, and I even liked how stuff worked in the SE room. Rigid Internal Logic was the easiest for me. You need four blocks in the NW area before you start filling in the right column of buttons from the top down, leaving the middle column last. At the (relative) start, the block at (12,15) moves down a tile and then you go around it on the right to push it back U and then L. This was not a bad puzzle, though I would like the right room to have fewer blocks, perhaps balanced by not needing all the buttons in the middle column. Moon Bridge Surplus needs more time than 250 seconds. My first solution was just under 400 but with considerable planning. I was able to improve this down to about 230 seconds or so to solve the actual level but it required much more effort than levels around it. (I plugged it into YASO and that theoretically shaves off another minute, but the route is inhuman to discover.) In any case, the puzzle is very clever. There are multiple subgoals to reach, with the important one being how to get to storing five blocks in the SW area. There's also a lot of manipulation of blocks in the NE, specifically in the square (17-18,12-13). The first two traps I lock down are (16-17,19) and then much later (14-15,19). Anyone looking for a puzzle to mess with their mind should give this one a go. Lookatthis, it would be interesting to know if you've solved some of these levels. I understand you found them online, created by others and maybe an unsolvable one might have slipped in. Could this have happened with Fugue State Generator? The problem is how to store the other blocks at the moment Chip is at (12,14) and pushes a block into (14,14). After this moment, no more blocks can be brought 'in' from the East of the level. I didn't see a way to do this. Granted, that's not a mathematical proof of unsolvability, but someone else take a look at tell me how I'm wrong (Also, for elegance and simpler game play, (11,15) could just be a wall as pushing the block in any direction will cook the level.) That's all I had on my mind tonight
  15. Miika's scores

    CCLP1 Lynx: # 58L: 327 L (+2, b, Corral) # 91L: 350 L (+5, b, Roundabout) #108L: 292 L (+1, b, Exhibit Hall) tyja! #118L: 98 L (+2, b, Runaway Train) #119L: 301 L (+63, b, The Sewers) #124L: 531 L (+8, b, Utter Clutter) #129L: 271 L (+8, b, Frogger) #133L: 468 L (+5, b, Steam Cleaner Simulator) #146L: 386 L (+1, b, Cineworld) #147L: 853 L (+15, b, TYTATWM) Total about: 5,998,660 L