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  1. Did you only have one object going through the teleports?
  2. I was trying to come up with a list of my favorite levels, but realized that it's really hard to do because I like different levels for different reasons. There are levels I enjoy playing through quite casually, levels that are challenging to play through, levels that are great fun to optimize, and levels that take a lot of planning to solve. I'll try to explain each of these categories in more detail the reasons I enjoy those levels. I won't list examples because each category can still contain so many different types of levels, that I don't want to restrict myself to just calling out a few past favorites. And of course it would take a lot of time :-) Levels I enjoy casually These are levels that I can just play through when I have about an half hour of spare time. They don't require a lot of thinking to solve, but I still might encounter some puzzle elements. There usually is some dodging but not so many dangerous parts that I keep dying numerous times. These levels are elegant, to the point, and most often quite short. Playing these levels just makes me happy! If a set would only have this types of levels in it, I wouldn't mind at all, and it might even be one of my favorite sets. It would even have great replay value, because once I play through them once, I won't remember them completely but can go back and enjoy them again. I'm glad to see that quite a few of the new level sets have some of these levels. These are mainly the types of levels I'm hoping to find in CCLP1. Levels I enjoy playing because of the challenge These are the levels that might take several minutes to solve even when knowing the solution. They often multiple puzzles and areas, but don't get stuck in one task. To succeed in this category, the level also has to have some design elegance, and not just be a mess of convoluted tile arrangements. I need to see some design skills! Sometimes a level can have some overarching theme that tie several different puzzles together. These levels can incorporate difficult maneuvers, but they also give the player some respite from the action to think about what needs to be done next. Many of the last quarter of levels in CCLP3 fall into this category, but playing through several of them in succession is quite a task. However, for me, this doesn't take away from the fact that as individual levels they are enjoyable and well designed. Levels I enjoy optimizing The best levels to optimize are the ones where I know I've reached the maximum. Of course then someone comes along and beats the score by one second! But that's okay, because every once in a while, I get to be that person too! Finding that one nifty trick that others have missed is a great experience! Well anyway, I find that many of the levels that are enjoyable to optimize can summed up into one word: short. If a level takes longer than two minutes to play, it's very likely that optimizing it boarders on arduous. I like to work on one level for maybe an hour or two, and if by then there's still many avenues to explore, I lose interest. Even at this shorter end of the spectrum, routes can require cleverness and insight. I really like it when I understand how a level functions and why things work. I'd assume it's difficult to set out to design a level that would be great fun to optimize, but often enough this is a side product of an otherwise fun level. Levels I enjoy solving Then there are the levels that are super hard puzzles. I love these. I don't want these levels to be filled with tricky timing or extra knobs, but rather they should translate a logic puzzle into the language of Chip's Challenge. The epitome of a level in this category is one where I can print out a map of the level, stare at it for hours and then come back and complete it with one try. (Sadly enough, this has happened.) The level shouldn't be just about block pushing, but it seems to often be a major part of these levels just by the nature of the game. There's not too many of this types of levels around, but perhaps that's only a good thing, as long as there are some. It's great to find a couple of these every year, so if you can think of a tough puzzle that works nicely as a level, please share it with me! In the end it's the levels that make up this game I spend a lot of my free time on, so I'm happy to notice that there are several types of levels that I like. I need all types to get my CC fix, but not all in the same quantity. Thanks to everyone out there who has managed to create enjoyable levels for me to play! Next week I'm going talk about the things I've been up to since the new year with Chip's Challenge. -Miika
  3. Two player? It seems a little overkill. I mean the types of levels that could be solved by requiring perfect timing between two players is ridiculous. Perhaps we could settle for a simplified version where, if a level has several Chips, pressing some key would change which one is the active one. This would be much like playing two player, except not needing to worry about timing this perfectly together. Of coure then again it's nothing like two-player, so what ever .-) But this all sounds like a new ruleset. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to have another one of those. But if someone does make one, I'd like it to be animated but with a buffer on the movement. So for example the player could only move at five distinct times per second, but the animation would update more often, so sometimes if you press a key, the movement will feel like it's lagging. -Miika
  4. True. Having read this sentence, the person below me felt an unresistable urge to go play through Water Trap (CCLP3 #125).
  5. M11k4

    This or That

    Driver LP, (reporting scores or faking scores) or (looking in editor or playing without a map)
  6. M11k4

    Veggie Tales!

    The first water buffalo song has also been my favorite since I heard it for the first time. There are of course other classics, but that's the one I privately laugh at every now and then :-)
  7. I only played through the longer version of this level, and it did feel too long because once I could get past the first half, the rest was very simple. This was both because there were longer straights and the technique needed was familiar by then. I like the idea, but feel it would be better if the level could be solved without such strict timing, and only the best possible route needed to be so accurate. Not sure how to exactly do this, but have experimented a bit with a level of my own :-) -Miika
  8. That's such an unfair question! Both have their merits, and I'd like to say just MS, but I find myself playing both, so both it is.
  9. Granted, but then you won't ever solve YCTaOFNT! I wish more people would start plaing CC and join the online community.
  10. M11k4

    This or That

    Bloblake. Flicking or slapping?
  11. Granted, but then you'd have to go to Sweden to accept it. I wish I had time to create some awesome levels and release them!
  12. What are the most difficult levels to solve that exist? What makes them difficult? Which ones have you completed? I would think there's at least two types of difficulty here: hard to find a solution and hard to execute a solution. Of course some levels can be both. I'll make a list too, just don't have it right now.
  13. Is it possible to just allow positive votes, like a thumbs up but no thumbs down?
  14. Love the site so far! Great job!
  15. A few ideas: -some award that encourages members to vote other's posts up/down -meeting some other member in person (someone you didn't already know) -uploading some amount of Let's Play videos (possibly on Youtube) -more individual difficult levels that people have played through -solving CC1 without any help or maps (and possibly CCLP 2&3) -a hundred or more bolds on CC1/CCLP2/CCLP3 -some Lynx related award (like separate ones for playing through all of CC1 and CCLP3, and the possible ones on CCLP2) -never having played any CC1 levels -designing a level that's included in CCLPn -a hundred blog posts in a CC related blog -starting a thread with over a hundred replies -editing the wiki a hundred or more times -playing through all of CC1 in one day (I bet nobody will ever do that with CCLP3 ! ) -Miika
  16. M11k4

    This or That

    Jaywalker. Randomness or Boosting?
  17. Sorry about editing in an extra choice after JB or Ben already voted! Man you were fast! (I added the third one, so his choice was originally the fourth one.) edit: I guess it's fixed now, so don't mind this post.
  18. I've been wondering for a while if allowing the mouse to be used in competative play really is useful as a whole. If people enjoy using it somewhere else than just when it's absolutely needed to score high on a level in CC1 or CCLPn, then it should of course be allowed. In either case it does make it harder for new competative players to catch up with the rest :-) What do you think?
  19. My favorite is Cloner's Maze. It's one of the best levels ever! The puzzles are very satisfying to work out. There are a couple more difficult chips, but even these can be gotten without precise timing, like the hint says :-) After this comes Run-A-Muck. The first part of the level is very well designed. It's not all that complex, yet it will most likely kill you plenty of times before you can move on. The teeth do make the level quite difficult in Lynx, and I also found it hard to get the last chip from the pink balls in MS, but overall I enjoy the level. -Miika
  20. M11k4

    Let's get started!

    This word just started this sentence which starts this blog. This one doesn't. Anyway, welcome to the wonderful world of being subjected to my thoughts on playing, designing, talking, optimizing, thinking, eating, sleeping, playing again, watching, competing, agonizing, winning, managing, playing, and of course enjoying Chip's Challenge! And with that, I'm off to bed. -Miika
  21. I enjoy optimizing levels. I see it more as playing against a level rather than other people, though. But it's great to have the scoreboards to know what's possible. And of course it's nice to beat someone else's score when possible! It's also important to me to complete a set in full, but just solving all the levels. Optimizing everything would usually just take too much time! But for many levels it is very satisfying to solve the "puzzle within a puzzle" that is finding how to complete all the required tasks most efficiently. It takes a while to learn this well, but the avis for cc1 and cclp3 really should help anyone who is interested in trying for themselves. I worked on many levels myself and then looked at how it should be done :-) I encourage others to try and optimize a few levels, even if later you still like playing mostly casually :-) -Miika
  22. I was born with two sets of five, and have managed not to misplace any so far. Haven't gotten around to growing new ones yet.
  23. To release at least one level. To make a few avis. To write my CCLP3 review. To spend an appropriate amount of time on CC. To beat a record by pieguy in CCLP3. -Miika
  24. Gliders are cool, but teeth lend themselves to more different types of tasks. For some reason I like bugs more than paramecium. The random ones are the least favorite, though walkers aren't bad in lynx. But aren't monsters supposed to be bad, so doesn't that make blobs the best ones?
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