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  1. Results and levels released! http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/639-%7B?%7D/ It took me a bit to release these, but I think it was worth the wait. From the first few levels in the set you'll get a good feel for what types of rooms everyone made. After that, you can even peek in an editor if you want to avoid playing the same rooms in different context. Or you can try the first few levels and then come back to read my comments, and then go back and examine the rest of the set yourself. Though this competition is over, if you feel inspired to make your own new challenges in these rooms, you can still send them to me and some day I may update this set. This turned out to be a more difficult competition to judge than I had planned. I wanted it to be more of a 'let's create something together feel' than something overly competitive, but of course I had to end up with some sort of ranking of the creations too. Everyone submitted something for every room. Should I rank the resulting level from each participant, or just their best rooms? There was no absolutely even way to do this. I noticed myself that it was easier to come up with maybe one or two decent ideas and ended up filling the rest of the rooms with something a little more mundane. I chose to pick my two favorite rooms from each designer and rank those up against each other. You can deduce the ranking of the participants in the download or the summary at the end of this post, but if you'd like some reasoning behind the ranking, clicky click below. There you have it. A few more comments on the competition itself. It turns out that having some restrictions on creating a level is good but this time the concept could have used some simplification. It wasn't way too much but when people are dropping out and the instructions are hard to understand, something has gone wrong a bit. It was a fun concept to try, but we can do better. I was hoping we'd have ten participants for a theoretical 100,000 different levels made from different room combinations, but we didn't quite reach that even with the extended deadline. (A quick calculation only gives me 6,336 possible levels, but it depends a bit on which rooms you consider incompatible and do we use the three additional final rooms or not.) As it was, I even messed up on giving you time limits that were too tight, so I ended up raising the time limits on many of the submissions (usually after contacting the designers, but of course the damage had been done). The logic with the keys and buttons and such was meant to make the rooms connected but the instructions had participants confused. I didn't even mention anything about hints. I think we ended up with a few nice levels to play so hopefully this can still be a net positive. CCLP4 has been out now for a bit, so expect the return of more competitions next month. Whoo-hoo! Till next time! -Miika Summary of results:
  2. M11k4

    The Five Rooms

    Version (1.0)


    This set was compiled from the submissions to the April 2017 Create Competition. Participants were provided by a template of five rooms to build upon. The set contains various combinations of these rooms: Levels #2 - #7 combine rooms from different designers into new creations. #2 - Esteemed Entanglements - these are some of my favorite rooms combined. #3 - Desiccated Depository - more great rooms put together. #4 - Awesome Amalgamation - these rooms in turn were a bit simpler in concept. #5 - Fused Furnishings - after the other rooms were spoken for, these were left to be used. #6 - Calculated Conglomeration - these rooms were perhaps the trickiest ones. #7 - Backbreaking Bananas - while these might still be the hardest ones. Levels #8 - #13 are each made by one designer. The individual rooms are repeats from above. #8 - One Hundred Candle Bonfire - by James #9 - Unlicensed Archaeology - by Ihavenoname248 #10 - Testing Room A: Subject #2357 - by RB3ProKeys #11 - The Full Dave - by geodave #12 - Dodgy Dodging - by rubenspaans #13 - Miika's Five Rooms - by M11k4 Levels #15 - #47 are the rooms separately. You can thus practice them or build your own combinations. Levels #49 - #53 are the templates that can be used to build completely new rooms. Thanks to all who made something for this set! Check out the thread for more details on the competition and set. All feedback is appreciated. You can even make your own challenges and combinations of rooms and still send them to me for a possible future release. -Miika
  3. I played this set a year and a half ago and wrote some feedback, but for some odd reason I failed to post what I wrote. I found it now and thought I'd post it. Some of it is written in short form, almost as if making notes for myself, but I thought I'd post it anyway rather than leave it rotting on my own computer. (I'm adding the level names now for easier reading.) For some reason I can't find my tws file for this set, but I remember that I solved all but two levels (yes, even the unsolvable one after a small edit). This was a set I enjoyed very much and do hope you continue to update ------------------ #3 - Haunted Forest - I enjoyed this level very much and it was nice to have a real taste of what is to come in the set after a couple easier levels. #7 - Termatha - I like this, and it wasn't too bad with the right strategy. #9 - Cobwebs - Invisible walls are not the best element to use, except when you have a clear idea of what to do with them, such as here. Thumbs up! #14 - Dreadmist Forest - I love the concept, but can't give a great review of it yet as I didn't solve it yet. I only tried two attempts and it seems to require some planning, so I'm saving it for a rainy day when I want to solve an interesting level. #15 - The Forest At Night - I love the effect of pushing the blocks on the stairs and seeing them blow up as you follow yourself. However, you still need to rework the mechanism to require this, as currently you can just send a few blocks and use a block and the fireball to clear the path to the exit, without the paramecium. Also in MS the green key is reachable. #16 - Depths of the Forest - Busted? I just lead the teeth to the bomb and used the block to get to the exit. I like the puzzle though, so it would be nice to save these levels with an update! #19 - This (and some others, like the next level) is meant for someone playing without a map. However, your other levels are so complex nobody in their right mind is going to be doing that. Maybe if this was towards the start of the set someone still might be. #24 - Desolate Cliffs - No chips required even though all are reachable. I like the tank route but would love it more if I could actually see it in action. #26 - The Sigil of Earth - I would rather see a broken level or unsolvable level than this. When is the real level being updated?? #27 - 'lose' not 'loose' #30 - Teeth-o-ban - a bit too easy. Just trapped all the teeth at the bottom. Not sure how this could be avoided. Maybe there are too many blocks available? But if you reduce the blocks, you should probably take away a few of the teeth. #34 - The End of All Things - Unfortunately the second half of the level is broken. First, the first teeth never exits its trap in MS. I don't understand why and I even tried some changes to the level that should have worked but didn't. However, the level is still solvable due to a bust: the fireball cloner at (25,17) works even when Chip activates it himself (the clone stays on the cloner until the teeth moves and then is freed to open the trap). The first part of the level is fun. I personally would like both sides more in separate levels, but I guess that is a matter of style. The way it is now, you are practically forcing the player to play the first half through numerous times as it's very unlikely someone would figure out what exactly is going on in the second half on their first attempt, which is a very nice puzzle. #37 - Arc Flash - A survival level turned into an actual level. Not bad at all. #39 - No Good Can Come of This - My life is fine without solving this one. Congrats to you for solving it yourself! #40 - The Sigil of Ice - Unsolvable with an easy fix. Missing trap and clone connections (which is ironic as the hint refers to them (and there are so few of them I think the hint is redundant)). Otherwise, I love this level! The puzzle is nice and elegant. As a juggler, I have considered trying to make some sort of that would feel a bit like juggling and the best concept I have come up with is similar to this (skates+blocks on ice). I haven't built anything yet, but I like this simple execution. You could add a time limit as failure forces a restart. #41 - The Sigil of Death - I had to think about this one for a bit before I got it. Nice design, but could be improved by some simplification. (Like the fireball stream could be one move slower, and I don't quite get why everything with the block cloning has to be so complicated.) There are two extra chips, though they all are kind of secondary in the level. #42 - Bombs for Throwing at You - This was a fun mix of chip collecting tasks. Even though the hint says the waiting isn't long, I don't understand why the mechanism can't be running already when Chip gets there. #43 - This Is Not A Game, This Is Shenanigans! - I like challenging levels when I know what I am getting into, and in your set I knew what I was getting. Still, there is some point where I feel keeping it just a bit simpler would be more interesting and enjoyable. Taking that into account, the chaotic SE area would be more manageable and reasonable without the glider and fireball. Or just one ball per row. Or without the Teeth. As for the puzzle aspects, I would have liked to have seen a few more locks that needed to be opened before the end. (btw, I didn't get the green key, and used two of the blocks to block out the teeth and four pink balls.) Overall I really felt this set was made for me. I didn't play it right away when you released it but saved it for when I wanted to challenge myself with something. I was not disappointed. Thanks for the fun!
  4. M11k4

    Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L # 4: 221 L (+30, b, Oasis) CCLP4 L #15: 257 L (+8, b, Cross Back) CCLP4 L #17: 254 L (+59, b, The Three Trials) CCLP4 L #19: 186 L (+78, b, Conservation of Keys) CCLP4 L #44: 412 L (+23, b, Blobfield) CCLP4 #44: 413 (bc, Blobfield)
  5. Sadly, I wouldn't call that an archive, but a snapshot of the front page. Still nice to see it, but what we're really missing is the content on the boards themselves. Anyone Really should share that when they can.
  6. I've used Camtasia Studio, but recommend digging for version 8 not 9 if you don't purchase it completely to avoid a watermark.
  7. Thanks Josh! I guessed someone could compile such a list quicker than myself because I am not yet familiar enough with all the levels I'm glad these favorites got a second chance.
  8. Feel free to start such a thread Has someone listed which levels in this thread did appear in CCLP4?
  9. I'm unapproving this file because its contents is available in the packaged file for the competition. Send word to me if you would rather have this some other way.
  10. This is great! I've often used cclpinfo and it's been a useful tool Thanks.
  11. Wow James you really did do a lot of work on this! ...only to find out stuff EVERYONE already knows, right? Thanks for the interesting and useless info Can't wait to see the video.
  12. I don't make many levels, so my design advice is pretty much throwing mud on a wall hoping some of it will turn out alright
  13. Results! 1. M11k4_________ 15pts 191*2 + 302 = 684 (198MS & 306MS) 2. rubenspaans___ 12pts 188*2 + 300 = 676 3. Ihavenoname248 10pts 189*2 + 296 = 674 4. Bacorn_________ 8pts 186*2 + 288 = 658 5. tjrowe_________ 7pts 193MS & 276MS -> ??? Lynx Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. I am accepting all the congratulations in my email inbox. I'm setting up paypal and bitcoin avenues too if you wish to show your great appreciation that way. Then I'll probably make myself a new award here on CC Zone for the most awesome ways to win a competition run by myself. Please, you may stop with the applause already. But seriously I really thought these were fun levels to work on. I even heard from two other members that they had worked on the levels but didn't end up receiving solutions from them. The odd way to sum up the scores did not change the rankings this time, but the range of scores still indicate that it was a decent method this time around. Earlybird bonuses of 1 Chip Cup point each go to Ruben, IHNN, and Bacorn, congratulations on that too! (I don't think it's in the spirit of the game for me as the organizer to get this.) Solution videos: Both levels saw a variety of tactics, as you can see them in the videos above, but I have more to say about Frozen Polyominoes. I enjoyed working on it in Lynx rather than MS, but finally did also try to build a route for MS as well. I was able to perform the results by the help of a program called Hourglass, just to see how much it could score. I drew out the path I had for Lynx, as well as two paths for MS (click on them to enlarge): The first image is the Lynx route shown in the video as the first solution. The colors show the order I came up with the route, red-orange-purple-blue. In the second image I tried to compare two MS routes, but it turned out pretty full and not as clear as I had hoped. Can you tell which route is two moves more efficient? It does show how Lynx and MS routes for this level look very different. In Lynx any time you step on ice it adds to the time, but in MS boosting means you should prefer stepping on a single tile of ice whenever you can! Even in Lynx it feels odd when the path crosses back on itself, which comes up a few times and happens on ice, but in MS there are more 'back and forth'-sections. I still have no idea if some completely different approach would work better in MS. Here's a run down of all the scores I have for this first level, just for fun: 179 Lynx score if you go back and forth (horizontally, though vertically is only a move slower) 183 IHNN's first submission, using skates 185 Ruben's first submission, using skates 186 Ruben's second submission, no skates 186 Bacorn's submission, exiting NE 187 IHNN's improved solution using skates 187 Ruben's third submission, delayed use of skates 188 Ruben's final submission, delayed use of skates 189 IHNN's final submission, no skates 189 what the current best MS solution route scores in Lynx 189 Miika's first solution 190 Miika's improved solution 191 Miika's submitted solution 191 Miika's solution in the video, [1.5] moves quicker than the previous one 193.0 MS Tom Rowe's submission 196.0 MS using back and forth method, horizontally 198.2 MS using back and forth method, vertically 198.2 MS Miika's submission using the path first used to score 191 in Lynx 201.8 MS what the better 191 Lynx route is actually worth in MS 204.2 MS what one of the paths drawn on the map is worth 204.6 MS what the other path on the map is worth 205.0 MS the solution shown last in the video Hopefully you enjoyed this competition and these results. I would love to hear any comments or feelings you had about them. That's it for now! Let's wait a bit more for the CCLP4 dust to settle and then we can jump in again to more optimizing in this environment! -Miika
  14. Here are two paths designed to be played in MS. Which do you think is quicker? After drawing this picture, I found an improvement to one of the routes. It takes some understanding of the level to do so, but if you can find how to improve either route, leave a comment. If you are stumped and want to know what I found, check the video posted in the competitoin's thread for the answer.
  15. Here is the path used by the quickest submitted Lynx solution to the first Time Trial level of May 2017. The colors indicate the order in which the route was built, in the order red, orange, purple, and blue. This route is ten seconds quicker in MS than Lynx, but still it can be improved upon in MS, making it interesting to compare this with the MS routes posted. There is a video uploaded with this path executed, so check the competitoin's thread for that and other info.
  16. I also suggest going with a smaller level pack to start. You get more feedback for your future levels. I'd start by releasing something you've made in a month or two, be it 10 or 100 levels or something in between. Then you can either add new levels in small doses to that set, or wait until you have a similar batch ready to release as a separate set. Don't feel the pressure to release every level you make, but rather have some self-censorship. Keeping in mind how someone else will feel when playing your levels will go a long way, and if you come up with some cool puzzles along the way, that is a big plus. P.S. I like to choose passwords for pretty much every level I make. You can use numbers in yours if you want, and maybe some form of that could even be your calling card / signature to identify levels you make?
  17. It's not often you see someone post such a good score that others ask to check if it was a typo or not. Well done Rey! Nice to see your route. I think it's fun to share some routes even though we keep the majority of the bold routes somewhat under wraps. Some places still can be improved a bit, like at 441 you could push the lower block one more tile and not need to do that later, saving [8].
  18. M11k4

    Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L#140: 564 L (Repair the Automatic (Caution) Doors) CCLP4 L#141: 544 L (World of a Thousand Flames) CCLP4 L#142: 38 L (Stratagem) CCLP4 L#143: 499 L (Color Coordination) CCLP4 L#144: 580 L (Paradigm Shift) CCLP4 L#145: 428 L (Hacked Save File) CCLP4 L#146: [808] L (casual new record, Japanese Game Show) CCLP4 L#147: 695 L (Gimmick Isle) CCLP4 L#148: 301 L (Gravity Well) CCLP4 L#149: 274 L (Mental Marvel Monastery) Very fun even though it took me this long
  19. M11k4

    Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L#130: 497 L (Bam Thwok) CCLP4 L#131: 334 L (Jigsaw) CCLP4 L#132: 325 L (Monorail) CCLP4 L#133: 398 L (Monochrome) CCLP4 L#134: 346 L (Pushover) CCLP4 L#135: 323 L (Propaganda) CCLP4 L#136: 294 L (Seeing Red) CCLP4 L#137: [505] L (The Longest Track) CCLP4 L#138: 404 L (Zipper) CCLP4 L#139: [929] L (Unravel)
  20. M11k4

    Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L#121: 277 L (Death and Destruction) CCLP4 L#122: 527 L (Jigsee) CCLP4 L#123: 551 L (Life Is Not a Puzzle) CCLP4 L#124: 10 L (Air Bubble) CCLP4 L#125: 442 L (Beautiful Struggle) CCLP4 #126: 146 (+100, bc, Bind Mender) CCLP4 L#126: 132 L (+100, bc, Bind Mender) CCLP4 L#127: 94 L (Wrong Exit) CCLP4 L#128: 410 L (Mindless Self-Indulgence) CCLP4 L#129: 184 L (Undefined Fantastic Object) (funny how that turned out...) ... (or is it??) (and how do I create an invisible smiley?)
  21. A very nice list, thanks! I hadn't realized there were so few unconfirmed records that predate CCLP3. I remember JB setting those randomness defying records in 2009 but not pieguy's Cloner's Maze record, so I easily spot where I came in on the scene. I'm sure many of us still plan on dropping some of these levels off this list. And it seems JB is not letting anyone add their own entry to this list at least in CCLP1, so we may see the trend continue in CCLP4 when it's been out for long enough. Of the now confirmed records, do we know if any went unconfirmed for longer than Checkerboard I? I don't think so, but a list of those would also be interesting if the information is still available somehow. A similar list would be the longest standing records that then were broken, which should also be easier to compile. And what about Lynx?? Then you should also list Cloner's Maze as 2008-02-28 and Bustin' Out as 2011-04-17. And Checkerboard I is #72, not #71, but maybe you were just checking if anyone was paying attention
  22. M11k4

    Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L#111: 156 L (Water Bottle) CCLP4 L#112: 352 L (Triple Mint Slurpee) CCLP4 L#113: 283 L (Half of You, Half of Me) CCLP4 L#114: 306 L (Repugnant Nonsense) CCLP4 L#115: [893] L (Overlap) CCLP4 L#116: 270 L (They're Not Called Blocks for Nothing) CCLP4 L#117: 219 L (Greenian Motion) CCLP4 L#118: 258 L (Chip Controls) CCLP4 L#119: 241 L (Strandquist) CCLP4 L#120: 547 L (Construct-a-Sokoban)
  23. M11k4

    Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L#101: 275 L (Condo Management) CCLP4 L#102: 310 L (The Key Issue) CCLP4 L#103: 489 L (Malachite) CCLP4 L#104: 160 L (Dual) CCLP4 L#105: 298 L (Living Things) CCLP4 L#106: 198 L (Gridlock) CCLP4 L#107: [696] L (Combinations) CCLP4 L#108: 236 L (Scatterbrained) CCLP4 L#109: 1 L (Shemozzle) CCLP4 L#110: [910] L (Keyrithmetic)
  24. M11k4

    Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L #91: 271 L (How to Retune Your Harp) CCLP4 L #92: 355 L (Fire Is My Enemy) CCLP4 L #93: 364 L (Bombs Are a Beautiful Thing) CCLP4 L #94: 423 L (Ditchdigger) CCLP4 L #95: 377 L (Ravaged) CCLP4 L #96: [720] L (Lean Thinking) CCLP4 L #97: 254 L (Lockdown) CCLP4 L #98: 385 L (Clay Tunnel) CCLP4 L #99: 241 L (Ice Cavern) CCLP4 L#100: 706 L (One Tank's Adventure)
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