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  1. old cczone archive. PLUS ANNOUNCEMENT!

    Sadly, I wouldn't call that an archive, but a snapshot of the front page. Still nice to see it, but what we're really missing is the content on the boards themselves. Anyone Really should share that when they can.
  2. Let's Play Software

    I've used Camtasia Studio, but recommend digging for version 8 not 9 if you don't purchase it completely to avoid a watermark.
  3. Thanks Josh! I guessed someone could compile such a list quicker than myself because I am not yet familiar enough with all the levels I'm glad these favorites got a second chance.
  4. Feel free to start such a thread Has someone listed which levels in this thread did appear in CCLP4?
  5. July2014cc-geodave.ccl

    I'm unapproving this file because its contents is available in the packaged file for the competition. Send word to me if you would rather have this some other way.
  6. And the real answer is no.
  7. cclpinfo 1.4

    This is great! I've often used cclpinfo and it's been a useful tool Thanks.
  8. Wow James you really did do a lot of work on this! ...only to find out stuff EVERYONE already knows, right? Thanks for the interesting and useless info Can't wait to see the video.
  9. I don't make many levels, so my design advice is pretty much throwing mud on a wall hoping some of it will turn out alright
  10. May 2017 Time Trial

    This one's a good one. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/621-%7B?%7D/ This time we are running the competition in Lynx! (Of course I forgot to change the file to default to that, so that's why the version is 1.1.) The first level in MS would just have a touch too much boosting so I thought more people would enjoy it in Lynx. I will of course still be interested in seeing your MS routes, so send those too even if we are concentrating on Lynx in the competition. (I'll even try to figure out what your route is worth in Lynx for you if you want.) The first level, Frozen Polyominoes, is one of those chip collecting levels with shapes, but this time the chips surround the shapes instead of forming them. Can you recognize this set of polyominoes, that is, what characteristic defines them? The second level, Linked Lite, is a shortened version of one found in lookatthis's 60 Minutes.dat. I found it to be a fun monster manipulation level, and I hope you will too. Usually we add up the remaining seconds on the levels to determine a score, but this time the disparate nature of the levels calls for something a bit different. A gain of one second in the first level does not feel the same as in the second one, due to both the open nature of the first one and the equalizing last room of the second one. Thus, we'll see what happens if we consider the seconds in the first level to be twice as valuable than those in the second for scoring purposes. Enjoy! -Miika Details (including the deadline of JUNE 11th):
  11. May 2017 Time Trial

    Results! 1. M11k4_________ 15pts 191*2 + 302 = 684 (198MS & 306MS) 2. rubenspaans___ 12pts 188*2 + 300 = 676 3. Ihavenoname248 10pts 189*2 + 296 = 674 4. Bacorn_________ 8pts 186*2 + 288 = 658 5. tjrowe_________ 7pts 193MS & 276MS -> ??? Lynx Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. I am accepting all the congratulations in my email inbox. I'm setting up paypal and bitcoin avenues too if you wish to show your great appreciation that way. Then I'll probably make myself a new award here on CC Zone for the most awesome ways to win a competition run by myself. Please, you may stop with the applause already. But seriously I really thought these were fun levels to work on. I even heard from two other members that they had worked on the levels but didn't end up receiving solutions from them. The odd way to sum up the scores did not change the rankings this time, but the range of scores still indicate that it was a decent method this time around. Earlybird bonuses of 1 Chip Cup point each go to Ruben, IHNN, and Bacorn, congratulations on that too! (I don't think it's in the spirit of the game for me as the organizer to get this.) Solution videos: Both levels saw a variety of tactics, as you can see them in the videos above, but I have more to say about Frozen Polyominoes. I enjoyed working on it in Lynx rather than MS, but finally did also try to build a route for MS as well. I was able to perform the results by the help of a program called Hourglass, just to see how much it could score. I drew out the path I had for Lynx, as well as two paths for MS (click on them to enlarge): The first image is the Lynx route shown in the video as the first solution. The colors show the order I came up with the route, red-orange-purple-blue. In the second image I tried to compare two MS routes, but it turned out pretty full and not as clear as I had hoped. Can you tell which route is two moves more efficient? It does show how Lynx and MS routes for this level look very different. In Lynx any time you step on ice it adds to the time, but in MS boosting means you should prefer stepping on a single tile of ice whenever you can! Even in Lynx it feels odd when the path crosses back on itself, which comes up a few times and happens on ice, but in MS there are more 'back and forth'-sections. I still have no idea if some completely different approach would work better in MS. Here's a run down of all the scores I have for this first level, just for fun: 179 Lynx score if you go back and forth (horizontally, though vertically is only a move slower) 183 IHNN's first submission, using skates 185 Ruben's first submission, using skates 186 Ruben's second submission, no skates 186 Bacorn's submission, exiting NE 187 IHNN's improved solution using skates 187 Ruben's third submission, delayed use of skates 188 Ruben's final submission, delayed use of skates 189 IHNN's final submission, no skates 189 what the current best MS solution route scores in Lynx 189 Miika's first solution 190 Miika's improved solution 191 Miika's submitted solution 191 Miika's solution in the video, [1.5] moves quicker than the previous one 193.0 MS Tom Rowe's submission 196.0 MS using back and forth method, horizontally 198.2 MS using back and forth method, vertically 198.2 MS Miika's submission using the path first used to score 191 in Lynx 201.8 MS what the better 191 Lynx route is actually worth in MS 204.2 MS what one of the paths drawn on the map is worth 204.6 MS what the other path on the map is worth 205.0 MS the solution shown last in the video Hopefully you enjoyed this competition and these results. I would love to hear any comments or feelings you had about them. That's it for now! Let's wait a bit more for the CCLP4 dust to settle and then we can jump in again to more optimizing in this environment! -Miika
  12. Here are two paths designed to be played in MS. Which do you think is quicker? After drawing this picture, I found an improvement to one of the routes. It takes some understanding of the level to do so, but if you can find how to improve either route, leave a comment. If you are stumped and want to know what I found, check the video posted in the competitoin's thread for the answer.
  13. Here is the path used by the quickest submitted Lynx solution to the first Time Trial level of May 2017. The colors indicate the order in which the route was built, in the order red, orange, purple, and blue. This route is ten seconds quicker in MS than Lynx, but still it can be improved upon in MS, making it interesting to compare this with the MS routes posted. There is a video uploaded with this path executed, so check the competitoin's thread for that and other info.
  14. I also suggest going with a smaller level pack to start. You get more feedback for your future levels. I'd start by releasing something you've made in a month or two, be it 10 or 100 levels or something in between. Then you can either add new levels in small doses to that set, or wait until you have a similar batch ready to release as a separate set. Don't feel the pressure to release every level you make, but rather have some self-censorship. Keeping in mind how someone else will feel when playing your levels will go a long way, and if you come up with some cool puzzles along the way, that is a big plus. P.S. I like to choose passwords for pretty much every level I make. You can use numbers in yours if you want, and maybe some form of that could even be your calling card / signature to identify levels you make?
  15. Rey's CC Scores

    It's not often you see someone post such a good score that others ask to check if it was a typo or not. Well done Rey! Nice to see your route. I think it's fun to share some routes even though we keep the majority of the bold routes somewhat under wraps. Some places still can be improved a bit, like at 441 you could push the lower block one more tile and not need to do that later, saving [8].
  16. Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L#140: 564 L (Repair the Automatic (Caution) Doors) CCLP4 L#141: 544 L (World of a Thousand Flames) CCLP4 L#142: 38 L (Stratagem) CCLP4 L#143: 499 L (Color Coordination) CCLP4 L#144: 580 L (Paradigm Shift) CCLP4 L#145: 428 L (Hacked Save File) CCLP4 L#146: [808] L (casual new record, Japanese Game Show) CCLP4 L#147: 695 L (Gimmick Isle) CCLP4 L#148: 301 L (Gravity Well) CCLP4 L#149: 274 L (Mental Marvel Monastery) Very fun even though it took me this long
  17. Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L#130: 497 L (Bam Thwok) CCLP4 L#131: 334 L (Jigsaw) CCLP4 L#132: 325 L (Monorail) CCLP4 L#133: 398 L (Monochrome) CCLP4 L#134: 346 L (Pushover) CCLP4 L#135: 323 L (Propaganda) CCLP4 L#136: 294 L (Seeing Red) CCLP4 L#137: [505] L (The Longest Track) CCLP4 L#138: 404 L (Zipper) CCLP4 L#139: [929] L (Unravel)
  18. Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L#121: 277 L (Death and Destruction) CCLP4 L#122: 527 L (Jigsee) CCLP4 L#123: 551 L (Life Is Not a Puzzle) CCLP4 L#124: 10 L (Air Bubble) CCLP4 L#125: 442 L (Beautiful Struggle) CCLP4 #126: 146 (+100, bc, Bind Mender) CCLP4 L#126: 132 L (+100, bc, Bind Mender) CCLP4 L#127: 94 L (Wrong Exit) CCLP4 L#128: 410 L (Mindless Self-Indulgence) CCLP4 L#129: 184 L (Undefined Fantastic Object) (funny how that turned out...) ... (or is it??) (and how do I create an invisible smiley?)
  19. Oldest Unconfirmed Records

    A very nice list, thanks! I hadn't realized there were so few unconfirmed records that predate CCLP3. I remember JB setting those randomness defying records in 2009 but not pieguy's Cloner's Maze record, so I easily spot where I came in on the scene. I'm sure many of us still plan on dropping some of these levels off this list. And it seems JB is not letting anyone add their own entry to this list at least in CCLP1, so we may see the trend continue in CCLP4 when it's been out for long enough. Of the now confirmed records, do we know if any went unconfirmed for longer than Checkerboard I? I don't think so, but a list of those would also be interesting if the information is still available somehow. A similar list would be the longest standing records that then were broken, which should also be easier to compile. And what about Lynx?? Then you should also list Cloner's Maze as 2008-02-28 and Bustin' Out as 2011-04-17. And Checkerboard I is #72, not #71, but maybe you were just checking if anyone was paying attention
  20. Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L#111: 156 L (Water Bottle) CCLP4 L#112: 352 L (Triple Mint Slurpee) CCLP4 L#113: 283 L (Half of You, Half of Me) CCLP4 L#114: 306 L (Repugnant Nonsense) CCLP4 L#115: [893] L (Overlap) CCLP4 L#116: 270 L (They're Not Called Blocks for Nothing) CCLP4 L#117: 219 L (Greenian Motion) CCLP4 L#118: 258 L (Chip Controls) CCLP4 L#119: 241 L (Strandquist) CCLP4 L#120: 547 L (Construct-a-Sokoban)
  21. Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L#101: 275 L (Condo Management) CCLP4 L#102: 310 L (The Key Issue) CCLP4 L#103: 489 L (Malachite) CCLP4 L#104: 160 L (Dual) CCLP4 L#105: 298 L (Living Things) CCLP4 L#106: 198 L (Gridlock) CCLP4 L#107: [696] L (Combinations) CCLP4 L#108: 236 L (Scatterbrained) CCLP4 L#109: 1 L (Shemozzle) CCLP4 L#110: [910] L (Keyrithmetic)
  22. Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L #91: 271 L (How to Retune Your Harp) CCLP4 L #92: 355 L (Fire Is My Enemy) CCLP4 L #93: 364 L (Bombs Are a Beautiful Thing) CCLP4 L #94: 423 L (Ditchdigger) CCLP4 L #95: 377 L (Ravaged) CCLP4 L #96: [720] L (Lean Thinking) CCLP4 L #97: 254 L (Lockdown) CCLP4 L #98: 385 L (Clay Tunnel) CCLP4 L #99: 241 L (Ice Cavern) CCLP4 L#100: 706 L (One Tank's Adventure)
  23. Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L #81: 151 L (Estranged for a Season) CCLP4 L #82: [777] L (Puzzle Box) CCLP4 L #83: 375 L (Frozen Over) CCLP4 L #84: 248 L (Forsythia) CCLP4 L #85: 216 L (Nectar Meadow) CCLP4 L #86: 148 L (Cyprus) CCLP4 L #87: 356 L (And the Walls Kept Tumbling Down) CCLP4 L #88: 249 L (Empty Rooms) CCLP4 L #89: 256 L (Diametric Opposition) CCLP4 L #90: 302 L (Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy)
  24. Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L #71: 175 L (b, Puuf) CCLP4 L #72: 316 L (Sewerway) CCLP4 L #73: 234 L (Sealed Doors in the Spacecraft) CCLP4 L #74: 205 L (Technopathic) CCLP4 L #75: 234 L (Unmitigated Hint Factory Disaster) CCLP4 L #76: 364 L (Flow State) CCLP4 L #77: 236 L (Brick Block Facility ) CCLP4 L #78: 333 L (Aquatic Ruins) CCLP4 L #79: 304 L (Spring ) CCLP4 L #80: 202 L (Monster Swapper) (apparently nobody asked my parents if this was a good week to release CCLP4 or would they be needing my help packing and moving)
  25. Miika's scores

    CCLP4 L #61: 337 L (Blue Tooth) CCLP4 L #62: 263 L (Block Unpuzzle) CCLP4 L #63: 417 L (Pneumatic Diversity Vents) CCLP4 L #64: 190 L (Excuse Me) CCLP4 L #65: 378 L (Duplex) CCLP4 L #66: 262 L (Anaconda) CCLP4 L #67: 273 L (Nuclear Energy for Dummies) CCLP4 L #68: [844] L (Cold Fusion Reactor) CCLP4 L #69: 339 L (Ball in an Awkward Place) CCLP4 L #70: 281 L (Science Museum) (slowly making my way through the levels, playing a level or two whenever I have a moment)