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    I finally put together some CC2 levels. There are 16 levels here for now. I wasn't sure if I should call it something like Fairfair or Provingrounds, so I just went with something which could contain in my own name for once. The first two are actual levels that are not ported from CC1. However, neither puzzle was completely created by myself. (see the first two preview pictures) Thanks to pieguy for allowing me to play around with his design from years ago. For the other one, I didn't try to ask for approval. Most of the rest of the levels are simple ports from my CC1 levels. They are not my best CC1 levels, but the ones that were both easy to port and I liked for some reason. I also threw in three levels I had made and released for CC2 create competitions, mainly to have them in one place (and I don't plan on releasing many CC2 sets). I guess I submit these levels to be included in CC2LP1. More importantly, I hope you take a quick look and see if there is something here that could give you a few moments of enjoyment, puzzlement and escapism. Hope you enjoy! -Miika
  2. Nice to see the results! (I must say, any delays in them were due to me and not Chipster!) I didn't solve the other levels as they used a lot of the fancy CC2 stuff and were too complicated for me. I do want to reply about my own entry though. I didn't know it mattered where I wrote the short comment. I made the level for three rule sets, so it was simplest to keep it in the hint field. The hint text is also a bit of a misdirect, as the puzzle aspect also applies to the upper area of the level. Or at least that was the idea, which didn't really work out. I was hoping that if the dodging in the upper area was too difficult, you could alter the tank movements in such a way that visiting the top area more than once made it easier. Maybe this works in MS but not really in Lynx or CC2. Had this not been a "walls of" creation, I would definitely have made the upper area also have a simpler way to solve it with maybe some more safe spots. Removing that one horizontally moving tank (on the fifth row) was something I considered, but doing so just took away all the stuff I found interesting in that area, so I left it in. In hind sight, I should have removed the one that was on the third row (or even pointed it in the other direction, giving the player a better visual queue based on the lower tank). I didn't add any bonus flags either, because I believe not every CC2 level needs to have them. I did experiment with them in the upper area of the level, but decided against them for compatibility with CC1. Perhaps overall my mistake was to even try making such a level. When one tank movement worked nicely in one rule set, the collisions in another rendered it different or even unsolvable. Thanks for the feedback and the judging! A big thanks to Ryan for making all these template sets! It does sound like it wasn't always a small task, but they really did help out! I know I was inspired by going through your set, not the original.
  3. Ok, let's fix the results from last time! I know I've said I've been busy, but this is ridiculous. There's no excuse for me not fixing this the same day I posted the above message. Back then I posted on Discord that the results are posted, and Bacorn pretty quickly pointed out that he wasn't in the rankings. I found his entry in my spam folder, which was a bit odd since we had messaged each other from the same addresses. Indy also mentioned he played the levels, but I wasn't able to get a confirmation from him that he'd like to be ranked here (with his quick attempt of 629 on the second level). 1. rubenspaans____ 15pts (240 + 645 = 885) 2. Bacorn_________ 12pts (240 + 643 = 883) 3. M11k4__________ 10pts (240 + 641 = 881) 4. Ihavenoname248__ 8pts (236 + 644 = 880) 5. Reynaldi________ 7pts (236 + 628 = 864) 6. Motekopasznyaku_ 6pts (237 + 0 = 237) Next I really want to start the new TT, as these cool levels are piling up and nobody is seeing them! Hopefully I get to that before the month is over... -Miika
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    Miika's scores

    CCLP3 #149: 810 (+13, bc, Mr. McCallahan Presents) CCLP3 #117: 642 (+22, bc, Mice Are Good for Something) CCLP3 L #117: 628 L (+12, b+10, Mice Are Good for Something)
  5. Ok, let's get these results into the world! I've been a bit busy, but it's almost been two weeks since the deadline, so I'll just post what happened without posting the routes to YouTube. Without further ramblings.... 1. rubenspaans____ 15pts (240 + 645 = 885) 2. M11k4__________ 12pts (240 + 641 = 881) 3. Ihavenoname248_ 10pts (236 + 644 = 880) 4. Reynaldi________ 8pts (236 + 628 = 864) 5. Motekopasznyaku_ 7pts (237 + 0 = 237) Congrats to Ruben! we all knew you could show us how it's done in Lynx! Also a congrats to IHNN for winning the Chip Cup 2018! (I'll get around to posting more details on that.) Thanks to all participants! I'm working on getting the routes released for your satisfaction, as well as the new TT announced. -Miika
  6. A funny thing happened with the Chip Cup 2016 points, as Jeffrey and I tied for the win with 101 points. Then a funny thing happened, when I later went back and checked those calculations, and noticed that I actually had 102 points. I let it go, as the results were already announced and over a year old. Then a funny thing happened today as I decided to check the 2016 scores again, but this time I got 101 points for both of us again. I tried looking through the threads if I missed a bonus score of some sort but couldn't find it. I guess I was simply mistaken in my calculations on the second pass at the scores. I bring all that up now because a funny thing happened with the Chip Cup 2017 scores. I thought it was finally time to calculate who won the Chip Cup in 2017. It was a close race with the same culprits, and I piled up the scores to discover a new tie at 96 points. Yes, both Jeffrey and I were tied again for the Chip Cup! But then a funny things happened. I noticed that in the May 2017 Create Competition, some players were awarded the wrong amount of points. Instead of a scheme of 15,12,10,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,1,1... the seven point position was omitted and five players were awarded one points less than was intended. I could leave that as was announced if it only affected myself, but I don't think it would be fair for the other four participants, so I would rather fix the mistake. I guess that leaves me as the sole winner of the 2017 Chip Cup! Yay! But wait, a funny thing happened. I hadn't calculated the Early Bird bonuses yet. These were an extra Chip Cup point that debuted in 2017 for sending in a submission way ahead of the deadline. Jeffrey had two of these and I had only one. Yes, after checking all the scores, we are tied for the Chip Cup of 2017 at 98 points each. Funny things happen Below is a summary of all the competitions for 2017 and their Chip Cup points, and the ranking for the participants for the whole year. (V is for untied victory, W is for a tied win, much like + and + were used in older lists.) 1. M11k4_________ 3 15 __ 13 2 __ _7 15 _7 10 15 11 = 98 VWVVW 1. Ihavenoname248 3 _9 _8 13 3 15 __ 11 13 12 11 __ = 98 WV 3. rubenspaans___ 3 _9 12 10 2 10 _3 13 _8 __ 11 __ = 81 4. Bacorn________ _ 12 __ _8 _ __ __ _9 __ __ __ __ = 29 5. RB3ProKeys____ 3 __ _5 __ _ __ _8 __ 11 __ __ __ = 28 6. ajmiam________ _ __ 15 __ _ __ __ __ __ __ __ 11 = 26 VW 7. Flareon350____ _ __ 10 __ _ __ 12 __ __ __ __ __ = 22 7. Xindictive____ _ _7 __ _7 _ _8 __ __ __ __ __ __ = 22 9. James_________ 3 __ __ __ _ __ __ __ 15 __ __ __ = 18 V 10. 263739________ _ __ __ __ _ __ 15 __ __ __ __ __ = 15 V 10. BlazingApollo_ _ __ __ __ _ __ __ __ __ 15 __ __ = 15 V 12. geodave_______ _ __ _4 __ _ __ __ __ _9 __ __ __ = 13 13. Kevin_________ _ __ __ __ _ 12 __ __ __ __ __ __ = 12 14. Markus________ _ __ __ __ _ __ __ __ __ __ __ 11 = 11 W 14. Chipster1059__ _ __ __ __ _ __ __ __ __ __ __ 11 = 11 W 16. H2O___________ _ __ __ __ _ __ 10 __ __ __ __ __ = 10 17. tjrowe________ _ __ __ __ _ __ __ _7 __ __ __ __ = 7 17. ElaineSpencer_ _ __ __ __ _ __ __ __ __ __ __ _7 = 7 19. Cyberdog______ _ _6 __ __ _ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ = 6 19. Bowman________ _ __ _6 __ _ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ = 6 19. "PASTA!"______ _ __ __ __ _ __ _6 __ __ __ __ __ = 6 22. MyDisplayName_ _ __ __ __ _ __ _5 __ __ __ __ __ = 5 22. mobius________ _ __ __ __ _ __ __ __ __ __ __ _5 = 5 24. IceyLava108___ _ __ __ __ _ __ _4 __ __ __ __ __ = 4 25. jblewis_______ 3 __ __ __ _ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ = 3 January Mini Time Trial - Twice the Fun 3pts Ihavenoname248 (535 MS) 3pts J.B. Lewis____ (535 MS, 530 Lynx) 3pts James_________ (535 MS) 3pts M11k4_________ (534 MS, 530 Lynx) 3pts rubenspaans___ (530 Lynx) 3pts RB3ProKeys____ (521 MS) February 2017 Time Trial (What Lies Beneath & The Half-Living Corpse) 1st M11k4_________ 15pts (305 + 298 = 603 MS ; 305 + 295 = 600 LX) 2nd Bacorn________ 12pts (302 + 295 = 597 MS) 3rd Ihavenoname248_ 9pts (303 + 293 = 596 MS) 3rd rubenspaans____ 9pts (304 + 292 = 596 LX) 5th Xindictive_____ 7pts (282 + 268 = 550 MS) 6th Cyberdog_______ 6pts (283 + 265 = 548 MS) February 2017 Create Competition - Walls of CCLP1 1st ajmiam_________ 15pts (Sticky Controls) 2nd rubenspaans____ 12pts (Bomb Blockade) 3rd Flareon350_____ 10pts (Warehouse of Lost Hopes and Dreams) 4th Ihavenoname248__ 8pts (Choice Tools) 5th Bowman__________ 6pts (Key Party) 6th RB3ProKeys______ 5pts (Eden) 7th geodave_________ 4pts (Headbanger Walls) March 2017 Time Trial (Deflection Field & Encased, Just in Case) 1. Ihavenoname248 13pts 143 + 118 = 261 -- M11k4_________ 13pts 143 + 118 = 261 (118 + 143 = 261 Lynx) 3. rubenspaans___ 10pts 141 + 118 = 259 Lynx 4. Bacorn_________ 8pts 140 + 116 = 256 5. Xindictive_____ 7pts 132 + 66 = 198 March Mini Time Trial - Choice Tools 3pts Ihavenoname248 (365) 2pts rubenspaans___ (354 Lynx and others) 2pts M11k4_________ (347; 345 Lynx and others) April 2017 Time Trial - Random No More 1. Ihavenoname248 15pts 915 +(239)+ (0) + 243 +(906)-> 1158 MS 2. Kevin_________ 12pts (0) + 241 + (0) + (0) + 905 -> 1146 MS 3. rubenspaans___ 10pts (0) + 243 + (0) +(241)+ 882 -> 1125 Lynx 4. Xindictive_____ 8pts 880 + 214 + (0) + (0) + (0) -> 1094 MS May 2017 Create Competition - Simply A-Maze-Ing (1st) 263739_______ 15pts TOTALLY RANDOM MAZE (CC2) (2nd) Flareon350___ 12pts Transparent Blur (CC1) (3rd) H2O__________ 10pts ICE MAIDEN (CC2) (4th) RB3ProKeys____ 8pts Topiary (CC1) (5th) M11k4_________ 7pts A Fractal Maze (CC1) (6th) "PASTA!"______ 6pts I'm a Maze(d)! (CC1) (7th) MyDisplayName_ 5pts TO MAZE OR NOT TO MAZE (CC2) (8th) IceyLava108___ 4pts Find the Exit (CC1) (9th) rubenspaans___ 3pts The Island (CC1) May 2017 Time Trial (Frozen Polyominoes & Linked Lite) 1. M11k4_________ 15pts 191*2 + 302 = 684 (198MS & 306MS) 2. rubenspaans___ 12pts 188*2 + 300 = 676 +1 early bird 3. Ihavenoname248 10pts 189*2 + 296 = 674 +1 early bird 4. Bacorn_________ 8pts 186*2 + 288 = 658 +1 early bird 5. tjrowe_________ 7pts 193MS & 276MS -> ??? Lynx April 2017 Create Competition - The Five Rooms 1. James__________ 15pts One Hundred Candle Bonfire 2. Ihavenoname248_ 12pts Unlicensed Archaeology +1 early bird 3. RB3ProKeys_____ 10pts Testing Room A: Subject #2357 +1 early bird 4. geodave_________ 8pts The Full Dave +1 early bird 5. rubenspaans_____ 7pts Dodgy Dodging +1 early bird 6. M11k4___________ 6pts Miika's Five Rooms +1 early bird October 2017 Survival Competition (Impending Demise) 1. M11k4_________ 15pts (868) 2. rubenspaans___ 11pts (954) 2. Ihavenoname248 11pts (958) Holiday Create 2017/2018 - Stop, Collaborate and Listen 1. M11k4 and Markus_______ 11pts each "Four Blocks and a Baby" -- ajmiam and chipster1059 11pts each "THE GIFT OF GIVING" 3. IHNN and ElaineSpencer__ 7pts each "Holiday Spirits" 4. chipster1059 and mobius_ 5pts to mobius "LEGGO-MY-KEYS" Looking back at those results, it seems 2017 was quite the year. Thanks for everyone who participated in the competition and special thanks to those of you who helped organize all these events! The Chip Cup 2018 is just finishing and a summary of those results will be posted here soon. (Spoiler warning: no tie this time!) -Miika
  7. In the beginning Chuck created the Chip's Challenge. Now the game has come to us in many forms and we've filled many empty levels with tiles. Then Chuck said "Let there be Chip's Challenge 2". Chuck saw that the game had fans, so it was eventually released to us on Steam. There was the newsgroup and there was CC Zone — the places for all your CC needs. One of those needs is the need for a Walls of competition in February. This year it's time to explore the levels of CC2 through this lense. Your task is to pick a level from CC2 and use its arrangement of walls to create a new level. You can pick any level from the range #1-#200, then delete anything you want except for any walls, and finally rebuild it into a new level. If you wish, you can also pick another prominent tile in the level and replace it with some other tile exactly. Not all the levels in the set are ideal candidates for this exercise, but with more levels than the other sets we've used, there should still be plenty of choices available for your ideas. I also realize that there are more types of walls in CC2 than there are in CC1, so you can use your own judgement on what to count as a wall. Random 8 is working on a template set for your convenience, so a large thank you in that direction! Some basic notes: Make a level or two for playing in CC2 from the walls of one of the levels in CC2. Send in your submissions to me at valeosote at hotmail dot com. The deadline for the competition is March 3rd where you live. The entries will be judged by chipster1059. THANKS! If you are so inspired, you can also make a CC1 level from the walls, but these levels might not be ranked in the competition. If you have any questions, speak boldly! Enjoy! -Miika Some technical notes:
  8. I too enjoyed these! Highlights for me were September Pumpkin and Seeing the Superior Color, plus maybe Not Aargh. Thanks for sharing!
  9. M11k4

    Micro Chips

    I posted a few comments on Discord, but might as well copy them here... I played through the set. Very fun. Didn't solve Mix Up yet, as the blue key was erased in Lynx. The time limits were stricter in most levels than I might have set them, but I got used to that and it was a fun part of the whole set. However, for a few levels the time limit was particularly strict in Lynx due to timing differences, which I would suggest revisiting: Eeny Miny Moe, Block Out, Skelzie, at least; then next Sampler, Three Doors, Traffic Cop; and maybe finally Partial Post, Deepfreeze, Paranoia and Metastable to Chaos. I also wouldn't have minded if Writers Block would have had a few more chips required, since it was untimed. Refraction might have been ok with just one blue button, but that's just one detail. In general I really enjoyed all the ways you handled the levels, keeping the concepts very recognizable and focusing on what the essence of a level usually was. My favorites in the set were: Tossed Salad, Knot, Ladder, Road Sign, Doublemaze, Pentagram, Mind Block. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I played through most of these levels and took a look at the tougher ones in an editor. I'm no expert designer myself, but I can tell you what kind of things came to mind when I was playing your levels. Here are some first impressions Short tutorial (the first one). I liked this. A fine start to the set. Two Gliders. And then we get to some complexities. The puzzle is nice, though the red key red herring is not something that really enhances it. I don't know what the trapped Glider is for. I wouldn't mind seeing more levels like this. Getting outside. This was a bit too complicated for me, particularly as a third level. I like trying a set blind, and the first few levels are the ones I focus on the most. They give me an impression of what to expect from the rest of the set. If you're making stuff like this that take me a long time to solve, I rather jump ahead and pick the best ones to use my time on. 18 buttons. I really enjoyed this concept. I even tried making a level myself that would borrow it, but just throwing together rooms didn't end up too great. Your level doesn't make things too difficult, and I feel there is potential here. The hint says you don't like this level, but I think it could be improved greatly by just changing the ending mechanism. Why do you require the player to go through the traps twice? To make sure the Gliders really are already in a loop? Still, there are better ways to do this. The first thing that comes to my mind, is having a corridor of bombs, Chip goes through a pop-up, presses a tank button, tanks move onto traps, and as the traps open, they destroy the bombs. This way Chip is not trapped in the traps himself, and it's enough to trigger the buttons once at any point instead of exactly when Chip is in the corresponding trap. (And if you want to require pressing the traps twice, you can make two waves of tanks.) Hopefully that makes sense, and maybe instead of fixing this level I'd like to see a sequel that refines the concept. Suspicious looking level. Not much to say about this one. It's an item swapper that you have to think about. The buttons aren't situated in a way that makes it easy to deduce what each one does. I like hiding the hint, but still all walls as blue is a bit bland. Water all around. Ice Cavern. Skipped these one, sorry. I do wonder about how you are capitalizing your level names. And while on that topic, some of the level names are not memorable, so maybe spend a little more time on those when you make a level you like. There's a whole page for this on the wiki, or you can ask on Discord for inspiration. Monster exchange. I liked this puzzle. (It's the only one I remember seeing a preview of on Discord, plus a section of Dottet holes). If only the game allowed for more trap connections, this would be a cool concept to use in a longer level, with small puzzles building to a larger one. As it is, this could work well as one section of a larger level, though having it as it's own level is fine too. Dungeon. I skipped this one. When there's a lot going on on the map, it's just easier for me to move on and see if I like other levels more. An unpleasant journey. A fine dodging level. Not too easy, but also not too long. Doesn't work in Lynx due to the blue key (and the buried tile you added), but you could swap colors around and get it working, though then you should also rework the trap area too. (It works fine with just one Fireball, and in Lynx the other one escapes so another fix for that could be to change the surrounding dirt so it ends up elsewhere than it does now.) Chaotic session. This looks like one of those levels that I wouldn't like, but as I played it I found it clever though a little too tricky. I would have liked it more if it had been half as short, as once I figured out one side of the level and then attacked the other one and died, I pretty much had forgotten how the first side worked. Down the slopes. Some interesting stuff here. I was a bit disappointed with the final trap/cook when I got stuck at (31,15). WHY? There was no fun in that. But I did enjoy the puzzle. Dottet holes. This looks really clever and it is. But there are so many sections that all require such precision. Why not split these all up into smaller levels? What's wrong with small clever levels? I didn't work through all of this yet. Short tutorial. I like sequels to levels, but at least give them a new name. This was too complicated for me to play without a map, so I went on to the next one. Machine out of control. I really liked this one. This is a sort of slow dodging chaos that I haven't really seen. The structure was good too, allowing me to pick which way I went, and having two sections. This built up excitement to reach the second section well, and having more could have been too much. Vacation on blue island. Didn't get to this one yet. Fuse. I looked at this in the editor for 15 minutes and didn't get far along. It's really complicated and looks like everything needs to be done very precisely. The concept looks cool though. I'm just confused on how to do everything I need to do, and where exactly I needed to go. When are blocks used on traps and when are they for bombs and when are they used for deflecting Fireballs? Not sure if this needs any fixing or anything, just telling you the things that were enough to throw me off. Eating Mushrooms. The time limit was pretty strict. If you really want someone to solve the puzzle on their first attempt, don't add so much stuff that does nothing. But it looks good, so I would rather see a higher time limit. So far I have enjoyed the levels. Many of them were pretty difficult and had a lot going on. I will gladly play a difficult level, but if you can tone down some of the visual complexity, that would be welcome. Don't always use all the tiles. Use a bit more space in your rooms. Get to the meat of the puzzle. While you had some cool ideas and clever little rooms, your best levels were the ones where the objective was clear because then those ideas were on display more. I will gladly play more of those. Thanks for sharing!
  11. We kick-off 2019 with a competition from 2018! The levels are Singapore and Rainbow Refraction by chipster1059 and Ihavenoname248 respectively. You may have already seen them from the latest create comp, but I thought they were fun enough to use here too. A few quick things to get you started: Deadline for the competition is February 3rd where you live. Please send your submissions to me at valeosote at hotmail dot com. The competition is in Lynx mode, but you can send in MS solutions as well. (Share your Super CC route too for fun.) At the end of the year we've usually announced when a competition is the last one in the current Chip Cup, but as we didn't do that last month, I feel we should still include this competition in last year's Chip Cup. Here's your last chance to improve your standings! (There are some changes coming to how these points will be handled in the future, so these will most likely also count for the new Chip Cup too.) I'm not copy/pasting the rest of the technical details this time from previous competitions, so ask if you have any questions. Enjoy! -Miika
  12. Results! Anonymous - not ranked - (Sna Lad, Was Spa, Cvs, DnQ) Though the name "Was Spa" is pretty neat, I hope this naming convention doesn't take catch on. But who made these and why are these ranked last... I was going to make a joke about an entrant wanting to remain anonymous and I can't give you Chip Cup points as a result, but I think I've used similar jokes before. I made these levels myself. I was just embarrassed to admit I made so many. I guess I just liked the theme. (but let's not make it a habit to send in levels under false names) M11k4 - 7th place - 5pts - (Mini Pearl Diving, Mini Checkers, Mini Game, Avalanche for Dummies) Of these levels, I like Mini Checkers the most. You can see from these that I was aiming for something very simplistic when I was thinking of the theme. I'm still happy to have gotten so many quality levels from others even though they were not this simple, even though they were simpler than the originals. That's CCLP3 for you ElaineSpencer - 6th place - 6pts - (Annoying Blob) This is a fun modification of the original level. It's also solvable in both rule sets without any luck required. However, I'm not sure how much simpler this is than the original. There's one fewer bomb than before, so I guess it's two thirds simpler. This would be a good fit for CCLP3 Blobs edition. I'm happy you joined in the fun though! geodave - 5th place - 7pts - (Suspended Animé) This level certainly takes the concept from the original and makes it much simpler. Collect chips, boots and keys, then things start moving when you are heading to the exit. The layout is very straight-forward, which can be seen as either the lack of a puzzling task to accomplish or as a way to keep things easily digestible. Indyindeed - 4th place - 8pts - (Knockturn Alley, In Deepest Slumber) Two level names that relate to each other. A subconscious expression of a tired designer, or completely intentional play on words? The first is a cool combination being inspired by Maginot Line and the walls of Gate Keeper. I think the structure here has potential to be a fun task, but I personally would have simplified some parts to make the whole a bit more elegant. It's a very enjoyable level though. For the second one, again you built a mechanism from one level into the walls of another. I think this is a better tactic when both levels were well-loved, but here I'm not sure what the end result is. I didn't not enjoy playing this though, so I feel you have the makings of a good designer in you and just need some practice to let your ideas shine. RB3ProKeys - 3rd place - 10pts - (After the Avalanche) I like this. Of course I like this, as Avalanche is my favorite level. But it's a hard concept to recreate correctly. Here you end up with seven rooms (so it's not too big), but you add the element of losing a some blocks on the way so there aren't always that many to move, plus rooms have more than one block in them anyway, so there is less rooms to get through as well. The design works fine, with a few things even sticking out as cool (like the ff stuff). This level leaves me wanting more, so you did something very right. chipster1059 - 2nd place - 12pts - (Toggle Box, Flame Mixture, Singapore) Toggle Box level could have been even smaller and better for it, which really shows that the original went too far. Having said that, I found the structure of this one to not be quite as interesting nor did it flow quite as well in the individual sections. I am left feeling I'd like to see an even simpler version of this level, yet I fine entry none the less. In Flame Mixture we have a mixture of Map the Path and Dolly Mixture, with a hint of Flame Thrower. On the surface this sounds like a good recipe, but does it leave a good taste? I think requiring all the chips is a mistake, as it leads to game play at the end of the level that does not feel like any of its inspirations. The size might be about right, but just a bit smaller and a few fewer monsters would also have been ok. I'd get rid of the hint as well. I think you cooked up a good cake that we just need to bake a bit more to allow all the flavors shine. I think you hit it out of the part with Singapore! It feels very much like Tool Box but is smaller without being trivial. The choices are cool and I can see myself enjoying this even when I need to play it again for the Time Trial Ihavenoname248 - 1st place - 15pts - (Spiraling Out of Control, Qualification Circuit, Rainbow Refraction) For Spiraling Out of Control, I like the twist on this concept, but man did win end up with a level that's still on the long side of things. Maybe I think that because my expectations for this competition were different than what some of these concepts required. I'm still happy this level exists, and it is a fine show case of how you know how to execute on a concept. Qualification Circuit I enjoyed playing. You took the concept and made it your own. Though the level is smaller than Grand Prix, it's still very complicated. Is there any way you could simplify it a bit? Let's get rid of some of the teleport stuff, shall we? I see that they are inspired from the original, but they don't add anything good to this level. I do like the puzzles though; they flow smoothly and the use of space is efficient. Rainbow Refraction level is everything I wanted from this competition! Thanks for creating it for me It is more complicated than I thought people would aim for, but everything is just as it should be. A very well deserved first place for just this level. I believe this seals the Chip Cup 2018 in your name, with a whooping four wins in the year! Congrats! I haven't updated the set yet with the designer credits, but I'll get to that. I wouldn't mind if a few of the levels were still updated, perhaps incorporating some of the feedback. I just like these levels a lot and wouldn't mind seeing them honed a bit more Thanks again to all participants! I'm sure we'll have more great competitions this year! ...like the January 2019 Time Trial, which will still be part of last year's Chip Cup apparently... -Miika EDIT: also, for the mini create, everyone (that's Indyindeed, geodave, chipster1059, Flareon350, Ihavenoname248, M11k4) are awarded 5 Chip Cup points!
  13. Results... coming soon. Really. I've uploaded the products of the mini create comp in a single set: I'm glad you guys responded well to the concept, and even I got carried away a bit and made a bunch of levels. There are some real gems in here that stand completely on their own as levels. But you can still make more! I'd like to see 9x9 versions of at least these still made: Toggle Bust Map the Path Everybody Get Dangerous Vulcan Road Block Stress Fracture We'll Be Right Back Rotation Mudpie Diabolical Of course anything else that inspires you is fine too. I enjoyed seeing the different versions different people made based on the same level, so don't be afraid to share your take on something that's already been made. Do share what you think of the levels when you play them! EDIT: forgot to add the preview for some of my own contrivances...
  14. miniCCLP3 View File Here are some levels inspired by CCLP3 that were made for the October 2018 Mini Create Competition. The concept was to "make about a 9x9 (or a shape that is as small as appropriate for the level) version of a level in CCLP3." People who sumitted levels include: Indyindeed geodave chipster1059 Flareon350 Ihavenoname248 M11k4 As of this first release, the set contains 45 levels, based on a quarter of the full set. Honestly, these were fun to work on. Thanks for everyone for taking part! And you know what? You can still join in and make more of these (send them to me!), and perhaps in some future on some possible time line, there exists a full set of CCLP3 made out of mini versions of levels Submitter M11k4 Submitted 01/05/2019 Category Competitions  
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    Version (0.45)


    Here are some levels inspired by CCLP3 that were made for the October 2018 Mini Create Competition. The concept was to "make about a 9x9 (or a shape that is as small as appropriate for the level) version of a level in CCLP3." People who sumitted levels include: Indyindeed geodave chipster1059 Flareon350 Ihavenoname248 M11k4 As of this first release, the set contains 45 levels, based on a quarter of the full set. Honestly, these were fun to work on. Thanks for everyone for taking part! And you know what? You can still join in and make more of these (send them to me!), and perhaps in some future on some possible time line, there exists a full set of CCLP3 made out of mini versions of levels
  16. CCZ-TT-1901.ccl View File Here are the two levels used for the January 2019 Time Trial. Singapore by chipster1059 Rainbow Refraction by Ihavenoname248 Check the thread for more details! (...like that the competition is part of the 2018 Chip Cup and it is run in Lynx!) Submitter M11k4 Submitted 01/04/2019 Category Competitions  
  17. Version (1.0)


    Here are the two levels used for the January 2019 Time Trial. Singapore by chipster1059 Rainbow Refraction by Ihavenoname248 Check the thread for more details! (...like that the competition is part of the 2018 Chip Cup and it is run in Lynx!)
  18. M11k4

    Miika's scores

    CCLP3: #147: 512 (+20, bc, tyJBL, Avalanche) L#147: 503 L (+17, b+7, Avalanche) Was off to bed when posting, but promised to edit in some comments: This was quite a thing. I've been lucky to have worked on three intense levels this fall and all of them have produced what I was hoping for. Well, in this case we fell one move short of the next second in MS, but did improve the other side of the fence. I remember working on Avalanche over six years ago, and I did get the records back then. I wasn't the first to attempt it, but I still managed a significant jump in the score (+49s). There are two main solutions to the level and it's not easy to gauge which 'direction' is quicker. Even pieguy expressed to me that he wondered which direction I chose, but didn't actually want to hear the answer before he had a chance to try it himself. Which he did half a year later, and beat my score by a good margin (+9s). I asked him if he had any idea what I might have been missing (though we didn't share routes; I was just wondering in general if he knew there was some trick I missed), and he only answered that there's probably more seconds available in the final room. I accepted that guess but I couldn't believe it was only that, because missing nine seconds in one room would be a lot, and I had put a lot of work into each transition. I had actually only worked on one of the solutions and it turns out I went the wrong way. (It turns out I was missing about three seconds in the final room for a best known solution in that direction of 495, which equals the score I managed to put together in the other direction before we started sharing routes.) A couple of years later, J.B. came around to the level. I should ask about his side of the story, but here's how I remember it. It wasn't easy to score 500+ so he was talking to pieguy about it. Maybe he got to like 505 on his own (which was b+2 at the time), but pieguy helped him out with the ending. He had worked out a very efficient final room and shared that. That, along with finding small improvements elsewhere gave JB the current record of 512. He wanted to know if more was possible so he shared the route with me. We made an unusual deal, where if I found even a small improvement in the route (not necessarily worth the next second), we'd report the score as a joint bold. I looked at the solution, but JB's work seemed solid and I told him he was good to go. I didn't take the time to execute the score myself right away, so it took three years for this confirm. I had been both a bit afraid of the boosts in the final room and I wanted to have a chance for a fresh look at the level. I did find [3] more this time around, but we still haven't cracked 513. I took a good stab at Lynx though, first finding b+2 and then b+4 and being pretty happy about that. This was all based on the MS route, and I concentrated my efforts in squeezing out as many block slaps as I could, mainly in the final room. I told JB I'd share whatever I found with him, and we struck a new deal that if he found anything more that I missed, this could still be a joint bold. So I took a final pass at the level and did find improvements that gave me three more seconds for a 503 score. Before I get into what we'll do next, here's a clarification of where we stand now. The MS route was put together by JB with a little bit of help from pieguy. (I assume pieguy also has the route.) JB shared this solution with me three years ago, and I finally executed it. I put more effort into the Lynx transfer of this route, and along the way I found [3] more that also helps in MS but falls [1] short of a new record. JB will soon confirm the Lynx score. If he finds any improvements (before the year is out) this score may yet be a joint record. We hope to some day score 513. We also want to help others get to the finish line on this one, but want to find the right way to do that. We talked about setting a threshold, so if you score a certain amount by yourself, we'd share the bold route and you wouldn't have to eek out everything by yourself. We didn't settle on anything, but 490, 500, and 505 could all work, depending on the difficulty desired. Another way would be to release just the method for the final room and let you do the rest. Or to post hints on what to do. Or to just release the full solution publicly so everyone can see the cool stuff happen. These all have merits, and some of the reasons aren't fully clear if you don't know the route(s). Right now, we're still working this out. For me, the reasons to let you do some of the work comes down to letting you enjoy that moment of discovery. There's more to this level than just pushing blocks optimally in each transition. (Why were the first records so much slower?) Try it yourself! Overall, I've had a blast with this level. I hope you can enjoy it too. Some day I will record the 'long solution' with some commentary. And maybe get that one last move from somewhere... -Miika
  19. I opened this topic expecting a download of a modified version of Tile World where sounds were permanently disabled.
  20. You guys are killing this! Remember to send me the files so I can compile them into one download for everyone
  21. Results time!!! ...almost :-) Sometimes I get requests to see the levels as quickly as possible, so that's what we're doing today. I arranged the levels in order of which levels they are based off and uploaded them in the downloads here. You can try to guess who made what until I'll type out some results, maybe next week. I played all the levels and enjoyed so many of them. (Don't look at the levels in an editor before trying them. There's twenty of them, though we only had about seven participants.) I was very happy to have submissions from new participants too! But wait, there's more! I was looking through CCLP3 and I still want to see more levels made into smaller versions. This past competition was about making a simpler version of a level, but let's start a Mini Create Competition that is similar but not quite: Your task is to make about a 9x9 (or a shape that is as small as appropriate for the level) version of a level in CCLP3. You can directly post screenshots of your creations here in the thread. (You can also send the levels directly to me on Discord, for example, so I don't have to recreate them from the pics.) As with most other mini competitions, this one is open for a week from posting this message. I'd like to see versions of at least these levels: Blue Moon Blue Blocks Jaywalker Damp Bustin' Out Lazy Hourglass MonsterMaze Dolly Mixtures Flame Thrower Patchwork Map the Path Mud and Water Fireball Tourism Which One Next? Pac Man Red, Green and Blue Wireframe Investment Who's Left? Construct-a-Maze Bug Arranging Everybody Get Dangerous Vulcan Vague Dream + Recurring Dream Open up your editors and let's make this happen! Be sure to also play the levels posted and give your opinions (for both competitions). Tell me what you think! -Miika
  22. CC Zone October 2018 Create Levels Packaged View File Here are the levels submitted to the October 2018 Create Competition - Simple as CCLP3. This first version does not contain designer information, so you can form your opinions on the levels before that and the results are revealed. Thanks to all participants! Thanks for playing too! Hope you enjoy! Submitter M11k4 Submitted 11/13/2018 Category Competitions  
  23. Version 1.1.0


    Here are the levels submitted to the October 2018 Create Competition - Simple as CCLP3. This first version does not contain designer information, so you can form your opinions on the levels before that and the results are revealed. We had about seven people make a total of about twenty levels. They are ordered in this set according to the order of their inspirations in CCLP3. Thanks to all participants! Thanks for playing too! Be sure to share your takes on the levels! Hope you enjoy!
  24. This sounds good! Thanks Tyler for taking the lead on this
  25. M11k4

    Miika's scores

    CCLXP2 # 23: 256 L (+1, b, Traps I *) CCLXP2 # 24: 301 L (+22, b, Sudden Death *) CCLXP2 # 28: 268 L (+23, b, Madness I LX) CCLXP2 # 45: 132 L (+3, b, Breaking the Rules *) CCLXP2 # 72: 440 L (+240, b+9, Checkerboard I *) (this will do for now) CCLXP2 # 81: 309 L (+0, b-2, Just Enough *) (couldn't be bothered to get more just yet) CCLXP2 #105: 193 L (+66, b+4, Yet Another Puzzle LX) (thought you guys would've learned to block slap by now) CCLXP2 #124: 223 L (+51, b+1, Paramecia *) (thanks for leaving me something) CCLXP2 #133: 815 L(+90, b, Block Maze *) CCLXP2 #139: 367 L (+25, b, Frostbite LX)
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