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  1. CCZoneTT.dat

    This set collects all the levels used for Time Trials. It was initially compiled by Tom Patten, but now kept up to date by Miika Toukola. New levels will be added in here for your convenience. This set is also included in the Goodie Bag, though that version might not always be quite as recent as this one. You can also get a ccx file for this set in that release.
    So far the set contains 94 levels that have been used for competitions, some more than once. The designers of the levels included have been
    Tom P
    Andrew R
    Dave V
    J.B. L
    Josh L
    Rock G
    Ben H
    random 8
    Miika T
    James A
    Thanks to all of the above, as well as anyone who participated in the competitions. Without you, this set would be pretty meaningless



  2. Miika Makes Magic

    I finally put together some CC2 levels. There are 16 levels here for now. I wasn't sure if I should call it something like Fairfair or Provingrounds, so I just went with something which could contain in my own name for once.
    The first two are actual levels that are not ported from CC1. However, neither puzzle was completely created by myself. (see the first two preview pictures) Thanks to pieguy for allowing me to play around with his design from years ago. For the other one, I didn't try to ask for approval. 
    Most of the rest of the levels are simple ports from my CC1 levels. They are not my best CC1 levels, but the ones that were both easy to port and I liked for some reason. I also threw in three levels I had made and released for CC2 create competitions, mainly to have them in one place (and I don't plan on releasing many CC2 sets).
    I guess I submit these levels to be included in CC2LP1. More importantly, I hope you take a quick look and see if there is something here that could give you a few moments of enjoyment, puzzlement and escapism.
    Hope you enjoy!



  3. miniCCLP3

    Here are some levels inspired by CCLP3 that were made for the October 2018 Mini Create Competition.
    The concept was to "make about a 9x9 (or a shape that is as small as appropriate for the level) version of a level in CCLP3."
    People who sumitted levels include:

    As of this first release, the set contains 45 levels, based on a quarter of the full set. Honestly, these were fun to work on. Thanks for everyone for taking part! And you know what? You can still join in and make more of these (send them to me!), and perhaps in some future on some possible time line, there exists a full set of CCLP3 made out of mini versions of levels



  4. CCZ-TT-1901.ccl

    Here are the two levels used for the January 2019 Time Trial.
    Singapore by chipster1059
    Rainbow Refraction by Ihavenoname248
    Check the thread for more details! (...like that the competition is part of the 2018 Chip Cup and it is run in Lynx!)



  5. CC Zone October 2018 Create Levels Packaged

    Here are the levels submitted to the October 2018 Create Competition - Simple as CCLP3.

    This first version does not contain designer information, so you can form your opinions on the levels before that and the results are revealed.
    We had about seven people make a total of about twenty levels. They are ordered in this set according to the order of their inspirations in CCLP3.

    Thanks to all participants! Thanks for playing too! Be sure to share your takes on the levels!
    Hope you enjoy!



  6. CCLXP2.dat

    CCLXP2 is finally here!
    This is CCLP2 modified for Lynx by the community. The beta version of this set was released last year, and here is a game play update that should be final. There are still plans for including better documentation but no more changes to levels are planned.
    Included here in the zip is a rough ccx file and dac file and short readme, but you can also download just the set itself. Thanks to all the people who made this possible!
    -Miika and the CCLXP2 Team


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  7. CC Zone February 2018 Create Levels Packaged

    These are the levels submitted for the
    February 2018 Create Competition - Walls of CCLP4
    Check out the thread for more details, like list of levels and designers.



  8. CC Zone Survival

    When the Fireballs take over, how long can you survive?
    When the Blocks go crazy, how long can you survive?
    When your fortress is overrun, how long can you survive?
    This set contains the Survival levels that have been used for competitions.
    -Cauldron, by Lessinath, from September 2012
    -Block Madness, by Lessinath, from April 2013
    -Underground Fortress, by Lessinath, from April 2013
    -Dance of Death, by Lessinath, from April 2013
    -Perpetual Motion, by M11k4, from October 2014
    -Impending Demise, by Lessinath, from October 2017
    Warning! This set is not for the light-hearted. The objective in each level is to survive without dying or possibly cooking the level. For the sake of your mental health, it is not actually recommended that you even attempt these levels.
    You can find more information on the competitions in their respective threads in the competitions sub-forum. A great big thank you to Lessinath for coming up with so many of these levels!
    I would say 'enjoy', but with this set it's more appropriate to wish you well!



  9. CCZ-TT-1710.ccl

    Here are two levels for you to compete with, and a bonus level that shows the inspiration for the first level.
    17.5 A - Bargain Brinks by lookatthis and Miika
    17.5 B - Time Trial Mix III by Miika (kind of)
    Bonus: Brinks by lookatthis (#41 of 60_Minutes.dat)
    This time we are primarily competing in MS, but your Lynx solutions are always welcome as well!
    For more details on the competition, check out its thread.



  10. The Five Rooms

    This set was compiled from the submissions to the April 2017 Create Competition.
    Participants were provided by a template of five rooms to build upon.
    The set contains various combinations of these rooms:
    Levels #2 - #7 combine rooms from different designers into new creations.
    #2 - Esteemed Entanglements - these are some of my favorite rooms combined.
    #3 - Desiccated Depository - more great rooms put together.
    #4 - Awesome Amalgamation - these rooms in turn were a bit simpler in concept.
    #5 - Fused Furnishings - after the other rooms were spoken for, these were left to be used.
    #6 - Calculated Conglomeration - these rooms were perhaps the trickiest ones.
    #7 - Backbreaking Bananas - while these might still be the hardest ones.
    Levels #8 - #13 are each made by one designer. The individual rooms are repeats from above.
    #8 - One Hundred Candle Bonfire - by James
    #9 - Unlicensed Archaeology - by Ihavenoname248
    #10 - Testing Room A: Subject #2357 - by RB3ProKeys
    #11 - The Full Dave - by geodave
    #12 - Dodgy Dodging - by rubenspaans
    #13 - Miika's Five Rooms - by M11k4
    Levels #15 - #47 are the rooms separately. You can thus practice them or build your own combinations.
    Levels #49 - #53 are the templates that can be used to build completely new rooms.
    Thanks to all who made something for this set! Check out the thread for more details on the competition and set. All feedback is appreciated. You can even make your own challenges and combinations of rooms and still send them to me for a possible future release.



  11. CCZ-TT-1705.ccl

    Here are two levels for you to compete with, and a bonus level that shows the inspiration for the second level.
    17.4 A - Frozen Polyominoes by Miika Toukola
    17.4 B - Linked Lite by lookatthis and Miika
    Bonus: Linked by lookatthis (#26 of 60_Minutes.dat)
    This time we are primarily competing in Lynx, but your MS solutions will be interesting to see as well.
    For more details on the competition, check out its thread.



  12. CCZ-TT-1704.ccl

    The levels for the April 2017 Time Trial.
    Not Random - by SugarHue123 and Miika Toukola (three versions of this level, #1, #3, #5)
    Dissenter - by Miika Toukola, inspired by Tom Patten (two versions of this level, #2, #4)
    Also, the templates for the April 2017 Create Competition are included in this file (levels #7-11).
    Check the competitions subforum for threads on both these competitions!
    UPDATE: the final room in the first level proved to be too annoying, so the update removed two of the pink balls there from the monster list. Previous solutions should not be affected, nor anything in Lynx, but now in MS the level is slightly more reasonable.



  13. minicomp

    Here's a file with some levels for mini time trials. Perhaps eventually this will grow large enough that we can post it on pieguy's site
    So far the levels in here are:
    Fool's Gold__ - by Flareon350____ - July 2016 Mini Time Trial
    Twice the Fun - by M11k4_________ - January 2017 Mini Time Trial
    Choice Tools_ - by Ihavenoname248 - March 2017 Mini Time Trial



  14. February 2017 Create Levels Packaged

    The levels submitted for the February 2017 Create Competition - Walls of CCLP1.
    You can find the list of levels in the thread or just open the file yourself
    Thanks to everyone who submitted their creations!



  15. December 2016 Create Levels Packaged

    This set contains all the levels submitted to the December 2016 Create Competition - Movie Madness.
    Flight of the Prince by Ihavenoname248
    No One Can Tell You by geodave
    Aliens in a Cargo Bay by rubenspaans
    Thanks for participating! Find more info on the competition in its own thread.
    The plan is to eventually include all these levels and ones from similar sets in the Competition Goodie Bag. Keep your eyes open!



  16. CCZ-TT-1703.ccl

    Two levels by Ihavenoname248 for the March 2017 Time Trial.
    Encased, Just in Case - chips are all along a maze, but what's the fastest way to pick them up, particularly considering you can talk short cuts through the walls?
    Deflection Field - find a dozen chips, dodge some balls, and make your way to the Exit.
    For further details on the competition itself, check out its thread.



  17. CCZ-TT-1702.ccl

    Here are the levels for the February 2017 Time Trial.
    What Lies Beneath (by Ihavenoname248)
    The Half-Living Corpse (by BlazingApollo, shortened by Miika)
    Check the thread for more details, as they come available. Hope you enjoy!



  18. CCZ-TT-1612.ccl

    The levels for the December 2016 Time Trial, by Ihavenoname248. Check the thread for details!



  19. CCZ-TT-1605.ccl

    Welcome to the May 2016 Time Trial!
    The two levels in this set are:
    16.2 A - Off the Humble Shelf - by Miika Toukola
    16.2 B - Time Trial Mix II - by Miika Toukola, compiled from pieces by Tom P and SugarHue123
    Play them, send your solutions, and wait for the results. More info here.



  20. CCZ-TH-1604

    Can you steal the Cross of Coronado and get away with it?
    Points are awarded in this fashion for gathering items:
    chip - 1 point
    blue key - 5 points
    red key - 8 points
    yellow key - 9 points
    green key - 15 points
    opening a lock or socket - 0 points
    However, this artifact comes with a curse and there is a twist!
    It is not always the person who gets away with the treasure
    who ultimately is the best treasure hunter. In fact, the winner
    of the competition is the one who comes closest without
    scoring the most points. You may enter up to three times,
    but better get to it before the train passes by without you!
    For more information, check out the actual thread!



  21. February 2016 Create Levels Packaged

    These are the levels from the February 2016 Create Competition.
    Gnome & The Trouble with Mirrors by chipster1059
    The Salt Mines & Solitary Refinement & Mathematical Mastermind by Ihavenoname248
    Mental Marvel Monastery & Tropical Hibiscus & Fire is My Enemy by Flareon350
    Coda Liabli & Cornerstone by KeyboardWielder
    Tesseract & Sonic Resonance by RB3ProKeys
    Ice Block Corner by M11k4
    The levels are based on the wall arrangements from CCLP3. Thanks to all the participants!



  22. CCZone 2015 December Create Levels Packaged

    Here are the levels submitted to the December 2015 Create Competition - First Impressions.
    The levels included here are:
    Do you even lift? by random 8
    Infiltration and Escape by chipster1059
    No Refunds by RB3ProKeys
    Diametric Opposition by Ihavenoname248
    Waltz of the Kerosene Fire Fairies by Cyberdog
    Holiday Trail by Flareon350
    Walk in the Part by Syzygy
    The Emperor's New Level by random 8
    Connections by Ihavenoname248
    The Hills in Winter by chipster1059
    Romper Room by Syzygy
    Twenty Chips by Syzygy
    Mouse Trap by Syzygy
    Midterms by Syzygy
    Last Minute by RB3ProKeys
    "Yet" by KeyboardWielder
    Thanks to all participants! Check the thread for more the results and other details, including a long video of how we got this ranking.



  23. CC-TT-1215.ccl

    Two levels for the December 2015 Time Trial:
    15.8 A - Seven is Not Nine
    15.8 B - Point Break
    Check the thread for details on the competition
    (This download is a zip file that also includes two dac files. If you just want the ccl file, click on the first version on the right.)



  24. funfair0

    Welcome to enjoy the pain that is funfair0!
    This set contains 25 (plus one) new levels and a bunch of bonus levels that I've made for CC Zone over the years. I do not recommend this to be played in order and blind, so sneak a preview in the editor to pick which level you might like to try. I'm pretty sure there is something here for everyone, though I think not all the levels are for everyone.
    There are many levels with pop-up walls. There are some mazes. There are lots of puzzles. All the main levels work in both MS and Lynx, though sometimes with different solutions. I also enjoy sequels, so there are a couple in here and more in the works.
    This set is about half done compared to how I envisioned it originally. I also started a competition that involves solving some of the levels. The first 26 levels may be used for CCLP4, and if someone likes some of the other levels, I will not mind if they are used too, but they should be nominated by someone first (or however that may work). (I actually think some of the later levels are some of my best work, but they have already been featured in the competitions in some way, so I am not sure if they are the right levels to include in a CCLP4, so that's why I'm not making that call myself.)
    I love to hear any feedback and reactions to the levels. Thank you in advance!




  25. April 2015 Create Competition Levels Packaged

    Happy Birthday Noomi!
    This set collects all the levels submitted for the April 2015 Create Competition. These will be played and judged by my 10-year-old daughter Noomi. Here is a list of the designers (in order of receiving submissions), and I will reveal who made which level once the results are announced. (I will also update this set afterwards.)
    J.B. Lewis
    The levels are ordered by me after playing them. I placed a level from each participant at the start of the set, (these were mostly the easier levels,) and the rest later on. Hopefully this will be a fair way to experience them when judging. I made some small changes to a few of the levels, some of which might be just for this edition. One such thing was translating several (though not all) of the hints to Finnish. (I did not change any of the level names.)
    I usually thank all participants for the submissions, but this time I really want to thank you from deep within for helping me make something special for my daughter. THANK YOU!
    UPDATE: ver 2.0 now reflects the rankings that Noomi decided on. See the thread for more details



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