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  1. I posted a few comments on Discord, but might as well copy them here...
    I played through the set. Very fun. Didn't solve Mix Up yet, as the blue key was erased in Lynx. The time limits were stricter in most levels than I might have set them, but I got used to that and it was a fun part of the whole set. However, for a few levels the time limit was particularly strict in Lynx due to timing differences, which I would suggest revisiting:
    Eeny Miny Moe, Block Out, Skelzie, at least;
    then next Sampler, Three Doors, Traffic Cop;
    and maybe finally Partial Post, Deepfreeze, Paranoia and Metastable to Chaos.
    I also wouldn't have minded if Writers Block would have had a few more chips required, since it was untimed. Refraction might have been ok with just one blue button, but that's just one detail. In general I really enjoyed all the ways you handled the levels, keeping the concepts very recognizable and focusing on what the essence of a level usually was.

    My favorites in the set were: Tossed Salad, Knot, Ladder, Road Sign, Doublemaze,  Pentagram, Mind Block.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. AndrewR1

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    I posted comments on all the levels in your feedback thread. Here's the summary I wrote there as well:


     Your set is not terrible. I like some of the levels, and you clearly have great ideas in many of them. Some of your design choices feel old school and aren't as player friendly as many current levels are. I like that the set is not too large, so I haven't minded playing through it a few times. The difficulty varies and doesn't get too bad. I like that you have made it work in both Lynx and MS. The set has a few too many ice levels for my taste, but otherwise it has a nice mix of monsters and puzzles. I wouldn't mind recommending this set to someone, and I am interested in seeing what might come in AndrewR2!

  3. As of the 'final update' of 4/2/13 not all the levels are solvable in Lynx. Josh approved some changes to my own version when I solved the set for myself, but the issues remain in this download. So if you are interested in playing this in Lynx, you can try asking me what I did to some of the levels so you can enjoy it that way too! :)

    (If it's ever updated, I'll rate this download five stars :) )

  4. CC1 Lynx TWS

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    Note to other downloaders: though random 8 used the file that comes with Tile World (called cc-lynx.dac) to play the levels, it seems it was modified to not contain "fixlynx=yes". To see all the solutions, you need to make sure your copy doesn't either, or else some passwords do not match among other conflicts.

  5. TS0

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    I like these puzzles. I was expecting them to be a bit easier though, seeing as the name was TS 0 and not TS 2, but for me they were fine. I'll also list my favorites of the set:


    #11 - Tunnel Clearance. A clean and fun puzzle.


    #12 - Plug In Baby. A nice variety of not too simple puzzles.


    #13 - Lounge Act. Probably haven't seen the latest version of this, but it's quite the study on partial posting. I think it would fit well as one of the final levels of CCLP4 maybe.


    #17 - Thief, You've Taken All that Was Me. A great thief-themed collection of rooms. The appearing walls were still a bit annoying, but at least they weren't invisible ones. I guess it's a matter of the designer's choice not to split concepts like this into four smaller levels, which I would also find very nice.


    #21 - Propaganda. Sparkman made me include this. (Though I do like the level too)


    #36 - Fireball Adventure. A bit long and at times tricky, but very satisfying in the end.


    Many of the other levels also are fresh on my mind even though it's almost been a year since I played them. I think this speaks of a general sound design, even if I didn't mention them all above. The ones I liked the least were Crete in Winter (#16) and Gimmick Isle Part Deux (#18).



  6. I haven't played MO1 nor MO2, but these levels are supposed to be the best from those. There are some nice compact concepts and all the levels seem to be built without anything totally stupid. The levels are of varying types: pure mazes, crazy critter dodging, block pushing, and logic puzzles. At less than fifty levels I like the length of the set so it doesn't take forever to play, though there are six levels that take longer than four minutes by themselves (which I find to be a suitable percentage). Expect to see a few of these in CCLP1 :-)



  7. JBLP1

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    Recipe for making a great set of levels:

    1) have a sharp young mind

    2) expose it to a cool game like Chip's Challenge

    3) play the game a lot

    4) make some levels

    5) destroy all the levels created so far

    6) play the game a lot and climb up the score boards

    7) make more levels and release them

    8) submit yourself to all forms of critique on the levels

    9) organize a community effort to create a cool set (like CCLP3)

    10) make more levels and reuse old ones to create a set of levels that you are happy with


    If you would like to try a set that is created using this recipe, download this set and enjoy. If not, CC is not the game for you.

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  8. I really liked this set and must confess to playing through it way too quickly. The focus is on monster dodging without needing quick reflexes, and on puzzles that are not overly intricate but still satisfying. The set is full with clever approaches to design concepts without resorting to levels that are full of every type of puzzle at once. I found the difficulty curve satisfying, and the action levels at every decade to be nice refreshments. The time limits were not strict, and there was an unusual amount of untimed levels as well, so it's nice to see a different take on time limits from a designer. The set was great for casual play. It had virtually no hidden information; the randomness was very tolerable and used well; and intricate boosting was never a requirement. Most of the levels also should work quite well for optimizing as well (which is hard to judge without actually trying).


    Here are some of my personal level highlights:


    #29 (Mining for Gold Keys) - I really liked working this level out. There were several places where I really needed to stop and think which way to enter an area, and which blocks could be saved, and in all cases enough information was visible without it being too obvious. And the use of space and tight corridors, obviously with the gravel, has a very cave-like feel to it.


    #32 (Combinations) & #38 (Keyrithmetic) - Enjoyed these puzzles very much. If they get into some CCLP, optimizing will be quite the task :-)


    #46 (Teamwork) - Something about the aesthetics to this level just works. Having the walkers available does make the level a bit too easy, so I felt there was potential for a bit more. Even so, the level was quite recommendable.


    #64 (64 Cell) - Why do I like this? I don't know. I just got stuck for close to two hours playing through it until I had a decent route. Why? I don't know. A big plus is not ever being able to cook the level (well almost, I did push the block against a wall once). Was hoping to see another entry in the series at #81, but I guess that will have to wait for your next set perhaps?


    #82 (Automatic (Caution) Doors) - I loved this level! It's perfect! If I hadn't died once quite early, I might have solved it on my first attempt. That felt great! It combines having to move quickly in places while having as much time as needed to stop and think as well. The concept was executed admirably and the end result is exceptional! The only minus I can think of is to maybe rethink the name since the parentheses look odd.


    #83 (Chip Compactor) - There were several levels with interesting tank arrangements and interactions, which culminate in this original take on tank dodging. I was quite scared heading for the exit, feeling that the tanks will turn too soon and I don't know exaclty where to go, but had to trust that there would be enough time and I did make it!


    #88 (Outwit) - Wonderful name for a surprisingly nice teeth dodging level. Though it obviously took several attempts, I was never frustrated because I could choose a different area to start in if one direction started feeling stale. I always enjoy levels that are modular in this way.




    There were several fun levels that I didn't mention here, so I thoroughly enjoyed myself playing this set. Thanks! Five stars from me, and am waiting for your next set!

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  9. There's only four levels here for now, but they were definitely worth my time. I loved these levels! If you like small thoughtful puzzles, try these out.


    #1 BURN OUT - why is this concept so nice? There's a fireball stream and you simply have to make your way backwards through it like twice. Would like it more if once retrieving the flippers, you'd have to go back to the start and the block would be there to stop the stream. This way you'd have to make your way back a bit further along the stream and you won't have to wait for the last fireballs to drown.


    #2 FWAKOOM - maybe there's some extra waiting here at the beginning, but the other stuff in the level is interesting. I even cloned an extra fireball and was able to complete the level, which is a big plus. And the waiting wasn't bad because you had something to watch, and the level isn't too long afterwards.


    #3 FIREBALL MAZE - This is a great puzzle and really appreciate the first small room and the shape of the other small toggle area. The puzzle is really outstanding! I'm glad you didn't feel the need to cram anything else into this one afterwards (didn't look at the previous version from the older set). Five stars from me for this one!


    #4 RELEASE ME - Very nice concepts here as well. It does require a bit of thinking from the player, so not a beginner's level in that sense. I wouldn't have minded if the level had ended at the toggle doors, because am not sure how much added value there was with the stuff that came at the end. (For example, we already had two parts with block pushing so I'm kind of ready to not need to thing on my feet too much (after the teleport), and releasing the fireball behind the red door seems very simple compared to what was at the beginning.)


    Hope to see more levels added here of the same caliber as these first ones!

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