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  1. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/436-richard-b-cclp4-submissions/ And here they are, my semi-ancient levels which I, in the wake of CCLP4 submission, would like to be considered.
  2. Version v1.4


    Richard B's submissions for CCLP4 voting. Two .dat files are included - can be treated as one level pack, there is no need to assume there is a great difference between the two.
  3. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/348-supercollab-2/ Michael added a Key Colour reference, so I felt it only appropriate to add a Mr McCallahan Presents reference. SPECIAL reference next, anyone? Except ew, SPECIAL.
  4. Version 1.12


    Revision 12 of Piecewise.
  5. I'll have a second go if you don't mind. ;D
  6. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/339-supercollab-2/ Ta-da.
  7. Version 1.5


    'Piecewise' supercollab version 1.5 by zommy08. Ball and block room was added.
  8. I'll add something after the current list has gone. Contact me via Skype once the time has come.
  9. Love it. Just one thing - should any of my levels be picked, please use the name Richard Blaquière instead of Ricky Blaquière. I was about 7 when I created my account on pieguy's site, so I'm stuck with my nickname being my username there.
  10. All Bit Busters Go to Heaven [7] Courtyard [12] Polruan [8] Runaway Train [18] +1 The Snipers [9] -2 Tightrope [6] Green Clear [13]
  11. Might as well guess specifically. 20th January 2017.
  12. icwutudidthar. Nope, not Green Clear.
  13. I mentioned this on the Skype chat half-jokingly, but I'd like to see what you guys think of it - CCLPπ (CCLP pi) - basically a set of ridiculously difficult levels to follow on from where CCLP3 left off with Same Game, Old Frog, Suspended Animation, Avalanche and Mr. McCallahan Presents. This would work well if after CCLP1 we start calling the sets TWLP1, TWLP2 etc. as the CCLPs would get progressively harder and since π is after 3, it would be effectively a grand finale of the CCLPs. What's you guys' opinions on this?
  14. D is for Diabolical, a surprisingly easy CCLP3 level.
  15. I agree completely with your first point - what I believe is that the Bible was written not only to answer questions about the world, but also to teach people how to be good - I mean, if you had the threat of spending eternity in hell with Satan, then you'd be much less inclined to beat that guy up.
  16. Not sure if it's by Josh, but I'd say Out of Order. Either way, mine: - Made by Tom Patten. - Not in any of the voting packs yet (latest one was Umbrella). - There are multiple parts where you use a teleport and it looks like you come out through the same teleport (although it's a different one).
  17. Bumping an old chat just for the lolz. I'm agnostic - for two reasons. Firstly, I believe it is likely that there is some type of deity, whether it be one who currently controls the world or one who created the world and then left it be, however I do not believe in any specific Holy Book. I try to please God, even though I can't decide whether I believe in Him. Secondly, I hate being classified as an atheist, as that gives the connotation of someone who goes around shouting an religious people "There is no God, the Bible is bulls**t!" I don't want to have the connotation that I don't like religious people - some of the nicest people I know are religious - my girlfriend went to Catholic school (even though she's agnostic now) - and some of the people I hate the most are atheists. I don't want to be classified as one of them.
  18. It was a sparse itemswapper called FOUR OF A KIND where you had to walk around the barren landscape to find all the keys, all the doors and a toggle switch. It was decent I suppose - it's the 1st level in my first set - Blaq1.dat (now Blaq1-fixed.dat). The whole set was pretty shite.
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