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  1. Windows 95 Compatibility issues...

  2. Re: CC Zone board has been upgraded

    The awards system is possible. The original developer has worked on it for the new board software. I screen-capped every single award two days ago, so if I have to manually add them all again, that's not a problem.
  3. CC Zone board has been upgraded

    I needed to do it, unfortunately. As a result, some of the custom board features stopped working and I had to remove them. Thankfully, the downloads and the gallery images transferred over without any issues. The awards system might be recoverable, though. Until the third party mod developers develop their modifications for the newest board software, I'm afraid they won't be returning. It sucks, because I really enjoyed the custom profile fields and arcade system. EDIT: The site is barebones again as a result, but all our messages, members, downloads, and images transferred over, so let's see what can be rebuilt.
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