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  1. Ok. I am willing to send over a backup file of the MySQL Database. Someone else needs to take over CC Zone by the end of this month because I'm only paying for January and that's it. UPDATE: Joined the CCBBC Discord server to sort this out. CC Zone will not close down if this is all solved before the deadline.
  2. UPDATE: CC Zone is now moving to a new location. When the transition is complete I will post a link to the new site. Hello everyone, I haven't been in the CC Community for many years now, and this is not an easy thing for me to say without sounding like the bad guy, but I'm going to be brutally honest. I can't keep paying for CC Zone anymore and I'm getting sick and tired of it. I'm always fighting on why I am spending money on something I never use such as this website. My Patreon no longer covers the monthly costs. I don't get alot of money to spend every month nowadays. I am still unemployed and am lucky in this current state to get any paid job. Supposedly there's a website that has replaced CC Zone from what I've been told on Facebook. If that's the case, then tell me why I should keep paying for CC Zone? What benefit does it give me? I make no money running this website anymore. To me, its just expenses for no reason which I could use for food or petrol. The deadline will be 1st February 2020. I'm not paying for this website anymore and that's final. I've had enough and nobody cares anymore. Back everything up while you can. Tom Patten UPDATE: I am willing to negotiate for someone to take over CC Zone before the end of the month. After that, I am putting my foot down on this for good. This is not a joke.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    A less offensive level I previously made in Chip's Challenge 2. Open the "CircleSwivel" ZIP file and extract the "CircleSwivel" folder into the "games" folder of Chip's Challenge 2.
  4. No, they were all deleted in September 2013. Everything onwards was legit. I chose not to touch CC Zone again until voting was over to avoid temptation.
  5. There has always been this huge chip on my shoulder for many years, so I have decided to come clean about what truly happened during the time of CCLP1 voting to everyone. This is not easy and I don't expect people will forgive me, but it's going to explain why I have stayed away from the CC community for a very long time since CCLP1 was released. I don't know how many people outside of the CCLP1 staff know, but I felt enough time has passed to get it out. Back in 2013, during CCLP1 voting, I was the CCLP1 Voting Administrator, and J.B. Lewis was constantly monitoring who was voting what on each level. We all had a private Skype group chat together with the CCLP1 staff in it along with myself. At around the third month of voting, I got more and more frustrated with some of my own favourite levels doing badly in voting. I ended up developing a dark and nasty habit of being mean to the CCLP1 staff as a result, in particular having a huge grudge against J.B. Lewis (Me and J.B. clashed a lot even before voting began. At the time, I just got sick of the Chipsters seeing him as this perfect snowflake who thinks he is always right and nobody willing to challenge his opinions) who was mostly just telling me the progress of the votes. Shortly after, I started making a few CC Zone accounts and rigging it to favour my own levels. I ended up digging a huge inescapable hole in the long run and eventually rockdet figured it out for sure that I was up to no good. Not wanting to lie to rockdet on Skype who was my favourite Chipster at the time, I eventually confessed to the whole rigging. Rock didn't believe I was a bad person though, just someone who couldn't control his power. After that, the votes from the fake accounts were deleted and everything went back to normal. After CCLP1 was released in 2014, I lowered my time significantly on the CC community, eventually resigning my CC Zone Admin position in March 2015. So that's why my interest in Chip's Challenge has dropped significantly. CCLP1 was a very dark time in my life. Was I selfish? Sure, so that's why I chose not to submit any of my levels to CCLP4 voting. I didn't want to risk becoming that person again. On the upside, I found what my biggest weakness was so I decided to just let it all go and shorten my time with the community. A new era began and that was pretty much the end of Chip's Challenge for me.
  6. Yeah. Definitely. While I was working on TomP4 in CC1 I ran out of ideas for new levels and became more stressed/lazy the older I got. It took until CC2 came out that I regained some energy again a few years later and got back in the mood making levels for the game again. I'll never have the same amount of energy I had making those TomP3 levels though. Those days are long gone.
  7. The awards system is possible. The original developer has worked on it for the new board software. I screen-capped every single award two days ago, so if I have to manually add them all again, that's not a problem.
  8. I needed to do it, unfortunately. As a result, some of the custom board features stopped working and I had to remove them. Thankfully, the downloads and the gallery images transferred over without any issues. The awards system might be recoverable, though. Until the third party mod developers develop their modifications for the newest board software, I'm afraid they won't be returning. It sucks, because I really enjoyed the custom profile fields and arcade system. EDIT: The site is barebones again as a result, but all our messages, members, downloads, and images transferred over, so let's see what can be rebuilt.
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