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Status Updates posted by AdrenalinDragon

  1. CC Zone Patreon page is up. Help keep this site alive!

  2. CCLP4 is coming, ay? Meh

    1. chipster1059


      Will you submit some levels?

  3. Have you got Chip's Challenge 2 yet?

    1. chipster1059


      I'm currently waiting for a Linux version to be available. If ther isn't one in a few months, I will probably play it in a virtual machine.

    2. AdrenalinDragon


      Swag. Can't wait for you to LP it! :D

  4. Completed Chip's Challenge 2! A bit shaky in parts, but worth buying just for the new tile concepts alone

  5. Looking forward to Chip's Challenge 2! Who knows? Maybe it'll be enough to bring me back here one day! :)

  6. "Be Prepared" for a successor! I'm stepping down as CC Zone site owner/administrator this year

  7. Just completed the CC1 Race! Took 15 hours and 19 minutes to solve all 149 levels!

  8. Phale at me not noticing CCLP2 Lynx is already out

  9. CCLP2 Lynx is coming guys!

  10. One star day today. Hope to recover from it in a couple of days :)

  11. Going to Polruan tomorrow lolz

  12. CCLP1 is about 10x better than CCLP2 and 5x better than CCLP3.

  13. Hope you guys enjoyed that CCLP1 trailer I made :)

  14. Excited about CCLP1 being released one week earlier!

  15. I just completed all 149 CCLP1 levels in Lynx!

  16. Waiting for CCLP1

    1. mobius


      I thought you're on the team. get to work! no excuses, and no donuts

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