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  1. AdrenalinDragon
    There has always been this huge chip on my shoulder for many years, so I have decided to come clean about what truly happened during the time of CCLP1 voting to everyone. This is not easy and I don't expect people will forgive me, but it's going to explain why I have stayed away from the CC community for a very long time since CCLP1 was released. I don't know how many people outside of the CCLP1 staff know, but I felt enough time has passed to get it out.
    Back in 2013, during CCLP1 voting, I was the CCLP1 Voting Administrator, and J.B. Lewis was constantly monitoring who was voting what on each level. We all had a private Skype group chat together with the CCLP1 staff in it along with myself. At around the third month of voting, I got more and more frustrated with some of my own favourite levels doing badly in voting. I ended up developing a dark and nasty habit of being mean to the CCLP1 staff as a result, in particular having a huge grudge against J.B. Lewis (Me and J.B. clashed a lot even before voting began.  At the time, I just got sick of the Chipsters seeing him as this perfect snowflake who thinks he is always right and nobody willing to challenge his opinions) who was mostly just telling me the progress of the votes. Shortly after, I started making a few CC Zone accounts and rigging it to favour my own levels. I ended up digging a huge inescapable hole in the long run and eventually rockdet figured it out for sure that I was up to no good. Not wanting to lie to rockdet on Skype who was my favourite Chipster at the time, I eventually confessed to the whole rigging. Rock didn't believe I was a bad person though, just someone who couldn't control his power. After that, the votes from the fake accounts were deleted and everything went back to normal. After CCLP1 was released in 2014, I lowered my time significantly on the CC community, eventually resigning my CC Zone Admin position in March 2015.
    So that's why my interest in Chip's Challenge has dropped significantly. CCLP1 was a very dark time in my life.  Was I selfish? Sure, so that's why I chose not to submit any of my levels to CCLP4 voting. I didn't want to risk becoming that person again. On the upside, I found what my biggest weakness was so I decided to just let it all go and shorten my time with the community. A new era began and that was pretty much the end of Chip's Challenge for me.
  2. AdrenalinDragon
    So, this is my first ever blog on CC Zone. Took over a year to get started, but as I don't feel an introduction is needed for myself, I'll get straight to it.
    I've got something just as funny as last year's April Fools cooking up. No one will guess what it will be, but it's based around another Chipster.
    Last year's April Fools was hilarious. Andrew R joining in was not part of the plan, but it sure confused everyone, including me.
    Also, CC Zone is already 1 year old. Man, how time flies when you're having fun, eh?
  3. AdrenalinDragon
    Well, the CC Zone arcade is almost half a month old already, and it's pretty fascinating to have that included in CC Zone. More people are signing up just for the arcade alone, and that's a good thing, There is a problem though. These arcade games are pretty big in size. One of the staff on my board provider Invision warned me that the reason the upgrade failed the first time was because I ran out of space! The solution was to upgrade my hosting packaging but the trouble is the costs will go up and I'm barely getting through monthly on this due to current unemployment. Nevertheless, I also have trouble with games that don't install the first time like Pac-Man for example. I currently have the most arcade awards out of everyone, but my high scores are getting beaten every day, which is a bummer.
    Overall, I've been wanting to have the arcade since the beginning of CC Zone, but thanks to newer technology implementation, it's now all possible to do.
  4. AdrenalinDragon
    I have to admit, the old awards system was getting a little dated. One of the things I disliked were the square borders around the images. They looked kind of ugly so in the last two days I changed every award with a smooth corner edge and boy did it make a difference!
    Shortly afterwards, I had to list every single member's award in notepad to get working on converting them to the new system. This took about 6-8 hours to do. After uninstalling the old system and installing the new one, I wrote down all the awards again one by one and then implemented the new achievements system in. I figured the ones most people would be able to get should be the ones that appear, as anyone including the guests could view them and all they'd have to do is highlight the locked image to see how to get it. The hard awards are still there, but appear in the standard awards column, meaning they don't show up until you get them.
    Overall, the new award system was worth it, but at the price of having to upgrade the entire board, most of the whole process went pretty smooth I think. Also, the auto awards don't appear to be working yet as the blog award isn't being triggered for some reason, but a future update will probably fix that.
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