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    I have played the first 5 levels on Lynx and here's my thoughts:


    1: INVERTED - Although this level is similar to CCLP2's Reversi and not a favourite of mine, I enjoyed this one due to the fact I didn't get lost as much as I'd thought I would.


    2: TELE-PORTABLE - This one was trial and error and I had to use the solution in the end to solve it. Too much guesswork for me. It takes forever to solve in Lynx.


    3: RUINED CANAL - I enjoyed this level. Although a little on the long side due to the block pushing, I'm glad there were no fire or bombs under the blocks.


    4: RANDOMNESS! - Another long level which I didn't finish as I ran out of steam on the Bug Block room in the bottom left countless times. What was the randomness?


    5: CRUEL AND UNUSUAL - I hate to say this, but invisible sokobans this long and tedious are never going to be anyone's favourite. Not much else to say about it.


    Overall, it was a bit below par. I liked 2 out of 5 of the levels, but a lack of variety or levels outstaying their welcome were my biggest complaints so far.

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