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  1. We'll start off with Create and Time Trial, as I'm going to reveal another type of competition I've had an idea for later on. Create is where a member is given specific guidelines on creating a level and who designs the best one wins, whilst Time Trial is the fastest to complete one level or a group of them.
  2. No, I just have to believe I can trust you. You are added on both lists for candidates.
  3. If you want to be part of the CC Zone community, just submit your reasons here and I'll see what I think. Looking for Moderators and Competition Staff at the moment! 2 moderator slots. 3 competition slots. Moderator candidates Hornlitz, Rockdet, Lessinath, jblewis Competition candidates Rockdet, Hornlitz, Lessinath Blacklisted theponderism
  4. They both look pretty good! I think you should definatly submit them to CCLP1, but change the name of Vivid Dream to avoid confusion, maybe?
  5. I prefer making levels than actually playing them, but I do play a few levels here and there, but usually not good enough to get bold times.
  6. To submit TomP levels for CCLP1 and finish TomP4.dat.
  7. But you had like 8 levels in CCLP3, so technically you have played CCLP3! I haven't played every level in the set, so I can't really say for sure.
  8. I think Bloblake was a great level in explaining why level designers shouldn't rely on lucky timings to increase the difficulty. It is a flawed level mechanic, especially if it occurs near the end and not the beginning. It has been proven that it can be completed, but a very frustrating level that should have been level 144 or 149.
  9. Version 1.2


    Tom P's first ever levelset - TomP1.dat (The Beginning) Released in 2002. Difficulty - Easy-Medium
  10. Hey everyone, this is Tom P and welcome to CC Zone: The Next Level! I decided to revive CC Zone by creating a new message board with a built-in download database for all our Chip's Challenge needs. I hope you find this site better than my last one. If you want to contact me, then please PM me. Tom P (AdrenalinDragon), CC Zone Site Owner/Administrator.
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