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  1. If you want to be part of the CC Zone community, just submit your reasons here and I'll see what I think. Looking for Moderators and Competition Staff at the moment! 2 moderator slots. 3 competition slots. Moderator candidates Hornlitz, Rockdet, Lessinath, jblewis Competition candidates Rockdet, Hornlitz, Lessinath Blacklisted theponderism
  2. They both look pretty good! I think you should definatly submit them to CCLP1, but change the name of Vivid Dream to avoid confusion, maybe?
  3. I prefer making levels than actually playing them, but I do play a few levels here and there, but usually not good enough to get bold times.
  4. To submit TomP levels for CCLP1 and finish TomP4.dat.
  5. But you had like 8 levels in CCLP3, so technically you have played CCLP3! I haven't played every level in the set, so I can't really say for sure.
  6. I think Bloblake was a great level in explaining why level designers shouldn't rely on lucky timings to increase the difficulty. It is a flawed level mechanic, especially if it occurs near the end and not the beginning. It has been proven that it can be completed, but a very frustrating level that should have been level 144 or 149.
  7. Version 1.2


    Tom P's first ever levelset - TomP1.dat (The Beginning) Released in 2002. Difficulty - Easy-Medium
  8. Hey everyone, this is Tom P and welcome to CC Zone: The Next Level! I decided to revive CC Zone by creating a new message board with a built-in download database for all our Chip's Challenge needs. I hope you find this site better than my last one. If you want to contact me, then please PM me. Tom P (AdrenalinDragon), CC Zone Site Owner/Administrator.
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