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  1. Thanks again for the continued feedback, you two! I've updated the set to version 0.9.0, with 130 levels and the following changes made: Added 10 new levels. Glacier Climbing: changed title to "Arctic Ascent." Canyon of Lost Color: made block turnaround adjacent to ice room a bit easier. Hazy Cosmic Jive: enclosed hint and required ice skates to find it; removed one recessed wall not part of original layout. Urban Ecology: removed part of linear structure. Walls of CCLP1
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Josh! I actually thought of that as well, but I couldn't find a way to make it work without using barriers outside the pink ball-on-blue wall aesthetic or removing ice spaces entirely. If there's a way you can think of to make it happen with those conditions, feel free to let me know! In the meantime, I've updated the set to version 0.8.0 with 10 new levels, as well as posted a minor change to Same Mold Story that takes mmoraleta's suggestion into account. Enjoy playing! Walls of CCLP1
  3. Walls of CCLP1 has been updated with ten new (mostly simple) levels! Enjoy playing, and as always, feedback is welcome.
  4. Thanks for the comments, mmoraleta! I've updated a bunch of levels in WoCCLP1 with some improvements and changes - some small, some large: Alien Frontiers: removed tanks from monster list in MS. Conservatory Circuit: changed name to “Open Circuit.” Rundown Railyard: added thieves to the end of second area. Block Buster 3 in 2D: changed NW seven block-sokoban to four blocks. Down the Rabbit Hole: repositioned teleport and socket leading to exit. Hamster Tube Cavern: removed one walker and repositioned two others. Sewer or Later: repositioned fireball to move clockwise. Chip! In! Spaaaace! - replaced appearing walls with traps. Slick Slimy Slurpee: replaced stray gravel space in NW corner with wall from original layout. Closed Circuit: changed time limit to 0, redesigned north half to promote non-linear approach. A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste: moved blue button behind yellow door, removed one chip, added red key to SE corner, locked NW corner behind new red door so additional keys can’t be taken in. Walls of CCLP1 As always, enjoy playing!
  5. Thanks so much for the continued feedback, mmoraleta! I've updated Walls of CCLP1 with 20 new levels, most of which are fairly simple. Also included are bust fixes for Alien Frontiers and The Mysterious Ticking Noise.
  6. J.B.'s Official Set Scores

    CCLP4 (MS) #65 (Duplex): 627 (+5, b+3) #114 (Repugnant Nonsense): 525 (+1, b+1) joint record with Jeffrey B. 6,111,100 (b)
  7. J.B.'s Official Set Scores

    CCLP4 (MS) #114 (Repugnant Nonsense): 524 (+2, bc) 6,111,040 CCLP4 (Lynx) #114 (Repugnant Nonsense): 521 (+1, b+1) 6,100,550
  8. J.B.'s Official Set Scores

    CC2 (Steam) #70 (RAIL BOWLING): 36100 (+20, bc) | 110 (+2, bc) #72 (ON AND OFF): 39290 (+70, b+30) | 280 (+1, bc) 14,536,071 | 37,630
  9. J.B.'s Official Set Scores

    CCLP3 (MS) #111 (Bustin’ Out): 623 (+10, bc) tykl 6,093,660
  10. J.B.'s Official Set Scores

    CCLP4 (MS) #55 (If I Ran the Zoo): 550 (+1, b+1) 6,111,020 (b)
  11. J.B.'s Official Set Scores

    CCLP4 (MS) #91 (How to Retune Your Harp): 472 (+66, b) #136 (Seeing Red): 347 (+1, b+1) joint record with Jeffrey B. 6,111,010 (b) CCLP4 (Lynx) #136 (Seeing Red): 347 (+2, b+1) joint record with Jeffrey B. 6,100,540
  12. J.B.'s Official Set Scores

    CCLP4 (MS) #54 (Split Path): 210 (+1, bc) #100 (One Tank’s Adventure): 920 (+1, b) tykl 6,110,340 (b)
  13. J.B.'s Official Set Scores

    CCLP4 (MS) #100 (One Tank’s Adventure): 919 (+4, b+2) joint record with Jeffrey B. 6,110,320 (b)
  14. J.B.'s Official Set Scores

    CCLP4 (MS) #82 (Puzzle Box): [940] (+3, bc) 6,110,280 CCLP4 (Lynx) #82 (Puzzle Box): [935] (+4, b+1) 6,100,520
  15. J.B.'s Official Set Scores

    CCLP4 (MS) #131 (Jigsaw): 781 (+2, bc) tyihnn #149 (Mental Marvel Monastery): 515 (+1, b+1) 6,110,280 (b) CCLP4 (Lynx) #131 (Jigsaw): 772 (+3, b+3) joint record with Jeffrey B. #149 (Mental Marvel Monastery): 508 (+2, b+1) 6,100,520 CC2 (Steam) #26 (CHAMBER BOMB): 15240 (+10, b) | 216 (+1, b) #31 (ICE DANCING): 41550 (+10, b) | 93 (+1, b) #35 (CHIPS?): 17880 (+10, b) | 38 (+1, b) #55 (T-N-T TIME): 28340 (+10, b) | 84 (+1, b) #73 (GHOST BRIDGE): 37140 (+20, b) | 64 (+2, b) #121 (FLIP-FLOP): 61630 (+10, b) | 113 (+1, b) #134 (RE:THINK): 67830 (+10, b) | 83 (+1, b) 14,535,981 (score) | 37,627 (time)