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    Leveling Up?

    The next level? Does this mean CCLP2?
  2. Can't wait to play this once I get my next few days off work. Looks quite interesting so far.
  3. This topic made me think of this: http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail63.html
  4. Agreed - this is why I believe every eligible candidate for an official set should be allowed in voting and given a fair chance, not eliminated right off the bat because of some particular quality that some players may not like.
  5. As much as I enjoy the Wii iteration, the larger number of players and some of the new items didn't really add much to the game for me. Mario Kart 7 looks like it combines many of the best aspects of the previous games, with an impressive track listing to boot. I'm hoping to play it soon.
  6. I'm partial to the Wii, mainly because I feel like Nintendo knows how to cater to a wide demographic. There's only so much you can do when you're making FPS games and the like (even if that's not all the other consoles provide - but that seems to be the main draw) for an audience primarily comprised of twentysomethings who live alone and are encouraged to spend an enormous amount of time playing - and obviously won't be able to keep this up when they have families and other responsibilities to which they will have to attend eventually. On the other hand, Nintendo's primary audience are those who grew up on the Super NES and the like. They understand that these people probably don't have all the time in the world to play, and they probably have kids who would enjoy being introduced to their flagship franchises. And Nintendo knows this with every Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc. game they continue to release.
  7. Can't wait to see the finished product! I'm curious, though, about the name. Is "BigOto7" is a reference to Mario Kart 7?
  8. I'm definitely liking the new level titles for the older levels.
  9. jblewis


    It's definitely a good instructional level for designers that showcases why luck-based timing provides no real value to the game. Another way to put it: a player's frustration while playing CC, should any exist, should be born out of necessity to better his skill or learn something that the level is trying to teach that is within his grasp, not out of level design that is outside the player's control.
  10. You can't push a block to where the socket is located, as that would require removing the socket first, at which point Chip would not be able to escape. The ultimate objective is to get the keys you need to retrieve the green key without collecting any chips or blue keys. There is a bust in this level, by the way.
  11. Though I enjoy competitive playing, CCLP3 playtesting helped me appreciate the value of casual playing. My encouragement to the other playtesters during that period was, "Think like Rock."
  12. I'd like to finish JL2 (or whatever my CCLP1 submission set will be called) and as such, focus more on designing easy levels that present concepts familiar to us veterans in an interesting way for new players.
  13. CC1 (4/5): Still my favorite. The design quality is top-notch, with some levels based on concepts that would normally be considered uninteresting or flat made much better by aesthetically pleasing design choices (such as many of the ice mazes). It also has the best difficulty curve of the three sets, though it misses an opportunity to provide a few true capstone challenges in its final stages. A few of the levels can be quite artificially difficult due to length, but most of them still manage to hit the mark and provide an interesting change of pace. CCLP2 (3/5): It's hard for me to judge this set because it's the first (released) sequel to the game, and as such, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I don't think a small pool of levels bode well for quality design, but the designers featured most prominently - Eric Schmidt and Tyrethali Ansrath - showcased some truly stellar entries. CCLP2 also seemed to represent the collective shift in design tactics away from the one-note designs featured in the original game to levels that incorporated several concepts, clever applications of certain tiles, and new and inventive tile combinations that were not feasible in the original game. Some of these worked, while others did not, but for the most part, CCLP2 provided what its audience hoped to see: a new set to play that was fresh and different. CCLP3 (4/5): It's especially hard for me to judge this set because I spearheaded its production, and as such, my opinion is probably not the most objective. But I can say that I don't believe it to be perfect in any way. The level design is probably the best among the three official sets, mainly due to the larger pool of levels and a longer submission period that allowed designers to become more seasoned. And yet, these two factors also proved to be the set's curse. It's pretty evident that the levels favored the most in this set's voting were the many that were the most well-designed, clever, or optimization-friendly, which typically translated into a large amount of difficult puzzles. The good news is that for the patient player who is willing to spread out the journey through CCLP3 across a long period of time, these levels and their challenges are fair for the most part. The somewhat bad news is that CCLP3 arrived almost exactly at the turning point when the community began to experience a major paradigm shift from optimization-centric playing to casual playing, the merits of both of which I can completely understand. But this set is definitely not for those who seek instant gratification.
  14. I still think you would have a lot of fun playing through the original DanielB1.
  15. I fully support customizable skins, but I feel like some snazzy preset ones would be spiffy too.
  16. jblewis

    Leveling Up?

    Come on, everyone; we all know "Melinda" would be the top rank in that system.
  17. I'd like to submit my candidacy for moderator.
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