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  1. NeverStopGaming

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  3. NeverStopGaming - Preview

  4. CCLP4 submission

  5. ZK3: Damnation

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  9. CCLP4 Leaks

    We don't necessarily need to guess the new levels? Well alright, but it would be thoughtful to have a number counter to tract our progress Well of Wishes (this could be what the second to last statement was referring to, but then again I would just be speculating). Others that had a word written seemed to be "Suspended", but without "Animation" and "Air", but without "Pocket". Yet, the word "Puzzle" exists, with the exception of it being in a different paragraph. Regardless, Pocket Puzzle would be another one. That makes eight.
  10. CCLP4 Leaks

    I might as well list of few as no one else has... Monster Lab - Seven Layer Salad Twisted Chambers - Tropical Hibiscus Jumble - Fire is my Enemy Floating Plaza - (I don't recall seeing a level using these walls though) Sapphire Cavern is probably the one that we wouldn't know.
  11. "NeverStopGaming" has been released, go check it out.

  12. lookatthis - CCLP4

    Version 1.1


    Here are 80 levels I hereby submit in consideration for CCLP4. This set features the following: 50 levels from NeverStopGaming 6 levels from NSGRejects 22 levels from 60 Minutes 2 unreleased levels Do to the way levels are ordered in this levelset, this could also be treated in respects to an actual levelset. The .dat file is named NSG-Extended for that reason.