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  1. Title explains itself. I'll ask a dumb question out of nowhere and you answer the question with a random answer, BUT it has to make sense to the question. So I'll just start it off: What is life?
  2. 60 Minutes

  3. Cybersmack I Preview

  4. CamsCCLP.dat Demo

  5. ZK3: Damnation

  6. CCLP4 submission

  7. NeverStopGaming - Preview

  8. AndrewR1

  9. NeverStopGaming

  10. CCLP4 Leaks

    We don't necessarily need to guess the new levels? Well alright, but it would be thoughtful to have a number counter to tract our progress Well of Wishes (this could be what the second to last statement was referring to, but then again I would just be speculating). Others that had a word written seemed to be "Suspended", but without "Animation" and "Air", but without "Pocket". Yet, the word "Puzzle" exists, with the exception of it being in a different paragraph. Regardless, Pocket Puzzle would be another one. That makes eight.
  11. CCLP4 Leaks

    I might as well list of few as no one else has... Monster Lab - Seven Layer Salad Twisted Chambers - Tropical Hibiscus Jumble - Fire is my Enemy Floating Plaza - (I don't recall seeing a level using these walls though) Sapphire Cavern is probably the one that we wouldn't know.
  12. NeverStopGaming Discussion

    Hey everyone, I wanted to say that I posted a new set on CCZone and pieguy's site titled NeverStopGaming. You are more than welcomed to post anything related to the levelset here.
  13. "NeverStopGaming" has been released, go check it out.

  14. lookatthis - CCLP4

    Version 1.1


    Here are 80 levels I hereby submit in consideration for CCLP4. This set features the following: 50 levels from NeverStopGaming 6 levels from NSGRejects 22 levels from 60 Minutes 2 unreleased levels Do to the way levels are ordered in this levelset, this could also be treated in respects to an actual levelset. The .dat file is named NSG-Extended for that reason.
  15. NeverStopGaming Discussion

    I plan to make a CCLP4 consideration set in the days to come. The set will be a combination of both my sets and possibly some of the rejected levels. That being said, you can go ahead and pull out the other set that is currently under consideration. As for a specific level in the set, Imperial Elevator intended to have extra chips.
  16. NeverStopGaming



    This set contains 50 levels that are compatible in both MS and Lynx. The levels in this set attempt to maintain a steady rise in difficulty. From simplistic to moderate difficulty, this set welcomes all players of almost all skill levels to come and relax, enjoy, and most importantly have fun. This set contains collaboration levels from both Josh and J.B. It also contains levels that participated in Create Competitions right here on CCZone. Constructive criticism is always welcome!
  17. lookatthis scores

    I always wanted to see people obtain bold scores of my levels. The first five I got for lynx is: 1. 141 2. 62 3. 72 4. 137 5. 17
  18. Epic Wins

    Alright, so instead of posting dumb deaths, lets do the complete oppisite. Post your most epic wins that you got in CC history!
  19. Post Your Ctrl-V

    Jesus can walk on water. Cucumbers are 96% water. I can walk on cucumbers. Therefore, I'm 96% Jesus.
  20. Post Your Ctrl-V

    Wait. We're doing another Warehouse l mod? Seriously?
  21. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    No, but a tin can. Congratulations?
  22. Post Your Ctrl-V

    I drink whiskey straight..... I'm from KY, though. It's the same thing as water to me.