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  1. Monster Factory [0] -1 Counter Clockwise [7] CircleMaze [8] High Security [18] +1 Teeth [4] -1 Frost Rings [7]
  2. From CCLP1: Generic Ice Level - Blizzard Stroll Mughfe - Disrecognized Space Gears - Trench Run Guard - Target Lock Tree - Branch Climbing Pluto - Shard World Flush - Underground Toilet Facility
  3. This song is about how you'll never achieve your dreams because you lost all hope. So you mellow out, stop the protest, and become docile; the key to heaven's gate (death), because you lost the ability to change things in your favor, you lost your freedom, you conformed to society.
  4. Monster Factory [3] Counter Clockwise [8] Turn Turn Turn [2] -2 CircleMaze [8] High Security [15] +1 Teeth [6] Frost Rings [7]
  5. =if(a7=304,vlookup(a9,screens!$a$27:$h$37,3,false),vlookup(a9,screens!$a$27:$h$27,4,false)) =304 sup?
  6. Monster Factory [3] -2 Counter Clockwise [6] Turn Turn Turn [9] CircleMaze [8] High Security [12] Teeth [9] +1 Frost Rings [9]
  7. Monster Factory [5] Counter Clockwise [4] Turn Turn Turn [11] -2 CircleMaze [8] High Security [11] Teeth [12] +1 Frost Rings [9]
  8. Monster Factory [5] After the Rainstorm [2] Counter Clockwise [6] Turn Turn Turn [13] -2 CircleMaze [8] High Security [10] Teeth [12] +1 Frost Rings [8]
  9. Note: this idea is not intended to serve as a contradiction. If you suffer a condition, say abritary things to people in chatrooms, or simply live in California, we do not intend to harm you in anyway necessary: It's so thoughful that you would rather make others play your levels and make them waste hours playing through your set, instead of using your time for that matter. It's such a great characteristic from a great designer. Good job! It's a beautiful enlightenment to see such a strict degree of orders, so annoying, such dedication, wow. I can't even imagine the enjoyment someone would have to do to get this designer satisfied - I would be honored to do that everyday. It warms my heart to see a complete understatement of what I said, it really does! I appreciate the fact that you think that I can find a bust with some need for assistance. I'm so thankful you think that. ----------------------- Though, I must say, it sounds pretty depressing that you single yourself out like that. Plus, since you literally discussed that issue in one of your videos, as well as on Skype, it was certainly uncalled for and completely unnecessary. Perhaps the best way to end this mess is to completely ignore people who are reporting busts, just let them do what they feel like doing. Ok?
  10. There are girls too you know. When will JoshL5 return?
  11. "You were literally two moves away from the exit. What kind of LP is this? Do you know what you're doing? Seriously, you've already skipped like 3 or 4 levels." ^This was posted by someone outside of the CC Community.
  12. I knew about it because Ryan stated that it was busted 5 posts above. Even though he didn't say how exactly it was busted, I looked in the editor and quickly found it. If you have an issue not being able to find a bust in your own levels whenever someone tells you that there is one, then there's a problem.
  13. R8 is referring to the fact that if you blow up the bomb at (11,5), then the two yellow keys are useless. It has nothing to do with the color of the keys.
  14. My top 15 in a randomly selected order: Chipweave - Henry Potts Protect your Fortress - Tyler Sontag Pole Position - Josh Lee Worlds Collide - J.B. Lewis Forced Curcuit - Josh Lee Brickwalled (Again) - Andrew Menzies When Push Comes to Shove - J.B. Lewis Compaction - Josh Lee The Key Issue - Ida R. Puzzle Box - Henry Potts Excommunicated - Tyler Sontag Let's Just Be Friends - J.B. Lewis Exit Garden - Josh Lee Japanese Game Show - J.B. Lewis Gallimaufry - Henry Potts
  15. The year of the consulship of valerius and Ianuarianus
  16. Learning that relative weight distribution will make hiding your friend's corpse a much more pleasant experience.
  17. Josh, in Railroad Madness, the red button can be completely ignored.
  18. That's dark man. Also, Reacher Grabber is impossible. You can't get the block at (12,19) to any water tile.
  19. I noticed that one of the levels is dedicated to Michael, would you be bothered if I add it to the dedications set?
  20. all alone if she's wondering why she has a bad feeling like she's going to die she hides from the cameras and begins to cry she'll never believe the cake is a lie
  21. The trailer above is for the Australian version (Spring down under = Fall here) where the film is being shown unedited. The movie required a few cuts to pass the censors here in the States and has been banned entirely in the UK which I can only assume means Queen Elizabeth watched it and was not a fan.
  22. Trevor is being violated by frog-monkeys. What is the best website on the internet?
  23. The first one. K so, I gather that the standard uniform for Michael is tennis shoes, XXXL sweatpants, and a baggy t-shirt, why?
  24. A large automobile. Why did four people like the comment I posted on one of Zane's videos?
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