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  1. Hope you're not being sarcastic but I don't feel like the best-best per say. But yes, I will try hard to be around more.
  2. Am I dead? No. I'm clearly right here. I've also been active on my other sites I visit. Am I done with Chip's Challenge? No. I've had other things to do lately. When will I be active? Probably throuought this week, winter break, and generally whenever I got a school break. Why is that so? Many different things. When CCLP4 comes out, will you submit for it? You can bet on that. Are you ready for Freddy? No. What are your other sites? I usually use Camwoodstock and frequent Tumblr. If that's too much to fit, Camwood is a close 2nd. Are there any MMOs you play I can find you at? Yes, actually. Realm of the Mad God. Server is USWest3. If anybody else actually plays that here, I wouldn't mind chilling in that server. Are other video games a key factor in not being active? Yes. Plants Vs. Zombies and the aforementioned Realm of the Mad God have kinda been my main games recently. So wait, you're returning? Yes. I'll try to be as active as I can.
  3. I've been working on CCLP1, and I hate flappy bird. 2048 is a good time burner only. Also, welp, I got 200 of every building.
  4. I've got a total of 1 septillion cookies baked all time. I think we know why I haven't been too active on these forums. Other then real life stuff. And other interests.
  5. I decided to go back and fix levels 1-15 (16 was just an end-of-demo level). For the record, I don't intend any Lynx Compatibility, so I do apologize. However, if demand is high, I will try my best to make a lynx-compatible version by the set's official release. 3 - Call For Alarm: I made the walls solid, making it impossible to grab all chips and not disturb the teeth. 7 - HURRY UP!: I added a LOT more to the level. Of course, more time was added, but just enough to make fast movements needed. 8 - Something's Fishy: I redid the whole level. 9 - Pharaoh: Nothing changed, but I must say that the pharaoh himself put that trap there. He's not the smartest, though... 10 - Planet IKAAAE: I added a few more Walkers, hoping this makes it harder. 11 - Whenever Time: I added 1 chip per the green locks to require their usage. 12 - Just Kiddin': I actually removed the level entirely. 13 [12 in next demo] - Defense Army: I greatly reduced the time for the army of pink balls to appear, making it impossible to plant yourself near the exit to win. 14 [13] - Tetris: Again, no change, but for the record, I kind of designed the level just for rule of fun. 15 [14] - BOZDO: The idea of bozdo is a in-joke from the Fluffy Pony community (something I was in at the time). Bozdo is basically the fluffy pony equivalent of Zalgo. He came to reap the chipsters... But I dunno if the plan with gliders really worked out. Underestimation is bound when you kill fluffies, but then try humans. When I release the second demo, I hope you can give feedback on the levels then too. Keep in mind to re-review the levels I changed
  6. I admit that rage.dat was bad, but I was thinking of my other levels that were made to be serious...
  7. Don't get me started on doing something like bloblake...
  8. I'd think Melinda mode would actually be the primary mode. Also, removing time limits is certainly something we'd do. For making levels easier, that'd be great, especially for things like blobnet/blobdance and basically any level later on.
  9. What if there was a Twitch Plays Chips Challenge? Imagine the hilarity of that if it picked up like TPP did... Also, if somebody decides to make it, use the anarchy/democracy format used in TPP, but make anarchy named "Chip and democracy named "Melinda" respectively. Just saying my idea.
  10. What do you guys think of my level design? I am honestly worried about how good my level design I make might be... As a side note, I might release demo 2 for CamsLP.dat, my current main project, soon, with levels 1-50. I only have 1-45, so please bear with me if it takes awhile; I have had a writers block for level making.
  11. Now I wonder if they can be modded for custom blocks for use in custom levelsets...
  12. I know that feel. (Off topic: Also, a female chipster according to your account? It's honestly sad I haven't seen more female chipsters. It'd be honestly rather nice to see what both genders could come up with and what possible records could be set. 'cause, you know, most chipsters are males. Just a trend I noticed and stuffs.)
  13. I am curious what would happen if you put in IDs for blocks that didn't exist (like walls, chips, monsters, etc) in levels. Of course, excluding the main unused blocks that are more-or-less technical-based... I'm sorry if that grammar was odd. I'm just curious.
  14. mc.strictlyvanilla.net (The IP didn't work for me. It's worthless.)
  15. I use Tile World. If I am at school, though, I have CHIPS.EXE. By the way, I should really work on clearing some more levels. I used a password to pass that dang ice rink, so block factory is my current confusions.
  16. What? Gamechap was here. HOW DO I MATH I get it, guys, this is hard, but that's the point, but DANG! You've failed 4 times due to that...
  17. Granted, but it's now an old barely-functioning telegram phone from the 50s or so. I know it's similar to my last wish, but I wish that I had a corrupt wish, and that the already corrupt wish was corrupted. CORRUPTCEPTION
  18. Rules: I'm thinking of a number. ANY number. It can be 50, to a trillion, and back to 10 (hint: its none of these). There is no limit other than no negative numbers. And you must guess it. However, there's a catch. Every 10 failed guesses, this number changes. I dare you to win this within 2013. Statistics: This game has been around for 1 day. There have been 0 wins. And now, go ahead.
  19. Granted, but it turns out you somehow made a rape joke and have truly ruined your whole fame and became infamous for being terrible. I wish I had a corrupted wish.
  20. If Madhav is just a nickname of yours, I can bet you thought of me. Regardless, you need to bump that ante up to two. I mean, I look forward to a lot of crap. Christmas Music only for December and Late November? PSHHH, START IT ON EARLY SEPTEMBER. Need I say more on that topic?
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