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  1. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    If I added my own walls, that would just make this project pointless. The level as it is, is already nothing like YAYAP.
  2. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    I think Gloomy Minute Village is a good idea of a dodging level and it works pretty well! Not to say it's perfect because it's far from that. It's another level concept I otherwise would have never done outside of this set (like Blurry) and honestly, it's one I now really like! The time limit being tight is intentional and even with the dodging it really isn't that hard of a level either. (Disclaimer: I don't consider this a blob dodging level but they affect the pattern of the others which makes it interesting). Maybe this is a little on the luck side of things but its not unreasonable. Imagine this on a greater scale then maybe this will be appreciated a bit more. If not, then oh well I can't please everyone! This is what I wanted. And as far as you not having interest in completing it - all I will say is you'll never have the satisfaction of 100%ing the set if you don't I love the concept of Chipyard and am proud of the puzzle. It is very forced because the walls weren't that interesting to use by themselves. You disagree with something of Hang Glider Smuggler that was 100% optional to players...? I guess I see where you're coming from but you chose to restart instead of playing out the rest of the level which could have been solved. also I'm not seeing how any of this is an adaptation of YAYAP. Because it uses blocks, even though it's clearly a glider themed level? Broken Floppy Disk is titled as such because the level looked like a Floppy Disk to me. Digitized Disaster uses teleports that were in place of the toggle walls from MonsterMaze because I had zero ideas for the toggle walls. Thank you again for the feedback!
  3. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Mad Bombers doesn't need a time limit increase for something that is completely optional to the player, in this case reaching the hint is. If you want to read it with some spare time leftover, do the cloning faster! Lush Forest literally only exists because I had to have something out of Dancing on Ice. I like the generic feel to it, I see nothing wrong with that approach in levels! I will consider adding some monsters (not just teeth) in it to spice the aesthetics up a bit for it in the future. I'd agree with your opinion on Blurry (and a level very, very similar to it) if it was a full map level but given the size I think it's reasonable. I'm taking advantage of utilizing some level concepts I'd normally wouldn't design in Walls of CCLP3 and this isn't the first case of such a thing. That's actually my favorite bit in Cinder Block! Regardless, I don't think it needs changing to be more clear. It's not that far into the level and there's only so many options you can take with that room anyway. You can even still solve it if you go to the right first by going around to the chip at (10, 12) (where you can also see both the blue key and lock) and still be able to get the blue key and proceed to the next section. The empty hint room in Frigid Highlands does exactly what I intended - making players think there's hidden walls in it. Chip in the Caldera isn't busted with that approach, though you can bypass the first two sections that way. However, you might have a harder time getting through the cluster of fireballs to reach the red key if you do that. You're correct the blocks in the bottom and top of Massive Mindset Shift weren't there in the source level but literally no one else has complained about it so I don't have a reason to change that (though I easily could). As far as the ice section goes I understand your thoughts on that and I realized that while designing. But there is nothing preventing you from going there first if it's problematic for you. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. "Native" MSCC on 64-bit Windows

    Okay that's what I had wrong! I didn't realize otvdm.exe was part of the path name. It works now! Thank you for your help, it's very appreciated.
  5. "Native" MSCC on 64-bit Windows

    I did all those steps bit by bit and it still does not work for me. This is very frustrating I really don't know what I'm doing wrong here. Is the "obvious spots" to paste the path the MappedExeName? Because that's where I pasted them.
  6. "Native" MSCC on 64-bit Windows

    Everything really, there isn't really a "first step" that's explained anywhere aside from downloading the file itself. I'm not much of an expert with this sort of stuff if it's not obvious so just some guidance would be appreciated.
  7. "Native" MSCC on 64-bit Windows

    It'd be nice if there was an actual helpful guide on how to make this work because I fiddled with this for hours last night and got nothing to work.
  8. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Ehh it doesn't have to be my best level for it to be good, which I am convinced it is as it stands. No one can really tell me otherwise. I wanted a strict timed walker dodging level and that's what I made. And considering the wall template choice, I think it's completely justified for this to exist. Not to mention I nerfed the hell out of this before releasing. If that isn't appreciated then I don't know what else to say. Sorry you didn't like it. and thanks for the rest of your feedback as always!
  9. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Since I will shortly be starting a new job in the upcoming days, my time for designing will be rather limited, so here is another update release! This time there are 15 new levels as levels 66-80 and like the previous update, these 15 levels are also arranged sort of by difficulty. There are no changes to any of the pre-existing levels as well. Walls of CCLP3 Enjoy!
  10. Propaganda

    The step you are doing there is actually a step that needs to be done later. You have the right idea but try doing that step the opposite way. If that makes any sense
  11. Mega Level Pack?

    As fun as it would be to see how a set like that would be ordered, I don't think it would be a good idea to actually do that, at least for an actual set, especially with CC1 because lol copyright. CCLP2 also has the issue of not being fully Lynx compatible unless CCLXP2 were used. Not to mention I highly doubt anyone would seriously play a set like this that's that long. That being said, compiling a list for this would be fun. Just a set I don't think should happen. But to answer your question, yes I would also include some from WoCCLP4, as well as a few of the newer additions of JoshL6, most of JoshL7 and UC6, some of ZK3 and 4, and some of the currently in progress WoCCLP1 and 3.
  12. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    Thank you for your feedback, mmoraleta! Glad to hear you enjoyed them, this is probably my favorite batch of levels so far. I really like that room! I do recognize that RFF part of the level can be a little iffy, but I feel like the timing with the tank flipping is just right. I am open to extend this timing a bit if need be. I'm not expecting this to be a favorite and I went into designing this one with that mindset. That being said, I tried the best I can to minimize the tedium via ice slides and the extra chips (maybe there can be a few more extras?). I didn't want players to resort to spam cloning to solve this one, which is why the trap button mechanism exists.
  13. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    At first I didn't see how this was doable until I finally understood what you meant. This has now been fixed - thanks for bringing it to my attention! Edit: bust re-fixed because I'm dumb and left it busted in Lynx. It should be good now, ice being down the hallway on column 16 is the correct version.
  14. Help for Nuclear Energy for Dummies

    Consider how many blocks you need to reach the suction boots and take note of how the force floors are placed in that room.
  15. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    A new version of WoCCLP3 has been released! This release features 25 new levels as 41-65 and are arranged in somewhat of a difficulty curve themselves. Some further updates to some previously released levels are also available in this release. Walls of CCLP3 Enjoy!