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About Me

Hi I'm Josh - designer of all the JoshL levelsets, as well as JCCLP1, 2 and Rejects! I'm just a not-so-avaerage guy that loves Pokemon and Chip's Challenge. Been playing both since I was 8 years old and both games make me way too happy to stop playing them.

Flareon is my favorite Pokemon and I do just about anything I can to make sure that's well known!

Chip's Challenge level design is something I absolutely love doing. I just enjoy it way too much as it's one of my only outlets to express my creativity. I tend to lean toward a more aesthetic approach in my designs nowadays, but I aim to make all my levels as fun as can be regardless of aesthetic choice.

Flareon1, my Chip's Challenge 2 level set, is in the works, however, is on a long term hiatus for the time being. It's a pretty complex game to design for and I want to take my time designing levels for it. (Y)

I've also been a part of the furry community (the Pokemon side of it that is) for like 8 years now. It's... something I've kept to myself for just about that amount of time, and honestly I don't like doing that anymore. It kills me inside. I simply love the idea behind them and I think they are pretty cool! You don't have to agree with me there, just respect that its of my interests!

If you wanna know what my avatar is, all you need to know is that it is associated with the said pokemon furry community. :P