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About Me

Hi I'm Josh - designer of all the JoshL levelsets, as well as JCCLP1, 2, Rejects and the currently in progress Walls of CCLP3! I'm just a not-so-avaerage guy that loves Pokemon and Chip's Challenge. Been playing both since I was 8 years old and both games make me way too happy to stop playing them.

Flareon is my favorite Pokemon and I do just about anything I can to make sure that's well known!

Chip's Challenge level design is something I absolutely love doing. I just enjoy it way too much as it's one of my only outlets to express my creativity. I tend to lean toward a more aesthetic approach in my designs nowadays, but I aim to make all my levels as fun as can be regardless of aesthetic choice.

Flareon1, my Chip's Challenge 2 level set, is in the works, however, is on a long term hiatus for the time being. It's a pretty complex game to design for and I want to take my time designing levels for it. (Y)

I've also been a part of the furry community (the Pokemon side of it that is) for like 8 years now. It's... something I've kept to myself for just about that amount of time, and honestly I don't like doing that anymore. It kills me inside. I simply love the idea behind them and I think they are pretty cool! You don't have to agree with me there, just respect that its of my interests.