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  1. I don't know how I feel about CC2 being the "new standard" for the community. CC1 is still and always will be a part of Chip's Challenge, just as much as CC2 will be. And while porting CC1 levels to CC2 is a nice option to have, I don't think it should be necessary or expected of designers to do, just because CC2 is the focus. I'm sure there are some of us (like me) who wish not to port anything new to CC2, as a means to start over a new leaf in design. A veteran CC1 pack would be nice, though not many people design truly difficult levels these days due to the somewhat expected factor of solving on the first try... (I know I'm not alone on this either.) Ending the traditional 149 level CC1 sets seems kind of harsh and honestly unnecessary in my opinion, so I can't say I'm on board with that. I also think official MS-only sets aren't needed either as Lynx has become more mainstream since CCLP3, and I feel like a MS-only set would only be targeted to a very specific audience anyway.
  2. I'm also in favor of a CCLP5 happening in the future, though not necessarily before a CC2 set. I've said this many times and I'm sticking to it that CC1 shouldn't be ditched or forgotten about just because CC2 exists. I think that's a pretty stupid mindset to have honestly. That being said, I also agree it should wait for at least another year or two. I don't think there being not enough newer CC1 levels is much of an issue - it might actually make a lot of members happy to see certain levels make it into CCLP5 that didn't make it to LP4! But maybe that's just me. 150 levels for a CC2 set would be good but I'm not against 200 being the total either. 100 is definitely not enough for the amount of content that can be done in CC2.
  3. What song are you listening to right now?

    This is really, really good stuff.
  4. Return

    Welcome back, chipster! We surely missed having you around and it's so great to have you back I don't recall you being a jerk to me personally but regardless it's alright. I really hope you enjoy CCLP4 and the other various sets that has been released since your leave.
  5. Unsolvable Level Reports

    Yeah that was a problem with the level when it was in CCLP4 voting as well. A simple fix would be to just connect the trap button to the trap yourself, since the designer of the level isn't exactly around to update it themselves (this is what we did for CCLP4 voting when it was made aware). If you don't want to do that, then it's simply unsolvable.
  6. What song are you listening to right now?

    Needless to say, I'm loving the new tracks in these games - these ones are pretty damn good and are a few of my favorites.
  7. What song are you listening to right now?

    The only song I'm listening to till the release next Friday! I like it a little more than the original.
  8. JCCLPRejects

    I made a topic for this set years ago, but I deleted it. So here's a new one. JCCLPRejects is a levelset of mine that is only found and updated on pieguy's site. http://davidstolp.com/old/chips/overall.php?set=JCCLPRejects It consists of various levels I have made but were rejected for one reason or another. Some were either in JCCLP1 or 2 but were replaced at some point with better levels. Some are just small test levels to test out a specific concept. And some were made for an actual JoshL set (3-7 mostly) but didn't meet a certain design standard of mine. Reasons as to why these levels were rejected can be found in the comments section on the link above. Not every level contains this information though due to the fact that I simply just don't remember why I rejected some of these. There are also some other levels, such as ridiculous rip offs of official levels with a twist, levels made to refer to some inside joke, or just random stuff I decided to make for fun. It currently holds 209 levels - the recent update (today) includes my 17 part CCLP4 Abridged series and an additional level that was originally meant to be part of JoshL7. Otherwise, enjoy! You can post your scores on pieguy's site as well if you wish.
  9. What song are you listening to right now?

  10. Skype quotes

    This is a thread where quotes from the Skype chat will be posted! Unlike majority of the forum, double posting is allowed here. Any swear words must be censored out with asterisks, with the exception of the first letter of said swear word. To start it off here is a quote: [7:29:18 PM] Tyler Sontag: Michael is pregnant! [7:29:20 PM] Zane: In other news, I got 439 on Blobnet the other day!
  11. Windows 95 Compatibility issues...

    You should probably upgrade then
  12. Re: CC Zone board has been upgraded

    The level post count that you are talking about has returned! I'm currently working on adding the rest of the CCLP1 level ranks, and probably continue on to CCLP2, 3, and 4, even though that will probably be pointless
  13. Managing pictures on CCZone

    You have a very interesting avatar to say the least.
  14. CC Zone board has been upgraded

    Not a fan of how the upgrade looks honestly. It's a shame things like awards and such couldn't be salvaged, the site is very lackluster without them. But hopefully it can get back to normal, maybe with new skins as well.
  15. JoshL2.dat

  16. JCCLP

  17. ZK1

  18. Biting Under the Skin

  19. JoshL3

  20. TS0

  21. 60 Minutes

  22. ZK2: 1 Year Anniversary