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  1. exclusive.dat

    Author is Sean Sims.
  2. Level Stories

    Write a piece of any length using only level names from sets found anywhere on the web. The levels can be as old as the hills or brand-new, but they must be from sets that are now or were once open to the public. Scoring: • Plus two points for every level name used correctly. • Minus one point for every non-level word you need to add for continuity. • Plus five points if folks agree you've made a nice cohesive story! (Please list your source sets at the end.)
  3. Level Stories

    Okay, 60 views and 0 replies. I thought it would be fun! But is this game too difficult?
  4. Double the Last Number

    Two times what he said.
  5. Let's travel around the world

    Ha ha, ya goofball. :-)
  6. Tell us a joke

    I realize an atom might be sensitive about its lack of matter, but why was he crying before the bartender said anything?
  7. Tell us a joke

    Two blondes walked into a bar, ordered drinks, and sat down. They proceeded to clink their glasses and excitedly shout, "54 days! 54 days!" Then a third blonde joined them with her drink, and the three repeatedly clinked their glasses and exclaimed, "54 days! 54 days!" The bartender could not contain his curiosity. He walked over to the table and said, "I couldn't help but notice your happy celebration. Just what are you toasting?" One of the blondes replied, "We found a jigsaw puzzle that said 2-3 years. But the three of us solved it in just 54 days!!!"
  8. Let's travel around the world

    Gasselterboerveenschemond (Netherlands)
  9. Let's travel around the world

    Wow, that's the longest place name I've ever heard! Is it in Wales? But I'm sorry, I can't accept it since it begins with a J instead of a G.
  10. Let's travel around the world

    Ishpeming (yes, it's really a town)
  11. Let's travel around the world

    Kōchi, Japan
  12. Let's travel around the world

    Okay, okay, Oakland too boring for you? Perhaps you'd rather visit Dickeyville, Wisconsin.
  13. Let's travel around the world

    Ooo, I love the sound of "Ningbo".... Oakland
  14. Let's travel around the world

  15. Let's travel around the world

    Haifa, a wonderful place to visit in Israel
  16. Let's travel around the world

    Ha ha ha! I can't believe you found "Igloolik"! I wonder if anyone's ever tried it? The best one yet, Steven. I'm in the mood for a little Kathmandu.
  17. Cannot change profile photo

    Aargh! I removed my profile photo, but cannot manage to upload a replacement. Every time I choose a new photo, it refuses to appear in the box. I have tried different sizes and everything. Nothing works, and no error message ever appears. What's the hidden secret?
  18. Cannot change profile photo

    Thanks, Imgur. Too bad I have to go through that extra step. :-(
  19. Let's travel around the world

  20. Let's travel around the world

    We did Dublin, California. Now this is Dublin, Ireland
  21. Let's travel around the world

    I wonder how many of the people in Hell, Norway know what the word means in English. (LOL, Finn!) And while we're on the subject... Norway
  22. Let's travel around the world

    (Omg, that's amazing such a place exists.) Los Alamos
  23. Let's travel around the world

    Elmuthalleth a star in the Alpha Trianguli
  24. The Mysterious Family

    A man claims that his father and his grandfather were born on exactly the same day of exactly the same year. How is this possible?