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  1. The Mysterious Family

    Mobius, if you really get stuck and want to know, look above at Mike's (pillowpc2001) spoiler.
  2. The Mysterious Family

    Very clever, you guys! But he's telling the truth and these are all blood relations. Please try again. :-) (Mike, just noticed your spoiler. You're not as dumb as you look! Congratulations.)
  3. Let's travel around the world

    Ha ha, Steven! Aberdeen (cold again)
  4. Let's travel around the world

    Greenland (brrr)
  5. Let's travel around the world

  6. Puzzling.SE

    Great going, Jeffrey! Your first answer is the one that Meathead used when giving this puzzle to Archie. It was very outside-the-box for the 60's! (Archie for sure would've blown his top at the second answer.)
  7. Puzzling.SE

    Okay, okay, maybe that was too easy. Try this one on for size: A father and his son were riding in a car when they had a horrible accident. The father died on the scene, and his son was rushed to the hospital where he was wheeled immediately into the operating room. The surgeon on-call took one look at him and said, "Oh, my gosh! I can't operate on my own son!" Explain.
  8. Let's travel around the world

    Austerlitz (Town in the Czech Republic)
  9. Puzzling.SE

    Madhav, I looked at all your entries, and I didn't understand a single one! And here I thought I was a true-blue puzzler. :-( I'm sure you know this oldie: What makes this number unique? 8549176320
  10. What's up with that? What if I want to give a file to someone? That's a major inconvenience.
  11. You can't attach a file to a private message?

    Sorry, Miika, just seeing this response now. But that was very nice. Thanks to you and Josh for helping me understand. :-)
  12. Let's travel around the world

    Okay, enough with the double A's!! Acapulco
  13. Do you think aliens exist?

    Believe it or not, the theory of the Big Bang has been debunked. Scientists now believe it couldn't possibly have happened (kind of a flat Earth scenario). The jury's still out on whether they believe in the TV show.
  14. Let's travel around the world

    Steven, I looked it up before I wrote it. Sussex and East Sussex are actually two different counties! And I love it that you chose a place in Brazil. I used to live there. Andalucia
  15. Unsolvable Level Reports

    Was already thinking that. Sent you an email.
  16. Unsolvable Level Reports

    It should be noted that I have been working on a comprehensive database of ALL unsolvable levels. Jimmy and I collaborated on one several years ago, and fortunately I saved my notes. I working on updating those notes (many sets have since been fixed), plus adding on the new sets that have been released. Note that I will need volunteers to confirm (how shall we call it?) unsolvancy! It's important that players more experienced than I am (er....that would be anyone) take a look and confirm that a level is indeed beyond repair. Just as Josh has been doing for Steven. :-)
  17. Let's travel around the world

    Sussex Okay, now it's back to China, folks.
  18. Let's travel around the world

    I see you that double Y and raise you: Yosemite Valley 2 Y's you are 2 Y's you be I see you are 2 Y's for me.
  19. Let's travel around the world

    Orange County
  20. Let's travel around the world

    the Dominican Republic
  21. Let's travel around the world

    I have to answer with Los Angeles, since I was born there. :-)
  22. I'm missing a levelset from my collection and hope to recover it. Please let me know if you have ECHIP.dat or ECHIP1.dat. Unfortunately, I don't know the creator.
  23. Let's travel around the world

  24. Let's travel around the world

    Ohhhhh, my best friends in the world live in Yokohama! Can't wait to see them again..... Antwerp