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  1. No worries, everyone. I have zips of all of the files that Julian posted back then.
  2. Polar, Wisconsin (Hmm, would you say that the neighboring towns are by Polar?)
  3. To All Creators: I can't tell you how many levelset readmes are all titled README.TXT. A huge majority of them! It gets quite time-consuming when trying to organize what goes where. PLEASE include the name of your set in the readme file's name. It makes such a difference! I think creators rock! Jan
  4. Happy Camp I'm proud to say it's in California
  5. I'd love to live in a place with this name. Dinwiddle, Indiana
  6. Extra points, Sparkman, for switching both the first and last letters. ;-)
  7. "Assawoman was originally known as 'Assawaman' until 1966 when the Board on Geographic Names decided upon its current spelling." And they changed it because why??
  8. Omg, Sparkman, are you serious??? Wow.
  9. Yeah, Kodiak. Isn't that where the bears take pictures with small cameras?
  10. Sparkman, Cote d'Ivoire is one of my favorite places to pronounce in the whole world. (It's also a part of my favorite magic trick.) Eek (Alaska)
  11. Eclectic (paradoxically in Alabama)
  12. Kvernbergsundsødegården (Ruben should know this one!)
  13. Yemen was posted early on, Sparkman (check my list on the previous page). Care to try another Y name? :-)
  14. (I swear I posted this yesterday!) Hódmezővásárhely (city in Hungary)
  15. Sparkman, you can go 54 times in a row. You just can't repeat any places. (Note: Menlo Park, California and Menlo Park, New Jersey are two different places.) Btw, love your nickname. Years ago mine was Sparky.
  16. And just where is this upload system hiding? Looked all through every nook and cranny. P.S. Altair is derived from the Arabic for "Flying Eagle." Cool.
  17. I've been keeping track in an Excel spreadsheet, guys. Can't find a way to attach a file here (really???) so here's the list so far: Tokyo Ottawa Austria Allegheny Mountains Sweden Norfolk Kansas City Yosemite National Park Keuruu Ubon Ratchathani Indianapolis Stavanger Rio de Janeiro Oxford Dublin Neptune El Paso Orion Nenäinniemi Iowa Acampo Orlando Olympus Mons Schenectady Yemen Napa Arctic Circle Endor Reykjavik Kamchatka Peninsula Albuquerque Equatorial New Guinea Annapolis Scandinavia Anaheim Mexico Olympia Athens San Francisco Oceanside Earth Hollywood Denmark Kauai Ione Endor Rocklin Nevada Antarctica Atlantis San Diego Ottawa Islands Sacramento Okeefenokee Swamp Portland Denver Rhode Island Differdange Eureka Amsterdam Munich Hamburg Galapagos Islands Samoa Atlantic Ocean Newfoundland Dallas Seychelles Islands Saskatchewan Nicaragua Argentina Andorra Alberta Antigua Alabama Alameda Australia Ann Arbor Redwood City Yongzhou Utah Hanoi Innsbruck Kentucky Yuba City Yangtze River Redmond Davenport Tracy Yellowstone National Park Kalamazoo Ouagadougou Uruguay Yokohama Antwerp Punxsatawney Yellowknife East Sussex Xanadu Ulysses Shimane Eberhardzell Los Angeles Sand Island Dominican Republic Cuzco Orange County Yucca Valley Yosemite Valley Ypres Sussex Xavantina Andalucia Acidalia Planitia Alaska Andøya Addis Ababa Andorra la Vella Acapulco Odawara Antares Samara Austerlitz Zimbabwe Ecuador Regina Ambala Arlington Nord-Trøndelag Greenland Dominica Aberdeen North Shore Village Elmuthalleth Hell Los Alamos Sandnessjøen Norway Ystad Dublin Nordland Djibouti Igloolik Kathmandu Upper Bush Haifa Arlington Nuuk Kyrgyzstan Ningbo Oakland Dickeyville Estes Park Kōchi Ishpeming Gasselterboerveenschemond Delaware Ellis Island Dhaka Arkansas Serbia
  18. Author is Sean Sims.
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