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  1. Ha ha, random, I was waiting for someone to use Earth. Kauai
  2. Earthling, wouldn't that equal 56? Score=20 1/10 of 20=2 7*2=14 42+14=56 Please others chime in here and let me know if I'm wrong.
  3. Awesome place, H2O! So someone can still use Endor, the planet. :-) Reykjavik
  4. Lost Levels - REV 4 (kg).dat
  5. Country calling code for Macau
  6. Dublin (the one in California)
  7. You're absolutely right, M11k4! Rio de Janeiro Didn't live there, but been there a few times!
  8. Every person will state one single place name in their answer. Rules: * The first letter of the place name must match the last letter of the previous person's place name. Example: If someone says "Saskatchewan," the next person must say a place starting with N. * Places must be no smaller than towns (rivers are okay). No limit on the larger end! * No name can be repeated! Each one must be brand-new to the game. I'll start: Tokyo
  9. Charleston and Myrtle Beach area code.
  10. Darn, no one mentioned Brazilian Portuguese! And it's not even in the poll list. Eu falo português quasi todos os dias. Madhav, ha ha ha ha ha! You're so right that programming languages should have been included. And Dave and Ben, I'm such a grammar nazi that my friends have told me if an error exists within a one-mile radius of me, I'll feel it. Wait! I feel one now on a menu at a downtown restaurant! Ow, that hurts.
  11. "Levelset" it is! From now on, the official spelling is without a space in-between. Also, I will contact the people on the Yahoo site who have posted the same set more than once. It is their choice which one they'll keep.
  12. Thanks, Flareon, I just asked him for his email and sent it that way. But I'm really surprised that a site as robust as this one doesn't have that common feature.
  13. What's up with that? What if I want to give a file to someone? That's a major inconvenience.
  14. Maybe we've been looking at this wrong the whole time. Maybe "levelset" is a series that was created by the alien who kept trying to go home.
  15. Cool, M11k4, I'm new to this site so I didn't know. mmoraleta, I sent you a private message.
  16. Good point, M11k4. I'm working on a database that will tell us, but of course it's not automated.
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