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  1. CCLP1 MS improvements New total: 6 004 150
  2. Dave: Well if they did it to Dave the Barbarian they will do it to everything Bubbleman: Gliderbot: Jeffrey: Thinking quickly, Dave makes a level using some blocks, some buttons, and a level [...] Level hint: I love the way you hold me *squee* Indy: that hint :WutFace: chipster1059: A sleeping brain produces weird things :sun: [...] Craig: Remember when Rock was considered good enough for an LP? ncrecc: “Vilbig had intended to only use the level as a test for fireballs on WebCC, but the level seemed good enough to include in an actual levelset.” literal test level making it into a cclp chipster1059: Oh wait, you're talking about a level pack...For a moment I thought you were talking about Rock Généreux and his Let's Plays. Josh: Me too rofl Craig: Yep. That’s how good my test levels are. You should see my unreleased beta levels [...] Craig: Here's a question for the next Chuck Sommerville AMA: Is Cake Walk designed based on his marriage? Password is eerily similar to Jen (his wife's name) and it starts out in an aisle. Plus "Cake" could refer to a wedding cake, and "Walk" could be the walk down the aisle. Joshua: maybe NIGHTMARE is designed based on his 1st marriage, or On The Rocks more likely Tyler: what does SOCIALIST ACTION say about him? :thinking: is chuck a comrade Joshua: given the negative light under which our Russian friend Vladimir Gerajkee was portrayed, I don't know if we can draw that conclusion Tyler: is he canonically Russian though? Gerajkee is not a Russian last name nor a last name at all. it is the worst pun of all time
  3. CCLP2 MS improvements. New total: 6 050 000
  4. CC1 MS improvements. Total: 5 976 670
  5. Moonman: why would you wear a dress? Moonman: when you have to run? ncrecc: don't worry she's wearing heels Flareon350: that melinda sprite is legit Flareon350: i would solve a level wearing a dress ncrecc: in real life or in the game Tyler Sontag: the game is real life Flareon350: depends on how much i get for doing it in real life :KappaHD: Tyler Sontag: Blobjail II: The Escape chipster1059: EVEN MORE EVIL Tyler Sontag: Blobjail III: The Police Track Them Down and They're Back in Jail Again Kawaiiprincess360: yeah something I wondered about Kawaiiprincess360: why is the bribe a bunch of gold, treasure and wine? Wouldn't a dollar bill just be enough or are the thieves that greedy? Allack: https://steamcommunity.com/app/262590/discussions/0/1642043267235628771/ Tyler: Four Plex being included? :thinking: It’s already a CC1 level Allack: Didn't know Four Plex was a CC1 level
  6. CCLP2 MS improvements. 59: 352 (+2) 68: 271 (+8) 106: 342 (+1) 117: 475 (+1) 148: 550 (+2) New total: 6 049 600 This will probably be my last update for a while, as CC2LP1 voting takes up most of the time I have available for playing CC.
  7. CCLP1 MS improvement: 61: 425 New total: 6 003 520 CCLP2 MS improvements: New total: 6 049 460
  8. CCLP1 MS 31-149 Total: 6 003 510
  9. CC1 MS improvements. Total score: 5 976 580
  10. CCLP2 MS 121-149 Total: 6 047 580
  11. As far as I know, uploading such a level here would not violate forum policy (but I'm not a staff member, so take this with a grain of salt). Note, however, that you would most likely NOT be allowed to submit such a level for possible inclusion in an official set.
  12. chipster1059: since when is the eye a boot :sun: ChiaraW: ya since when did you walk with your eyes [...] IHNN: (Also for consistency the RR sign would probably be a footwear thing) Sharpeye: I hate it when I go outside and forget to put my railroad crossing sign over my socks Sharpeye: Ruins my day [...] geodarth: With the special object can you pick up ghosts? jbone: you show me an item that can pick up ghosts, I'll show you something to lift your spirits...
  13. More CC1 MS improvements
  14. Welcome back Henry! Great to see you again Your levels will be considered for CC2LP1 and will appear in voting
  15. CCLP3 Lynx 121-149 Total: 6 014 130
  16. This set has been updated with a total of 227 levels. The last 7 levels have weird slots. A CC2LP1 submissions set will be assembled over the next few days.
  17. Version 0.1


    Walls of CC2. See this thread:
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