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  1. UPDATED: "Native" MSCC on 64-bit Windows

    This is really cool The Skelzie and Graduation bolds should be much easier to achieve now I probably won't be using it, though, since I use Linux which runs MSCC fine (even 64-bit distros )
  2. is level creation a form of art?

    Yes, I would say so. There is a lot of creativity involved in level design. Under ordinary circumstances, not really. That said, if I'm in a bad mood, I might find myself making a very evil level, but this rarely happens since, like Jeffrey, I don't really design when I'm not feeling well. I create two types of levels: those where the title came first, and those where the level came first. In the former category, the titles sometimes reference events in my life. In the latter, however, it hardly ever happens, as I often struggle to find level titles. Yes, absolutely. Most of the levels in the first category, I mentioned in the previous section, would fit this description (although the story is not always very obvious).
  3. C1059-CC2

    C1059-CC2 has been updated; it now has 180 levels. I have also made the following changes, following Mobius' feedback: 12: Replaced some bombs with sockets and modified last room. 17: Added extra dirt to fix bust. 24: Shortened the track maze in the end. 34: Moved hint so it doesn't overlap with the letter tiles, and reduced bonus. Please leave feedback
  4. Downloads section updated dates

    Tom added a new feature, "confirm solvable", in which designers can put some information about the solvability of the levels of the set. Several designers updated their set with this information.
  5. Chip's Challenge Creator

    I don't know what other members of the community think about this; perhaps you could ask around on Discord? As for the voodoo tiles, here is Tyler's explanation: "everything past the latch gates, beyond the normal logic gates themselves, can be made into a voodoo tile; i was supposed to write a hex editing tutorial like 2 years ago lmao. all the voodoo tiles act as floor and take the exact appearance of their 32x32 square (i.e. no animation, and the icons in the bottom right are clumped together)" I was talking about the "flood fill" tool I really like it The "show only on mouseover" option could fix this issue I can't really think of any other workaround apart from creating a menu entry for every single type of connection, which would have the side effect of creating a really long menu, which might not necessarily be a good thing. Thank you for clarifying about these. The "undisplayable" warning does sound like a good idea I would find such a feature very useful I'm still a bit confused by the "replace" feature. What makes it different from flood-filling the tile with floor? I experienced the issue again just now, trying to copy these tiles: Here is the resulting command line output:
  6. Chip's Challenge Creator

    THE TILES I like the way the tiles are sorted; even the "all tiles" section is easier to use than in the official editor. I also like how this editor makes it possible to put empty item blockers (much easier than resorting to a hex editor). And I discovered some tiles that I didn't even know I existed. Not just "unused" tiles, but also traps that start open, and directional blocks without any directions. However, there are some unused tiles that the editor does not allow to place, and levels containing them do not display properly. These include the random tile, and the voodoo tiles from Enter the Void in TSAlpha. DRAWING While the official editor allows only one method for placing tiles, this one offers several. The "line" and "fill" features have been useful on a few occasions. The path maker is good in theory, and I used it often in CCEdit. However, there are a few bugs in its implementation here. When using force floors, I would expect crossings to turn into ice (like in CCEdit), but it doesn't happen. It is also problematic with train tracks. Example: Left: drawn path Middle: result Right: expected result (image by Jeffrey) The path maker works fine with ice though. At first, I was a bit confused by what appeared to be two wiring tools, until I figured out one was for CC1 button connections, and the other drew visible CC2 wires. I managed to wire a few levels using this tool, but I encountered an annoying bug: when I try to make a loop in wires, the editor hangs, and I am forced to kill the process. The editor also fails to open levels containing wire loops. "VIEW" OPTIONS I like how connections are shown; it makes it really easy to see which buttons link to which traps/clone machines/flame jets. The ability to see the scope of an area button/time bomb is also very useful. The ability to see creature paths is also very useful, like Alt+A in ChipEdit. And I absolutely love the ability to see the 10*10 viewing area in the game (it would be nice to have it enabled by default) this isn't really an issue now that settings are preserved Seeing teleport order is also nice. My only complaint? When the level has a lot of green teleports, it's crazy... (image by Tyler) IMPORTING AND EXPORTING At first, I was a bit confused by the export/import/save features, but once I figured it out, it all became simple. The editor saves in its native CCS format. Then, the CCS can be exported into a C2M, C2G or DAT file. I didn't get any opportunities to use the "import" feature. When I did, it eseentially behaved like "open". I assume its main uses would be to import CCX data into a DAT levelset, and add extra levels to a CC2 levelset? I used the "export" feature for two things: creating a playable CC2 level, and converting CC1 levels to CC2. I had no issues exporting from CCS to C2M. Converting CC1 to CC2 was much easier than using DAT2C2G: just open the CC1 set, choose the level, and export. It worked very well in most situations and, unlike DAT2C2G, converted PGChip ice blocks properly. The lines indicating button wirings was also easier to process than the DAT2C2G warnings file. I was also pleasantly surprised that a level with a time limit larger than 1000 converted properly (although the CC2 game displays 999 while these extra seconds drain away, like with chips). However, the export feature has a few bugs. When I tried converting a CC1 level that contains a lot of chips under locks, the C2M file contained simple locks. When I used shift+click to put custom floors under monsters, the resulting C2M file had the monsters on regular floor. Also, when I converted an entire levelset, the paths in the C2G file started at the root directory of the filesystem, instead of using relative paths I tested it again in the 0.2 release and it has been fixed OTHER THINGS The changelog for the 0.2 release mentions changes to the “replace” option. I'm a bit confused as to what this option is? I really like how settings are now preserved after closing and re-opening the editor. Now, I don't have to navigate to the directory containing my CC2 set every time; it is right there from the moment I open the editor. I was really excited by the clipboard feature, which would hopefully make it possible to copy some tiles from one level to another. Unfortunately, the editor often failed to cut or copy the selected tiles, simply outputting some weird code on the command line. This generally happens when there are monsters in the area being copied, but I have not been able to reliably reproduce this bug, unfortunately CONCLUSION The editor isn't perfect, but it is an improvement over the official editor. The “view” options, the simple conversion of CC1 to CC2, and the various drawing tools make this much more fun to use than the official editor. Thank you for coding this
  7. JoshL7

    44: The sokoban that has to be done twice is my favourite part of the level. However, I'm not a fan of the use of traps in the top part of the level, especially since, unlike for the fireball room, the hint doesn't explain their wiring. 53: The bust appears fixed now 58: I found the suction boot room to be rather frustrating, but the rest of the level was very creative, nice uses of thieves. 61: Really fun puzzles, especially the recessed wall section and everything after the trap. Those pink balls on invisible walls are awesome. 63: Awesome level. All rooms are great in their own way. 66: It is an interesting use of locks, and some of the puzzles are really fun. I especially liked what came after the sockets. 68: Really hard level, but very fun and rewarding. The puzzles are really clever, and I like how one needs to venture outside the box to solve it. 69: Really hard level, but also very fun. 70: It's a very fun level. It's been a while since I played any of the other Flareon levels, so I can't really compare it Overall, I had a lot of fun playing this set; it is awesome Flareon1 when?
  8. JoshL7

    26: There are some really fun tank puzzles here. The starting sokoban, and the final room, are my favourites. 28: It's a decent level; I especially like the tank room. 29: A clever puzzle, surprisingly hard. 36: It took me a while to figure out that I didn't need to hold down the trap buttons It's a fun sokoban. 37: This level was surprisingly hard, but it was fun; I especially like the tank room. 38: 39: Decent blue wall maze. 40: There are some clever puzzles here. It's a decent itemswapper. 41: I love the blobs on fire and the recessed walls. Really nice level. 42: This was a decent maze, and quite hard I think. 43: The blank hint tiles slightly annoys me. However, I really liked this level, and I agree with Miika that it is your best Walls of CCLP4 contest entry. 45: Really fun key level 46: Really good-looking maze concept; surprisingly hard. 47: My favourite rooms are the toggle/block room (nice use of ice under a block) and the pink ball room. 48: There are some really fun puzzles here. 49: This is an awesome compressed level, and I like the pointless chips and socket, as well as those sevens only visible in the editor and the 77 time limit. 50: I have already seen several levels using this concept, but this is one of my favourites. 51: Yeah...the title IS disturbing...it's a fun ice maze though. 52: Really fun puzzles. This is the type of level, however, that would work better in CC2 with bonus flags. 53: At first I misread the title as "Paranoia Ranch". I'll probably use that title. Anyway, this was a fun level, and it had some nice puzzles. However, it is not necessary to press the tank button; is this a bust? 54: Nice level with a strict time limit; I especially like the teeth, walker and partial post sections. 55: A really fun level. 56: One of my favourite levels so far in the set. Very creative use of teeths. 57: Better than Unmitigated Hint Factory Disaster. 59: There are some fun puzzles here, but I'm not a fan of the glider/fireball room at the end, it's easy to cook and at the very end. 60: A really creative puzzle. One of the best levels in the set. However, I managed to solve the level without using the recessed wall at (14,28). 62: This was a nice twist on the original concept, and I like how some blocks need to be pushed into water. 64: Decent pink ball level. I'm not really a fan of the skate trick at the end though. 65: Really clever awesome trick to solve. 67: A really amazing level, the title is very appropriate, and the ending block puzzles are very clever. I haven't solved the other levels yet, but I will leave feedback on them once I have
  9. Stupid cooks.

  10. JoshL7

    I played in Lynx; so far it's a great set 1: Fun short key puzzle. 2: Awesome puzzle. 3: Simple level, but I like the ending trick with the recessed wall. 4: Blue wall mazes are nearly always fun, and this is no exception. 5: It took me way too long to realize that one of the blocks inside the maze could be pushed...at first I could only see those two blocks on the border and was totally stumped It's a fun puzzle. 6: This has some good puzzles. 7: I already reported the bust in Discord. Now that it is fixed, the result is a very fun maze. 8: The sokoban is really fun. The top room is good too. 9: Fun maze, and I really like the way the exit was hidden next to the extra chip. 10: Perhaps my favourite level so far. The blob ending is clever, and I like those random pink balls. 11: It took me way too long to figure this out...it's a good puzzle. 12: The puzzles are awesome, and the toggle mechanism is really great. 13: There are some creative puzzles here. 14: Nice green level. 15: A fun level, I especially like the yellow key trick and the tank mechanism. 16: An interesting concept. 17: There should be more blob levels like this. I also like the hint. 18: Interesting puzzles, I especially like the socket section and the bug room. 19: This is a great block level. I love it. 20: Another great block level. The sokobans are fun, and those paramecia just before the socket are awesome. 21: This was surprisingly easy. It's a decent ice puzzle. 22: I love how you put two puzzles in one in this level. Just awesome. 23: I love this. The various puzzles here are very creative. 24: One of the better sokobans around. 25: I don't understand the title? But it's a fun level, some of the puzzles are really fun. (I haven't solved 26, 28 or 29) 27: A good-looking maze. 30: Awesome water puzzles, and reference to Fire is my Enemy. I don't really get the hint, though; no special tricks were needed for that room... 31: I love the title. It's also a fun maze. 32: There are some awesome concepts in this level. I also like the post-socket puzzles; I haven't seen many levels use such a concept. The paramecia in teleports look great 33: I gave the hint a purpose This is a really creative blob level; I like how one isn't supposed to gather all the chips. 34: This is quite a fun level, and a nice use of blocks. It's easy to miss some passages, but that's part of the fun. 35: At first I thought those fireballs were there just to look good, but once I crossed the thief, I realized their alternate purpose. This is a very creative maze.
  11. I would support the idea of porting the various official CC sets to CC2 Starting with CCLP4, probably, but also CCLP1 and CCLP3. CCL(X)P2 might be rather complicated, since some of the "invalid" tiles in the original version are no longer invalid in CC2.
  12. The Walls of CCLP2

    I played and solved most of the new levels, and overall I liked them I also replayed the levels that have been modified in the new version. 1: I like the change. I still got full bonus, but it was much harder, and I only had 2 seconds left when I exited. 4: The decreased time limit was all right. 6: This is a massive improvement. The puzzle is very clever, and I like the blank space tiles. The added bonus rooms were also great; I got the full bonus. 7: Overall, I think the changes are good. 18: I like the changes, but this level was still very easy. 19: The walker room is better now, I think. Also I don't recall seeing the bonus flags in the blob room in the previous version; I think they are a nice addition. 20: This is really a massive improvement, really creative. 26: I really like the new starting room, and the presence of the eye tool to spot the bonus flags. 27: The ghost part was really creative and fun. The starting/ending room had me completely stumped, and it took me a long time to figure out how to handle it, but it was fun, and the concept is creative. In the end, my bonus was of 200. 29: This is a really fun puzzle, and a good use of the hook. I managed to get the full bonus. 31: I like most uses of swivel doors in this level; the yellow key and tank rooms are especially creative. However, the bug dodging is overly difficult; I only made it through once, and died on the way back. Therefore I have not solved this level. 33: The puzzles are really clever. The yellow tank and red teleport mechanisms are amazing, and the hook is very well-used. 34: This was great. In most situations I don't like long chip-collecting levels, but this one was really fun and creative. The track puzzle is perhaps my favourite part of the entire level, and I like how you put some area control buttons in the toggle section. 49: I haven't solved this one yet. 53: This is a really awesome concept, it's really creative. I think it's busted though: by dropping the lightning bolt during the final passage, it is possible to exit without disabling the security system. So far, a really great set
  13. C1059-CC2

    Thank you for the feedback I think you might be confusing this with another level...this one had its current title ever since I first added it to the set.
  14. C1059-CC2

    I'm glad you're enjoying this set, and most of its levels I'll shorten the track room in the next version of Keep Calm. The keys in Deprogression are there for aesthetic purposes; they are pointless when it comes to gameplay. Maybe I should remove them? (I'm glad you liked the level overall though ) For Shapes on the Wall: You make a valid point about the hint in Removed Feature; I have a feeling this might not be the only time this happens in this set I'll try to fix these (I kinda miss how Tile World displayed the hints in a seperate box next to the map...)
  15. C1059-CC2

    Thank you for the feedback mobius! It has been helpful, and I'm glad you liked several of these levels I'll fix the issues with Collapsing Elevator Shafts and Ode to a Cloned Teeth in the next version, which will hopefully be released in a few weeks. The bust in Cloned Teeth though...how did I miss this?
  16. C1059-CC2

    It has been released! Version 2.0 includes 160 levels. The levels have also been re-ordered so there is more of a difficulty curve. Some levels have been removed; while some of these will return in future updates, others are gone forever, as they were way too painful. I hope you enjoy playing this set Please leave feedback so I can improve future levels!
  17. The Walls of CCLP2

    I have solved all 26 levels. Overall, I really liked this set so far. One interesting thing is that, in some cases, you not only preserve the original wall layout, but also other tiles; I generally like the results. Also, your frequent use of coloured walls and floors makes the levels look much better than their CC1 counterparts. 1: It is a good dodging level and maze, I got the full bonus. 2: A cool puzzle, and I love the title 3: The tank puzzle is really creative, and it's a nice use of ghosts erasing fire. It could use a longer time limit though. 4: Quite fun 5: Better than I expected. Generally I don't like levels that use train crossings like this, but this one was good. 6: I liked this level. I might have busted it, though: I solved using very few blocks and without the hook. 7: Awesome track puzzle. 8: This is an interesting twist on the original level. I did not attempt the full bonus, though. 9: This is a really fun puzzle, and a nice use of the "hide logic" feature. I got the full bonus. 10: A clever puzzle; a nice way to use toggle chips. 11: When I first saw the level, I expected it to be tedious, but I was pleasantly surprised, and it turned out to be quite fun, a great use of the hook. 12: I hated the original level, but this one was awesome. The speed boots help with all the running in long hallways, and it was very satisfying to blow up the walls. 13: An interesting red teleport puzzle. I did not get the bonus... 14: This is a great use of yellow tanks, a really great level, one of my favourites in the set. 15: Speed boots I like the use of swivel doors for flicking blocks; I used that in one of my levels too. I might have busted it, though, by dropping the speed boots right in front of the walker clone machines, stopping the cloning. 16: I'm still confused as to how the wiring of flame jets works It's a fun level though. 17: Bribes are an underused tile; it's nice to see them used here. Also the ghosts with speed boots, awesome 18: Collecting the chips was very easy, and the mimic didn't cause any problems. The last part, to get it to blow up the bomb, was nice. 19: I love the starting room, as well as the directional block and blob rooms. The ball/trap room was difficult but fun. The walker room was slightly annoying though. I got the full bonus. 20: A really simple level, and I got the full bonus. 21: Perhaps the hardest level in the set. But I love how you retain the second Chip from the original level, and the solution is very creative. However, I managed to exit the level with two extra green keys. 22: A great high-speed puzzle. It's nice to see many levels here use speed boots, considering they only appeared once in the original set. I got the full bonus. 23: Your yellow tank mechanism is awesome. The various puzzles are fun, but I might have found a bust: the yellow tank is not required to clone the blocks (or is this intentional?) 24: A fun puzzle; I like the use of yellow teleports. 25: A nice twist on the original level, a good use of ghosts, and I like how there are extra chips. I got the full bonus. 26: This is the only level that I didn't like, I'm afraid. The turtle room is quite fun, and so is the final puzzle (good use of a helmet here), but the starting puzzle is quite tedious and easy to cook; I did not attempt the bonus. I will be looking forward to future updates; so far it's great
  18. Some Useful CC2 Logic Inventions

    I'm not really sure exactly howthe mechanisms behind these work, but these are some pretty cool designs that could probably be useful in several levels Thank you for sharing these
  19. Chip's Challenge Creator

    I was still using Java 7...I installed version 8 and now it runs Thank you for the help I will post some feedback once I get a chance to use it
  20. Chip's Challenge Creator

    I tried running this editor, but I got an error message: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: cccreator/BetaTest : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method) at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(ClassLoader.java:803) at java.security.SecureClassLoader.defineClass(SecureClassLoader.java:142) at java.net.URLClassLoader.defineClass(URLClassLoader.java:442) at java.net.URLClassLoader.access$100(URLClassLoader.java:64) at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(URLClassLoader.java:354) at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(URLClassLoader.java:348) at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method) at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(URLClassLoader.java:347) at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:425) at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Launcher.java:312) at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(ClassLoader.java:358) at sun.launcher.LauncherHelper.checkAndLoadMain(LauncherHelper.java:482) Do you have any idea what could be causing this?
  21. A confession: I didn't play many CC2 levels beyond the official set (I hope to change this though). I have been away from the community for a year, and before that I was playing the CCLP4 voting packs instead. I tried a few sets, but I didn't really make it very far in most of them. The only exception was CC2-Rejects, and...well...it's easy to see why some of them were rejected. There are still some really good ones that should have been in the main set, though. So there are probably more good levels than I think. I know, right? *cough* speed boots *cough* However, it would probably be a good idea to wait, at least a little, I think, so those who took down their sets while they work on them, would have the opportunity to put them back up
  22. C1059-CC2

    I've been looking through this set, and I'm really disappointed in myself. This set has a few really bad levels, no difficulty curve, the download page is a mess... I'll be making massive changes to this set over the next few weeks: completely reordering the levels, removing some of them, and adding others. The current version remains available for download in the meantime, but keep in mind that any scores in this version will become inavlid when I release the new one. Also there are some pretty bad levels. I wouldn't recommend it.
  23. You all make some valid points that 100 is probably too short for an official CC2 set. I guess 150 or 200 could work, since 149 is a meaningless number in CC2 I have mixed feelings about James' ideas. I don't think it would be really a good idea to make CCLP4 the last 149 official set; CCLP5 might be a good idea in the future. Making a shorter MS-only set could work, since there are several good levels with invalid tiles. However, most of these levels were made years ago, between CCLP2 and CCLP3, and the designers may not be around to submit them. And there are some good Lynx-only levels too. As for a veteran pack, personally I wouldn't really care for this, but I suppose some players would be interested. This is a really valid point, I think, which is why I think we shouldn't really work on CCLP5 for now. As for a CC2 set, I did some calculations. For CCLP4, 3940 levels were submitted. After removing levels that were unsolvable, incompatible, or already in other official sets, there were around 3000 left (just over 75% of the total). Out of these, 1370 made it into voting (35% of the total). And out of these, as wel all know, 149 made it into the final set. That's only 3% of the total submission pool, or 11% of the voting pool. The current number of levels that would be eligible for an official CC2 set is smaller than that of the CCLP4 voting pool, and even then, there is no guarantee that everyone would submit their levels; some of the designers have probably gone inactive We would need more levels before moving forward with another official set, I think, regardless of whether the next set is for CC1 or CC2.
  24. I'm going to bump this. I don't think CCLP4 should be the last official CC1 set. Several people are still designing new CC1 levels, so CCLP5 will probably become a reality at some point. But I think we should wait a few more years, since CCLP4 has been released less than a year ago. I think the next step should be an official CC2 set. But I don't know if now is the best time to do this, or if we should wait. There aren't that many custom CC2 levels around, only about 1000 if H2O's post earlier in this thread is still accurate. Hopefully this will grow now that the Architect's editor is in public beta. As for the length of a CC2 set, I would say 100 levels. 200 is too long. And I think we would need a better title than CC2LP2 or something like that.