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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Subsystem_for_Linux
  2. CCLP4 Lynx. These scores are the result of two or three casual playthroughs; if I have any bolds, it's a happy accident. I'll probably optimize these further at some point, but it's not a priority at the moment. Levels 1-30
  3. Can someone lock this thread, please? The wiki changes have already been made and any further votes here probably won't change much.
  4. http://www.geocities.ws/purpletentacle1977ca/
  5. Following an argument on the Discord server, I'm creating this to get a better opinion of what everyone thinks.
  6. and currently maintains the Chip's Challenge scoreboards, serving as [[Jimmy Vermeer]]'s replacement.
  7. -”You can all rest here if you wish,” he explained. “The rules are simple: just don't harass others, no excessive noise, you can eat whenever you wish. Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.”
  8. 1: Decent green teleport level. 2: Very creative, I love it. 3: I solved this with just one tick to spare, and no bonus. With even a time limit of 7, this would be better, I think. 4: Very clever concept. 5: Nice concept. A bit short though. 6: I couldn't solve it. The moment the blob produces a teeth, the level is cooked. 7: Good maze, I like the current time limit. 8: It's a simple puzzle, but the bonuses are a nice addition. It would be nice if you added something under the chips though. 9: Solved it on the first try. I don't know if I was very lucky, or if you studied the seeds very well. Either way, COOL! 10: Fun. 11: Nice concept, I've already seen it done a few times. 12: The use of fire in addition to fireballs makes this better. The wait at the beginning is a bit long though. 13: Very hard, but decent. 14: Much harder than it looks at first. 15: One of the best levels of the set. 16: I like it. 17: Blowing up exits is awesome. The tank+bug part was especially good. Nice ghost hint. 18: Good maze. 19: Awesome use of stopwatches. 20: Really great concept, although the time limit is a bit short. Submit for CC2LP1 plz?
  9. It's still in VERY early development, but it looks like it will happen
  10. You mean the tiles from the original Lynx game? First you'll have to rename the current atiles.bmp to something else. Right-click to save the image below, then rename it to atiles.bmp so you can use it in TW. (I didn't make this tileset myself, IDK who did)
  11. plz make this happen Happy New Year everyone
  12. It works for me too. Clean your browser cache, perhaps?
  13. I'm mostly using ChipWiki. After I'm done with all 149 levels I'll probbably take a look at the public TWS to see how to get Lemmings and a few others for which there are no videos. CC1 MS 61-90
  14. I don't really optimize that much, but I still try to get a reasonable score for the official levels. CC1 MS levels 1-30
  15. Are you using Tile World or the Steam version? What set and level?
  16. This can be done by deleting the sound files, like I did long ago. When I saw the thread name, I thought it was about a way to disable that annoying command prompt always open in the background. (This used to be the case back in 2.0 and 2.1, IDK if it has been fixed since)
  17. I know I said the next update would come in the first half of 2019, but recently Tyler started streaming the set, and it turns out that several early levels were evil. In most cases, it was just a handful of tiles that ruined the experience. I continued playing beyond where Tyler stopped and found more such issues. This version fixes these issues. In two cases, the entire level had to be removed and replaced with something else. Here is a detailed changelog: Levels 131 and 170 replaced. 8: Removed one of the chips that was evil. 10: Removed one tank, one walker, and moved the flippers closer. 12: Added bonus flags under some blocks. 14: Removed the transmogrifer and replaced some swivels with fire. 17: Removed transmogrifer to prevent bust. 19: Replaced rover clone machine with a walker one. 22: Rotated a few force floors. 24: Added hint. 27: Blocked off a teleport with thin walls. Added eye. 30: Minor rewiring to prevent bust. 36: Replaced toggle wall with recessed wall. 53: Slight edits to the beginning. 66: Added some thin walls near a teleport. 72: Removed one walker. 128: Moved a teeth to prevent glitch.
  18. C1059-CC2 has been updated and now has 200 levels! In addition to this, a few other levels have been modified: 75: Added arrows to indicate directions of cloners. 79: Raised time limit and moved one hook to make solution less hard to figure out. 86: Added extra fire tile to prevent block slapping bust. 88: Added extra thin walls in directional block room to prevent bust. 92: Removed some blue keys to make the bonus harder to obtain. 98: Time limit raised from 150 to 300. 108: Replaced view from split to 10*10. 147: Enlarged the map to work around a flame jet bug. 168: Made the ending less evil. The next update will probably come in the first half of 2019.
  19. This looks really awesome. The ctrl+insert feature is going to be really useful. The tile menu could be especially useful for managing railroad tracks, and multidirectional cloners
  20. I would support doing this I did this for a few people for CCLP4 submissions, and it would probably be a good idea to do it again for this set.
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