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    Hey remember that post? That was a few months ago. So what happened? Well...since I posted that, the only levels I played were in C1059-CC2, with the exception of that collab level I did with Josh, and maybe a few others. Either way, I did not play any other custom sets, nor any CCLP4 voting packs. And unfortunately, it feels good. CC is a good game, there's a reason why it's still popular over 25 years after it was first released. But honestly, now that I stopped playing, I can't say I miss it. I think that my life has actually been improving since then. Not playing CC anymore gives me more time to focus on things that I find more important. So essentially, I'm leaving CCZone. This time it's for real. It was good while it lasted, but now it's over. I released an update to C1059-CC2 yesterday; I reached my 149-level goal, nearly all levels have replays, and they shouldn't contain any major busts. If I ever update it again, it will take a while. Also, some of you may have noticed how I uploaded a bunch of videos on Youtube on Christmas Eve. These videos were filmed a while ago, I just didn't upload them. Now that everything I filmed has been uploaded, I won't be uploading anything else for a while. If anyone wants to continue my LPs where I left off, feel free to do so. TCCLPRejects Jacques.dat LizzyB1 I may visit this site again sometimes, but don't count on much. I may come back for CCLP4, but I won't guarantee anything. If anyone needs to contact me, please email me: myusername at gmail dot com (of course, replace myusername with my username). I have one last request. Please consider C1059-CCLP4 for all future official CC1 sets, and C1059-CC2 for all future CC2 sets. Tyler will have to give his consent for 110 to be submitted, and Josh, for level 147. I don't have anything else to say, so just goodbye. Thank you for being a part of my life for the past three years or so. Be positive and amazing.
  11. The first custom set you played

    15 years ago today, the first set still available for download was last updated: MewtwoDX1. I was wondering what custom set you played first and if how you liked it? Me? Back then, I thought that there were only a few hundred levels available on the Internet. I also thought that a third of the levels were CCLP2 and CCLP3 and that another third was in TCCLP. My goal was to play every level ever made, so I downloaded every set I could find. Somehow, the first one I found was DanP1. When I first saw an invalid tile in level one, I stared at the screen for a few seconds, then I thought: "How did that bomb end up there? It wasn't there a few seconds ago!". I never finished the set.
  12. The End

    I don't know what I expected, but I still feel kinda disappointed not to have received any replies to this post. I guess this is for the best: since nobody is pressuring me to stay, I can safely leave without worrying about hurting anyone. This is probably my last login for a while, unless something dramatic happens. Goodbye everyone.
  13. Still excited about existing! That's still a rare privilege.

  14. C1059-CC2

    It's every level designer's dream to make a 149-level set. When I first started designing levels in 2013, that was my goal too. However, after a long time working on 1059CC01, as I called it at the time, I realized I only had about 100 levels, and out of those only about 50 were actually playable. So I just shelved the 149-level set and released C1059-1 at 50 levels. After that, I released C1059-2, also 50 levels, and several other sets, but none reached more than 50 levels. Finally, three years later, I finally achieve my goal. C1059-CC2 has received another update and now has 149 levels. In addition, all levels have replays (except 136, which is in split view). Two levels, 29 and 98, have two solutions, so each level has two files, each with its own replay. I have also made a few other fixes and changes. Here is a list of these changes (all of them will break existing solutions unless otherwise stated): Also, this will most likely be the last update to C1059-CC2 in a long time. Due to real life, I won't have enough time to design new levels. Thanks for playing, and I hope you enjoy this set. EDIT: on 30 December 2016 I updated this set to replace level 131. No other levels were changed. I would rather not say more.
  15. C1059-CC2

    Thank you for this fix! It will be implemented in the next update of the set, which should come before the end of the year. Ghost Run can be tweaked, just move the ghost to the bottom left corner (facing right) to make it less strict. This change will also be included in the next version. Also don't feel bad: you DID say you haven't solved it yet.
  16. C1059-CC2

    Thank you for the feedback mobius. I'm glad you're mostly enjoying the levels. You make some valid points about the difficulty. To be honest, I didn't think much about this when I built the set: for the most part, the levels are in the order in which they were designed Maybe I should reorganize them... Ghost Run isn't really a very good level. I should probably move it later in the set or remove it entirely. I'm aware of the bust in Hexagons of Slime Can you think of a way it could be fixed? I'm glad you liked Ladybugs, it's one of my favourite levels too. The title is a reference to a game I played when I was younger, which inspired the puzzle. The transmogrifer is something I put on a regular basis in my levels, to give the player the choice between playing as Chip or Melinda when it doesn't affect the gameplay. I'm not sure you're solving Confusion the intended way... Once again, thank you for the feedback. The levels get better later on, I think.
  17. Cannot send PM

    I was trying to send Josh a PM, and got this error: I assume this means his inbox is full...
  18. Cannot send PM

    All right, thanks Josh, and sorry to have bothered you.
  19. Hurt and Hurt

    Aleph [6] Beta [4] Chesire [5] Cthulhu [5] Dinosaur [6] Elephant [4] Felicitations [8] Gorgon [8] Heffalump [9] Juvenile [5] Kilt [3] Layette [7] Matron [4] Mnemonic [6] Outer [8] Physics [5] Pituitary [3] Pneumonia [3] -2 Quiet [8] Sour [5] Science [10] Shield [10] Stool [5] -1 Tap [5] Thought [6] Trill [5] Under [4] Vaporize [9] Xyzzy [5] Yellow [10] Zephyr [7] Look I want to say this somewhere and there is no random thread where anyone can post random stuff, so I'm bumping an old thread that used to be fun but everyone forgot about including its creator who doesn't really post anymore but neither does anyone else, to say the thing I was talking about at the beginning of this overly long sentence, and the odds are that by this point you actually forgot what this sentence was actually about but I don't mind because this post is all so meaningless anyway so I really don't care and now I'm just saying more stuff to make this sentence even longer and BE POSITIVE AND AMAZING. I always thought until today that was crying very fast until I realized it was labeled "clap" so it's actually applauding.
  20. Cannot send PM

    ...except I wanted to PM you to tell you that I lost access to my Skype account so if you messaged me there about the collab level for JoshL6 I didn't receive it
  21. JoshL6 discussion

    Hmmm...I'm late, but Josh, if you're interested, I could do a collab level with you too. Might help me get interested in level design again.

    I don't know if I would leave permanently or temporarily; this is something I will have to decide. I don't see real life getting less busy anytime soon, but hopefully I would still manage to come back for CCLP4, I would love to play it. However, I almost certainly won't be there for CCLP5, CC2LP2, or whatever the next official set ends up being. A JoshL6 update would probably be very fun, but considering how busy I am, I might not necessarily be able to play it. I haven't made any significant progress in JCCLP2 since I last reviewed some levels... I may check out the Skype group if time allows. How exactly do I join? I have done a little optimizing of some easy official levels. I should report my scores...