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  1. They attacked us to destroy us. While they are destroyed now, those of us who remain have nowhere to go.

  2. Quagmire Pack - Discussion

    Sorry for double posting, but I finished the pack and here is my opinion on all the levels, not just the one I made. 1: Better than I expected at first. 2: This is an unusual use of blobs, although the teleport room is slightly unfair in Lynx. 3: This seems like a decent balance between too easy and too hard teeth levels. 4: Frustrating dodging level. 5: I don't think it's busted... 6: There is an extra blue key. It's an all right level. 7: This level was probably made before CC2 was released, explaining the title. It should still be renamed if it gets in the final set. I think it's better than the CC2 Flea Market. 8: What a chaotic level! 9: I know this is supposed to be a level with a strict time limit, but it seems a little too strict. Even an extra 10 seconds would be appreciated. 10: UNEQUAL: In Lynx the pink ball does not burn, causing the eternal cloning of more balls. Other than that, it's a decent (but short) level. 11: This is a really fun level. While I hope it will be in the final set, I don't think it being the first level of CCLP4 would be the best choice. I would prefer it as level 149. 12: I get the idea, but in the end this isn't much of a challenge once you figure out the trick. The lower room is especially disappointing. 13: Clever teleport puzzle. 14: Sokobans that make you reuse the blocks are rare. This one is good. 15: Glider is hardest, blue wall is safest, fireball is best overall. 16: You got yourself trapped again? At least it's not as dangerous as last time. Excuse me while I build a rope... 17: Nothing special, really. 18: This was much harder than expected. 19: This is a tedious block pushing level without extra blocks. 20: I played this in MikeL4 when it existed. It is a good level, and unlike other levels using this concept, it doesn't feel too large. 21: Great blue wall maze. Weird password. 22: I think I played this in CCLP1 voting. It's all right, but I've seen better levels. 23: Unusual itemswapper. 24: I think this was in Po100T. It feels slightly annoying. 25: So many blue wall mazes, but this one is certainly not one of the best. 26: This is one of the levels that inspired Slime Pockets, and I think this one is better than Slime Pockets. 27: I think this was in JoshL6 and/or JCCLP2. It's really fun. 28: Weird dodging level. 29: Amazing. 30: I made this one, and Madhav pointed out the bust. Apart from that, I think it's one of my best levels. 31: A very hard, but also fun, tank level. 32: I don't think this is a very fun level. 33: A blue wall maze with only fake blue walls... 34: noooooooooooo not digging nooooooooooooooo 35: Surprisingly hard. 36: A really challenging block level. I haven't solved it yet. 37: This was in JCCLP2, and it's a good level. 38: Random luck puts two JCCLP2 levels in a row, but the previous one is better. 39: Weird maze. It's so easy... 40: Best level in voting so far. 41: That's a very easy sokoban. 42: One of the most strict levels in voting so far. The solution is insanely obvious once discovered. 43: Most walker levels are painful. This one is no different. 44: Better than Deconstruction. 45: Really unusual concept. 46: Just precise timing, but not overly long. But in the end, it's so short it doesn't really feel interesting, but longer and it would have been annoying. 47: Generic level title is generic. 48: I think I played this in CCLP1 voting. In the end, I think other levels such as Have Block Will Travel are better. 49: Just chip collecting and block pushing. Nothing more. 50: So small, yet so hard.
  3. Daily Member Appreciation Day

    @BlazingApollo You will probably get at least one level in CCLP4.
  4. Cobalt Pack - Discussion

    Good point. I'll revise my rating.
  5. Cobalt Pack - Discussion

    I think they are very different: most ice slides in Frozen Labyrinth are blocked, but nearly all slides are open here.
  6. Cobalt Pack - Discussion

    I can see why optimizers would like this level: they would probably have a lot of fun trying to figure out the fastest way through the force floors. However, I don't optimize, so to me this is simply a "maze without walls". I simply "played paramecium" to solve it. I prefer many of those "ordinary" blue wall mazes from previous packs.
  7. Cobalt Pack - Discussion

    Why? I didn't notice that. That's a really big bust... Thanks Josh! I'm glad to know this was helpful (that's enough) Level 45 is fun, but I don't think it will appear in the final set. By "Seriously?" I mean "Why is this in voting?"
  8. Cobalt Pack - Discussion

    1: An interesting level. 2: This is a good use of tanks, although it is slightly frustrating in Lynx. 3: I think this is better than Chocolate Covered Chocolate, or whatever that JCCLP2 level is called. 4: No, I'm not familiar with it, and I don't care. This remains a better recessed wall maze than most. 5: It's all right, but it didn't make a strong impression on me. 6: Better than the CCLP2 level it is based on. Slide delay is annoying. 7: The teeth section is fun, but the rest isn't that good. 8: Better than other teeth levels. 9: Why did you have to dump a walker near the blocks? 10: Really confusing maze. 11: It's fun. 12: This level is a big mess. 13: This level feels like the designer just randomly dumped force floors and chips in the editor, and rapidly tested it to make sure it is solvable. 14: Short but fun...somewhat. 15: This is the Po100T level that was used to discover clone desynchronization. Apart from the glitch, it's decent. 16: One of Josh' best levels. 17: Decent dodging level, although I don't really feel sleepy. 18: BUSTED: recessed wall at [18,11] not required. 19: Decent ice maze... 20: This level is a real pain. 21: The gliders feel out of place. Other than that, it's all right. 22: Just simple dodging and block pushing. 23: This would have been better without the joyride and the extreme dodging at the end. 24: A good force floor level, although the random force floors that cannot be accessed are a real pain for the eyes. 25: Better than many other key levels. 26: I don't know why Tyler put this in TCCLPRejects, because it's amazing. But if it gets in the final set, please find a better title. 27: Better than I remembered it from UC4 (?). 28: This level feels larger than it should be. 29: Great sokoban. 30: That's the third set where I find this level...all right, it's fun. 31: Seriously? 32: The best part of this level is its title. 33: What a crazy level! 34: It's a good thing it doesn't fill the map. 35: Some rooms are good, others are frustrating. 36: UNEQUAL: gliders don't burn in Lynx. 37: I think this was in JCCLP. I like it, although it is rather simple. 38: The paramecia section is really too far in the level. Other than that, it's all right. 39: The puzzles are very challenging and fun. 40: Tyler is one of the most underestimated level designers of all time. 41: Not one of Josh' best levels. 42: What kind of a level title is that? And what kind of a level is that? 43: All right. Nothing to say. Boring title, I guess... 44: My least favourite level in the pack. 45: Ben Hornlitz may have pointed out a bust, but apparently it's still busted. 46: Fun puzzle and strict time limit: it's great. 47: Best level in the pack. 48: Decent. 49: What's with DOSH? In the end, the puzzles are fun. 50: Good Jeffrey level.
  9. After all these adventures it has to end like this? NO!

  10. CCLP4: Voting and Community Nominations!

    That's not a lot... I finished nominating a long time ago, but please nominate the following levels I made (in C1059-CCLP4): 13: Chainloader 14: Clover 15: Collapsing Elevator Shafts 24: Flooded Warehouse 43: Open Your Sokoban 56: Sequence and Patience 72: The Moment of Tooth 76: Watermirror 82: Gnome 83: The Trouble with Mirrors
  11. Kangaroo Pack - Discussion

    It's true in the blue room in MSCC. But the starting room, not so much (I always saw fire as more yellow than red) and the teleport, while its colour is varies, is never yellow except sometimes in CC2. Also the room with the paramecia does not use any specific colour scheme. In the end, it's much less noticeable for this level.
  12. Kangaroo Pack - Discussion

    That's an interesting way of putting it It IS your level, right? It's fun...
  13. Trapped in a refrigerator in a building that has been abandoned for 700 years...

    1. quiznos00


      Michael will save you

    2. chipster1059


      Unfortunately even Michael is powerless to save us...unless he is a time traveller!

  14. Kangaroo Pack - Discussion

    Sorry about the mistake. In that case, it probably wasn't overused I don't see how Photopia tries to use any special aesthetics. To answer your question, I don't think replacing the thieves would improve the level because any other tile would also break the aesthetic. Perhaps it's because I didn't play the set levels 8 and 9 come from, so I have no way of knowing that they are both from the same set? Still, mentioning something like this makes the level look unprofessional, as if the designer was too lazy to thoroughly test it to see if all the chips are required. While such knowledge is not really necessary, putting this imprecise information in the hint is not a good idea, in my opinion. There are two parts: a blue wall/water maze, and a connect-the-chips section with recessed walls. Both concepts have been done many times already. The only unique things about this level are throwing the two puzzles together, and the happy faces in the top corners. Also, my musical tastes are very different from yours, Josh. Sorry I did not find the recessed wall maze hard at all. The dodging was much harder, I think. Recess is mostly the maze, although neither maze nor dodging are hard to execute.
  15. Utility Pack - Discussion

    I agree that there is more than action difficulty to the level. What I meant was that executing the solution was pretty much only dodging the tank.
  16. Kangaroo Pack - Discussion

  17. Kangaroo Pack - Discussion

    1: Unusual concept, but nothing special. 2: Nice blank entries in the monster list. Either way, it's fun. 3: It's a fun level, but it failed to make a strong impression on me. 4: I think this was in JCCLP. It's all right, even if it is rather easy. 5: Two JCCLP levels in a row seriously? This one is all right too. 6: This is a J.B. level? I really don't know what to say... 7: A really hard level with a boring title. 8: The last room is a real pain. What a shame, the first part was decent... 9: Unusual concept. 10: Really simple dodging level. 11: Too large, I think. 12: I think this was from the Walls of CC1 contest. I found this level painful back then. Today, while it is not painful, I still don't like it. 13: Such a small level, yet so hard. 14: One of Jeffrey's best levels ever. 15: OOH you're trapped and the rescue equipment is far away! We will leave you alone with the positive one and the pointless one while we get our stuff. Will you have the strength to survive until we get back? 16: Creative level. 17: Not really much of a challenge. I suppose it was meant to be harder. 18: Better than I expected. 19: When I started this level, I felt like "Oh no, not another cave level!" but in the end it turns out very well. 20: This level contains a hint saying "All blue walls are real" but doesn't contain any hint tiles or blue walls. This is better than Warehouse II. 21: Easiest level so far in the pack. To the point where the hint is repeated to remind people "hey don't pick up those green keys". Meh. 22: I don't know. It doesn't have anything bad about it, but nothing really special either. 23: It would be great if I managed to solve the sokoban... 24: Morality doesn't come from morons, but "moricity" does. The level is fun. 25: Better than many other force floor mazes. 26: I think this was a Create Competition entry that was later reused for a Time Trial and repackaged in UC4. Such an overused level. 27: This could have been more frustrating. 28: That's a good concept, not too frustrating. 29: Why is this in voting? 30: One of the better teleport levels. 31: No challenge. 32: I am not a fan of levels that aim to use every tile of a certain colour, as using a separate tileset ruins everything. Thieves are red in Lynx, not blue. 33: Ordinary dodging level. 34: I think this was in UC4. It's nice. 35: I have still not solved this since my last JCCLP2 review. 36: GLIDERS ARE NOT GHOSTS!!! The rest of the title is also depressing. This is a good dodging level with predictable patterns. 37: Guess what? Ordinary! 38: "It's probably not possible" YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW??? Either way, I think this would have been better shorter. The last room is especially frustrating. 39: One of the best levels in voting so far. 40: Weird. 41: Interesting way to progress through the level. 42: One of Josh's best levels ever. 43: The puzzle is too simple. 44: Really great puzzle. 45: Well...this is just a simple itemswapper, not puzzles, the dodging isn't really a problem. Too simple... 46: Overall this is a good blue wall maze. The teleport cook in Lynx is quite dumb, though... 47: Good concept. 48: Ordinary. 49: This one was for the January 2014 Create Competition. While I finished in last place, this one came very close, and I can see why: it's really not newbie friendly. But it's still fun. 50: I think this is in JCCLP2. Good itemswapper.
  18. July Mini Time Trial - Fool's Gold

    I assume the contest is finished, but there hasn't been any announcement...
  19. Utility Pack - Discussion

    Perhaps "terrible" isn't the best choice of adjective, but fact remains that my poor dodging skills prevent me from finding the level fun. There is a difference between puzzle difficulty and action difficulty. While figuring out the puzzle may be a challenge, executing the solution still consists mainly of tank dodging.
  20. Utility Pack - Discussion

    Maybe it doesn't need to be THAT precise. But still, I'm not very good at levels that require (not so) precise timing. ...which amounts to pretty much the entire level.
  21. Utility Pack - Discussion

    I just don't agree with it. It might be a good idea to stop gaming at some point to focus on more fulfilling and positive life accomplishments. This is what I prefer in blue wall mazes: *Mostly blue walls, but hidden walls and invisible walls can also be all right. *No teleports, toggle walls or other such complexities. *Decent time limit. *If other tiles are to be included, such as ice or force floors, there should be a pattern. 25: Yeah, the blob is really not that much of a problem. And I have played better levels in JCCLP2. 27: Perhaps the dodging is all right, but it took me many attempts to finally get all the keys (and I had to use the editor). 35: Extremely precise timing is required; in Lynx, a delay of even a single tick can kill Chip. Or am I doing things wrong?
  22. Utility Pack - Discussion

    I'm way too slow with these packs. Anyway... 1: Most boring and inaccurate level title in a long time. However, it is a nice concept. 2: I know I've said negative things about this level in the past. In the end, it's not that bad, it's just ordinary. 3: Surprisingly fun. 4: Great nightmare level. 5: It's really not that good, I think. 6: This was in Po100T and was one of the worst levels of the set. 7: I already played this in JoshL6 and JCCLP2, and it's fun. 8: Overly long. 9: This is a good maze, but I've seen better ones, and the time limit is too strict. 10: One of the better Jeffrey levels. 11: This is an interesting concept, but putting the pink ball room so late in the level is really stupid. 12: A good dodging level that does not waste any space. 13: I think this was in NeverStopGaming. While that set's name is really nasty, this is a fun level. 14: There is no challenge in this. 15: I know this is a rush level, but the time limit is short even for a rush level. 16: The title and hint made me realize how pointless everything is. That's the best part of the level. 17: The whole blue key thing is not required, is this a bust or intentional? 18: I made this one. I'm surprised to see it made it into voting, considering how short it is, but all right... 19: This is a really weird level. Pushing blocks is not even required, except at the start! 20: This is a Rock level, I think, and I find it to be a boring puzzle. 21: Interesting concept, although it gets repetitive. 22: At least there are patterns and it's not total guesswork. 23: But THIS one is total guesswork. 24: Most accurate level title so far. 25: UNEQUAL: The blob and green key room. Either way, it's absolutely ordinary. 26: Short but fun. 27: That's a really nasty level, for reasons already described in my latest JCCLP2 review. 28: Creative shape. 29: I've seen MUCH better blue wall mazes than this. 30: It's a good level. 31: Interesting concept, but slightly frustrating. 32: The starting slide is really nasty. The maze feels pointless. 33: Amazing concept. Much better than I expected at first. 34: I really like this level. 35: random 8 busted this. Also this is just terrible. 36: It has some interesting concepts, but it failed to make a strong impression on me. 37: Reasonable race level. 38: An unusual type of strict time level, but it works very well. 39: Another level where the player must not only dodge monsters but avoid buttons. What a pain. 40: This is the second level with this theme in this voting pack, and the other one is better. Either way, I find it ordinary. 41: Ordinary. 42: The first room is good. The rest...not so much. 43: The title has nothing to do with the level, but it is still fun. 44: I played this in JCCLP, I think, and I find it ordinary. 45: This is much easier than expected. 46: Interesting concept. 47: Annoying maze. 48: That's a really silly puzzle. 49: I found this much easier than it is probably supposed to be. 50: I think this was made for a Create Competition, and I understand why it did so poorly.
  23. Daily Member Appreciation Day

    @BigOto2 You made many LPs, and while I didn't really watch them myself, they seemed quite popular. Also, you created some great levels; one of them, Steam Cleaner Simulator, is one of my favourite CC levels of all time.
  24. Waffle Pack - Discussion

    Replying to feedback on my levels: 4: The weird thing was that this actually started as a small room in another level, but I thought it was creative enough to deserve its own level. Oh well. 10: Thanks! 28: I totally agree. I'm surprised this actually got into voting.
  25. Quagmire Pack - Discussion

    (I made that level) URGGH that's a really stupid bust! Can easily be fixed by putting a wall at [8,18], but still very stupid...