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  1. chipster1059: since when is the eye a boot :sun: ChiaraW: ya since when did you walk with your eyes [...] IHNN: (Also for consistency the RR sign would probably be a footwear thing) Sharpeye: I hate it when I go outside and forget to put my railroad crossing sign over my socks Sharpeye: Ruins my day [...] geodarth: With the special object can you pick up ghosts? jbone: you show me an item that can pick up ghosts, I'll show you something to lift your spirits...
  2. More CC1 MS improvements
  3. Welcome back Henry! Great to see you again Your levels will be considered for CC2LP1 and will appear in voting
  4. CCLP3 Lynx 121-149 Total: 6 014 130
  5. This set has been updated with a total of 227 levels. The last 7 levels have weird slots. A CC2LP1 submissions set will be assembled over the next few days.
  6. Version 0.1


    Walls of CC2. See this thread:
  7. As some of you probably know, I've been working on a Walls of CC2 project for a while. I am ready to release the first version, which covers the first 60 levels (with a few exceptions). I am not submitting this set for CC2LP1; I'll be assembling a set containing some of these levels and some from C1059-CC2. Have fun!
  8. CCLP3 Lynx levels 1 to 30. All my improvements over previous public routes have been added to the public TWS. As far as I know, however, I have no bolds.
  9. Invalid Tile: i did a quick google search for blocker's dozen and i found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvWIKobksHM#t=8m13s Invalid Tile: is this it? or am i being dumb chipster1059: No, this was another attempt at recreating the level. Invalid Tile: ah Invalid Tile: there should be a set that's just different peoples' attempts to remake it :KappaHD: [...] ChiaraW: fail melinda wouldn't do a puzzle and a maze in a dress while surrounded by water and fire ChiaraW: lol xD [...] ChiaraW: Imagine doing the cc1 levels built in real life in a floor length pink dress? [...] Invalid Tile: i'm gay but only for melinda Flareon350: ChiaraW: + = :baby_bottle: + Indyindeed: oh Flareon350: Something doesn't add up there Invalid Tile: chip + melinda = indy teeth? Indyindeed: chip + melinda = in de teeth ChiaraW: I was trying to say they'd raise baby teeth monsters Indyindeed: but why ChiaraW: idk Invalid Tile: that ends badly ChiaraW: made more sense in my head [...] markus: ok markus: i still dont really understand what you're doing Moonman: I'll be honest Moonman: Neither do I really [...] Moonman: i like how i can ask a basic programming question and then Architect will come in and explain how to cure cancer with only XOR shifts The Architect: enum { OK = 0x0, CANCER = 0x1 }; int health = OK; health |= CANCER; health >>= 1;
  10. From 1 April. Nearly everyone was impersonating Tyler, so the real usernames will be in (). chipster1059: EPIC NEWS! A CC3 beta appears to be available on Steam! https://tinyurl.com/2fcpre6 Tyler Sontag (Indy): oh! Tyler Sontag (Moonman): Oh damn that looks cool Tyler Sontag (Moonman): I like the red tank IHNN: With built in TASing tools for routing :open_mouth: Tyler Sontag (Indy): i believe that's called the youtube play bar :KappaHD: ☭ (Zane): is this 2007 The Real Tyler Sontag (Cowman): Thanks Allack, very cool Tyler Sontag (Moonman): not quite sure i agree with adding Vlad. there as a new playable character but whatever he probably won't get used much Tyler Sontag (Naemuti): lmao i can't believe you fell for that Tyler Sontag (Naemuti): this is the REAL CC3 trailer Tyler Sontag (Naemuti): https://bit.ly/2DsbjsH [...] Tyler Sontag (Moonman): Tyler Sontag (Moonman): Tyler Sontag (Moonman): Tyler Sontag (Moonman): is SUCC open source? [...] IHNN: https://github.com/jgdhs27/SuperCC/tree/master/src Tyler Sontag (Moonman): ew f#ck I forgot it was java The Fake Tyler Sontag (really Tyler): >is distributed as a JAR file The Fake Tyler Sontag (really Tyler): >forgets it’s Java The Fake Tyler Sontag (really Tyler): Tyler plz Tyler Sontag (Moonman): i don't actually have it downloaded Tyler Sontag (Moonman): i just wanted to see it because its the most developed thing we have Tyler Sontag (Moonman): so if we really needed to we could turn it into cc3 [...] Tyler Sontag (Moonman): someone go find Chuck's son and spam him to let us help with cc3 [...] The Fake Tyler Sontag (really Tyler): Also CC3 would not revert to discrete tile movements over animated tile movement Tyler Sontag (Moonman): wait is SuCC MS only? chipster1059: Yes. Tyler Sontag (Moonman): Moonman asking basic f#cking questions chipster1059: Who? chipster1059: I don't know any Moonman. chipster1059: Only Tyler Sontag. [...] markus: java is a good language markus: idk why thats even controversial IHNN: I don't like using it chipster1059: The best programming language is obviously Brainfuck. Tyler Sontag (Naemuti): *Malbolge [...] Tyler Sontag (Josh): Firefox is the one true browser chipster1059: Firefox is the best. Tyler Sontag (Sharpeye): I like internet explorer 6.0 The Fake Tyler Sontag (really Tyler): I like Netscape Navigator Tyler Sontag (Naemuti): i like bonzi buddy The Fake Tyler Sontag (really Tyler): MOTHERF#CKING BONZAI BUDDY! The Fake Tyler Sontag (really Tyler): what a throwback
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