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  1. chipster1059
    Hey remember that post? That was a few months ago. So what happened?
    Well...since I posted that, the only levels I played were in C1059-CC2, with the exception of that collab level I did with Josh, and maybe a few others. Either way, I did not play any other custom sets, nor any CCLP4 voting packs. And unfortunately, it feels good.
    CC is a good game, there's a reason why it's still popular over 25 years after it was first released. But honestly, now that I stopped playing, I can't say I miss it. I think that my life has actually been improving since then. Not playing CC anymore gives me more time to focus on things that I find more important.
    So essentially, I'm leaving CCZone. This time it's for real. It was good while it lasted, but now it's over. I released an update to C1059-CC2 yesterday; I reached my 149-level goal, nearly all levels have replays, and they shouldn't contain any major busts. If I ever update it again, it will take a while.
    Also, some of you may have noticed how I uploaded a bunch of videos on Youtube on Christmas Eve. These videos were filmed a while ago, I just didn't upload them. Now that everything I filmed has been uploaded, I won't be uploading anything else for a while. If anyone wants to continue my LPs where I left off, feel free to do so.
    I may visit this site again sometimes, but don't count on much. I may come back for CCLP4, but I won't guarantee anything. If anyone needs to contact me, please email me: myusername at gmail dot com (of course, replace myusername with my username).
    I have one last request. Please consider C1059-CCLP4 for all future official CC1 sets, and C1059-CC2 for all future CC2 sets. Tyler will have to give his consent for 110 to be submitted, and Josh, for level 147.
    I don't have anything else to say, so just goodbye. Thank you for being a part of my life for the past three years or so. Be positive and amazing.
  2. chipster1059
    ...not really. You still have as much (or as little) money as when you clicked the link. Now back to what this post is supposed to be about...
    I first joined CCZone back in November 2013, almost three years ago. Three years is a long time. Since then, I have changed. For the better, I hope, but that's besides the point. As I have changed, so have my interests.
    One thing I have noticed, as I played through the CCLP4 voting packs, is that I'm not as patient with the game as I used to be. Also, I have hardly played any levels (besides these voting packs, and my own levels) recently. Another thing is that while I am near the top of the CCZone awards leaderboard, I don't think it matters anymore: it won't help go to college, or get a job.
    Another thing I have noticed is how inactive CCZone has been recently. We rarely have more than 5 posts in a single day, and we frequently have none. I was talking this over with my best friend a few days ago, and she said: "what's the point of lounging around waiting for something to happen?"
    Another thing is that real life is getting busier again, for several reasons, including the fact that I will participate in Nanowrimo again this year. CCZone just isn't one of my priorities anymore.
    Long story short, I am leaving CCZone. Not immediately, but probably by the end of the year. But until then, there are a few things I want to finish. I want to bring C1059-CC2 to 149 levels, and continue my LPs (although I probably won't finish them), among other things.
    Well, that's it for now. It was great while it lasted, but it will have to end soon.
  3. chipster1059
    Quite frankly, I wonder. Last night I had a crazy dream about Chip's Challenge. This isn't the first time it happens. I once dreamed that J.B. phoned me to ask me to help his wife get the role of Melinda in a film adaptation of CCLP1. I originally got the ideas for several of my levels (Two Sets of Items, Flying Saucer, Container Ship in a Cyclone, etc.) in dreams. But this time, it is even more nonsensical.
    I was checking CCZone, like I do almost every day. There was Markus' post about CCLP1 in the blogs section, but there was also a new post in my blog. That was strange, I didn't remember posting anything. I checked out the post and saw that it was an early draft of a post I had wanted to make for a long time. It was divided in six groups of three paragraphs each. The first paragraph of each group was about CC. The second paragraph of each group was a deep question and I asked that the readers post their answers in the comment sections. The third paragraphs were in spoiler tags. They were supposed to contain pictures from another forum, along with captions, but only the captions were there, and they made no sense without the pictures.
    I then check the comments section. There is only one comment, made by a member who doesn't exist in real life. His username starts with the letter r and he has no avatar. He answered all six questions. I give him a reputation point.
    I go back to the main page, and see that there are 11 members in the chat room. I then see that two members are following the blogs section, and I decide to follow that section too. After refreshing the page, I see that there are 49 members in the chat room. I put my mouse pointer over the link to the chat room without clicking, and this opens the chat room. Then, I see that there are two types of visitors in the chat room: registered members who are allowed to post, and unregistered guests who are not allowed to post. There are 49 registered members and a large number of unregistered guests (five digits).
    Nobody reacts at my arrival. I post this picture by accident and I don't know how. I didn't post a link to the picture, but the picture itself. Then, another member, probably random 8, posts a cat selfie. However, the cat in the picture looks a lot like my cat. I don't have a cat in real life but in this dream I do. I am horrified at the fact that a picture of my cat is available on the Internet and briefly consider deleting my Youtube channel and all my levelsets.
    Luckily, I soon realize that it's not my cat, because of the computer in the background, an old laptop running Windows XP. There are two open windows: a maximized browser window showing a forum (it's not CCZone), and a Chip's Challenge (MSCC) window that cannot be seen entirely. random 8 writes in the caption that the set being played is DwanT1.dat.
    Then, several other members post various websites. They don't post links to websites, but the websites themselves. Josh posts a magazine advertisement from the early 1900s. I try to copy all three pages of chat messages to a text document on my computer, but then I wake up.
    While this dream does not make a lot of sense, it made me discover one thing: I wish CCZone was more active. What do you think?
  4. chipster1059
    Hey everyone. This is chipster1059 here. It's been a while, hasn't it? I haven't done many CC-related things recently except release C1059-CC2 in 20-level batches. Sure, there was that Create Competition in December, but the levels had been made a while before the competition, just unreleased. I just renamed them, changed the hints and removed a small bust. So where have I been all this time?
    Firstly, I wish to apologize to Jacques Smith, Elizabeth Brockway and Tyler Sontag for not finishing the LPs of their sets, Jacques.dat, LizzyB1.dat and TCCLPRejects.dat. I haven't updated any of these LPs for a long time.
    Secondly, I wish to apologize for my handling of C1059-CC2. The download link for the soundtrack has been broken for a while. The set was supposed to contain 200 levels, but instead I just stopped at 100 levels, which caused various problems. Per example, "149 is a meaningless number" (level 99) was a tribute to Special and was supposed to be simply called "Meaningless Number" and be in the 149 slot (meaningless because CC2 has 200 levels instead of 149). "Sisters in the Maze" (level 97) was supposed to be in the 147 slot. "Clover" (level 86) was supposed to be in slot 100 and "Holly" (level 96) was supposed to be in slot 150, so that one in every 50 levels would be named after a plant. I really should have done better than that.
    But all these are merely the visible consequences of my absence. I haven't explained why I was gone, or what will happen now. In fact, a few weeks ago I didn't even consider writing this. I was convinced that nobody had noticed that I didn't visit CCZone as often as I used to. It was only earlier this month that I realized how inactive CCZone had become, with the only discussions being a few people leaving feedback on levelsets and the sets' creator replying. I posted about this in my status and Josh said " We miss you chipster!" This was rather unexpected, so I thought I might provide an explanation for my absence.
    Don't worry, I'm fine, I haven't been sick or anything. I was just very busy in real life. Busier than usual. Real life is obviously more important than other things, so I needed to get rid of certain aspects of my life which took too much time.
    Now a confession. Some of you may have already figured this out, but for those who didn't: CC is pretty much the only video game I play. There used to be a note in my profile (with an embarrassing typo the went unnoticed for months until Tyler pointed it out) that said how I discovered CC: I researched old computer software and found some old WEP floppy disks in my basement. That's it. I don't play any other games on a regular basis. The reason behind this is simple. In CC, the possibilities are endless. There are almost 800 official levels, around 25 000 others and several editors that allow you to make your own. It can just keep going forever. (Also my computer is an older machine and can't handle any games with 3D graphics and stuff)
    Anyway, CC was pretty much the only thing I could cut. The LPs were one of the first things to go, so I just uploaded everything that had already been filmed and got it over with. I also had to reduce the number of custom sets I played. Great sets had been released, The Other 100 Tiles and JCCLP2 for example. I just had to ignore them, I didn't have enough time to play them.
    Also, the timing sucked: this was around the time where CC2 was released. I originally planned to wait until a Linux version was available to play it (as of this posting, no Linux version has been released, although the Windows version works fine in WINE if music is disabled). That would have given me enough time to sort out real life problems. However, Tom wanted me to LP CC2. So I just dug into my basement some more and installed Windows Vista in a virtual machine and played the whole thing. It was tough. But I pulled it off, because it's a great game. Around the same time, I worked on C1059-2, and only succeeded in releasing a decent set with Cyberdog's help. If he hadn't playtested it, it would have only been released much later and several good levels would have been much worse.
    As October came to an end, I had managed to solve most of the real life problems. Pretty much the only two sets I had played recently were Flareon1 (Josh requested feedback, I spent an evening playing it so I could give some) and C1059-CC2 (mostly verifying for any busts introduced by CC2 mechanics, mainly item dropping). I could have started playing more CC again, but did I? No. Instead I wrote a novel. I'm editing and posting it on the Internet at a rate of one or two chapters a week now. Here's the link in case anyone's interested, but I must warn you that the basic idea is rather stupid. CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK. Either way, writing that took nearly all my free time for November and early December.
    So what now? Balance has been restored in real life, although I remain slightly busier than I used to be. I guess I can safely come back to the community in a "normal" way, but things will change. I will continue the LPs I started, but I won't begin any new ones, and there probably won't be videos every week. I will also resume designing and make more CC2 levels, but it may take a while for them to get released (send me a PM if you're interested in playtesting).
    I don't know if any of you are still reading this, but if you are, I would like to thank you for doing so. There aren't many people in the CC community, but those who are there really make it a good community. :chipwin:
  5. chipster1059
    A few months ago, I LPed several very old custom CC(1) sets, including RolfR1. Its creator, Rolf Redford, found my videos and told me about his other sets, including NewRolfLevels.
    NewRolfLevels is an unusual set because there are two different versions of it. No, I don't mean "an set with one version on one site and another, outdated version on another site". This one has a main version and an "Evil Mirror" version with "slightly harder levels", according to Mike Lask. The main set contains 20 levels and the Evil Mirror contains 21. The Evil Mirror also contains funny hints in which Chip talks about the changes. I played the levels in Tile World's emulation of the MS ruleset.
    The first level is called "Second best!" and the hint says "Can you count to two?". I like cryptic hints, this is much better than saying: "press each button twice and choose the second option each time it is possible". Overall, it is a good level.
    The second level has a strange hint saying that Chip must get to "glider controls", despite the fact there is not a single glider in the level. It begins with a "Joyride I" style slide. Most of the rest of the level involves pushing blocks into bombs. This is all right in the main version, but the evil mirror has a lot more bombs, making the level somewhat more tedious. Finally, fireballs must be cloned in order to free a path to the exit. This part is great.
    The third level begins with a chip collecting session. Each chip lies behind a series of toggle walls, with the walls toggling every two chips (approximately). This is not a problem because there are always chips that can be picked up. However, the Evil Mirror puts two chips instead of one in a few shafts, which can be somewhat annoying, but if the player plans ahead, it is not a problem. For the last part of the level, Chip has to choose between two sections. One of them includes bees and leads to death. The second one involves tanks and is really good. There are always some safe spots. The Evil Mirror puts a few bombs, making this section slightly more fun and challenging.
    The fourth level involves several rooms with teleports and balls periodically teleporting. Think Skelzie. I haven't tried optimizing this with the teleport skip glitch. Overall, this is not particularely good. The Evil Mirror adds a few walls in the rooms. This doesn't change anything most of the time, except in the small room, where it is required to go through all the teleports all over again. Evil, but intended.
    The fifth level is a simple chip-collecting/monster-dodging level that is rather fun and could have been in CCLP3. I would have voted for it, but I wasn't part of the community back then. The Evil Mirror adds ice in a few rooms. Strangely, this makes the teeth room even easier than in the original. However, the fireball room is much harder and, well, evil. Still, it is good in both versions.
    The sixth level feels very short in the original. Dodge a few monsters, pick up a key, open the lock, remove three water tiles, stop the fireball cloning with more cloning, pick up the chips and exit. Simple. The Evil Mirror, however, feels like a more decent level. It involves more dodging, causing the level to be somewhat harder and even the fireballs to overflow into the main room. This one is great.
    The seventh level is called "Not Frogs!" The hint says "I ordered regular frogs not those!" Yes, I always found it strange that frogs have so many teeth. The level is extremely easy due to the large number of water tiles the frogs can drown into and the slow cloning of frogs. The Evil Mirror adds a few bees, changing absolutely nothing.
    The eighth level is block pushing and simple dodging. It could have been great if it had been harder. The Evil Mirror is interesting, however. There is only one change, but it involves the removal of an ice corner, meaning all the gliders inside the loop escape and become a hazard. However, the trick to get rid of the problem is very easy, but it remains better than the original.
    The nineth level is very easy. First, an ice slide with cloning fireballs. Just press the up key and move on to the next, room, except in Lynx. Then, chip collecting with teeth. Finally, watch paramecia crawling around the room where you are, then slide out of the teleport into the exit. The Evil Mirror has slightly less gravel in the teeth room, but this hardly changes anything.
    In the tenth level, paramecia are germs. Funny. Four blocks are provided to get the whole thing in control, but only one is required to "plug the leak" and redirect the flow into the water tile (DO NOT REMOVE IT!) By this point, there is a solid mass of germs around the clone machines, making it impossible to stop the cloning this way (however the level will not fill because most of them go straight to the water). The rest is therefore simple dodging (or not so simple, depenging on how long you took to plug the leak). This is a very fun level.
    The eleventh level begins with picking up some boots and keys. Rather easy. The next section involves using these boots and keys to free some blocks which will be used to partial post into the exit. This is creative. The Evil Mirror adds a few deadly toggle buttons in the path of the blocks, making it better than the original.
    The twelth level involves fireballs cloning onto ice slides and dodging them while picking up chips. This is a fun level. The Evil Mirror adds more chips, making it slightly harder, but I prefer the original.
    Level 13 is called "Dancing Glides", not gliders, and appears in CCLP3. It is the best level so far. The Evil Mirror makes the dodging slightly harder, but not that much.
    Level 14 is an interesting concept: rooms full of chips with a few tanks that flip periodically. This is surprisingly fun. The Evil Mirror has a few more tank buttons, making it harder and better. This would have been good for CCLP3 if it weren't for the fact it is twice as hard in Lynx due to the different properties of tanks.
    Level 15 involves pushing blocks...and dodging! Yes, for each block cloned, a bee and a fireball are produced. The job is to stop the cloning! This is very fun, especially in the Evil Mirror where the blocks must be pushed manually in front of the clone machines instead of pressing other clone buttons. Once this is done, there is simple teeth dodging and the exit.
    Level 16 is block pushing, nothing more. There is a little sliding, but it really doesn't change much. Some blocks are not even required...except in the Evil Mirror, which, as a side note, is impossible in Lynx. But the fact is that this level feels tedious and pointless, the worst in the set. Sorry.
    Level 17 is extremely simple. The player must clone some blocks, avoid some clone buttons (but the pattern is simple), pick up chips and skate to the exit. In the Evil Mirror, there is global warming, but the level is still extremely simple. I would have preferred it if it was harder.
    Level 18 is by far the hardest level of the set. The bug room is great, the ball room is all right, the fireball room is too simple and the glider room is really hard. The Evil Mirror, unfortunately, has too many thieves and is therefore unsolvable.
    Level 19 is Fireball Tourism, one of my favourite CCLP3 levels. I really love it. However, it should be noted that instead of opening a toggle wall, the fireballs are cloned and Chip has to press the button himself. The Evil Mirror adds a water tile before the last two buttons (and an extra block!) and a few thin walls, which change ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING.
    Level 20 looks like a hard ice field with several blocks, but the hint has a cryptic and hilarious way of saying that Chip must go clockwise. The evil mirror adds an extra block, but I don't mind.
    Finally, level 21 of the Evil Mirror is a dummy. There are only 20 levels in the main version.
    So how would I rate this set? Most of the levels are good, so :star: :star: out of 5. The Evil Mirror? Also :star: :star: . Some levels are better in the original, but some are better in the Evil Mirror, so they compensate for each other.
    Both sets can be downloaded here:
    Thanks for reading!
  6. chipster1059
    A few months ago, I played the CCLXP2 Beta and filmed myself as I did. I am currently uploading these videos on Youtube, with a few comments on each level. However, since then, I have replayed some of the levels, and here is a more up to date opinion on the various levels.
    I liked most of the adaptations. Most of the time, they were done well. I did not notice the changes unless I paid specific attention to them. There are a few levels, like Frost Rings LX and Frostbite LX, which don't feel like the original, but are still fun and I can't see how they could be improved.
    Here are the adaptations I think were done well. There are lot of them, and there may be a lot of repetitions. Sorry.
    While I liked most adaptations, I think some of them are not perfect and could be improved. Here they are:
    Unfortunately, there are four adaptations I hate. In two cases, it's because of a force floor room that gave me a headache. In the other two, it's because it's much easier than the original:
    And finally, five special cases:
    Overall, all this work has really paid off and the CCLXP2 Beta is a really great set. I rate it :star: :star: and a half. I am really looking forward to the final version. Thanks for reading!
  7. chipster1059
    A while ago, I did a review of the Beta version of CCLXP2, the Lynx version of CCLP2 (you can find it here: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/blog/16/entry-61-cclxp2-beta-review/). Since then, Miika released the final version of CCLXP2: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/470-cclxp2dat/
    The first thing I noticed is that the CCX file seems identical to that of the Beta version. There is no extended storyline, nothing from that Create Competition a few months ago. But the storyline is merely an enhancement to the set, it's the levels that really matter, so let's talk about these instead.
    Miika provided a complete changelog for the set. Very few changes were made, so most of the solutions for the Beta are still valid. Also, most of the things I said in the review for the Beta are still true. I shall therefore only review the modified levels.
    Madness I LX: Essentially, a few thin walls were added near the trap buttons to prevent a bust. I have no idea what the bust is, but either way, it is only a minor change.
    Yike-O-Matic *: The pointless block and water tiles I reported in the Beta have been removed. Therefore, optimizers maysave a few fractions of a second due to the lack of a spash delay.
    Lot of Danger *: The first room is still as painful as ever. The change is simply adding a water tile. For the "visual effect". Changes. Absolutely. Nothing.
    Just Enough *: A toggle wall was changed into a thin wall. This prevents a bust. My solution was not affected.
    Checkerboard II LX: First thing, there is a mistake in the changelog: this is level 94, not 95. The change involves adding a lot of gravel, probably to prevent Chip from using the fireballs to blow up the bombs, and even more gravel for symmetry. It appers this bust also works in MS, so I really don't understand: I thought the goal was to make the levels as close to the originals as possible, including reproducing their busts.
    Yet Another Puzzle LX: This level is very different. Even more bombs were added, making the level longer, just like the original. This is the best change in the final version.
    After the Rainstorm LX: A few force floors were modified to fix a bust. This is only a minor change, although my solution was rendered invalid.
    Teeth: It now works in even-step. Ths is a very welcome change. I don't really understand the mechanism, but it looks great in the editor.
    And finally, Cloner's Maze *. While it remains unchanged in the final version, I did manage to solve it since I wrote the Beta review. It is a very good level. I would like to thank Jeanne Hoffman for the SSViewer solution, which was extremely helpful in solving the level. If anyone knows how it was made, please tell me.
    Overall, I rate CCLXP2 :star: :star: and a half. Great set and great adaptation. Thanks to Miika Toukola, Rock Généreux, Josh Lee, Dave Varberg and Michael Warner for their work on this project!
    If you are interested in watching my LP of CCLXP2, you may find it here:
    Most of the videos are for the Beta, but the last few are for the final version.
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