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  1. CCLP4 MS 66: 264 (to please our benevolent dictator Sontag) CCLP4 Lynx 121-149
  2. May I point out that this occured in a private group and not in the main server?
  3. Cool CCCreator can help you port your levels
  4. What version of macOS are you using? CCTools is 32-bit, and Mojave is the last version to support 32-bit software. This also breaks Tile World. If your macOS version is too recent, the only way out may be to install another operating system, or maybe compile from source (I have no idea if the latter one would even work though).
  5. According to this thread, the submission deadline is 31 May of this year
  6. So, I played all 40 levels and solved all of them except 35. It has some really great levels 1: Really great use of bribes. My bonus was 1000. 2: I like it, it's clever. 3: Hooks are awesome. 4: This one was much harder than the previous ones. I like the concept, and it proves that item dropping is not entirely bad. 5: It was a fun level. The four puzzles were all well-designed. 6: Took me way too long to figure out the bowling ball trick. Fun level, I got the full 1100 bonus. 7: One of the most creative mazes I've seen in a long time. 8: It's shorter than the last few levels, but that's the perfect length. Creative concept. 9: A nice way to include both Chip and Melinda. The item exchange at the end is clever. 10: It's a decent level, but rovers remain the worst tile in CC2. 11: It's a fun level, the various rooms fit in well together. Final bonus 450. 12: One of my favourite levels so far. Final bonus 1100. 13: It took me forever to figure out how track switches work with the R&R sign. It's a clever puzzle though, and I got the full 14 000 bonus. 14: The bomb trick in the first room is very clever. The following puzzles also work nicely. I got 4660 bonus. 15: Creative concept. 16: Took me forever to figure out the mimic trick. There are some clever puzzles here. 17: Very easy, I solved it and got a bonus of 6600. Perhaps the time limit could be shorter? 18: Very nice, I especially like the ghost and ice block rooms. I got the full 2900 bonus. 19: Decent level. My bonus was 1400. 20: More interesting hook puzzles. My final bonus was 60. 21: Really clever puzzle, and I got the 400 bonus. 22: Fun puzzles and nice aesthetics. 23: It's an all right level. The concept is clever, although not one of my favourite levels so far. 24: Fun ghost puzzle, although it is a bit creepy how you end up murdering Casper in cold blood a hot flame jet to exit 25: A really interesting blob level. I solved it, but didn't try for the bonus. 26: Melinda goes on a killing spree it's actually a very fun level with clever puzzles. 27: Really fun. Didn't get the bonus though. 28: Decent level, although not one of my favourites. My final bonus was 1200. 29: Fun puzzles, and really great aesthetics. 30: Great puzzle. The ice block/transmogrifer trick is awesome. 31: Really interesting puzzle. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the bonus. 32: I remember this level from the original version; don't think I solved it then though. I solved it now, and it was really fun. My final bonus was 2250. 33: It took me a while to figure out the tricks. This is very clever. 34: Fun puzzle. 35: This appears unsolvable. I can't figure out how to make it past the dynamite explosion; while it is true that recessed walls don't pop up if dynamite is placed on them, it's of no use after said recessed wall turns to fire. 36: Much harder than it looks, but really fun. 37: Interesting use of swivels. I got a bonus of 500. 38: Really great level, fun puzzles and creative sokobans, nice use of yellow teleports. For some reason throwing the bowling balls into them erases one, but that doesn't alter solvability. 39: This concept is absolutely amazing. 40: Fun level, although I had to use Tyler's video to solve it. A bit disappointing you removed the wall slapping trick though, but it's still a great level. My bonus was 2240.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Subsystem_for_Linux
  8. CCLP4 Lynx. These scores are the result of two or three casual playthroughs; if I have any bolds, it's a happy accident. I'll probably optimize these further at some point, but it's not a priority at the moment. Levels 1-30
  9. Can someone lock this thread, please? The wiki changes have already been made and any further votes here probably won't change much.
  10. http://www.geocities.ws/purpletentacle1977ca/
  11. Following an argument on the Discord server, I'm creating this to get a better opinion of what everyone thinks.
  12. and currently maintains the Chip's Challenge scoreboards, serving as [[Jimmy Vermeer]]'s replacement.
  13. -”You can all rest here if you wish,” he explained. “The rules are simple: just don't harass others, no excessive noise, you can eat whenever you wish. Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.”
  14. 1: Decent green teleport level. 2: Very creative, I love it. 3: I solved this with just one tick to spare, and no bonus. With even a time limit of 7, this would be better, I think. 4: Very clever concept. 5: Nice concept. A bit short though. 6: I couldn't solve it. The moment the blob produces a teeth, the level is cooked. 7: Good maze, I like the current time limit. 8: It's a simple puzzle, but the bonuses are a nice addition. It would be nice if you added something under the chips though. 9: Solved it on the first try. I don't know if I was very lucky, or if you studied the seeds very well. Either way, COOL! 10: Fun. 11: Nice concept, I've already seen it done a few times. 12: The use of fire in addition to fireballs makes this better. The wait at the beginning is a bit long though. 13: Very hard, but decent. 14: Much harder than it looks at first. 15: One of the best levels of the set. 16: I like it. 17: Blowing up exits is awesome. The tank+bug part was especially good. Nice ghost hint. 18: Good maze. 19: Awesome use of stopwatches. 20: Really great concept, although the time limit is a bit short. Submit for CC2LP1 plz?
  15. It's still in VERY early development, but it looks like it will happen
  16. You mean the tiles from the original Lynx game? First you'll have to rename the current atiles.bmp to something else. Right-click to save the image below, then rename it to atiles.bmp so you can use it in TW. (I didn't make this tileset myself, IDK who did)
  17. plz make this happen Happy New Year everyone
  18. It works for me too. Clean your browser cache, perhaps?
  19. I'm mostly using ChipWiki. After I'm done with all 149 levels I'll probbably take a look at the public TWS to see how to get Lemmings and a few others for which there are no videos. CC1 MS 61-90
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