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  1. I don't know what I expected, but I still feel kinda disappointed not to have received any replies to this post. I guess this is for the best: since nobody is pressuring me to stay, I can safely leave without worrying about hurting anyone. This is probably my last login for a while, unless something dramatic happens. Goodbye everyone.
  2. Still excited about existing! That's still a rare privilege.

  3. chipster1059

    The End

    Hey remember that post? That was a few months ago. So what happened? Well...since I posted that, the only levels I played were in C1059-CC2, with the exception of that collab level I did with Josh, and maybe a few others. Either way, I did not play any other custom sets, nor any CCLP4 voting packs. And unfortunately, it feels good. CC is a good game, there's a reason why it's still popular over 25 years after it was first released. But honestly, now that I stopped playing, I can't say I miss it. I think that my life has actually been improving since then. Not playing CC anymore gives me more time to focus on things that I find more important. So essentially, I'm leaving CCZone. This time it's for real. It was good while it lasted, but now it's over. I released an update to C1059-CC2 yesterday; I reached my 149-level goal, nearly all levels have replays, and they shouldn't contain any major busts. If I ever update it again, it will take a while. Also, some of you may have noticed how I uploaded a bunch of videos on Youtube on Christmas Eve. These videos were filmed a while ago, I just didn't upload them. Now that everything I filmed has been uploaded, I won't be uploading anything else for a while. If anyone wants to continue my LPs where I left off, feel free to do so. TCCLPRejects Jacques.dat LizzyB1 I may visit this site again sometimes, but don't count on much. I may come back for CCLP4, but I won't guarantee anything. If anyone needs to contact me, please email me: myusername at gmail dot com (of course, replace myusername with my username). I have one last request. Please consider C1059-CCLP4 for all future official CC1 sets, and C1059-CC2 for all future CC2 sets. Tyler will have to give his consent for 110 to be submitted, and Josh, for level 147. I don't have anything else to say, so just goodbye. Thank you for being a part of my life for the past three years or so. Be positive and amazing.
  4. It's every level designer's dream to make a 149-level set. When I first started designing levels in 2013, that was my goal too. However, after a long time working on 1059CC01, as I called it at the time, I realized I only had about 100 levels, and out of those only about 50 were actually playable. So I just shelved the 149-level set and released C1059-1 at 50 levels. After that, I released C1059-2, also 50 levels, and several other sets, but none reached more than 50 levels. Finally, three years later, I finally achieve my goal. C1059-CC2 has received another update and now has 149 levels. In addition, all levels have replays (except 136, which is in split view). Two levels, 29 and 98, have two solutions, so each level has two files, each with its own replay. I have also made a few other fixes and changes. Here is a list of these changes (all of them will break existing solutions unless otherwise stated): Also, this will most likely be the last update to C1059-CC2 in a long time. Due to real life, I won't have enough time to design new levels. Thanks for playing, and I hope you enjoy this set. EDIT: on 30 December 2016 I updated this set to replace level 131. No other levels were changed. I would rather not say more.
  5. Thank you for this fix! It will be implemented in the next update of the set, which should come before the end of the year. Ghost Run can be tweaked, just move the ghost to the bottom left corner (facing right) to make it less strict. This change will also be included in the next version. Also don't feel bad: you DID say you haven't solved it yet.
  6. Thank you for the feedback mobius. I'm glad you're mostly enjoying the levels. You make some valid points about the difficulty. To be honest, I didn't think much about this when I built the set: for the most part, the levels are in the order in which they were designed Maybe I should reorganize them... Ghost Run isn't really a very good level. I should probably move it later in the set or remove it entirely. I'm aware of the bust in Hexagons of Slime Can you think of a way it could be fixed? I'm glad you liked Ladybugs, it's one of my favourite levels too. The title is a reference to a game I played when I was younger, which inspired the puzzle. The transmogrifer is something I put on a regular basis in my levels, to give the player the choice between playing as Chip or Melinda when it doesn't affect the gameplay. I'm not sure you're solving Confusion the intended way... Once again, thank you for the feedback. The levels get better later on, I think.
  7. All right, thanks Josh, and sorry to have bothered you.
  8. Aleph [6] Beta [4] Chesire [5] Cthulhu [5] Dinosaur [6] Elephant [4] Felicitations [8] Gorgon [8] Heffalump [9] Juvenile [5] Kilt [3] Layette [7] Matron [4] Mnemonic [6] Outer [8] Physics [5] Pituitary [3] Pneumonia [3] -2 Quiet [8] Sour [5] Science [10] Shield [10] Stool [5] -1 Tap [5] Thought [6] Trill [5] Under [4] Vaporize [9] Xyzzy [5] Yellow [10] Zephyr [7] Look I want to say this somewhere and there is no random thread where anyone can post random stuff, so I'm bumping an old thread that used to be fun but everyone forgot about including its creator who doesn't really post anymore but neither does anyone else, to say the thing I was talking about at the beginning of this overly long sentence, and the odds are that by this point you actually forgot what this sentence was actually about but I don't mind because this post is all so meaningless anyway so I really don't care and now I'm just saying more stuff to make this sentence even longer and BE POSITIVE AND AMAZING. I always thought until today that was crying very fast until I realized it was labeled "clap" so it's actually applauding.
  9. ...except I wanted to PM you to tell you that I lost access to my Skype account so if you messaged me there about the collab level for JoshL6 I didn't receive it
  10. I was trying to send Josh a PM, and got this error: I assume this means his inbox is full...
  11. Hmmm...I'm late, but Josh, if you're interested, I could do a collab level with you too. Might help me get interested in level design again.
  12. I don't know if I would leave permanently or temporarily; this is something I will have to decide. I don't see real life getting less busy anytime soon, but hopefully I would still manage to come back for CCLP4, I would love to play it. However, I almost certainly won't be there for CCLP5, CC2LP2, or whatever the next official set ends up being. A JoshL6 update would probably be very fun, but considering how busy I am, I might not necessarily be able to play it. I haven't made any significant progress in JCCLP2 since I last reviewed some levels... I may check out the Skype group if time allows. How exactly do I join? I have done a little optimizing of some easy official levels. I should report my scores...
  13. ...not really. You still have as much (or as little) money as when you clicked the link. Now back to what this post is supposed to be about... I first joined CCZone back in November 2013, almost three years ago. Three years is a long time. Since then, I have changed. For the better, I hope, but that's besides the point. As I have changed, so have my interests. One thing I have noticed, as I played through the CCLP4 voting packs, is that I'm not as patient with the game as I used to be. Also, I have hardly played any levels (besides these voting packs, and my own levels) recently. Another thing is that while I am near the top of the CCZone awards leaderboard, I don't think it matters anymore: it won't help go to college, or get a job. Another thing I have noticed is how inactive CCZone has been recently. We rarely have more than 5 posts in a single day, and we frequently have none. I was talking this over with my best friend a few days ago, and she said: "what's the point of lounging around waiting for something to happen?" Another thing is that real life is getting busier again, for several reasons, including the fact that I will participate in Nanowrimo again this year. CCZone just isn't one of my priorities anymore. Long story short, I am leaving CCZone. Not immediately, but probably by the end of the year. But until then, there are a few things I want to finish. I want to bring C1059-CC2 to 149 levels, and continue my LPs (although I probably won't finish them), among other things. Well, that's it for now. It was great while it lasted, but it will have to end soon.
  14. C1059-CC2 has received an update; it now has 130 levels. Most of the new levels are small experiments. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have also continued adding replays: over 100 levels now have them. In the process, I also continued fixing busts and other issues. Here is a complete list of changes. I have also been modifying the soundtrack, and it is now available for download here on CCZone. Due to the 2MB file size limit it had to be split in 14 parts. If you want to use the soundtrack, you will have to download ALL the files in the download link in the first post, remove the fake dat extensions, and extract them. If you just want the set without the music, you can simply download C1059-CC2.zip and leave all the other files alone. Sorry this is so complicated.
  15. C1059-CC2 shall be updated this week, with 130 levels. Is it all right if I upload the soundtrack here on CCZone?

    1. Flareon350


      I don't see why not. :P

    2. chipster1059


      Thanks Josh. The set has been updated and the soundtrack uploaded alongside it.

  16. Excited about existing! That's a rare privilege.

  17. 1: I made this one. It's fun, but I think I made the time limit too short. Sorry. 2: Small levels can be fun. 3: Amazing title. In the end, this level is a good experiment in trust. Just who do you trust, and how much do you trust them? Does the fact that you know this person on the Internet or in real life, have any importance? That's a subject that isn't mentioned enough. 4: Surprisingly fun. 5: Really unusual concept. But it works. 6: The level is easier in Lynx thanks to the safe hint (please don't remove it). Too much walker dodging. 7: I played this in JCCLP. It is really harder than it seems at first. 8: It's a good level that doesn't really fit in any traditional design categories. 9: Surprisingly easy. 10: A pentagram is a fascinating geometric shape. But a pentazium is...absolutely nothing. 11: I solved it on the first try. Repeatedly pausing makes it a lot easier. 12: The only real challenge is the time limit. 13: This one has no challenge at all, except finding the hint. 14: So many levels reference CC1...but this one actually skips some levels, and that makes it stronger. 15: This level is so hard, but that's great. It took me forever to find the solution, and when I did I felt very satisfied. 16: I said way too much about this level and complexities already. So let's just say I want it in the final set. 17: This concept should be done more often. 18: At first I expected this level to be very hard, but it's actually very easy. 19: I think this is in NeverStopGaming. This is one of the hardest levels in voting so far. 20: This level is so small yet so hard, and not just because of the time limit. 21: A good level. It's a good thing the nasty bug from the original version has been removed. 22: Overall, a good ice maze. 23: Really easy. REALLY easy. 24: Really great way to make a maze. Too many thin walls, though... 25: So many easy levels in a row. 26: A very creative concept. 27: This level is all right, but nothing special. 28: My main complaint is that it's impossible to see the fireball section before entering it. I solved it through trial and error. 29: The level is already hard enough without a strict time limit. 30: I've seen plenty of easy levels so far in this pack but this is ridiculous. Also the hint can be used as a safe spot in Lynx. 31: This one has an interesting concept. 32: I played this in Po100T; I'm a bit surprised it didn't appear in CCLP1. 33: This was in UC3 or UC4. It was a lot easier than I remembered it, but still fun. 34: It's quite a challenge. But the tricks are rather clever. 35: Decent maze, but not one of the strongest ones. 36: I played this somewhere but I don't remember where. The dodging is not overly hard. 37: Would have been great if there had been no extra chips. Currently, it's too easy. 38: Repetitive and annoying. 39: The glider room is very hard very late. Other than that, it's a good level. 40: The puzzles are good, but the walker machine is painful when playing without sound effects. 41: The only good thing about this level is that it's shaped like a glider. 42: One of the hardest puzzle levels in voting so far. But maybe a bit too hard for CCLP4... 43: A good precise timing level. 44: One of Jeffrey's best levels. 45: The level is very easy. But why do those corridors have to be so long? 46: And another very easy key collecting level... 47: Very simple maze... 48: This is in TS0. Tyler makes great levels. 49: A good blue wall maze, but as I already pointed out the title can be problematic. 50: Overall, it's a decent dodging level, but easy most of the time.
  18. Some packs are easier than others. 1: Overall it's a good level, apart from the aggressive blob cloner. 2: It's really easier than I expected. 3: The only real challenge with this level is that the force floors can get hard on the eyes. But it's so easy! 4: Most confusing level in voting so far. 5: Despite the simple premise, it's a great maze. 6: This was in Po100T, and in Not_CCLP4 with a funnier hint. I don't think any self-proclaimed "unfair" levels belong in the final set. 7: Metal Harbour is an easy level to copy. In fact, I did it myself. I find this one slightly disappointing. 8: Very fun puzzle, and the two ways to exit work well. 9: This is a really great level, and the title is amazing. It's a shame those two walkers are on floor and not gravel, though... 10: That's a short level. The solution seems obvious once discovered, but it's still a challenge. 11: And most of the time you don't know whether those are "worthless rocks" or whether they have something important underneath. I love the CC2 eye object. 12: The concept is interesting, but the level is too repetitive. 13: You just have to collect the items. The maze isn't hard and there are no special puzzles nor strict time limit. 14: I said that this level would be a good first level for CCLP4. I still think so. 15: Weird concept. 16: Creative concept, although executing the solution is rather easy. 17: This feels like a lesson level about blocks. 18: A very good force floor level. 19: At first it seems easy, but in the end it's crazy dodging, somewhat fun. 20: Once again, easier than I expected. Too easy. 21: First you get rather hard teeth dodging. Then you get a small maze (with ugly fireballs in Lynx) that serves no purpose other than filling up the rest of the map. 22: I played this in Po100T. While many levels with this concept instead rely on a warning click that ruins the level for those who play without sound effects, this one uses the timer instead, and this is great. 23: It's a decent level, and it won H&H:Po100T. However, I think the only reason it won was because some people wanted to save Automatic (Caution) Doors for CCLP1. Which, in the end, didn't work, since H&H:CCLP1 was won by The Ancient Temple. 24: Great itemswapper. 25: Decent key level...I guess... 26: I made a level with a similar concept, called Glider Cycle, which is not in voting. My level was simply dodging, while this one is also an itemswapper. In the end, I am not satisfied with either of these levels. 27: I played this in JoshL6 and JCCLP2. Unfortunately, if you miss some chips at the start (which is easy to do), you have to restart. 28: This would have been a good level, but seriously that invisible and hidden maze at the end... 29: Much easier than expected. 30: I played this in JCCLP. It was a fun level with a few hard parts. 31: Reading the hint isn't much of a challenge except in MS (but I don't care). Either way, very fun level. 32: This level lacks the concepts that made the original Tiny great. 33: Much harder than I expected. 34: Another JCCLP level. I found it extremely hard when I LPed the set, but now it seems very easy. 35: I don't generally like recessed wall mazes, but I guess this one is better than others. 36: The skates are the ones that aren't necessary. I figured it out because the ice can be bypassed using the green lock in the top right room. 37: Short and very creative level. 38: One of the most strict levels so far in voting. 39: This is a good level, but unfortunately very easy to cook at the end. 40: The first part of the level, with the blocks, is decent. The blue wall and glider part feels like a way of artificially expanding the level to fit the whole map. 41: I'm glad those fireballs don't have to be redirected. The bug dodging is decent. 42: I hate walkers, but sometimes I hate them less than other times. 43: It's fun, but very easy. I feel like I've said this many times in this pack so far... 44: Who is the second designer? Either way, amazing use of invisible walls. 45: Thankfully, there are no evil slides. 46: I've seen harder teeth levels in the voting packs. 47: The fireball section is terrible in MS, and the tank section is terrible in Lynx. 48: A simple itemswapper. 49: This was in UC3, I think. It's a simple chip collecting level without any major challenge. 50: The concept is interesting, but unfortunately the player must work from memory, and that gets very frustrating.
  19. Happy 25th Birthday Josh!
  20. 4: All right. I didn't know about Everybody Get Dangerous. 12: Sorry for this mistake. 19: I know it was made before CC2 was released, I'm just pointing it out so that it gets renamed if it gets in the final set. 47: I'm not sure what cook you're talking about. You do have a point about getting the gliders out of the way using the toggle walls, but the gliders don't really pose a significant threat and can be used in the nail.
  21. I finally finished another pack. 1: It's a very fun level. 2: There are many levels where you have to guide the teeth throughout the level, but very few where you have to build the path. I like this. 3: It's a creative partial posting level. The time limit is rather short, though. 4: The first room is adapted from Chuck's Challenge, couldn't this cause copyright problems? 5: One of Josh' earlier levels. It's a good teeth dodging level, not too easy but not too hard. 6: Harder than I expected. I rather like it. 7: 49 Cell is the best of all the "cell" levels. This one is fun, but I don't see it in the final set. 8: Great blob level. Not too easy but not too painful. 9: It's another fun level. 10: This level is not a challenge, and I don't like the title. 11: Not as painful as most walker levels. 12: This was in UC3 or UC4. It is better than I remembered it to be. 13: Putting blocks in a blue wall maze works surprisingly well. 14: At least they are not invisible walls. 15: At the start it is too slow. In the end it is too fast. 16: Interesting how both 36 and 64 are in the same pack. I still think 49 Cell is the best. 17: Some are tougher than others. But nearly all are painful. 18: Much harder than it looked at first. I had to use block slapping to solve it. I don't know how it would work in MS (but I don't really care). 19: Another level with a CC2 title. But while the CC2 level was terrible except for the bust, this one is fun. 20: I haven't been able to figure out how to get the green key so far... 21: This is a really fun level, but the hint is too long for MSCC unfortunately. 22: I played this in CCLP1 voting. Very hard, but very fun. 23: This concept has been done many times, probably, but I still find this fun. 24: It's fun, somewhat. 25: A bit short, but I like it. 26: I originally would have given this a poor rating because of the extremely precise timing required to free the monster, but then I remembered the bust Jeffrey found, and it is much more fun than the intended solution. 27: This level is busted: using the upper room is not required. 28: The only real challenge is the time limit, and it's really not a problem. 29: The concept is clever, better than other false exit levels. But it's so short... 30: This level is harder in Lynx because all teeths move, including those not in the MS monster order. 31: At first I thought this would be a painful dodging level, but since you're carrying keys half the time, you can step on the thieves without cooking the level. 32: BUSTED: recessed walls at [21,22] and [22,22] not required. This was one of my favourite levels in CCLP1 voting despite the fact I hadn't solved it. Now I have, and I still like it. 33: One of the hardest levels in this pack. 34: It's a fun level that makes you think twice before picking up a boot. 35: The sokobans are disappointingly easy. 36: Please. Just an extra ten seconds. Just a minute. 37: You have to memorize the teeth patterns? That's evil. 38: Several rooms feel like they came out of a random tile generator. 39: This blue wall maze has patterns and works well. 40: I expected something painful, but in the end it's perhaps the best walker level in voting so far. 41: At first I thought this would be a simple boring level where you basically have to choose the right slide and can always see where you're going. And then I realized you have to carry blocks all across the level and there are no extra blocks. That's really annoying. 42: Why does Chip start on a floor tile, it's ugly. Anyway, I've seen better toggle mazes... 43: ...such as this one. It may not be a pure toggle maze, but the block section fits very well. 44: Surprisingly easy. 45: Fun level, but slightly repetitive and with a short time limit. 46: I played this in JCCLP, and it was one of my least favourite levels of the set. 47: This level has a minor bust: it is possible to use a glider and a block as a nail to access the red key, instead of two blocks. The whole toggle wall mechanism is pointless too. Other than that, it's a great level. 48: It's hard to improve on the original Automatic (Caution) Doors. This one is better than most sequels, but the original remains better. 49: I don't have the patience for levels like this. 50: A really good level.
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