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  1. This is a thread on another forum I visit, and I think we need it here. Quite simply, the goal of this thread is to show your appreciation towards other forum members, and thank them for their contributions to the community. First, we appreciate one member, and the next day (or a few days later, depending on how popular this is), we move on to the next member. We will go through the member list alphabetically. So let's start this... @AdrenalinDragon You founded this site. You're the reason we are all here to discuss the great game CC is.
  2. Too tired, sorry. Does it suit the plot?
  3. Revert reverse charge change noooo AAAAAAAAAA?
  4. C1059-CC2 has received another update; it now contains 121 levels. Most of the new levels focus on puzzles and teamwork. Please let me know what you think about them. I have also been adding replays to the earlier levels; 65 levels now have them. In the process, I found a certain number of busts and other issues, and fixed them. I also made some changes following _H_'s feedback. Here is a complete list of changes. As usual, please leave feedback so I can improve future levels. Thanks for playing!
  5. random 8: one pair, but it has to be virtual scissors. Do you want me to tickle you? Honest, not dumb answer: it's not weak, it's just "ordinary".
  6. Huh really? I thought that was a Jeffrey level. (and to tell the truth you did make some good levels, like War Paint, but I think I'm the only one who nominated that)
  7. Do I feel like an idiot now! Knowing this, I will rerate the level, as it's actually quite a fun puzzle.
  8. C1059-CC2 should receive an update this week, with 121 levels!

    1. chipster1059


      It already has 109, and it was last updated in April. That's only four new levels a month...

    2. IceyLava108


      That's a lot of levels


    3. chipster1059


      Sure, but mobius now has 166 levels.

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  9. Also, it is interesting to note that at 6400 tiles, this is the largest level in C1059-CC2, and possibly in all of the Internet, beating even Sea Level Rise, at merely 5300 tiles.
  10. 7: I wasn't saying the level was unfair, but my rating. Playing this level three times was rather annoying. 13: All right. With this fixed, it might be good enough for the final set. 26: One problem I find is that it takes the whole map when it could easily have been more contained. 34: But at least Double Time Warehouse is just the maze, no extra puzzles, and it's also smaller, if I remember correctly. 35: I didn't think of block slapping. You do have a point. 46: I've seen several mazes like this in the packs so far, and this is one of the weaker ones.
  11. 1: This would have been a great tank level, but the block room is so late in the level it ruins the whole thing. Sad. 2: That's a nasty dodging level. 3: This dodging level is too strict in the ice part. 4: This is a very good concept. 5: I can easily see this get annoying, but some of these rooms are clever. 6: It's an all right level. 7: Again? That's the third time I see this level. First in JoshL6, then in JCCLP2, now here! I didn't really like it much to begin with, now I'm getting seriously annoyed. Unfair, sorry. 8: OOH MY BRAIN! This level is associated with something I wrote myself, this time. I might dump it on the Internet eventually. It remains fun, though, it didn't entirely destroy my brain like other levels did... 9: Um...yeah? It's decent... 10: I remember raging on this level back in UC4 (?). 11: Quite a challenging level. I didn't solve it yet, but it's quite a puzzle. 12: This is a really great level. 13: BUSTED: it is possible to infiltrate the paramecia to get the green key, rendering the skates useless. Other than that, I like it. 14: I think this was in UC3 or UC4, but Jeffrey did better levels than this. 15: A small level, but it is an amazing concept. 16: This was one of Josh's entries for a Create Competition here, and it deserved to win (and it did). 17: This would have been good with fewer teeths. Unfortunately, with so many, it gets annoying. 18: A good chip collecting level with a strict time limit. 19: All right, I'll give this a good rating. This whole CCLP material definition thingie is getting annoying. 20: This would be better if it were larger, so you had more room to guide the teeth and the slightest misstep didn't cause death/cook. 21: This level has nothing special about it. 22: Great radio show, and great level. 23: The hint is <insert clever quote here> Fine. "Keep calm and battle on." Oh wait that has nothing to do with the level, and the quote is not mine...the level is good... 24: This level can be cooked at nearly every turn, and that can get quite frustrating. 25: Does this level have any purpose other than looking like some ugly thing in some weird video game (probably) I never played, and claiming a CCZone award? What a mess. 26: Ordinary. 27: I have no idea what needs to be done. If I ever make progress, I will rerate it. 28: This level is massively unequal: in MS, it is possible to go through the slide as many times as you want, but in Lynx, random force floor behaviours only allow you to go through once, if you're lucky... 29: This is a great dodging level. 30: I played this in JCCLP. It's a fun level, but I don't think it's the best of the Aquatic Caves series. However, it's the only one I see in voting so far. 31: I think this is a sequel to a TCCLP level. It is a great concept, digging with boots is something I never thought of, and a great use of walkers. 32: I'm not thinking about the poem. Instead I'm thinking about another crazy thing I read. No, I'm not posting a link this time, but if you paid attention to the patterns you may be able to figure it out. The level, however, is fun, and the two ways to exit make it better. 33: I already played this...it's quite ordinary, at best. 34: The concept seems interesting, but the slightest misstep cooks the level. I remember another level that uses the same concept, in UC3 or UC4. That level, I don't remember its title, is much better. 35: Oh, THAT one. As mentioned in another thread, in Lynx it is significantly harder, and levels so unequal don't really belong in CCLPs, I think. 36: This level seems extremely hard until the obvious solution is discovered. It is fun. 37: I played this in JCCLP, and it's actually rather good, but EXTREMELY hard. 38: Yorkies??? That's the weirdest way to call a walker. This feels lengthy for a lesson, but CCLP4 doesn't need lessons. Putting a "yorkie" near the very end is very stupid, but the ending slide is good. 39: Password is EGTK and gets overanalyzed. The level is tedious. 40: Block slapping makes this trivial in Lynx. 41: It's nice to be able to do the rooms in any order the player wants. 42: Looks like I'm not the only one who tried platforming in CC (Artificial Gravity Facility). The thing is, however, that AGF is mostly puzzles and this is mostly timing. I prefer my level, but this one is good too. 43: I think this was in UC4. The walker can be slightly frustrating, but it's at the start of the level so I don't mind. Overall, it's really fun. 44: A small simple puzzle. Nothing more. 45: This level can't help me of remind me of Suddenly The Tanks Do Things in C1059-CC2. Both are dodging levels where the player must pick up red keys. However, _H_ said that extra keys would be a good idea for my level, and I will put some in the next version that will be uploaded by the end of the month (yay shameless self promotion). I think this level would also benefit from extra keys. 46: I played this in JCCLP2, I think. Ordinary maze. 47: I think this was in TO100T. It is an amazing concept. 48: I remember playing this in CCLP1 voting, and I think I gave it a low rating because I thought it was too hard. Now that I replay it after so long, it's really not hard, but it's not very fun either. 49: ...and gliders and gliders and annoyance. 50: I played this before but I don't remember in what set. It is a good concept.
  13. I agree. I agree with this too. Perhaps I am a little too strict with my personal definition of "CCLP material". Either way, in a few months I will go back and review my votes, and possibly change some of them.
  14. Sure, it is a fun level, but I think it would have been better suited for CCLP1 than CCLP4. The first levels of CCLP2 and CCLP3 were harder than this. CCLPs are supposed to be contain the best levels made by the community, and this level, like many others, while it is fun, it is not one of the best.
  15. 1: That's a weird maze. I know the only purpose of the level is for it to have a strict time limit, but there are better such levels. 2: This is a really simple maze. Too simple. 3: I think this is better than the Mini-Challenges in CCLP3. 4: I get it. This whole piece of nonsense is a reference to Lesson 1. But I think it's terrible. 5: There are several levels where there are several different ways to exit. This one, from Po100T, is not one of the best. 6: This is not one of the best ice mazes around. 7: This level feels absolutely pointless. 8: It's a decent level. 9: It's a small puzzle, and it's fun. 10: I've seen better block levels. 11: The keys are not required. I don't know if this is intended. Either way, I struggled for several days with this level, before I finally managed to figure out the solution. 12: The concept is interesting, but I think the level is too large, so it takes a long time before Chip actually knows what needs to be done. Also, going against the glider flow is especially frustrating. 13: A positive key puzzle. 14: This should be level 147 of CCLP4. Out of all the levels that get their own CCZone awards, this is the only one that is really fun (except the most insane level ever! but it's not in the voting pool). 15: This is a very fun level. 16: Sigh...I guess CCLP4 needs some walker levels...at least this one has water... 17: More like madness and folly, with very little wisdom in the design. 18: The trick is rather clever, but seriously this is not CCLP material. 19: Nothing special, really. Quite boring. 20: It's a decent ice maze, but I've seen better. 21: You know it's possible to just pick up two boots at the start and pick up all the chips except those in the former rooms just like that? Either way, I've seen better mazes with this theme. 22: I remember playing this in one of the Ultimate Chip sets, and I think it is ordinary. 23: This is basically simple dodging. No interesting puzzles or anything, just dodging. 24: This is a really bad level, I think. The only decent part is the hint. 25: Worst level in the voting pool so far. Seriously, it is extremely unequal and just plain pointless. 26: That's one way of making a rush level. Better than some others... 27: This is one of the few decent Rock levels. Some players may find the password offensive though. 28: Seriously? What a pointless dodging level. 29: I hate digging levels so much. Urggh. 30: Yes, it's a puzzle, but a tedious one. 31: A better level than most of the ones I just played, but still absolutely ordinary. 32: I've seen better sokobans. This one is extremely easy to cook. 33: This seems like a Lynx-compatible version of one of Cybersmack's levels. In the end, I think it's ordinary. 34: At first I was very sceptical about this level, but in the end it's fun. 35: Why do people make painful dodging levels like this? 36: An amazing concept. It's great to finally have a good level after so many ordinary ones... 37: Dave Varberg, I guess. Decent sokoban. 38: Some rooms are good. Others, not so much. 39: It's a good fire level. 40: It's just a toggle maze. The title is accurate. In the end, it's rather good, I guess... 41: I've seen better sokobans. 42: I think this was in Ultimate Chip 4. I think it's ordinary. 43: I prefer blue wall mazes without any major puzzles, just the maze please. 44: I remember playing this in JCCLP, and raging on it. 45: This is an amazing concept. 46: One of the best levels of the pack. 47: I don't get the title, and the level is nothing special. 48: This was in JoshL6 and JCCLP2. In the end, I like it. 49: This is a creative concept, although it is a bit short. 50: CCLP4 will need some blob levels, but this one is beyond annoying.
  16. Answers to Miika's questions. That's all subjective, but here is my opinion: 1: No, we should not go ahead with the project, not now at least. Maybe eventually, but the odds are that I won't be around when this happens. 2: Now is a terrible time. I think we should wait until after CCLP4 gets released. 3: If you want to be the leader, go ahead. 4: No. Real life takes too much time. 5: veteran.dat sounds rather simple and generic, but I don't have anything else to suggest. 6: If this happens now, I see it distracting everyone from the CCLP4 process and causing both sets to stall for several years like CCLP3 did. 7: If it happens before the CCLP4 release, perhaps. If it happens afterwards like I am suggesting, no, I probably won,t be around. Great, I see another flamewar coming. This thread is tagged supercontroversy after all...
  17. Thanks! That's a somewhat clever way of providing the information. Ratings updated.
  18. 1: The teeth idea is very creative but can get somewhat annoying. The rest is all right. 2: This is better than many dodging levels I've seen so far in voting, but I can see some players finding this annoying. 3: I may be a bit biased since I sent Josh this level's title (however, I didn't come up with it myself), but it remains a fun level. 4: I've seen better blue wall mazes. 5: Ordinary. The part with walls is nothing special, and there are not enough invisible walls to make this interesting. 6: An unusual type of sokoban, I like it. 7: I think this is a very fun level. 8: Ordinary. 9: This is an interesting use of force floors. 10: Just a toggle wall level. It can be fun, but it's not CCLP material. 11: This level is fun, but nothing special. 12: An unusual type of block maze. 13: I think this is a better ice maze than several in earlier packs. It's confusing, but not too much, nor to large, and you can try to plan ahead. 14: This level is very short, but the concepts used are very good. 15: This might be a good level for early in CCLP4. 16: I played this in both JoshL6 and JCCLP2. It's really not one of the best levels of either set. 17: This level is affected by clone desynchornisation in Lynx. Other than that, I think it's fun, but I can see some players getting annoyed at the final slide. 18: This is a very short level about getting bugs stuck in a loop. Longer and it would have been annoying, but so short it feels pointless. 19: The time limit feels a little strict, but other than that, it's a really good itemswapper. 20: This might make a good breather level in CCLP4. 21: This is a very unusual concept. However, I don't think it's good enough for the final set. 22: This is one of the best block levels I have seen in a long time. 23: The end of the ice slide leading to the bomb, is harder in Lynx than in MS. Other than that, this level seems really fun. 24: I will change my vote if I ever find a way to make it past the first room. 25: This is one of the most pointless dodging level I have seen in a long time. The only monsters that ever pose a threat are the walkers and the teeths. 26: I find this level to be extremely frustrating. The hidden wall maze is especially evil. 27: The concept seems interesting at first, but unfortunately there is a simple pattern that can be reused for every single teeth. 28: NOOOOO 29: This is amazing. 30: The problem with this level is that it is too easy, and it does not have any interesting concepts. 31: Huh? Is the voting pack assembler broken or something? This is the most pointless level I have seen in the voting packs so far. 32: In the end it's a fun puzzle. 33: I just can't find anything special with this level. It feels ordinary in every way. 34: This level is absolutely ordinary. I understand the idea of not pushing too many buttons, but it seems poorly executed. 35: A very fun and challenging level. If I remember correctly, it is level 2 of TS0. 36: I'm too lazy to figure out the tank pattern so I don't care much for this level. I hate levels like this. 37: I don't understand the purpose of this level. The blobs don't need to slide, the blocks don't really do much, and the part at the end is really pointless. 38: I'm still trying to figure out how to get past the fireball/blue wall room. I hate digging rooms like this. I will change my ratings if I ever make any progress. 39: One of the hardest block levels I have played in a long time. 40: At least they are not invisible walls... 41: Very confusing, but in the end I like it. 42: Never! 43: This level takes the whole map when it could have been smaller. 44: A fun and interesting concept. 45: I understand the purpose of this level, but it would have been better at 4*4 instead of 3*3. It would give you more time to react. 46: This level has one major problem. Even if Chip manages to beat the blobs, the odds are that the corridor might already be flooded, making it impossible to reach the exit. 47: This is a really good recessed wall maze. Not as good as Chip Leak Watermelon (?) in another pack, but it's still good. 48: This level vaguely reminds me of Zartacla. In the end, I prefer the CCLP2 version. 49: I am annoyed at all the dodging very late in the level. 50: It's nice to see a block level that is not tedious and/or a sokoban. There should be more levels like this. I'm going to take a break for a few days. Going through 150 levels in 3 days has made me less patient with the game. If I keep going right now, my ratings would probably be totally unfair. I will get to Zygote pack at some point next week.
  19. I remember struggling with the bug/block section quite a bit back then, and giving it a low rating in voting because of that section. Perhaps changing the thief to gravel would be a good idea. "Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me" ended up being one of my favourite levels of the set. Josh: removing the gliders probably would be a good idea (maybe not all three, two would be all right). However, even with that, while it is still a fun level, I don't think it's good enough for CCLP4.
  20. 1: Unusual force floor level. The pattern is interesting. 2: This is level 1 of TS0, I think. It took me forever to beat the first time I played it, but I got it on the first try now. In the end it's a nice level. 3: This level is an interesting concept, but is WAY too small. Also the password is POOO... 4: Another level with an insanely obvious solution once discovered. 5: I pretty much agree with what J.B. already said. 6: The concept is rather unusual, and very confusing. 7: Unfortunately the gliders are affected by slide delay, and there is no obvious way to fix this. Other than that, it's fun, but not really CCLP material. 8: The pattern for the first room is extremely obvious. However, for the last room I have no idea. If I ever do find the code, I may give this a higher rating. 9: I remember playing this in one of the Ultimate Chip sets. It's a decent level, but Jeffrey made far better ones. 10: This feels a lot like Jaywalker in CCLP3, but I think this one is better because it is slightly less confusing. 11: It's one of the best mazes of this type I've seen so far in the packs. 12: A great monster redirection puzzle. At first I thought it would be repetitive, but in the end it's not. 13: All right, just what kind of a hint is that? But the puzzles are very fun! 14: The title has nothing to do with the level. And the level itself is rather ordinary. 15: From JoshL5 and JCCLP2. Fun, but not CCLP material. 16: This one, though, is much better. 17: BUSTED: recessed wall at [23,8] not required. Also the tank section is massively unequal between rulesets. Also, it's quite simply not fun, despite the basic concept being interesting. 18: The sokobans aren't very fun. The paramecia sections are annoying. The block checkerboard at the end is pointless. 19: It's awesome, quite simply. Nothing more to say. Best level in voting so far. 20: I played this in JCCLP2. It's fun and challenging. 21: This is a really confusing, but fun puzzle. It's a good level. 22: So far, I have learned NOTHING from this set apart from the fact that levels can vary in quality much more than previously expected. The glider room is the best one, but the rest is at best ordinary. Putting a walker room at the very end is not a good idea. 23: A decent dodging level. 24: I don't like blue wall mazes most of the time, but if there is one thing I dislike even more, it's blue wall mazes with intentionally low time limits. 25: Surprisingly fun. 26: Very frustrating. 27: Overall, this is a really fun level. The crazy trap connections can be frustrating, but there are plenty of extra keys, so the player can choose to skip them if they want. 28: Fun, but I've seen better. 29: I think this was in UC3, and is one of the best levels of the set. Each room is fun in its own way. 30: Rather easy...probably too easy. 31: This is an interesting concept, but I've seen better levels where too much of one item is bad. 32: The concept of an eternal slide is something I find very appealing. 33: I remember this level from Po100T, but it's really not one of the best levels of the set. 34: Various small fun puzzles. It's a good level. 35: "A tribute to the simpler times of TCCLP" says the hint. And that's why nobody plays TCCLP anymore. The top right corner was especially frustrating. 36: This is quite a puzzle. It's fun. 37: While at first sight it may seem like an interesting challenge, it is extremely easy to cook, and there is a lot of tedious block pushing. 38: The hint leads me to believe this was originally a lesson level, but it is a bit hard for a lesson. Anyway, I would call this ordinary. 39: This concept is absolutely amazing. 40: This was either level 147 or 149 of one of the Ultimate Chip sets. In the end, it does not seem particularly good. 41: I played this in JCCLP2. And in the end, my brain does not work properly. I shall not bore you with pointless technicalities that do not threaten to destroy the Earth, nor am I interested in making sense. Either way, it's a fun level. 42: Basically this level seems to involve memorizing the tank flipping pattern. While this may be an interesting concept, there are 20 chips to collect. Make one mistake and you have to start over. Overall, too frustrating. 43: I tried this in JCCLP2, and quite frankly I don't know what to say other than the fact that the hint is inaccurate (the pink ball at [24,3] cannot blow up any bomb). I will change my votes if I ever make any progress in this. 44: This level reminds me a lot of Rat Race. However, while Rat Race was one of the best levels of CCLP1, this one feels...ordinary. 45: Tank behaviour is different in both rulesets, but this level remains unusual and fun in both. 46: This is a very hard and very confusing level. I will only be able to provide a more precise rating when I have made more progress in it. 47: BUSTED: suction boots not required. In the end, it's a small level that can be quite challenging until the obvious solution is discovered. 48: I agree with J.B. Also, I was probably much less patient than him with this level. 49: I think I played this in CCLP1 voting. While it was too hard for CCLP1, I think it is just perfect for CCLP4. 50: There have been several levels where Chip must simply go from one room to the next, so far in the packs. I don't think this is one of the best ones, but I may change my mind later on. Next up: Hillside.
  21. Did you try launching the chips2.exe file directly without opening the Steam client? That's what I do, and I never had any problems playing it when the Internet was down.
  22. You do have a point. I will probably go back and rerate some of the levels when I have played through more packs, so my votes will be more balanced.
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