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    the quizmaster account is for the sole purpose of the family feud and should not be used and/or abused for other purposes.
  1. Welcome to the Family Feud! This is a quiz show! You'll be asked some very simple questions, example; "name a common pet other than dog". --Participation is simple and easy! To submit your answer; private message the quizmaster. You must try to match the most popular answer. In the example, you should name the pet which you also expect the other players to name. --Other questions may have a different set of rules which will be explained at the question itself. --Every round will have a new set of questions. --Anyone on the forums is invited to participate -- the more players, the merrier, and the more diverse the answers will be. --The Quizmaster is a secondary account of mobius, to keep personal messages separated. When participating in a quiz, send your PMs to the Quizmaster, not to mobius. * (click on the "quizmaster" name and under his profile click "send message") --have fun! We're starting right now! See below for the first game. ---------------- 1) How many planets are in our solar system? 2) Whose current avatar on the forum is the best? 3) pick a flavor of fudge OTHER than chocolate 4) What is the opposite of hard? 5) what do you call: 6) who is the best CC player? 7) how many people will participate in this round? (in this question you're not trying for the popular answer. Enter a number and the person closest to the actual number of participants wins a point, everybody else gets zero. If there is a tie all tied parties get a point. remember to NOT post your answers in this topic but send your answers via Personal Message to the Quizmaster. ---------------------------- FAQ: --You may join or leave at any time, without notice. Just start by submitting an entry to the current challenge. --As long as the challenge is still open, you can override your earlier entry by submitting another one. --Only the newest challenge is open for submitting answers. After 2 to 6 days, depending on participation, the challenge ends. I will post results and statistics, then make a new challenge. --When you are asked to name things, I will fix all spelling errors, capitalization, and punctuation. However, two things are not considered equal if one is a subclass of the other. "ice-cream" and "Ice Ceram" are considered equal, but "ice-cream" and "chocolate ice-cream" are different things. --You may post in this topic with comments and questions on or about the questions but remember: Please refrain from discussing popular answers before the quiz ends so as not to influence other players. --How Scoring Works: (unless stated otherwise in the quiz): You can score up to 1 point for each question, but will score a fractional amount of points less than 1 when you deviate from the top answer. The exact score per question is (your answer's frequency) divided by the (top answer's frequency)(rounded to nearest thousandth). Some questions which may be different, for example, you might be asked to pick a number from a given range, but the winner is whoever picks a number which nobody else chose. The scoring for questions like these will always be explained in the quiz thoroughly. The scores for all questions are then added together, the result is your final score. ------------------- administrator: could double-posting be allowed in this topic, since many posts are not necessary and may be few during a game. *Anyone can be quizmaster! If you would like to host another round tell me (mobius) by PM and I will give you the password to the account. rules for the quizmaster: --anyone can make up questions but the quizmaster is in charge of posting the new round and results of said round. --the quizmaster's password must be changed as soon as you take over as new quizmaster, to prevent previous quizmasters from cheating --the quizmaster can and is encouraged to participate in his own round, however he must enter his own answers (in his regular account) before everyone else and is not allowed to change them (since he can see all answers) --after his round is over, unless he continues to be quizmaster he will pass on the password to the next (and ONLY) the next quizmaster via PM. --one is allowed to change the avatar of the quizmaster and time zone according to his preference.
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