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  1. JCCLP1

  2. CCLP4: A Review

    So I finished CCLP4 the other day and thought I'd post my comments. This might be my favorite CCLP! While CCLP1 wasn't bad, I personally was a big fan of CCLP3 minus a few levels in the 140s that were way too hard. (143,144,146,147) But besides those few, I thought that CCLP3 hit the right note with how hard a CCLP should be at a maximum. Mud Pie, Vulcan, Rotation, M.M.P., these are among my favorite levels in the game. As for CCLP4, I'm a huge fan of the levels that made the final cut. It seems that a lot of levels I voted 5s on made it, and I'm happy about that. The set's shortcomings are few and far between, and my thoughts on them are just nitpicks really, and are pretty insignificant. Just to mix things up, I played in Lynx first; never did that before with a CCLP. Anyways, here's my review: Spoilers Ahead! #1 Molecule: Not an obvious pick for level 1 for me but I like it. No unnecessary review level. This is CCLP4. In fact, this level actually made me restart once, which may say more about me than the level itself, but it definitely required more thinking than any other level 1. #8 The Fourth Dimension: The first level where I was like ehh, I don't know about this. Yes, it is kind of cool that the tanks create a second maze but I feel like this concept is better utilized in one room in "Life Is Not a Puzzle," which I had a strong feeling I would see later in the set. (I was right.) But the whole level is taken up by this concept and, while not a bad concept, the level feels kind of bland when it's done. True, it introduced the concept for the future level to use it again, but I feel it wasn't necessary and I would've personally liked to see another level in its place. #19 Conservation of Keys: I have similar feelings about this one. It looks like a cool level from the start, but once you figure out the trick (it's not hard) the level feels pretty empty. #23 Western Standards of Living: One of the best looking levels I've ever seen. No brainer for the set. #35 Chasing Chips: I totally agree with this selection. It's so much fun. It's like "Hunt" without the tedium. #38 Detonation Station: Love the name change! #39 In the Walls of Gravel Castle: For some reason, this was one of the levels I was most hoping would make it, even though it probably wasn't on the bubble or anything. I love it. #44 Blobfield: Pretty much forgot about this level from voting. But it's not a bad choice, and I can see why the staff went with it if they wanted more than one blob level. It's a fair level and manages to be fun despite it not making an impact on me initially. #46 Exclusive Or: This had to make it in, for me. Glad to see it here. #48 Key Insight: Another fave of mine. It's cool when competition levels make it into a CCLP. Has this happened before? #49 Block Parking: This was in one of the last voting packs. I don't know if that's why I didn't think I would see this level, but I'm really glad this made it in. #53 Protect Your Fortress: I had my doubts that this would be in the final set. But I don't know why. I'm happy this is here. #54 Split Path: Super fun level that I'm glad made it because I might've overlooked it. #65 Duplex: I don't remember what I gave this level in voting, but I don't think it was high due to me having played it so many times and knowing it can be a chore sometimes. But I have to admit: it's kind of an epic level that leaves one with a great sense of satisfaction upon completion. So despite the fact that it's not one of my favorites, I think it's definitely CCLP worthy. #67 Nuclear Energy for Dummies: I am so glad this made it in. There are not many levels as pure fun as this one, and the way it unfolds feels so natural that you don't even notice you're doing the right thing until you're already doing it. Awesome level. #100 One Tank's Adventure: I liked this level when I played it in voting, but that was in MS. Had I known this was such a hassle in Lynx, I would definitely have given a much lower rating. Now I wish this wasn't in the set. To me, there's a bigger disparity between MS and Lynx gameplay for this level than any other in the set and beating it in Lynx was more frustrating than rewarding. And it's all thanks to the stupid tank button rules in Lynx which might be my most hated thing in all of CC. #105 Living Things: I don't know if this level was worthy of a spot. It might just be me and that I've played too many Tyler levels, but this was nothing I haven't seen before and doesn't feel like anything special. I'm probably alone in this. #111 Water Bottle: I knew I liked this level! After thinking it was way easier this time around in CCLP4 voting packs, of course I had trouble with it while actually playing CCLP4. Which is a good thing! #117 Greenian Motion: The best blob level ever made. Bar none. #121 Death and Destruction: Super fun. Just have to say that. #123 Life Is Not a Puzzle: One of Josh's best levels in my opinion. I knew this would be in the set. #130 Bam Thwok: I'm glad this made the cut if only it or "Double Time Warehouse" could, even though I don't subscribe to that. This feels more like a complete level, while the other feels like an exercise in the concept featuring increasingly difficult puzzles. Not bad, but this is more fun. #133 Monochrome: I don't know why but I wish this was spaced out from the previous level, just so it wasn't "Monorail" and then "Monochrome." Like I said, don't know why, it just bothers me. #134 Pushover: YES! One of Archie's best puzzles! #137 The Longest Track: A CCLP worthy level if ever there was one. Once again, this time through I had a much harder time than in voting for some reason. And it's bust-proof this time (hopefully.) #140 Repair the Automatic (Caution) Doors: I love that this is in the same level spot as its predecessor! The sequel to my favorite CCLP1 level starts out the most epic decade in CCLPs: the 140s! #141 World of a Thousand Flames: I wasn't sure this one would make it in, but I'm really glad it did. I became a fan of it in the voting packs because, well, that was the first time I'd ever played it. And I wouldn't have guessed it was a Josh level. It's a little hard for his modus operandi. #142 Stratagem: I was a little surprised at my own level's placement. I knew it was in the set but didn't want to spoil myself as to where. My guess was right around 50. But after the 100s, I began to wonder if it might be a breather level for the late game. At first that didn't sit well with me because if it's placed early enough in the set, the player might be fooled into thinking that the level is exactly what it seems on the surface. Yes, it's still an easy level, but it does have a trick to it and if it is placed this late, the player is apt to realize that immediately. But at least it was placed in the 140s, which, in my mind, cements a level into our history a little more. So that's pretty cool. #143 Color Coordination: A no brainer for the 140s, especially after hearing Jeffrey go on about it. But it is deserving. #144 Paradigm Shift: Yes! The right choice was made here and I love this level. #145 Hacked Save File: This is where you lost me. There is nothing wrong with this level. Although I personally wouldn't have included it in CCLP4, the voters may have liked it enough, whatever. I wouldn't have given it a second thought if it was placed much earlier. But what is it doing here? It just feels way out of place to me, even for a breather level. I would have much rather seen "Temple of No Key" or Tyler's "Tales from the Crypt" in its place. How many breather levels does one need, anyway? If you need a breather, take an actual breather. #146 Japanese Game Show: Finally, this is in a CCLP and right where it belongs. I miss JB's harder levels. #147 Gimmick Isle: I really didn't see this coming because I didn't know how other people really viewed this level. I have always loved it. I may have asked for help with it the first time I solved it, I don't remember, and I've been able to get the gist of it every time I've played it since, so it's hard for me to guage its actual difficulty. But I feel like this is the hardest level in the set, so I think it's deserving of its slot. #148 Gravity Well: Another strange choice to me. I like this level and am glad it's in, but it would've made more sense in the middle. I may get used to it and change my view. #149 Mental Marvel Monastery: A seemingly obvious choice for the final level. It seems like it was made to look like a lot more is involved in the solution, with the aesthetics having paths of water and fire placed here and there, and in that final room I thought there would be a puzzle with having to guide the fireball somewhere. At that point I was like, "Oh, that's it? Oh, the whole set's over." A good final level but it feels a little too easy if you ask me. Overall, I loved it. I can say with pretty good certainty that this set was better than CCLP3, which means it's my favorite! And there were so many other levels that were gems. Just because I didn't mention a level doesn't mean it escaped my notice or that it wasn't a highlight. But there so many I could only mention my absolute favorites. As you can see, my criticisms were so minor that they probably caused some eyes to roll, but think about it: if that's the worst I can say about this set, then that is a very good thing. The biggest disappointment was that "Plug in Baby" did not make the cut. I feel like that level is worthy of inclusion and could have been in the last decade as well. Lastly, I just want to thank the entire staff for all the hard work they went through in compiling this awesome set of levels. Thanks to the voters for voting one of my levels in. It's an honor, especially considering I don't make many. Now, to play it again in MS! Total score for Lynx: 5,970,360 ~Bowman
  3. CCLP4 Leaks

    Mine: Nine of the twenty eight levels showcased in the first podcast did not make it into CCLP4. Four of the levels in the second podcast did make it.
  4. CCLP4 Leaks

    The 1st C could be "Conservation of Keys" by Josh I think.
  5. CCLP4 Leaks

    The P is from Tyler's level "Propaganda." That is all I could figure out.
  6. I have never had a problem with either .dat or .ccl. So I vote we leave them as they are. For sets that have both extensions, I say default to .ccl.
  7. Acropolis Pack - Discussion

    #7 Milliardaire: I'll say what I said about this level for CCLP1 voting: this is a great exploration-themed level that is robbed of all charm by its time limit. If it had a much greater time limit or none at all, it would be perfect! Please vote for this level with the mindset that the time limit will be changed, like I did. !
  8. Longbow Pack - Discussion

    There is a strategy to getting past the tanks without dying, but it's not memorization. Still, this level is not one of my favorites to say the least.
  9. Nightshade Pack - Discussion

    I played this in MS and didn't die to that; I highly doubt it's intended. It looks like a gravel tile underneath the block at (1,3) should fix that.
  10. I might as well post my thoughts on these levels since I completed them all today and the thoughts are still fresh. There may be spoilers in here if you haven't beaten the levels yet. Here are my rankings: 13. 12. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. It's too bad these levels couldn't be in the voting pool, because I'd love to see some of them in CCLP4, especially Sticky Controls and WoLHaD. Everyone really did awesome with this comp and I thank Miika for hosting it. ~Bowman
  11. Justice Pack - Discussion

    I actually liked the level better for the time limit. The puzzle itself isn't that hard, and if you did mess up, you usually realize that before the time limit so you're restarting anyway. There aren't that many time crunch levels anymore and I liked this one, even though it wasn't that much of a crunch. ~Bowman
  12. Tornado Pack - Discussion

    #48: White Hole: This level is severely busted. I say this because I can't figure out the intended solution. I stepped on the green button, let the fireball blow up the bomb, and backwards boosted off the force floors to get back. I couldn't figure out the Lynx solution but it seemed like I was supposed to get the walker to blow up the bomb. I never figured out how to do that. Then again, even if I did, that wouldn't provide a way back out so I don't know what the intended solution is. ~Bowman Edit: Okay, I figured out a Lynx solution but, looking at the map in an editor, it looks like it's still busted. This time, I pushed a block onto the force floor next to the empty clone machine by the walker cloner and blew up the bomb that way, using the recessed wall to get out.
  13. Platypus Pack - Discussion

    I'll give this feedback thing a go. I'm currently playing the Obstacle pack, but this is the last pack I finished, so I'm revisiting these a few weeks or so after I've played them. My thoughts may not be as articulate as I like because I forgot a lot of details about these levels. 2: Takedown Fun to figure out, but I found the block section at the end a little confusing because you could access it at the beginning and it's not clear what you're supposed to do. The paramecium section also confused me but it was really clever. 6: Oracle 2020 I enjoyed this one. Very tricky block pushing puzzle. 8: Thirsty Paramecia Very unique puzzle and not too hard. 9: Idle Contrast This one really stood out to me. I know not everyone will agree with me, but I prefer this to Suspended Animation. Really well done, even if it was done before. 13: Branching Out Essentially an item-swapper, but a fun one. 14: Garbage Chute Really fun level. With more observant play, I could've avoided a lot of back and forth. The existence of a "secret way to exit" keeps it intriguing. I couldn't find it, but I'm sure optimizers would have a blast with this one. 15: Monster House II One of my own levels, and it's always been sort of a favorite. I don't know if I really played this version of the level before, as I tweaked it some for the voting packs, and then a bust was found which I incorporated into the solution. Couldn't think of a different name, though. I really like this version a lot better than the original. I hope people have fun with this one. 17: Linear Equation I really liked the "Avalanche for Dummies" section. Another fun level. 25: World of a Thousand Flames I had a world of trouble trying to solve this. But when I finally solved it, it was very satisfying. I'd have to say it's one of the funnest, hardest levels. 28: Switzerland Classic Tyler level. That sokoban in the middle, man. That may be a bit much for some. But I fumbled around with it for a long time and somehow never cooked it, so it's good to know that it's hard to cook if you're careful. 43: Life Is Not a Puzzle One of Josh's best levels. Will probably make it in. 44: Step Aside I would've loved this level if only it did more. The concept was cool, and it was fun to explore, but I was disappointed when it was over. It's been brought out that this is busted, but I didn't get that impression when I first played it; I thought the extra room and items were to make it seem more complicated than it actually was. But knowing that it is busted, I would like to see the "fixed" version. 47: Visions in Blue Holy Crap. This is a level. Devious, extremely tough, but each discovery unravels more and more of this layered puzzle. One of my favorite levels in voting so far. 50: Chip, the Great Adventurer A very clever puzzle in the guise of a regular item collection level. It took a long time and many tries to figure out what needed to be done in each section, but it was really fun. I was stumped at the ending at first, but the solution is right in front of the player's eyes so I can't really complain. Favorite: Visions in Blue Least favorite: Raining Keys and Boots
  14. Platypus Pack - Discussion

    Lol. I think you may be in the minority here, Madhav. I never found this level to be that difficult at 300 seconds (though you still have to be in a hurry) but that's obviously because I made it and know the solution. I got the sense that people would be turned off to this level because of its time limit, though. I specifically remember ajmiam streaming this level for CCLP1 voting packs and he gave it a fair chance, but eventually skipped it saying that he liked the maze aspect but not the time limit. I thought by making it untimed, people could appreciate the level more for what it is: an ice maze. It's funny that you got out of it the opposite of what I intended.