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  1. The default sound effects are sampled from the 1989 Lynx version of CC1, which came out a good year beofre Super Mario World.
  2. I do like it, but there are some things I will have to mention. It could have used a whole lot more polish. Choice of support functions (options/etc), having a bare-bone GUI for almost everything, a few minor bugs here and there, Scott Joplin music rather than original tunes, sound effects with unbalanced volume... I beta-tested the CC1 levelset in CC2 a week prior to release, and in fact the game did not get looping music untill just before release day! In my opinion, the game would problably had benefited a lot from a few more testers, and quite a few more feedback sessions between the testers and Chuck. While a programmer thinks "functionality", a designer thinks "experience", and it's very easy to forget or de-prioritize the later when having to both code and design everything yourself. When it comes to the levels, I did not like the slow phase in the first 1/3 of the game. I did neither like how diverse they were, as this makes it feel like just a bunch of random individual levels tucked together in a set.* This feeling is strengthened even more by the inclusion of a few very weak levels. Again, more testers/feedback would have benefited here. But gameplay is what I bought this for after all, and it's amazing! It absolutely feels like the Lynx version of CC1, but just with a whole lot more. *(I, for once, liked the homogenity of the levels in CC1. It made the game feel more consistent.)
  3. Hey! The Windows version was after all the ported version, and Chuck has mentioned before what he feels about it. Otherwise, I've read over at the facepunch forums that the graphics is just stored as a raw bmp file, much alike how TileWorld does it. Same with music; stored as midi files.
  4. I went into a hex editor and changed all the game over messages to something general like "Game Over, Please Try Again." some years back. All you have to make sure is to keep the length of the messages the same. In other words, the new messages must be shorter or equal in length to the old ones, and eventually use spaces as padding.
  5. I wonder if there is some kind of event schreduler that's not working right and delaying certain actions with one frame to many from time to time. How much is known about timing of the Lynx version of Chips Challenge? We have a good overview of the major rule differences, but do we really know how the Lynx version of the engine handles everything? We can always observe and estimate how the Lynx version should play, but then glitches like these can occur.
  6. I am impressed that this project has been brought back into attention. I was slightly involved with it back in 2008 or so, but at the time I was about 15-years old and had no experience with object oriented programming or LUA. As for the puzzle pieces, they actually were chips in earlier buids. Chuck decided to change it to distinguish the game more from Chips Challenge, possibly to avoid any form of potential legal dispute. Most of the art was supposed to be preliminary, and the idea was to replace it with actual 3D models at some point. One of the main ideas behind the engine was to have all blocks work as plugins. If you needed a very particular block for a puzzle, you would just code it in and included it along with the level file.
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