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  1. Please include Volare as well (7 levels)
  2. Nice job cc2!

    Tried recording my level and got this beauty.
  3. Nice job cc2!

    Chip's Challenge 2 is just plain weird.
  4. nicejob1.mp4

    Version 1.0.0


    Video of a cc2 glitch where a sliding block traps Chip forever.
  5. Volare.zip

    Version 2.0.0


    More levels for submission!
  6. Count to 2,000

    1000+@random8 - random
  7. geoRock.zip

    Version 1.0.0


    Conversions to cc2 map files (including solutions) for my two CCLP1 levels and Rockdet's 6). Minimal changes as needed to work in cc2. Except for TLS, which has the optimize bug fixed and required major rewiring.
  8. Just to be clear, i would like geodavecc2 and geodavekool to be submitted. These are the steam-shared versions of geodave5 and Oracle of Light and they are better just because.
  9. geodave5.dat

    First ten levels verified in lynx
  10. geodave5.dat

    Version 1.1.0


    My latest levelpack released as it's being built.
  11. geodave5

    I am continuing to make cc1 levels....slowly. Feel free to comment.
  12. July2014cc-geodave.ccl View File my submission for July create competition. Submitter geodave Submitted 07/10/2014 Category CC1 Levelsets  
  13. geodave5.dat

    First six levels verified solvable in lynx and ms.
  14. HTML Level Viewer

    This is a proof of concept in its early stages. It's possible to build a full cc editor using only javascript and HTML5. tiler.html tiler.zip
  15. Any way to make monsters skate?

    Melinda doesn't slide on ice
  16. geodave5

    Okay so there's only a couple levels, but this is designed to hold submissions for CCLP5. If that ever happens.
  17. CC2 Community Pack Survey

    Anyone have any thoughts about these things? 1. Warp exits 2. Multiple hints 3. Lesson levels 4. Cyphers
  18. geodave5.dat

    geodave5.dat View File version 1.02 contains 2 not-fully-tested levels. Submitter geodave Submitted 10/02/2018 Category CC1 Levelsets  
  19. CC2 Community Pack Survey

    Okay I didn't read EVERYTHING above, so I might be repeating some stuff. Let's get creative with the name...like CC2 Ragnarok. 169 levels is my vote. 100x100 no. 100x4 sure. Limit the total area to 2000 tiles. CC1 boots is probably a bad idea. 10x10 viewport. Let's be CC2. I also would consider split-screen levels. Weird tiles okay...but severly limited.
  20. July2014cc-geodave.ccl

    Version 1.0


    my submission for July create competition.
  21. Dave's score

    Cclp4 lynx 62680 total 1. 117 2. 149 3. 107 4. 126 5. 220 6. 261 7. 77 8. 277 9. 82 10. 37 11. 58 12. 142 13. 65
  22. Count to 2,000

    Area code of tampa
  23. Do you think aliens exist?

    Alternately, couldn't it be possible that life used to exist, but the conditions that permitted it to exist long ago became unstable and disappeared? Highly likely. But it's also possible that life is all over the place, but doesn't possess the technology to contact us.
  24. Count to 2,000

    Reverse (abs (Flareon350) + 8) plus a couple because I was slow.