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  1. bug in editor?

    Remember that wire tunnels can be nested, so if you put two east tunnels in a row, then a west tunnel, it will only connect to the second east tunnel. So far I've found that while tunnels seem cleaner, they are more confusing to figure out. If you have a lot of connections, make all your walls metal.
  2. Tile World 1.3.1

    OK I know this is ridiculous, but.... How many years will it take to make Tile World extensible? So we could define behavior and graphic for a wall, block, monster, object -- and it would appear. Alternatively, can we start adding CC2 items (as was done for ice blocks) one at a time? Then we could gradually start providing CCL files (or some new format) that incorporated these new thing? [Minus the canopy, maybe]. If I had any idea how (and a lot of time) I might try this myself.
  3. What song are you listening to right now?

    Cigareettes by King's X
  4. C1059-2 (CC1)

    Tell me about it! The Last Starfighter and 9-9-9 Plan were quite cumbersome to port, and some levels I just gave up on.
  5. C1059-2 (CC1)

    Looks interesting...not sure when I'll have time to play, though. Since CCLP4 looks like it's going to be CC2 compatible, have you considered porting these levels?
  6. Stupid deaths.

    Well, I found a couple of tricks to speed things up -- gained 125 seconds. But it was super-annoying.
  7. Stupid deaths.

  8. 197fail

  9. So, I'm about to start on a grand adventure. Seeing how it's me, this may take a long time. However, I could use some input. I have an Android table (a couple years old) that I plan to root, then load Ubuntu onto. With luck (and time) I should have a working instance of Ubuntu. Then (according to various sources) I should be able to run Tile World and Steam on it. And voila! I can play CC on my tablet!!!!! So, the things that I have yet to figure out: 1. Can I find a root kit? 2. Is my tablet good enough to handle this? 3. Does Ubuntu have a virtual keyboard? 4. There is no four, but, you know (if you don't know then you haven't known me long enough). So, any info?
  10. Stupid deaths.

    I didn't realize that if I pick up a lightning, it will electrify EVERYTHING.
  11. Stupid Venice Death

    Forgot that the lightning I just picked up would turn on the flame.
  12. Steam TileWorld Android and Ubuntu

    Well I cleared up lots of space, downloaded the smallest debian I could, and did all the setup -- yet when I try to launch unix the Total Unix Installer just crashes. I think this is hopeless.
  13. Count to 1,000

    What happened to my 678 posting? Anyway, 681=3*3*3*3+3*2*2*2*5*5
  14. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    The last thing you're going to see as a free man. If earwigs exist, why don't navelwigs?
  15. Music and CC2

    So, since it's now clear that we only got Joplin music with the game, but we can customize it with our own music, the question becomes...who is going to write original music for their levelsets??
  16. Count to 1,000

    Second through fourth digits of Jenny's number.
  17. What song are you listening to right now?

    The Life by Fisher.
  18. Count to 1,000

    ((12345.678*1000) mod 1000) - (1+2+4)
  19. Count to 1,000

    5^4 + 2^5
  20. Count to 1,000

    The twentieth triangle number plus the number of yards in one quarter of a mile.
  21. Count to 1,000

  22. Steam TileWorld Android and Ubuntu

    I don't think this tablet can USB charge (it's an older model). I will be trying again on Friday or Saturday. It's charged now but I don't have it with me.
  23. Steam TileWorld Android and Ubuntu

    and the saga continues...I downloaded the ubuntu package directly to the tablet....and the battery died. I don't have the charger with me either!
  24. Steam TileWorld Android and Ubuntu

    oh so frustrating! I wrote to tabletexpress and they said "it's too old we don't MAKE a driver". So then I loaded Ubuntu on a virtual machine on my laptop. UBUNTU CAN'T SEE IT EITHER.