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  1. I am in favor of thinking about special levels for a few level numbers. Not the decade ones...i see no need to worry about that anymore. I would like special thoughts about 1, 34, 88, 131, 144, 147 and 149. For the first level, we want something that makes the player say "that's why I liked this game so much!" Cclp2 failed on this. Cclp1 was much better. I don't have any clear idea on the others yet. I could plug Oorto Geld IV, if it wasn't such a lame level. And yes, YAYAYAP PLEASE.
  2. Version 1.0


    Sets pulled from CCLP4 submission.
  3. Just to make it official -- geodave4 was designed for TileWorld and therefore it is my submission for CCLP4. I'm happy to see a staff forming. I don't have time to commit this time around, however please contact me if additional assistance is needed (extra Lynx testing, storyline review, etc.) I'm sure you guys can handle this on your own! Happy packing!
  4. OK, I voted for option #3 (to clarify -- make them the same set, with some CC2 elements for CC2). Here's my reasoning....We have a boatload of levels out there in the pool that were built on CCLP3/CCLP1 principles. We could, without much trouble, take what we have (maybe give a submission deadline of Halloween) and make a very good set as-is. While we spend a couple months voting, designers would have time to port the same levels to CC2, and add it CC2 elements as they see appropriate, while maintaining the spirit of the level. (For example, you might put in custom walls, or change brown buttons to pink -- but you wouldn't add rovers.) Why this is the best is: 1. It clears out a backlog of really good levels. 2. It gives us the quickest path to a levelpack for CC2. 3. There is NO #3. 4. It gives designers time to figure out the new mechanics and discourages them from making any non-CC2 levels. So, am I not brilliant? Also, if we don't get on this NOW it's going to take forever (a la CCLP3).
  5. Here's a couple super-frustating ones. First, DEADMEAT Fortunately, I finished that level, but I haven't finished ISLAND. Got this close really??
  6. rap it, Eric!! Also, I wouldn't want any changes to standard Lynx rules. When are we getting CC2????
  7. Remember that wire tunnels can be nested, so if you put two east tunnels in a row, then a west tunnel, it will only connect to the second east tunnel. So far I've found that while tunnels seem cleaner, they are more confusing to figure out. If you have a lot of connections, make all your walls metal.
  8. OK I know this is ridiculous, but.... How many years will it take to make Tile World extensible? So we could define behavior and graphic for a wall, block, monster, object -- and it would appear. Alternatively, can we start adding CC2 items (as was done for ice blocks) one at a time? Then we could gradually start providing CCL files (or some new format) that incorporated these new thing? [Minus the canopy, maybe]. If I had any idea how (and a lot of time) I might try this myself.
  9. Tell me about it! The Last Starfighter and 9-9-9 Plan were quite cumbersome to port, and some levels I just gave up on.
  10. Looks interesting...not sure when I'll have time to play, though. Since CCLP4 looks like it's going to be CC2 compatible, have you considered porting these levels?
  11. Well, I found a couple of tricks to speed things up -- gained 125 seconds. But it was super-annoying.
  12. I didn't realize that if I pick up a lightning, it will electrify EVERYTHING.
  13. geodave

    Stupid Venice Death

    Forgot that the lightning I just picked up would turn on the flame.
  14. Well I cleared up lots of space, downloaded the smallest debian I could, and did all the setup -- yet when I try to launch unix the Total Unix Installer just crashes. I think this is hopeless.
  15. What happened to my 678 posting? Anyway, 681=3*3*3*3+3*2*2*2*5*5
  16. The last thing you're going to see as a free man. If earwigs exist, why don't navelwigs?
  17. So, since it's now clear that we only got Joplin music with the game, but we can customize it with our own music, the question becomes...who is going to write original music for their levelsets??
  18. Second through fourth digits of Jenny's number.
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